Monday, December 28, 2009

The Bonfire in the Living Room


For some reason my boss at work told me to order some movie series so we could take footage from it and use for something (legal issues never came to mind in the dream). The movie series in question was fictional, but was supposed to be one of those corny slasher movie franchises.

I remember receiving the movies in the mail. There were about five slipcases, each filled with several of the movies. Upon closer inspection, I realized that each slipcase actually contained books, not DVDs (apparently the books the movies had been based on)!

For some reason all of this was taking place inside some random house, late at night. There were hardly any lights on in the place, so it was dark, but there was a bonfire in the middle of the living room.

For some reason someone gave me a plush Joker doll. It was based on the version of the Joker from the 90's "Batman" animated series. The doll was about two feet tall and recited several phrases in the Joker's voice. After hearing one particular phrase, I yelled at it like Batman, punched it, and threw it into the bonfire in the living room.

I watched it burn up, wondering why I had done that. Then I began to visually examine other items on the bonfire, which I could see in great detail, but can't remember all of them now.

I noticed a small child, just a toddler, was sleeping near the fire and was alarmed.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Holding Cell


I remember there was a large room with some sort of large, freestanding cage or holding cell in the center of it. Apart from that, the room was fairly drab and empty. I remember leading a small group of people into the cage and locking them in.

Remaining in the same room, I had to take a couple of pills. I think they were vitamins. After putting them in my mouth I realized I had no liquid to wash them down with, and I couldn't swallow them dry. They were beginning to dissolve and I could taste the nasty flavor. I think I began asking the prisoners if they had any water.

There was some other, different dream in which I was a fan of a particular, fictional Flash cartoon on the internet. It was very much like the actual Homestar Runner site. I was out in a park of some sort one day and saw a little statue of one of the characters from the fictional cartoon. I wanted to contact the creator and ask him how he'd had that made.

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Empty Locker


I was in school again, and it looked more or less like high school. I was in the hall talking to friends or something (I don't have really clear memories of the first portion of the dream), and then it the bell rang and I had to rush to get to class on time.

When I arrived in the classroom, just in the nick of time, I realized I hadn't brought any books with me. The teacher wasn't in the room yet, so I thought maybe I still had time. I ran down the hall to my locker, only to find it empty of any books whatsoever! The only items populating the locker were a pencil case, and old notebook of some kind, and a fake plastic cell phone filled with candy (it looked like an iPhone).

Beside the lockers, there was a convenient stash of "extra" text books of all kinds. I grabbed an extra English book, the one I needed, and ran back to the class, which had by now already begun session.

The teacher, who looked like one of my high school math teachers, reprimanded me for being late and for not having my own book on hand. Somewhere around this point I begin to lose memory.

The Big, Black Dog


Rather than a full-fledged dream, this was one of those "visions" you have when floating in that area between waking and falling asleep:

I was walking on a piece of property, a huge lawn, near a church. There was a busy highway to the side. On the shoulder of that road, a large, black dog was rooting through some trash. I was terrified that the dog would be hit by one of the many passing cars, so I got its attention and called it over to me.

The dog ambled over, amiably enough. I began to pet it. Suddenly, some small breed of little "yip-yip" dog came running up out of nowhere. I braced myself, not knowing how the two dogs would interact.

When I reached down to pet the newly arrived dog, the big dog suddenly bit my hand, waking me.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Counterfeit Songwriting


I can't remember the full "story" of the dream (though I know there was one), but the one part I do remember fairly vividly is that I was writing a song. I have no musical gifting whatsoever in reality, but in the dream I had written a full song by myself. There were lyrics, melody--everything. I could clearly hear in my head how the finished product was meant to sound as I wrote the words on the paper. I was trying to explain how it would all sound to my friend Eric, who actually is musical.

Upon waking I could no longer remember what the words were, or exactly what the tune was. Chances are the lyrics were gobbledygook, and the music was probably lifted from some actual preexisting song in my subconscious. But it still felt weird to dream so vividly of doing something I have no actual inkling for.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Love Gone Wrong on Escalators


I was in the studio at work and we were preparing to film something, only I was mostly with friends and fictional people as opposed to coworkers. In the center of the studio were two sets of escalator stairs, one going up and the other coming down. They were both freestanding, with no actual destination at the top. Just props.

