Sunday, February 28, 2010

Slovenly Simpsons Girl


Richard and I were watching an episode of The Simpsons (odd, because he doesn't really watch that show). It seems like we were watching it in segments, with other stuff going on during the time in-between.
It was, at least in my memory, a very non-linear dream.

There was a lot to do with us riding to-and-fro in a car (I think a taxi) in the downtown area of a small, fictional city. In fact, we may have even been watching the TV show from inside the vehicle...or else we were catching it in segments at the different places we were stopping. Like I said: a non-linear dream.

The clearest memory I have from all this jumbled mess of memory is that we stopped somewhere and met a really annoying girl. We recognized her as an acquaintance, but I don't know how. She was very tall (maybe around 6 feet) and slightly overweight. Her appearance was a bit slovenly, wearing a T-shirt and sweats with unkempt hair and unflattering glasses.

When this girl found out we were watching an episode of The Simpsons, she talked on and on about it. Not in the way in which it's enjoyable to talk to someone who shares an interest in something you like--she was just overly-geeky and annoying about it.

My final memory had something to do with being left alone with the girl and feeling somewhat uncomfortable about it.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Song, Theater Security, and Furry


I vaguely recall some sort of movie about creepy children. My friends and I were either watching it or talking about it or something. My first clear memory is that there was a music video that tied into the movie. The song was by They Might Be Giants, and I could clearly hear Linnell singing the very nonsensical lyrics. As he sang each line of the song, a picture book would flip a page, featuring an illustration that depicted that part of the song.

The first line I remember was about "When General Tso's Chicken came to town" and it showed art from a Mother Goose & Grimm comic strip I saw earlier this week that actually featured a joke about that. The rest of the lyrics were about the creepy movie children and whatever they did. I woke up during the song.

I went back to sleep and dreamed that Eric and Richard and I had gone to a theater. It looked like one of the old fashioned ones from the early 1900s. Richard had on a T-shirt that I really liked. It was ash gray and had faded, uncolored line-art of Aldo Rain, Brad Pitt's character from Inglourious Basterds. A caption underneath the art said, "This is my Nazi Killin' Shirt".

A bunch of shady, security-type men were everywhere in this theater, and they kept scanning us everywhere we went. One of them scanned me and told me, "I hope you didn't have anything on you with personal information in it,because this scanner copies all electronic information so we can read it later." I angrily told him that, yes, I had my phone in my pocket that he'd just scanned. He smiled evilly and I couldn't see his eyes through his sunglasses.

Outside the theater looked like my apartment complex. I realized that I didn't have my keys in my pocket, so how could I get back inside my apartment? I must have dropped them in the theater, or one of those shady security guys took them. We went back into the the theater, which was now Eric's apartment. Our friend and his roommate Melissa helped us look for the keys, until I realized suddenly that they were in my pocket after all.

I remember one other bit of dream. I was at Lisa's house looking out some of her large windows. I saw a cat come up, and I at first assumed it was one f her cats, wondering how it had gotten outside. When it got closer to the window, I could see it was a different cat. It was pretty, with white fur and reddish-brown and black patters across it. The cat began to bathe itself casually.

Suddenly, the cat began to reach its forearms about in unusual ways that looked like a human stretching. This was odd, and a little unsettling. The cat's stretching began to look more and more like full yoga poses until I realized the cat now looked fully anthropomorphic, like a female "furry". It was really creepy to see this creature in person!

No sooner had a realized what it was than it looked up, made eye contact with me, and suddenly lunged itself forward against the glass, snarling at me. Naturally, this quite woke me up.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Drive to School


I remember my dad driving me to school early one morning. It was all very much as it really used to be in the early high school, pre-car days, when he or mom would always drop me off. Of course, in the dream, everyone was their current age. We were having a very specific conversation, though I can't for the life of me recall what it was. There now. Wasn't that worth documenting?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Valet Cafe and the Speedy Lizard


I had just seen a movie with the Movie Meetup group from real life. We had gone for our usual post-movie dinner, this time at some fictional, greasy spoon cafe on the side of the road. I remember we were all standing outside talking. An Asian girl was there with our group, and she was obviously drunk. She kept flirting with every guy, including me.

It got later and later as we stood out there. One by one, people began to leave. I remember saying goodbye to Lisa. As she drove off, I wondered if it wasn't time for me to go as well. Then I realized I had to get my car back from the valet--yes, valet--at this greasy spoon cafe! It took forever for them to bring my car around. Eventually I saw them pulling up with it--only to realize it wasn't my car at all, but some celebrity's car, as the valet explained to me (I can't remember whose). He began filling it with said star's luggage.

I must have finally gotten my car, because I next remember being at home. I was talking to Lisa on the phone. I kept hearing a skittering, scratching noise and hoped I didn't have a mouse in the house. Suddenly, a huge lizard came scurrying out from behind the couch. I called it "a gecko", but it looked more like an iguana. Only it moved insanely fast, almost like the movements of a squirrel!

