Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Already Time For Another Film Festival


In real life there is an independent film festival held in the late summer or fall each year in nearby Birmingham. This year's festival happened about a month ago, but in my dream, I was once again attending the opening night festivities.

Instead of the Alabama Theatre, where the opening night movie is really screened, this event was taking place at the house of an ex girlfriend. There was an impossible number or folding chairs, neatly arranged into row after row. At the front of the room was a rather small analog TV set. Once the crowds packed in, the TV showed "It's a Wonderful Life". (The same theatre that really shows some of the festival films also screens this movie around Christmas time each year, so the things sort of have a correlation, as random as it sounds).

As I sat in my seat and watched, it suddenly hit me that it seemed like I had only just attended the film festival. How could it already be happening again? Had it already been a year? The fact that a year had passed really bothered me--though it never seemed strange to me that all of this was taking place in the home of my ex.

My last memory is of my ex and I talking about something off in one corner while the movie still played.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Missing a New York Sunrise, Stealing a Rental Car, and Charlie Brown


I was staying in New York City (I've never actually been). Eric was there with me, and I think some other friends were, too, but he's the only one in the part of the dream I remember. We left the hotel room very early and went on the roof of the building to see the sunrise. On the roof we had a gorgeous view of the city skyline as the sun came up.

About this time I realized I'd left my camera in the hotel room. And I'd left my cell phone as well, so I didn't even have that as an option! I knew I didn't have time to go get the camera and bring it back before the sunrise ended. Even as I stood in awe of the view, I was upset about missing the photography opportunity.

About this time, I saw a Frenchman and his family arrive on the roof (I don't know how I knew he was French before I spoke to him). He was a heavyset man with a handlebar mustache and mutton chop sideburns. He also wore a bowler hat and an old-timey suit. I don't remember much about the appearance of his wife and kids.

The Frenchman began taking pictures of the sunrise. Though he spoke only broken English, I managed to successfully explain to my predicament to him and ask if he might be able to e-mail me any of those pictures after he returned home. He agreed and we exchanged business cards for the contact information. I was trying to remember the word "merci" but I couldn't think of it.

In another dream I needed to rent a car for some reason. I arrived at the car rental place very early one morning, before I was supposed to be at work. The place was closed. I got tired of waiting and decided it would be okay to just take one of the cars without filling out the paperwork. I could always, I reasoned, call them after they got to the office and let them know which car I'd taken!

I vaguely remember driving the car around and realizing I forgot to take note of the mileage before I started. It was very important that I know the original mileage reading when I reported back to the rental place. And then, the more I thought about it, I decided that it might have been illegal to take the car before I told them about it, and I began to worry I'd be in trouble.

I was looking at old pictures taken in the guest bedroom at my grandmother's house. In the pictures, there was a large Charlie Brown figure in the room, probably close to two feet tall. It appeared to be mostly constructed of the sort of soft plastic a doll's head might be made of, and the clothes were actual fabric. In the pictures, was posed in a chair beside a desk holding the receiver of a phone. As I looked at the pictures, I tried to remember ever having seen that Charlie Brown doll in that room before, and I couldn't (because it really never was)!

In some of the other pictures, I noticed there were also several smurf figures in that room, all of a similar size as the Charlie Brown.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Beetle Bailey, Church Girl and the Bookstore


I was looking through the Sunday comics in the newspaper. I remember, in vivid detail, seeing a Beetle Bailey comic. I read each panel and it was so extremely bizarre that I woke myself up laughing. I actually recreated the dream-strip for my art blog, so rather than trying to describe it to you, I'll just show you what I saw:


I went back to sleep and had another dream. This was in the wee hours of Sunday morning. I had plans to go for a long walk at the park and enjoy the nice fall weather when I got up. In my dream, I found myself visiting my parents' church (which looked totally different than it really does). When I "realized" I was there, I thought, "Hey! What happened to my plans to go walk this morning?!"

The sanctuary of the church was really large and circular in shape and had stadium seating. I sat on one of the rows near the back. A tall, pretty brunette girl, around my age, sat down directly behind me. I "recognized" having seen her in the lobby moments beforehand.