There was a random series of music playing in the background. All of the songs were about breakups, or love gone wrong, etc. I'm sure most of the songs were just the fictional garble of dreams, but one of them was most definitely "Twisting" by They Might Be Giants. I remember hearing the opening music and some of the lyrics of it.

As these breakup songs played, the working escalators were covered in bouquets of beautiful roses and other flower arrangements. The escalator going up had fresh arrangements, while the escalator coming down had wilted and dead arrangements. I actually found this to be an excellent visual for the love-gone-wrong stuff.

Then I was sitting with a group of people somewhere else in the room while the music played. Some presumably fictional song was playing, and this guy told me that he'd actually seen the girl who sang the song play in concert years ago when she was popular. He said the concert had actually been at the artists' own pool at her home. But he explained that in was an indoor pool, in the middle of a huge restroom facility. Not only that, but food was also being served there.

One girl in our group proclaimed how gross it was that they were serving food in a place that was also used as a restroom. I announced that it must have been a "rest-urant". The girl actually laughed at this horrible, horrible attempt at a pun, and I woke up.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

That Other World with the Photo Albums


This is the second of two dreams from this morning. The first is contained in a separate post...

Within my dream, I had a dream or a vision of standing in a darkened forest. Suddenly, in the night sky, I saw a hail of meteors (or some type of flaming, heavenly projectile) falling towards the earth. The began striking the ground and the trees all around me. I ran through the resulting fire and debris, narrowly missing being struck and every turn.

Then suddenly I was in what looked like the living room at my grandmother's house. Among several people gathered there were my friends Courtney and Brandon. They were showing me some art books they'd recently obtained. Some of them had production art from various anime. One of them had production art from some sort of Tim Burton movie.

My mom was also among the people gathered here. She began telling me about a dream or vision she remembered having years ago. As she told about it, I could see it depicted clearly, like a movie...

She said she'd been standing on a big empty road where many vehicles, from cars to eighteen wheelers, were parked at a standstill. Suddenly the earth began to shake and the various automobiles began to flip wildly in the air, spinning and turning before crashing back down to earth. It was a terrifying scene as I witnessed it in my mind.

After she told her story, I told her of the vivid meteor vision I'd had. Suddenly, we somehow figured out that these "dreams" were so vivid because they were glimpses into another reality, and there was a way to get there, through random portals that would appear in our world (probably this part of the dream came about because I'd been watching the SyFy Network's original, Alice movie, retelling Alice in Wonderland stories with a sci-fi twist, before bed).

The next thing I know, I was walking down a city street. The city looked like a big, major metropolis, though the streets in the area I was in were fairly sparsely populated. Suddenly I became aware that one of the portals to this other world had opened up. It looked like a spot of clear, rippling water in the middle of the air.

My friend Melissa was nearby, and I got her attention to tell her about the portal that I was so excited to have found. Without thinking, the two of us jumped through it. I briefly rememeber a sensation of "falling" through a blur of rushing winds.

Then the two of us were seated in a very small and very cluttered room. Stacks and stacks of books and papers were everywhere, some on shelves and others just piled up in the floor. Only now did we stop to realize that once you entered one of these portals, you might never be able to return to the "real" world. We began to discuss all the many people and things were were going to miss, but we were oddly calm.

Among all the books and papers in the room were some small photo albums. They were the little kind; the sort that holds only one picture per page, and every page was empty.

Somehow we understood that, in this alternate world, if you touched one of the pages and focused on memories, a photograph of such would appear on the page. We decided that we should start creating photographs of our loved ones back home now while they were still fresh on our minds, so at least we'd have their pictures if we never returned.

I took a page in my hands and thought hard. I was trying to start with my parents, but suddenly the page materialzed with a picture of me with my cousins Stephen and Matt. It looked to be from several years back. We were standing outside my grandmother's house and for some reason we were wearing fake beards. I actually "remembered" this fictional scene when I saw it in the dream and felt very nostalgic.

I flipped the page and tried again to create a picture with my parents. Closing my eyes, I began to recall a family portrait of us...I could feel power going through my hands into the page of the photo album. As the power generated, I suddenly became short of breath. It felt like jumping chest-deep into cold water. Opening my eyes, I could see crude shapes forming on the photo-page, but it seemed to be taking so much power...

