Wednesday, November 30, 2011



I arrived to work one morning with a biscuit I had purchased for breakfast. I was really anxious to eat it, but for some reason kept getting distracted by things that demanded my attention and kept having to put it off.

My boss was telling me we needed to schedule singers to come sing Christmas music. Then I was in a room where author Neil Gaiman was supposed to come and introduce some new cartoon based on his work. I was very excited about this, and couldn't believe I'd not heard of it before now.

Next I remember watching what was supposedly an old tape of a failed pilot for a 90's sitcom. It was called "Forgetting (girl's name--can't remember what)". Henry Winkler had a cameo in the pilot. The show was really bad, but had such a feeling of sincere earnestness that I felt kind of sad that it had never been picked up.

As I watched this pilot, I realized I'd never had my biscuit. Now it was almost lunchtime.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Strangely Religous Restaurant


Eric and I were seated at a table in some sort of small-but-fancy-looking restaurant. The character Daryl from The Office (or perhaps just actor who plays him) was sitting at the table closest to us. He began reading Christmas-related scriptures from an ornate Bible.

As he read, I walked up to a buffet line to get food. There was all types of food on the buffet, mostly American, home-style things. I noticed there was graffiti in one place on the sneeze-guard. It said something about the need for "Americans" to get along with Muslims.

A lady, much like a typical high school "lunch room lady" plopped a big wad of pizza-like substance on my tray and I returned to me seat. On my way back by, I noticed that "Daryl's" table held, in addition to his ornate Bible, many books about Wicca, and other spiritual tomes.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stealing Annie


This dream will be nearly impossible to explain, as it only works in the world of dream logic. But I will try my best.

I either lived or was staying in a very old house in the older, "downtown" part of some city. There was a similar house next door, and the two were connected by some sort of screened-in porch that served as a sort of vestibule between the two.

One night I was all alone in the house, and it felt rather creepy. I recall stepping out onto the screened in porch and watching the dark city streets around me, only the occasional car driving past.

I looked through the windowed door into the house next door. The house was being used by the city as some sort of art museum, but I don't think it was currently open to the public. It very much had an "under construction" appearance. The room I could see into was some sort of lobby, which looked entirely empty and dark. Over by a window, I could see what looked like a doll.

Now, in real life, the TV show Community, of which I am a huge fan, aired a Christmas episode last year which was done entirely in stop-motion animation. I realized that the "doll" I could see was the puppet of the character, Annie, which was used in that episode.

For some reason I decided it would be no big deal for me to break into that room and take that prop for my own, so I pried open the door between my house and the museum and walked in. I realized there was a security camera, but I somehow was able to get past it. I felt very nervous when I got close the doll, because I thought a passing motorist could potentially see me from the street.

I don't remember what happened next, as my next memory is of being in a bedroom where two parents were putting their toddler-aged daughter to bed for the night. I noticed the same Community prop doll was lying beside the daughter's bed and I once again began devising a way I might could take it.

(I don't know what my obsession with this doll was in the dream. In real life the show has recently been placed on hiatus, which means there's a good chance it will be canceled. I am very passionate about this show, and want it to be saved. I think my obsession with stealing this prop in the dream may possibly be born of my desperate desire to save the show, in spite of the apparent wishes of those who control it.)

In a different dream, I was watching a movie. It was a western, and I think dream-me knew it to be directed by the Coen brothers. The opening scene featured a poetic monologue by a gritty cowboy. Then there was a scene in which Indians attacked the cowboys. The Indians were, however, dated, offensive caricatures. The battle, too, was over-the-top. It felt like watching a live-action Looney Tunes cartoon, except for there was blood and gore.

In a final dream, someone had told me I should design postcards to promote my art. For some reason I designed the card with a cartoon girl on one side and a cartoon horse on the other. My dad saw it and said, "This will make people who see it think of women in the mall." I replied, "Well, it will make of them think of horses in the mall, too."


The Dark-Haired Girl


I went on a date with a pretty, dark-haired girl. I only vaguely recall it, but I know it was somehow cut short, much to my disappointment. We scheduled another date, and my first clear memory is arriving to meet her for that excursion.

For some reason we'd agreed to meet at a convenience store/gas station, where one of us one of us would leave our car so we could ride together. I got there early and thought I'd have to wait a while for her to show, but she was already there. She got in my car and we were on our way. I remember her telling me about her day at work as we drove. We saw a movie and held hands during it.

Next I remember being at my parents' house in the guest room that I sleep in when I visit them, only it was as though I actually lived there and that was my bedroom. I was cleaning things in the room and putting clean sheets on the bed when suddenly the dark-haired girl showed up at the house.

She walked into my room and I was embarrassed because I hadn't expected her to come over at that time. I was completely unkempt, just wearing sloppy around-the-house clothes and a baseball cap that I had quickly thrown on to hide my "bed head". But then I noticed the girl was dressed in a very similar, sloppy manner and I didn't feel embarrassed anymore.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Dave's Anti-Pizza Campaign


I was in a crowded auditorium at some sort of conference. A speaker was announcing the winners of "last year's Create a Commercial contest". It turns out the winners were my friends and I.

Apparently we had conceived the winning idea the year before, and in the months since, a professional commercial had actually been produced from it. They debuted this commercial on a large screen on the stage.