The service began and a man was singing a solo. Then the girl behind me went down and joined him. She sang, and I believe she also played an instrument, though my memory is a bit vague.

After the music, she returned to her seat and I complimented her on a job well done. Then she asked me about my music. I told her that, unfortunately, I don't sing or play anything. She seemed really offended and said, "Well you told me you played an instrument!" As I had no memory of having ever said any such thing, this attack confused me. I tried to explain to her that I was an artist, a cartoonist, and maybe she got that confused?

The rest of the dream consisted of me talking to this girl some more, and I think we got pretty flirtatious, but I don't remember any more details.

In one last dream I remember driving down a fairly rural road with beautiful fall foliage. There was a smallish bookstore just off the road. The outside of the building looked old, like it might have actually been abandoned and unoccupied. Once inside, however, it looked like a huge, modern bookstore, and the opposite end opened out into an entire mall.

I remember looking through books. I saw some young adult novels that looked like good stories, and also remember seeing a Stephen King section, and a display for the old Bone comics. Suddenly I got a text from Eric, which reminded me I was supposed to be on my way to meet him.

I tried texting him back, but suddenly my screen would only bring up pictures of Disney Princesses when I tried to open text messages. In real life Eric's phone is currently messed up and he can't send or receive texts. In the dream, this was my explanation for why my phone only pulled up random Disney pictures when I tried to contact him.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Killer and the Nekkid Mermaid


In real life I share my art in a gallery on the deviantART online artist community. In my dream, one of the people who "follows" my art on that site began threatening me. He'd seen that I was a fan of some particular character or movie or show (I can't recall the details) and contacted me to inform me that he tracked down and killed people who liked that property, because he couldn't stand it.

I did a little research online and discovered that he really was responsible for killing people because of this. He'd told me I had to get rid of anything I had pertaining to this subject, and I started to do so. I was frantically destroying collectibles and things (I really wish I could remember what it was specifically). Then I began wondering why I wasn't just contacting the police?

In another dream, my friends' daughter, Cailey was showing me some new toys she had. One of them was a huge toy castle or something that had a mural of Disney characters drawn on the inside of it. The mural featured all of the classic characters, from Mickey & friends to the princesses, etc. One striking thing, though, was the character of Ariel. She appeared in human form, lying on her stomach, completely nude with her bottom prominently exposed. I was shocked that Disney would allow such a depiction of the character, especially on a children's toy!

In yet another dream I found some old "Bill & Ted" comics drawn by artist Evan Dorkin (I really had most of these in the 90s). One of the dream-comics I found had a Q&A with Dorkin in which he mentioned he'd been told there would definitely be a third "Bill & Ted" movie. Obviously that never happened back then (though I suppose they're saying it is going to happen now).

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Big Dinner and the Distracting Rooms


I was driving my car with my ex girlfriend in the passenger seat. Her sister was supposed to get married, and we were on our way to attend a big get-together her family was having to celebrate in advance of the wedding.

I don't recall much about the get-together except sitting at a crowded table with food being served. At some point I excused myself and I ended up going into some building with lots of hallways and doors. It looked sort of like an empty school building, perhaps. One of the rooms was full of old, analog black and white video monitors. I can remember looking at them but not what I saw.

Eventually I returned to the big family dinner and apologized for having been gone so long. At least one family member kept demanding I explain where I was and why I was gone so long.

There was another dream in which I was watching Doctor Who (the current version, with the 11th Doctor as played by Matt Smith). The story had something to do with there being several exact copies of the Doctor and even he wasn't sure which was the "original" copy.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tiger Shorts, Comic Store Hostages and a Dumpster


First, I remember going to Disney World with Richard, Jessica and Cailey (yes, another Disney World dream). We were standing in a long, winding line waiting for something, perhaps our park passes. During our time in line Cailey became upset about something, but I can't remember what.

