Saturday, February 26, 2011

Choir Girl


I was with my parents and visited a fictional version of their church. I was standing in a back room and saw the members of the choir gathered. Someone near me was explaining to me that they were trying to recruit new choir members and that I should join. That struck me as strange because I was only a visitor here. Of course I had no desire or intention of doing such a thing.

But then I saw a really cute girl about my age standing amongst the choir members. She had shortish hair that was either light brown or dark blonde. She was wearing a dress and heels that showed off a knock-out pair of legs. About this time the choir started to file into the room where they practiced, so I immediately volunteered and filed in with them, trying to get a seat next to that girl!

I was separated from the girl and didn't get to talk to her at all and immediately began to realize the stupidity of my rash decision. Some guy, also near my age, was sitting beside me and he was very talkative. He kind of reminded me of an old co-worker I used to be friends with. After choir practice we hung out and were talking about some geeky topic, but I really can't remember anymore.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Late For Work With Company


For some reason Richard needed to stay with me overnight. It was a last minute, emergency situation and he'd come to me for help. My apartment was laid out similar to the upstairs portion of the house I grew up in as a teenager. For some reason Eric was with us when we got there, and he was staying, too. They each slept in the guest bedroom, while I slept in my own bed.

My next memory is that my alarm was going off (it wasn't really) and I realized I had overslept and was already over an hour late for work. This was especially bad, because we'd had something specific scheduled for 9:00 that morning, and it was after that time. Naturally, I freaked out and ran into the bathroom to shower and get ready.

There was a slight mess in the bathroom from where Eric and Richard had each already gotten ready and left for the morning. But Richard's dog, Bella (a poodle-dachshund mix) was in the bathroom. I began running the shower while I did something else, and for some reason it filled the bathtub up. I didn't realize it had done this until Bella leaped in and began swimming laps! It was amusing, but frustrating because she was making a watery mess!

Then she made a literal mess when she used the bathroom in the water as she swam. Ew.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meeting the Super-Shy Girl


In real life I'm recently back into the increasingly depressing dating market. In my dream a lady I work with informed me there was someone she thought I should meet. We were in a nearly empty classroom, excepting a small handful of people.

We all sat in a semi-circle on the floor, and the girl the lady wanted me to meet sat in front of us. She was fairly plain in appearance, of average height and only slightly-more-than-average size, with blonde hair and freckle-heavy skin. She was also very shy.

As she sat before us, she spoke meekly about her life story. She apparently had been through some real hardships, only I can't remember what they all were anymore. After this session, we all left the classroom. I spoke to the girl in the hallway outside and we made plans to meet for dinner later that evening, at the mall.

My next memory is driving up to the mall at night. I knew the girl was going to be another hour or so in getting there, for some reason. It started raining about the time I got to the mall, and somehow I ended up running around the parking lot in the driving rain, looking for my car, even though I'd just arrived.

I was going to be drenched for my date, but I have no memory of it happening anyway! My next memory was sitting on pews in what seemed to be a church. A couple of friends were beside me, and that blonde girl was directly in front of me. We were talking amongst ourselves about what we were going to wear to some event or another.

I said that I had thought about going as a Ghostbuster, and the girl seemed to think that was funny.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cheesy Morning Show


First I remember watching a few minutes of a fictional morning show that was supposedly produced by some local TV station. The production value, as well as the on air talent, was abysmal.

Two men, about 40-ish, were the hosts. One of them was fairly tall and nondescript. The other was of average height, but he had the most ridiculous style and appearance. If you can imagine a weird combination of Ron Burgundy from Anchorman and Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation, then you have some idea.

Anyway, these two men were just sanding in front of a plain white background, talking about their latest topic. Apparently it had been revealed that the city's water was not, in fact ".02 percent" as had been reported, but was ".09 percent", which meant it was not safe to drink!

Before commercial break they teased the upcoming segment, which was about the new "fully body seatbelt". It showed a video clip of the weird host strapped into a car seat with multiple straps.

At this point I left the house, but for some reason I was driving my friend's car, alone. I was driving down a narrow, rural road with tall trees on either side. It seemed to be right at dawn, with the sky just starting to light up.

