Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's A Dog's Life


I was hanging out with Richard and Jessica and their daughter Cailey. Lesli was there too, I think. It was basically just like a typical weekend hang-out with these guys. At one point we loaded into the car and went to get milkshakes/ice cream, as we often do. But we ended up just riding around town, doing I can't remember what, and when we returned to Richard's I realized and pointed out that we never got ice cream at all.

Then Cailey (who is five) wanted to play games with me. She wanted to be characters from some fictional movie, so we were pretending to be dogs, and we were running from some sort of bad guys.

At this point the dream changed to where it was like I was watching a movie with these dog characters--but Cailey and I actually were the dog characters even as I watched it. Our dog-selves and a third dog were running for our lives from a couple of big, mean attack dogs, tearing through the wilderness with the enemy hot on our tail.

We ran down a huge, steep slope that was covered in perilous fallen trees, rocks, and slippery dead leaves. We frequently lost our four-legged-footing and finally went tumbling down the embankment, crashing against one of the larger, taller rocks.

Looking up at the top of the drop-off, I could see the enemy dogs looking down on us. Cailey-dog and I immediately began running again, this time crossign a shallow creek and moving up another hill. I then remembred the third dog that had been with us. It was a very little breed of some sort, and it was still lying, dazed, at the foot of the rock we'd crashed into.

I began shouting to the little dog to hurry and catch up, as the big dogs were now fast closing in on it. It got up and began to run, Cailey-dog and I also resumed running, and I think I woke up about this time. It was a surprisingly adrenaline-pumped dream for something so terribly silly.

I vaguely remember another short dream involving a fictional girl, a brunette, who was hanging out with Eric and me. It seems the girl and I were flirting quite a bit by the end of things, and I liked it. But I can't remember many details at all.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wet Equipment


I was driving an older model black pickup truck (no idea why) at night down rural roads. I came to a point where the desolate little road I was traveling on met with a small highway. There was a long abandoned gas station to the right, so I pulled my vehicle into its parking lot--in reverse for some reason.

The back of the truck was packed with various types of ramshackle equipment, most of it fairly large. The equipment had all sorts of little monitors and radar dishes and wires, etc. I set everything up in the abandoned parking lot, and then settled in to sleep the rest of the night in the truck.

In the morning I saw it had rained, which meant the equipment was wet. I stepped out to check the damage. It didn't look too bad, except some water had pooled up in a couple of parts of the main device.

There was a golden retriever that was hanging out with me this morning as well. I really liked it, but it was getting to be a bit of a nuisance as I examined and tried to fix everything from the mild water damage. I think there was actually a wet-vac I used on it.

The next real memory I had is that this equipment was apparently at least partially for video editing. I had it at work, and Richard was there. We were revising some old promotional spots the station had supposedly made years ago. I put a lot of work into revising one spot, only to realize after the fact that I'd left a text crawl on the bottom of the screen that contained dated information. I really didn't want to have to do it again.

Finally, I recall being in a room in a fictionalized version of my apartment. For some reason my computer and most of my things were on the floor. I guess I had little or no furniture. I found a large number of action figures and other collectible items and began setting them up around the computer. One was an entirely fictional anime-looking girl that I remembered obtaining just because I thought it was silly.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Misleading Waitress


Eric and I were eating pizza at Mellow Mushroom, which is a dream setting ripped straight out of regular everyday life. In the dream we had a cute-but-fictional waitress with shortish dark hair--had kind of a subversive art chick look about her. Much to my surprise, she and I actually seemed to be hitting if off pretty well.

I can't recall all the details, but the two of us continued to talk beyond the restaurant visit. It seemed like a period of days passed. I think most of our contact was supposedly through e-mails and text messages. Then one afternoon I went back to the restaurant to see her, thinking we were kind of starting to go somewhere.

I knew she was supposed to be at work this day, but I couldn't find her inside. (At this point the restaurant looked more like a particular eatery my friends and I used to frequent in our college days than it looked like the actual local Mellow Mushroom.) I sat down at one of the outdoor tables and began writing the girl a quick note to let her know I'd stopped by.