The commercial featured Dave Thomas, founder of the Wend'ys restaurant chain, much as their ads really did when he was still alive. He was holding up a slice of pizza with a look of disgust and asking, "Why would anyone ever want to eat more than one piece of pizza? You'll want to eat more than one of our burgers!" My friend Eric and I, huge pizza enthusiasts, feigned incense when we heard him make this proclamation.

After the commercial was over, I remember a general sense of confusion as to how Dave Thomas, long dead, had appeared in this new ad. It didn't look like computer graphics, but we assumed surely it must be. The earlier suggestion that we had written the idea for all of this ourselves no longer seemed to play a part.

I vaguely recall another dream. A couple of friends and I were preparing to leave a They Might Be Giants concert late one night (I have no memory of the actual show in the dream). My car was one of the last ones in the parking lot outside the club they had apparently performed at. We were just sitting in it, not going anywhere for some reason.

Then we saw the band members step out of the club. They just stood on the sidewalk talking in the lamplight. At one point John Linnell approached our car and just nonchalantly got in the back seat. We then conducted a brief interview with him, as if for some sort of print publication. He then stepped out of the car and rejoined his band mates on the sidewalk. Even in the dream it felt rather bizarre.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Running On Air


Not to be gross, dear reader, but the dream started out with me in the bathroom. I twas very early in the morning and I was supposed to be getting ready for work. I was very concerned that being in the bathroom was going to run me late.

Indeed when I finally left the bathroom, I was quite late. For some reason I was literally running down an unkempt trail outdoors which I think was supposed to take me to work. I was wearing an orange vest-jacket like the one Marty McFly wears in the Back to the Future movies (I have one of those which I've worn as part of a costume before, so I guess this was supposed to be it).

The speeds at which I was running were insanely, inhumanly fast. So much so that, at one point, my vest jacket flew off of me. I quickly changed direction and turned back to retrieve it, but I was going so fast that I had already covered a huge distance since losing it.

As I ran back towards the jacket, my speed was so great that I began to lift off the ground. I was literally running on air. I found I had some degree of control over my flight, depending on exactly how hard I ran. It was such a freeing and exhilarating feeling.

I slowed down enough to float back to the earth and pick up my jacket. I don't remember much after this point, other than the euphoric feeling of being able to move so fast and to fly.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Celebrity Charity Benefit


Apparently the place where I work was hosting some sort of celebrity event to raise money for charity. We were going to be filming it and broadcasting it on TV. I remember the celebrities began to arrive and I, as my other responsibilities allowed, would help to greet them as they walked in the door.

At one point I remember greeting Tim Allen and Tom Hanks, which no doubt appeared in my dream due to my love of the Toy Story movies. Then someone came up to me and told me that Bill Murray had just arrived in the parking lot. This really excited me, and I hoped I'd get the chance to greet him and speak to him when he came inside. Because, let's face it, he's Bill Murray.

The person warned me that he did not like to be approached or addressed, so I shouldn't say anything to him unless he spoke first. Fortunately, I was at the door when he came in, and he shook my hand and spoke to me as he passed by. that was enough for me. I could say I'd shaken Bill Murray's hand, and I was happy.

I have very vague memories of seeing the actors on the stage hosting the event, touting whatever unspecified (or at least unremembered) charity this whole thing was for. Then I remember the event ending, and I went outside to where there was a huge gift shop.

Now I was with an ex girlfriend as we browsed the gift shop and we discussed the event we'd just seen. I remember seeing a lot of cool, vintage-looking Peanuts memorabilia in the store.

Somehow this part of the dream morphs into another dream in which I'm walking through a grocery store rather than a gift shop, and rather than being with an ex girlfriend, I'm with a fictional girl who is supposedly my new, current girlfriend.

I remember the two of us just filling up a shopping cart as we made our way through the store. When we left and went back outside, someone picked us up in a van. The girl and I sat in the back of the van and told the driver about a trip we were supposedly just now returning from, like we'd been on a vacation of sorts.

I was unpacking and organizing a duffel bag of belongings as we rode along. I had a T-shirt adorned with an illustrated graphic of the U.S. Constitution and a couple of other trinkets which were supposedly souvenirs from this trip.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Neil's Such a Drag


I vaguely recall watching a late night talk show on which author Neil Gaiman was making an appearance. For some reason, though, he was in full drag and acting very flamboyantly. It very much brought to mind Frank N. Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

There was some other dream in which I was dating a girl who was a fellow cartoonist like me. I think we'd met though the deviantART artist community. Things were going well. It seemed very vivid, though I can't recall much about it now.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Art Class Prison


There was a middle aged woman who taught a "continuing education" sort of art class at a college which my friend Eric and I were apparently attending. The teacher dressed really well, and seemed a little haughty and forceful in her manner.

The desks in the classroom were arranged so that certain ones were stacked on top of each other, like a sort of desk/bunk bed combo (it made sense in the dream). One of our fellow students was a flamboyant gay man who reminded me of Jim J. Bullock. This fellow was always dramatically complaining about everything.

For some reason the harsh teacher would not let any of us leave the classroom, claiming we were all her prisoners until so-and-so goals were reached. Tempers began to flair and students began to panic--especially the Jim J. Bullock guy. Somehow Eric and I found a way to blast a hole in the wall when the instructor wasn't looking, which gave us all a way to escape through the adjacent room. I can't really recall anything more.