One area of the road was covered in a huge patch of dry pine straw needles. When I drove over it, the car began to skid as though it were ice! I believe I regained control, but I can't remember anything else.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quiz Game with a Kid


I was at someone's house with a few other people...details are very sketchy. I remember being in their backyard at night. The only light was coming from their back porch floodlights. There was an older man, a little girl, her mother and myself. I was competing in a game with the little girl, mainly just for the sake of her entertainment.

The grandfather handed us each a plastic card and dry erase marker and explained the rules to us. He'd ask a question and the kid and I would each have to write the answer down with our markers and see if we got it correct.

The first question the man asked was, "Why can't snakes live indoors?" to which I wrote the answer, "Because they need the sun to keep their blood warm."

This is all I can remember.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spaghetti Car Wash


Dream Two of Two from this night (the other is in a separate post):

I was in the parking lot of my apartment complex, washing my car. This is odd enough to start with, because I don't wash my car at the apartment complex, I just drive it through a car wash. But the truly odd thing was this: as I washed my car, I was also cooking spaghetti on it!

I first lathered and rinsed the hood of the car, then draped a towel over it. Then I put the pot filled with water and noodles on top of that, and it just boiled away as I washed the rest of the car!

At one point my neighbor and her boyfriend got home and before they went inside, he asked me questions about washing my car. For some reason he was mumbling terribly and I could hardly understand him. I finally made out that he was asking me if I used regular shampoo to wash my car. I explained that, no, I was using "special car washing soap", and handed him the bottle.

This is about all that I can remember.

Community Train Wreck


Dream One of Two from this night (the other is in a separate post):

I was dreaming about an episode of the show, "Community", though, like with most dreams, I was more a part of the action than simply watching it. There was an over-sized electric train set set up in the study room at the college
(the train cars were each roughly the size of as shoebox, to give you some perspective of the overall size). The tracks circled the entire room.

Pierce had "kidnapped" Britta and Annie and tied them to the tracks. There was a faux-dramatic moment as the train approached them and no one came to their rescue! The supposed comedic payoff was that, since the train was so small, it just wrecked off the track when it bumped into them with no harm done. I think there was a little more to the story, but I don't recall much about it.

Pitch Black Peacocks


It was early evening and I was walking through the parking lot of a small strip mall/shopping center to go into a grocery store. As I approached the entrance, a small flock of four or five peacocks crossed the sidewalk and got in my way. The truly odd thing is that all of the peacocks were jet black (none of them had their tails unfurled, so I couldn't see if the patterns there were equally dark).

I shuffled around and finally broke my way through the obstinate bird barricade to enter the store. After this I only vaguely remember walking around in the store looking for stuff.

This dream, mainly the part about the peacocks, is fairly symbolic of recent real-life events for me (not that I'm going into that here).

There was some other dream in which I was browsing a bookstore. I saw a book that was supposedly written by Woody and Jessie, the dolls from the Toy Story movies. Even in the dream world, the book was tongue-in-cheek humor and was not literally meant to have been written by the actual characters, but it was supposedly their take on what it was like to star in those movies.

The cover was just solid white except for the title and a picture of Woody and Jessie. The odd thing was that Jessie was wearing a skirt instead of jeans/chaps, and she had really nice, realistic-looking legs! They looked more like something from an Elvgren pin-up than something that belonged on a rag-doll type character.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Circus Fun


I remember being at a circus with some friends, including an ex. The facility we were in (tent, or whatever it was) seemed to be a pretty small setting for a circus. I can't recall what exactly was going on in the ring, but I believe it was some sort of magic act. A man in a purple sequined tuxedo and top hat revealed a young woman in similar (but skimpier) attire. She was presumably the traditional "lovely assistant" to the magician, and for whatever reason she was, at this time, bound and gagged. Presumably for the next trick?

It seems Lady Gaga also made an appearance at this circus at some point, though my memory of that is extremely vague.

My next clear memory is that there was some sort of dinner or reception after the circus. We all filed into a tent and seated ourselves at long tables. I remember one table was just for the clowns, and it was a little creepy to see them all gathered there together, laughing and talking. I remember I was wearing a souvenir T-shirt I had gotten at the show.

My final memory is that somehow my family found out that "Weird Al" Yankovic, when he was a child, had gone to the same church my mom's family went to back then (he's actually a few years younger than my parents, though). My mom showed me a picture album with a black and white photos of his family in one of the pews. You could see my mom's family in the background.