Upon finishing the note, I took it back inside the building. I went to a table I knew she was serving and handed the note to the one man who was sitting there (he was slender, with a thin beard, long hair and a baseball cap). I explained to him the situation and asked if he could hand this letter to his waitress when she came back and say I was sorry I'd missed her.

No need for that, because at this point the girl arrived back at the table. Right in the presence of this random customer, she sat me down and had a talk with me. She apologized for e-mailing me and messaging me so much, explaining that she indeed had no interest in my whatsoever, though she could see how her behavior had been misleading. Then she excused herself, saying she had to get back to work, but could I please tell Eric that she had no interest whatsoever in him, either?

I don't remember feeling really upset by this news. More than anything I was just put off by her seemingly duplicitous behavior.

On my way out of the store I remember passing what looked like some kind of gift shop (for anyone who's ever been in a Cracker Barrel restaurant, it was much like the gift shops always attached to those). There was a table covered in various Peanuts merchandise. One item was a ceramic sculpt of Snoopy, and I think also Charlie Brown and Lucy. It held pills or vitamins or something inside. I was considering purchasing it for my actual Peanuts collection, because it was a very unique item, and fairly inexpensive.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Wonderfully Subdued Report


I was in a room much larger than my actual living room, but my TV and furniture were there, among many other items, possibly even my bed. I had a lot of art supplies strewn about and was drawing in the floor while watching TV.

The art I was working on featured my regular characters Jenn & Bueno (with a guest appearance by the not-so-regular, Heidi) and it was very similar to one I'm actually working on at this time. In the dream I had run out of room on the page for Jenn and Heidi's heads, so I had just taped on an extra scrap of paper and drawn their heads on that. This might have been fine if I had planned to scan it and finish it digitally, but I went on to color the actual art with colored pencils and markers (something I very seldom do), never minding that it consisted of two taped-together pieces of paper.

As I worked I was watching what seemed to be a either a Simpsons movie, or else several episodes of the show tied together in one storyline. I remember one specific part where Kent Brockman was reporting the news, and an anchor was giving a report from the field about how aliens (or something) were attacking Springfield, and at least 25,000 were dead, and there was mass panic.

At the end of the report, the reporter was killed by one of the "aliens" and the last thing you heard was his screams (all done i a very Simpson-y, darkly humorous way). The camera returned to Kent Brockman in the studio, and, in his usual deadpan manner, he said, "Thank you (reporter's name) for that wonderfully subdued report."

I laughed really hard at that for some reason.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

That Face Is Pure Bullock's


I was attending some kind of evening event at an old-timey, classic-looking theater. I don't remember many details until the end, when everyone was leaving the event. Filing outside with a crowd of people, I overheard someone behind me talking to her friends and soon realized it was Sandra Bullock. (?!)

Sandra was laughing giddily (but soberly) and at one point she told one of her friends, "This is going to be the new face I make whenever _________!" (I can't remember what she claimed would be the cause for making the face.) Even though she was behind me, I could somehow see her making the face, and it was indeed funny.

I turned around, still kind of laughing, and asked if she minded if I took a picture of her making that expression, because I thought it was so funny. Surprisingly, she didn't mind at all and was quite happy to oblige. She struck a pose, and I noticed that, conveniently, there was a movie poster for a fictional Sandra Bullock movie on the wall behind her. It all framed up for a great shot, but I was a bit nervous taking it (with my cell phone camera). I was already thinking about uploading it to Facebook afterwards!

Then, in what was more than likely a separate dream, I was with my parents. We were about to go attend a family Christmas gathering. I only vaguely remember remember the actual gathering, except it was much like Christmas on my mom's side of the family really is. Only the house itself was fictional.

I stepped outside at one point and looked around. My mom and someone else were out there looking at the pet dogs that lived outside this house. I looked off to the side and asked what kind of dog it was I could see over by the corner of the house. That's when I realized I wasn't looking at a dog, but at a large rat the size of a medium dog! It was rather freaky, and it especially scared my mom and the other lady.