I actually work myself up with the short-of-breath feeling.

A Foul Concoction


This is the first of two dreams I remember from this night. The second is posted separately...

My first memory is that I was at what looked to be some sort of beach side cafe with outdoor dining. It was a beautiful day and I somehow ended up talking to a young couple about my age. I didn't much care for them, getting the vibe that they were sort of the shallow and superficial sort--at least they looked and acted the part.

There was a drink bar and somehow the three of us ended up seated at it. The couple ordered drinks, including one for me. I tried to tell them that I don't drink, but they ordered something anyway. The bartender was a cute girl, and she handed me the beverage, which looked like a clear, waxy substance with all sorts of colored herbs or something in it. Not very appetizing, to say the least.

The bar girl silently and covertly signaled to me that I shouldn't drink the drink. I didn't intend to drink it anyway, but was curious as to what this girl knew that made her feel like she should caution me. My curiosity finally made me take a tiny sip of the drink, and it was nasty. It tasted like cough syrup laced with jalapeno sauce. Even the tiny taste I'd taken made me want to vomit. When I was certain the couple who ordered it for me weren't looking, I poured it all out.

Then, suddenly, it's as if I'm watching this all as a movie, and the whole scene I'd just "experienced" was actually just a memory of this man in the movie. He was now middle-aged and was talking to his wife about the event. He lamented openly to his wife that he didn't ever ask out the cute girl at the bar who'd warned him of the drink. I think he was played by Seth Rogen, even though this character was middle aged.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Mario Game Becomes Reality


A small group of friends and I were staying together in a large house. Basically it felt as though we were on some sort of vacation, and were rooming here as opposed to a hotel or something. Some of us were playing a "Mario" video game of some sort (I imagine it was fictional, though probably inspired in my head by recent commercials and such for the new Super Mario Bros. game on the Wii).

I departed the room where the games were being played and walked into one of the bedrooms. A girl was standing beside one of the beds, folding items from a load of laundry that was piled up on top of it. The girl looked to me sort of like a real life version of Princess Peach, but in normal clothes as opposed to the fluffy princess garb.

Never ceasing her laundry folding, "Peach" proceeded to explain to me how this whole house was the real version of the Mario game they were playing on the TV in the other room. She told me there were "sides", and I could choose my friends side or I could choose her side. If I did not choose her side, I'd have to fight her right now, but if I did, she'd help me fight my friends, assuring me she had the power to guarantee her victory in either case. (This all had a very non-threatening feel to it--I knew it was just part of a game somehow).

I was tempted to join forces with "Peach", but I got the vibe that her side was the wrong side, so I refused. She got angry, the clothes she was wearing all turned black, and the whole bedroom began to change in appearance as to indicate that I had entered some video game level in which we were about to do combat.

Dreams like this are especially odd when one considers how very seldom I play actual video games. I guess I'm just that thoroughly steeped in nerd culture. Or have some untapped need to play more video games.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Fool's Errand

A group of friends and I had gone to see the touring Broadway show, Avenue Q. Though I've seen the show in real life with friends, the friends in my dream were mostly ones who haven't actually seen the show yet. I vaguely remember watching a portion of the show, and then it stopped for intermission.

I got a call on my cell phone and realized I had to go take care of something (I don't recall what). I can remember explaining to my friends what was happening as we stood out in the parking lot of the auditorium. For some reason my vehicle in the dream was a pickup truck, which I used to drive "all the way back home", which, in the dream, I pictured as being about the same length drive as my daily commute to work (a half hour or so).

I was back in my apartment, sitting in the kitchen floor, compiling some sort of papers or something, which I guess is the task I had been called to do during intermission. Somehow I ended up sweeping up a pile of scraps and trash that were in the floor, trying to shape them into a sculpture, and photographing it.

Suddenly it occurred to me that the intermission to the show would only have been about 10 or 15 minutes, so I had totally missed the rest of it. I even consciously realized in the dream that the "thirty minute" drive I had made to get home was in itself too long for me to have logically attempted it to begin with. I began to wish I had postponed this errand until after the event.