My next memory is that we were walking down a strange-looking dream version of Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. We went in some of the shops to look at merchandise. One of the shops sold clothing, and I found a pair of shorts with a tiger face printed on one side of them. Not Tigger. Just the print of a realistic tiger, having nothing specific to do with Disney. For some reason I wanted these shorts, and I bought them.

Shortly after I'd left the store with the purchased tiger shorts I noticed they had small holes in them. I took them aback to the store to make an exchange, but they rack where I'd previously found them was no longer there, and I had to look for what seemed like ages to find it again. Eventually I had to get an employee to help me, and even then it was some time before we found it. Then I exchanged the shorts. Exciting dream stuff, huh?

Sometime after this I went to a huge comic book store where they were about to host a panel with a guest speaker I was interested in (I can't remember who). At this point the dream began to feel more like a comic convention than a Disney trip (not that it had seemed very Disney anyway).

I was milling around the comic store waiting for the panel to begin when suddenly the store was hijacked by some group of robbers, or thugs of some sort. They herded everyone in the store into one of the back rooms and locked us in there. The room was big enough that the 20 or 30 of us had room to mill around a bit. There was some couches and chairs for a few of us to sit on.

I was sitting on one of the couches with a girl who was either Hermione from Harry Potter, or the actress who plays her, Emma Watson. I don't know which incarnation of that person it was meant to be, but we were apparently friends. She was really nervous about what would happen to us and I was trying to encourage her as she held on to me. (I have no idea why, but I genuinely did not feel very scared about our situation).

Eventually the crooks left the place, and Hermione/Emma and I formulated a plan of how to get the door unlocked (apparently just breaking it down wasn't an option). We ultimately escaped unscathed, and then I found myself back on that weird version of Main Street. There was some really odd-looking Disney merchandise on display that I can't even describe. Just bizarre collectibles bearing various Disney character likenesses.

Finally I remember "waking up" at my parents' house, as though I had been visiting there. I went downstairs and no one else was home, so I started preparing a bowl cereal for breakfast.

There was a different dream that involved a large trash dumpster. I can't remember the "story leading up to it, but several people and I had lost an item in the dumpster and wanted to retrieve it. The dumpster was too deep to just reach down into, and it was filled with a dark, wet, mulch-like substance, so we didn't want to actually jump inside it. We decided that maybe we could tip it over to make the contents spill in order to retrieve whatever our lost item was. Of course the wet mulch substance made the dumpster especially heavy, so we were having a hard time tipping it over.

Eventually I discovered a white plastic box, not much bigger than a shoebox. It somehow connected to a level near the top of the dumpster. Once connected, there was some way this gave you access to the inside of the dumpster--it doesn't make any sense to try to describe it now, because it's one of those things that only works in dream logic.

My last memory in the dream is trying to describe this function of the plastic box to one of the ladies in our group.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Early Morning Cityscape


This isn't a very action-packed dream, but every single moment in it was extremely vivid, even more so than usual.

Early one morning I was getting ready to leave the apartment for the day. For some reason a CD I used to love as a teenager in the 90's popped into my head. I actually wanted to hear it again. It's not on my iPod or in my iTunes library (in real life or in the dream), and I certainly didn't want to dig around trying to find where the old CD actually was.

I remember looking through the closet in the bedroom I actually had as a teenager, trying to find something to wear. I kept seeing old shirts and thinking, "Wow, I thought I donated those to the thrift store ages ago--I really need to clean this closet!"

My next memory is being a passenger in Eric's car as we were driving in downtown Birmingham in the early, predawn hours. Driving up a big hill, we had a perfect view of the Birmingham cityscape, still lit up in the relative darkness that remained in the sky. The scene was beautiful, but what made it strange is that several blimp-sized pig balloons were floating at random places about the city. Not pig balloons like that Pink Floyd thing--these were more spherical, almost like the "Angry Birds" pigs in shape, but not in exact appearance.

We could see a large football down below as we continued driving up the steep hill. There was a large inflatable football stadium replica in the middle of the actual football field. I recognized in the dream that the city of Birmingham had supposedly placed this there as a promotion for the actual sports stadium they'd like to build one day.