We went back inside and it looked like a church now. Someone was speaking to us. Perhaps a preacher. They passed out a program of sorts for us to follow in, and the programs were illustrated with beautiful-yet-freaky art that looked kind of like the art of Dave McKean (I had been reading a book with illustrations by him before bed).

Then the preacher/speaker told us to turn to a certain page where there was a short two-or-three-page comic featuring a cartoon monkey. He read the strip aloud as we followed. My parents said it was stupid, but I kind of enjoyed it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Frantic Woman


I'm a member of a "Meetup" group that gets together to see movies every few weeks. In my dream, I was with some people from the group, only we weren't at a theater but in an old, abandoned house. I remember being gathered in one of the upstairs rooms, just sitting around a table, talking.

Suddenly this frantic woman walks in and starts threatening us. She was alone and had no weapons, yet we still somehow seemed to feel intimidated by her. We listened to her rant for a while. I can't remember specifics, except she did say something about somehow trapping us in this house while she stole all of our stuff from it.

At one point while she was ranting, I sneaked out of the room and walked up a narrow flight of stairs to what looked like an attic. Most of the junk stored in the attic seemed to be old board games that had collected cobwebs and mildew. There was an old TV playing something in black and white in the corner, and an old man in overalls and a baseball cap sitting with a young boy off to the side. They seemed unaware of my presence, and I paid them little attention myself.

I was going to head back down the stairs from the attic, but I now noticed they were covered with slushy ice, like half-melted snow. I didn't want to slip and fall, so I sat down on the stairs and carefully inched my way down them that way.

Next I went back into the room with the other movie group people, and the woman was still ranting. She noticed me coming back in and tried to say something about it. I got up in her face and shouted her down, basically telling her she was ridiculous and her demands and threats were ridiculous and she could just shut up and get out. She was properly shamed and had nothing left to say.

We all left the house together, including the woman, only now the outside of the house looked like the outside of a theater. We were standing in a sort of semicircle and suddenly the woman tried, very clumsily, to steal something from one of the other girl's purses. The girl stopped her and shouted, and the woman ran off, emotional, into the parking lot.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Trash, Texts, and Vinyl Records


I was in a classroom during a lecture. Eric and Brandon were sitting nearby, and possibly Melissa. The teacher/professor looked a little bit like current Supreme Court Justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor, but it wasn't supposed to be her. She was so much lost in her own lecture that she seemed to hardly notice the class.

The room was arranged with typical rows of desks in the center, but there were also a few bleachers against the walls on either side. I was seated in a desk on the last row next to the wall, with one friend in the desk behind me and the others on the bleachers next to us. On the floor around us were a few small piles of trash (mostly papers and the type of trash you'd expect to find in a classroom, in addition to fast food wrappers and that sort of thing).

At one point during the lecture, I received a text message on my phone, which happened to just be lying on the floor near the garbage. It was also flipped open so that the message, which was from our mutual friend, Courtney, could instantly be read the second it was received.

The message said somehting like, "Ha ha ha yeah!", and I think was supposed to be in response to something the lecturer had just said. I was showing it to Eric and Brandon when the teacher came over, perturbed. While she scolded us, i slipped away and began to load up all the trash from the floor into bags. It took two or three of them to take it all.

As the teacher walked back to the front of the room she pasued at one of the trash bags, looked really annoyed, and pulled out a large 32 oz. soft drink (it was in a cup with a Pepsi logo on it) and resumed drinking it. Apparently her drink had been accidentally thrown in with the garbage.

Next I remember leaving the class. It looked like a mall parking lot, and we were heading towards my car. Brandon told us he had just bought a copy the indie movie Happy Go Lucky (this is because I actually saw that in a store yesterday and was reminded I'd like to see it one of these days). The odd thing is, he said his copy of the movie was a vinyl LP!

We all exclaimed that we had no idea they could put a movie on vinyl records. He agreed that it was indeed an obscure practice, but that you could find them. And you needed a special player to actually view them. A regular record player would only play the movie's audio.