Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Girl in the Shop


I was with my parents and a couple of other family members in a car. We were coming home from some place fairly late at night. When passing down a small street full of shops and I saw a certain one was still open, I asked if we could stop so I could check on something there.

The shop just seemed to be a thrift store or some kind of place. There was a girl who appeared to be just a little younger than me working the counter. She was pale with dark brown or black hair. It was obvious she was getting ready to close up shop for the night. I asked her something about sunglasses, and she showed me a really ugly pair and said it was all they had in stock.

We stood over the glass display counter and ended up talking for several minutes, apparently hitting it off quite nicely. She had very quirky and unusual personality. Finally I realized I'd left my family waiting in the car and decided I'd better get back out there. The girl and I swapped e-mail addresses and phone numbers on the backs of our respective business cards.

Back in the car, my family members were angry with me for the delay. I don't just mean they were annoyed, I mean they were inordinately angry. It seems a few more things happened, but the only other memory I have is that I received an e-mail from the girl fro the shop and was reading it. It was very, very quirky and humor-laden.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Kate Was at the Party


I was at some sort of party in some kind of swanky apartment. I vaguely recall that some of my friends were there, the place was mostly just filled with random, fictional strangers. Somewhere in the mix I ended up talking with Kate Winslet, and it was as though we had history together. I kept wondering how I ever "let her get away" and such.

As we talked at the party, she was drinking. After she was more than a little tipsy she took me by the hand and led me to one of the bedrooms in the apartment. It looked like the extra bedroom and my grandmother's house. We sat on the bed and continued to talk and then...well...you know...hot & heavy and all. But things only went so far, because....

I suddenly realized one of my friends was sitting in the room with us and this successfully put a damper on things. I felt embarrassed that they'd watched. Kate left the room to get yet another drink and I was left alone to contemplate. At first I was horrified when I suddenly remembered she was married, but then I remembered hearing somewhere recently that her marriage had ended, so I figured I was OK on that front. I even began to wonder if that meant this was my chance to rekindle whatever history we supposedly had in this dream reality.

I don't recall much else from that one.

There was some other dream later on in which I was walking through a mall department store. There were several "True Crime" sort of pulp novels and magazines sitting out on top of the display cases where the perfume and such was located. I can remember looking at a couple of those.

Then I went outside and got on a large boat, a yacht, perhaps. There were many people on the boat, but there were two girls, a blonde and a brunette, that caught my eye. They were not twins, though they were dressed almost identically in tank tops and skirts. The difference was that the brunette girl's top had the Batman insignia on it and the blonde's had the Superman insignia. At one point they were leaning over the rails of the boat looking into the water when I noticed their underpants had Batman and Superman artwork as well. And somewhere around this point the alarm went off.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Man's Best Friend


There was a big dog. In some parts of the dream it was a German Shepherd, and in other parts it was a Golden Retriever, but it was always supposed to be the same dog (I didn't notice the breed changes in the dream).

It was a beautiful dog, as happy and kind and friendly as they so often tend to be. I remember it was two years old,and I had to make a decision as to whether or not I would adopt it or give it up to someone else. I wanted it badly, but I knew that, conversely, I didn't want that size of dog in my apartment (not to mention the other logistical real-life reasons for not having a dog right now). Still, this was such a wonderful dog I was seriously considering it.

I think the whole dream was just me spending time with the dog. First, indoors for a little while, and then out in some kind of park. It was so nice just to be near it and experience its canine companionship. A very peaceful and warm dream.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Deathbeds, Weddings and Break-Ins


There was an article in the local paper one morning about a couple who had died the night before. Police suspected it was a suicide pact between them. The really odd thing was that the front page of the paper featured three large, color photographs of the couple's bodies lying in their bed! They were both nude, lying facing each other on their sides. Their eyes were open in permanent stares. The bedsheets were white.

It was so unbelievable that the paper would print such morbid photos, especially on the very front page. And my incredulity at this, while reading the article for facts, is essentially all I remember.

In another dream, I was supposed to get married. The plans were made so stupidly, so casually. Some lady--I don't remember who, or exactly where we were--simply suggested I should do it. And I simply replied something like, "Okay." Then I remember she sent me out to get my Tux. I remember picking it up at the store and it was white. It did look good. But then I realized what I was doing--why am I just suddenly getting married, instantly and out of the blue? And to whom?! I couldn't even remember to whom! I had to go back and tell that lady that I wasn't doing it.