Of to the side, in a portion of the football field not taken up by the giant inflatable, were a group of people playing Quidditch. Not the literal, magic sport of Quidditch that the wizards play in the Harry Potter world, but the real-life adaptation you hear of some groups of people actually playing.

Next we arrived at a fast food restaurant where we met up with our friends Courtney and Melissa (each of whom lives out of state now). We were all standing in line waiting to place an order for breakfast, and I was telling the girls about having seen the Quidditch players before. Then I went on to talk about the time I played a game of Quidditch like that--which I've never actually done, but seemed to "remember" in the dream.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sizzlin' Breakfast


I was cooking scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast. But not at the stove. At the table. The eggs and bacon were sitting on a paper plate in front of me at the kitchen table, sizzling away as if they were in a skillet! Occasionally I'd take a bite. It didn't seem strange at all.

I had another dream that I was telling my mom about my recent real-life trip to DragonCon, during which I met Christopher Lloyd and other Back to the Future cast members. At some point as I was talking about it, Lloyd actually walked past in a crowd of people and my mom commented that he looked young for his age (probably because, in the dream, he looked exactly the age he was when the movies came out).

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Indecisive Order and the Old Photograph


I was driving down a local highway on my way to meet Eric for some dinner. I passed a fictional church on my way. The church was mostly brick, but the front and back of the building each featured a huge portion of wall that was jut stained glass from ground to roof. It was dusk, so it was dark enough out that I could see light coming from the huge windows. The light was flashing different colors and created a really pretty effect.

My next memory is being at the restaurant, a local pizza place, with Eric. I also remember Jessica and Cailey being there at one point. At this restaurant you stand in line at the front to place your order, and then wait for your number to be called. This portion of the dream was extremely vivid as I stood in line trying to decide what I wanted to eat--a pizza or a sandwich (in real life it's almost unimaginable that I'd be in a pizza place and want anything other than pizza).

Even when I got up to the register I still didn't know what I wanted to order. It's so weird that this part of the dream seemed like such a big deal. I even woke up from the frustration, but quickly drifted back to sleep.

Next I was at my parents' and I saw some stacks of old pictures my dad was going through. There were several pictures taken during his time as the pastor of a church in Kentucky, where we lived during part of my childhood in the 80's. One set of pictures was of members of what was supposedly the youth group in that church at the time. Apparently they had all come to our house for some party or event. While there, each one of them had their picture taken individually, sitting in a chair beside the staircase.

There was one fictional girl from the fictional youth group that I supposedly had a crush on at the time. She was a brunette, and in her photograph, she was wearing an outfit that looked like something a teen genuinely would have worn in the 80's (when the picture was supposedly taken), but also had a hint of "Hot Topic" to it. When I saw her picture, I suddenly "remembered" her, and the childhood crush. It filled me with such nostalgia that I wanted to keep the picture for myself, so I put it with my things.

There was another picture among the ones from that era which showed my dad and some other men standing outside of a church. Upon close inspection, I realized it was the church from my earlier dream--the one with the huge stained glass windows that lit up. I thought it was strange that I'd just taken note of that church when driving by it so "recently", and then was seeing it in these old pictures.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Roger vs. the Terrorists


First I remember watching a portion of some sort of documentary about the making of the Who Framed Roger Rabbit movie. It was specifically addressing the Roger Rabbit cartoon shorts that Disney briefly tried putting in theaters following the success of the movie. Apparently one of the ones that was in production but never finished was something like "Roger vs. the Terrorists". The documentary discussed how wildly inappropriate that seems now.

The documentary showed b-roll footage inside a real life warehouse where many crates and boxes full of who-knows-what were stored. As the camera moved along, it followed a huge stack of animated boxes that someone was trying to carry into the warehouse. You could only see the top part of the animated stack of boxes where it rose above the tops of the stacks of real boxes. You could hear cartoony voices arguing about where to set this stack. The animation was not blended into the real scene as expertly as in the actual Roger Rabbit movie, but was obviously just pieced together for the documentary.