I've got nothing against lizards, but having a super-fast, largish one careening through my apartment was a bit unsettling. I opened my front door and tried to move the lizard toward the exit. Every time it got near the open door it would pause, as if considering leaving, but then would turn and continue running about the place.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Interior Decorating and Mother Teresa


My parents lived in a really huge house and for some reason I was going to have to move home with them. There were two really large rooms upstairs that conjoined, and they said I could turn them into my "apartment".

Basically the entire dream consisted of me just looking at the rooms the way they were arranged now, and decided how my furniture and belongings could best be arranged. Also, I tried to decide which of the furnishings that were already in the room I might like to keep. There were a lot of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and I really liked that. There were also very large windows with a view of the currently moonlit sky.

The rooms became more and more like an apartment unto themselves as I looked them over. One area had a desk and looked like a study room. There were clippings of Mother Teresa all over this area. On the desk, pinned to the walls. Even on the floor there was a huge picture of Mother Teresa that was just her face. It was being used as one of those protective mats under the desk chair. I just thought it was odd, because I "never knew my dad was obsessed with Mother Teresa."

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hanging with Neil


As I type this, some friends and I have plans to attend an event at which author extraordinaire, Neil Gaiman, will be speaking on February 18th. We're all excited about it, and it obviously inspired this dream:

Neil Gaiman was in town for his speaking engagement, and for some reason I was hanging out with him. More or less like I was his "host" for the day. I have vague memories of the two of us just talking, and being really impressed that he was just a very funny and affable person.

My one disappointment was that I had forgotten to bring a copy of any of my Neil Gaiman books for him to sign for me. His solution to this problem was that we'd stop by the local bookstore and buy a copy of one. So my next memory is of being in the bookstore. He was the first to locate a copy of Neverwhere, which is my favorite of his novels. I was looking around for other various ones of his books as well.

Eventually I remember him signing the Neverwhere book and he signed a ceramic mug that somehow was tied in with something of his.

Later I was in my car, which was for some reason the old Chevrolet Corsica that was my actual first vehicle. I'd just parked somewhere, and was going to remove my newly signed book and mug from the backseat. They were in a paper sack, and the mug slipped out and fell as I was removing it. Only one chip came out of the mug when it cracked against the ground, but, naturally, the chip was from the part with the autograph.

I vaguely remember going into some store nearby and looking for superglue with which I could attempt to fix the mug. I got in line with a tube of the stuff but as I was waiting I realized it was actually a type of lip balm, so I had to go back and keep looking for superglue.

Note: It turns out Neil Gaiman didn't sign anything at the actual event...which was okay, because I knew it was a long shot with a crowd that huge. It did turn out to be a great night, though, as briefly reviewed on my other blog.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

...And I Feel Fine.


It was the end of the world, but it was taking more or less the course of one full day to come to an end. On the TV you could see the mass destruction in various parts of the country and the world at large. Everyone knew that, at the end of the day, Jesus would come back to make it final.

While this was unavoidably a somewhat nervy situation, I was surprisingly calm about it. I think there was some sort of comfort in knowing that the whole "story" was ending tonight--it wasn't just me being "written out of it".

At one point I was standing in the front yard of what looked like my grandmother's house. Eric and several other friend and family were gathered around. We were watching meteors falling from the sky. Suddenly one of them fell right into the trees near us and it was very loud and earth-shaking. That really got the heart pumping, and I believe I woke up.

There were other dreams later. In one of them I was camping out with some girl in a van or RV or something (camping in an RV is something I've never done, so who knows where this came from). She and I were all bundled up to sleep for the night, but I said something that made her mad (I don't remember what). We got into an argument, and she left the vehicle.

In yet another dream, I went some store with Eric. They had black cat jewelry charms, and for some reason, he wanted one! Eric doesn't really even where jewelry, let alone charms--so even in the dream I was a little confused as to why he suddenly wanted this cat charm.

Then I went into a restaurant at lunchtime. I ordered a weird sandwich they offered--some kind of turkey bologna or something! The bread for the sandwich was very long and rectangular. They just piled all the ingredients and condiments on top, then rolled the bread up like a burrito of sorts. It was kind of gross, but for some reason I wanted it.

I met with Eric and Melissa after this. I'd apparently gotten them sandwiches as well, and Eric wouldn't eat his. I vaguely remember talking in the car with them for a bit.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Stars and Ashes


I stepped out of my apartment late one night and was looking at the beautiful stars above. At one point I used the Google Sky Map application on my phone to see the constellations.

Eventually I wanted to sit down, so I went to the bottom step of the stairs leading out of my apartment. One of my newer downstairs neighbors has taken to smoking there frequently, and always leaves her ashes all over the lower steps (much to my frustration). In the dream I had to sweep them all away before I could sit there.