There was a final dream in which I was going to break into a building. I can't remember why on earth I wanted to do this, but I think it was some kind of "revenge", like I was just going to play a prank on whoever owned the place (I think it was some time of business) to get them back for something. The building was very, very small, jut a couple of little rooms, mainly offices. I pulled my car up behind the place and put plastic explosives at key points on the back door. Somehow I created a small, controlled explosion that popped the door open.

Inside the place I began looking around. I tried to fill a duffel bag with toilet paper from the bathroom!. I made a trip back out to my car with it and a State Trooper was parked there. He got out to talk to me, and I was very scared. But turns out he just wanted to use the bathroom. He didn't even know I wasn't supposed to be there.

He went to the bathroom and I decided breaking into a place was a stupid thing to do. I couldn't believe I'd decided to do it. If that Trooper left here without realizing what I'd been doing, I was going to just leave. But I don't remember what happened.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Auto Theft and the Really Shy Girl


I was with one of my friends in a shopping center when suddenly she decided she was in a hurry to leave. I followed her outside, wondering what her rush was. She couldn't remember where she parked, so she "saved some time" by breaking into an SUV that had been parked on the curb!

Not thinking, I got into the car with her and we rode away. After a brief period of time, I realized that I could be arrested as an accomplice just for riding in the car with her, so I demanded that she let me out. She was reluctant, but ultimately did.

Then I remember some final dream in which I was in a grocery store with a small group of fictional people, most of whom were quite a bit younger than me (in their late teens and early twenties, perhaps). One young girl in a gray hoodie was hanging out with our group, and she stood out because she was so shy and quiet and timid.

In fact, her behavior made it seem like she was being forced to hang out with this group against her will. A couple of the guys in the group seemed like real jerks and I wondered if they had anything to do with it. I think the girl sensed that I wasn't really one of these people and began to gravitate towards me. Still, she almost never spoke.

The last thing I remember is all of us crammed into an elevator. The shy girl kept pushing into me and she looked so scared. I had begun to feel protective of her, like an older brother (she was much too young for there to have been a romantic interest). During the elevator ride I ascertained that those two jerk guys planned to deliver them to one of their friends as "his new girlfriend". I knew I had to think of a way to stop them.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A New Shop Opens


It was a beautiful day and for some reason I was eating my lunch on a stone picnic table in front of an old, abandoned storefront. Later, someone was explaining to me that a woman had bought that store and was turning it into a sex shop. When they told me this, I "remembered" I had seen some woman working inside the empty building while I was eating.

The next thing you know, the store is officially open, and I went inside it on a lark. It didn't look like a sex shop, but looked more like a comic book store. One wall was full of air fresheners--the type you hang from your rear view mirror. They all featured various comic book, cartoon, and otherwise geek-friendly characters. I recall one in particular had WALL-E.

Finally, I dreamed that I was lying in my bed listening to the song, "I Never Cared For You" by Willie Nelson, but there was a slightly different tune and the title line was repeated incessantly. I looked down on the floor beside the bed and saw the art book I self published a couple of years ago featuring my "Jenn & Bueno" characters.

Beside that was a Ziplock bag, empty except for being puffed up with air. Still hearing the Willie Nelson song, I came to the conclusion that this was Willie Nelson's bag, and he had filled it with air that smelled like pot, so he could take a whiff every now and then! I'm laughing even as I type this part.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Old Bedroom and Airport Girl


I was in the bedroom I had as a teenager looking through some old books, magazine and VHS tapes I found in a box under my bed. I supposedly "remembered" really having them in my teen years, though I can't remember the content of everything. I also remember lying on that bed and looking at my room as it used to look, taking note of things on shelves, etc.

There was another dream in which I was at an airport. I saw a pretty girl I thought I recognized from somewhere but I couldn't pace her (I think she was actually just a fictional dream character). After a few moments the girl was out of sight and I forgot about her. But then I was exiting the airport and saw her standing outside talking on her cell phone. I overheard part of her conversation, and she was being profoundly rude to the person on the other line, who seemed to be her boyfriend or husband.