Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bender vs. Iron Man


Despite the potential awesomeness the title of this dream perhaps implies, it's actually very, very boring. The only reason I'm even putting it here is to keep from losing momentum after I actually managed to make a post last week!

This dream was inspired by two obvious real-life things:
1. I just recently saw the new Futurama DVD movie, "Bender's Big Score".
2. Even more recently I saw the trailer for the upcoming Iron Man movie in the theater.

In the actual dream I remember looking at a rack of T-shirts in some store. One of the shirts in question was yellow, and had a very simple graphic design on the front that depicted Futurama's Bender in the form of a fighter jet (you knew it was Bender because his face was visible as part of the jet). Also in the picture was Iron Man flying around the Bender-jet. A caption beneath the art said, "Bender vs. Iron Man: The Battle of the Millennium" or something to that effect.

I thought the shirt was funny and I actually wanted to buy it. (I love Bender, and have nothing against Iron Man, but I can't see myself actually being so excited by this particular shirt in real life).

That is all I can remember.

Told you the title was more entertaining than the actual dream.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On Set with Will



Me, K, R & J all were part of a group that had for some reason been invited to spend a day on the set of the latest Will Ferrell movie (a fictional movie, not any actual upcoming movie I've heard of). The scene being shot took place in a bar. I don't know what the plot of the movie was, but Will Ferrell's character was at the bar, weeping and crying very melodramatically over something that had obviously depressed him very greatly.

While all the other guys at the bar were nursing beers and other alcoholic beverages, Will's character was holding tightly to a bottle of children's bubble-blowing solution. He would occasionally pause from his sobs to blow a few bubbles, then recommence with the tears. Finally, he just turned back and chugged the remainder of the bubble solution in a single gulp, wiping his mouth with the sleeve on one arm while unceremoniously tossing away the bottle with the other.

I don't recall how it came to this, but the scene ended when a giant light fixture from the ceiling fell and hit Will's character on the head, knocking him out.

After the scene was shot, Will and the other actors left the set. One of the crew members announced to the visitors that they would now auction off three of the props used in the scene we'd just witnessed. One was the fake light fixture that had fallen, one was the empty bottle of bubble solution, and the other I can't remember.

The first item auctioned was the light fixture. The high bid was a mere $40 (or so it seemed "mere" for a movie prop, considering what one would probably find on the Internet). The second item was the one I can't remember, and it also topped out at $40. When the third and final item, the empty bubble bottle, came up, I decided I'd go for it. So I immediately shouted "$40!" as my bid at the very outset, and indeed no one else dared bid higher. It's as if there was an unspoken law that each of these items must auction for precisely $40--no more, no less.

So I won the empty bubble bottle. I took it home, but the house looked a lot like my grandmother's house. There was a little more having to do with R and J and our friends B and A and a trip to Wal-Mart or something, but the details there get foggy and tedious, so I'm ending the dream journal here.