There was another dream in which Eric and I were driving around late at night down a fairly deserted, rural road. Then we saw an old, beat up van drive by. It was purple and had Marvel comic's Wolverine character painted on the side. We were commenting on how odd that was when suddenly we nearly ran over a guy in a Wolverine costume, just standing by the side of the road. He never really reacted, just sort of stood there staring at us as we drove by. It was kind of eerie the way he was hanging around alone in the dark wearing that costume.

We decided we had to drive back by and try to snap a picture of the costumed guy. Before we could, however, we had to stop and do something else, I can't remember what. I just know we ended up in what looked like a hotel room, and Eric was in the bathroom. I was in another room changing into a different pair of clothes. As I put on my socks I noticed that my feet and toes looked oddly bloated and swollen. I didn't really have much reaction to this, as I just went on about my business.

I guess we thought the costumed Wolverine guy would just be standing on that road all night long, waiting for us.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Swearing, The Passport, and Hermione?


The title refers to a variety of short dream memories as opposed to one epic story.

First I remember going to my parents' to meet them and a lady who is our close family friend. The family friend was telling a story about something that had happened to her lately. One of the people in the story had a foul mouth,and she kept quoting what they'd said to her, curse words and all. In real life this lady would never utter a curse word, not even if she were quoting someone, so it gave me quite a shock to hear her saying all these words!

Also around this time I noticed that I really had to go to the bathroom, but for some reason I went ahead and got in the car with my parents as we headed somewhere. The whole ride all I could think of is how badly I needed to go, and I doubted I could make it. That's when I woke up,and you can guess what happened.

After this I went back to sleep. I remember a dream that I was somewhere, perhaps some kind of amusement park, with Richard and Jessica and Cailey. Before you were allowed access, you had to have a "passport" made (not a literal passport, but a kind of thing they made for you to use for access just at this place). Richard and Jessica already had theirs but I needed to have one made.

There was a pretty brunette girl dressed something like a stewardess who took my information and directed me where to stand to have my photo taken for the "passport". At some point during my interaction with the girl, I noticed she was no longer wearing her uniform but a slinky little cocktail dress. I didn't know how to address this, but she looked very nice. For some reason, Richard was off to the corner taking occasional snapshots of my registration process and laughing about it.

There was another dream in which I basically relived the surprise 60th birthday part we recently threw for my dad, only in a slightly different, dream-like form.

And finally, I was dreaming something which featured Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger as they appeared in the movies, or it might have been meant to be the actors who portrayed them. It had something to do with us walking down a nature trail not unlike one I frequently do walk on. By the end of the dream it basically just featured Hermione/Emma Watson and me, but I can't really recall the details before I woke up.

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Wrong Composer and the Missing Table


Film score composer Michael Giacchino (perhaps most noted for several Pixar scores and the LOST series) was a new employee where I worked. We spoke a few times, but I didn't know him well. I thought it was really strange to be working with a famous composer.

Then one day I saw him make a post on Twitter about being in the studio scoring a certain movie. I thought, "no he isn't, he's at work
here today"! That's when I figured out it was two completely different guys. The Michael Giacchino at my workplace just looked the same and had the exact same name!

There was also another dream that Eric came to visit my apartment early in the morning. So early, in fact, that his arrival woke me up. After I opened the door to let him in, I immediately noticed that the kitchen and chairs from my kitchen were gone! Of course I promptly blamed Eric, assuming this was some sort of prank. He'd moved them during the night and that's why he was here so early now--to get my reaction.

Eric swore that he had nothing to do with the disappearance of the table and chairs to the point that I eventually believed him. But then I was perplexed as to how they came up missing. Who would break into my place while I slept and only steal my old table and chairs? What sense did it make if it was an elaborate prank by anyone?

Somehow I eventually found out that my grandmother was the culprit! I asked her about it and she vehemently denied her guilt, but somehow I had learned for a fact that she had sold them to someone. (I have no idea why this would be the case, even in a dream!)