Monday, October 25, 2010

Girls and Children from the Comic Book


I was reading a black and white comic book, drawn in the style of Scott Pilgrim artist, Bryan Lee O'Malley. It told the story of a young adult girl who wanted to be best friends with another girl. The scene I was reading featured the other girl explaining to the first one that they were not, indeed, best friends. She didn't really even consider her a friend at all.

There was another part of the comic that featured art of two Japanese children on the ledge of a skyscraper. One of them was breaking into a window.

At this point it ceased to look like a comic book and more like a live action movie. The two children made it into the window, which turned out to be to an apartment. They had some sort of remote control toy, and they were plotting how they would send it into the main room to give their parents a scare.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Exhibit with Charlie Who and the Chicken Vendor


I was visitign Atlanta with Lisa, Dean, the White family, and possibly others. We went to a large, fictional mall. One unfurnished storefront had been turned into a type of makeshift art studio. I soon found out that one my ex girlfriends lived there now.

The next I remember, I was talking to her, and she was explaining to me that she was a photographer now. The walls were adorned with her latest exhibit, which was all artsy pictures of German shepherds.

Next I remember being in a T-shirt shop that looked like a little hole-in-the-wall type of store. There were a lot of Peanuts-related shirts. I was particularly drawn to one that pictured Charlie Brown dressed as Doctor Who, with the text, "Charlie WHO?" beneath it.

After this I recall my friends and I walking into a parking deck. They custodian told us it would cost us $1 each to retrieve our car. First we had to gets dollar bills out of a type fo vendign machine. The bills it gave us were "new" dollar bills, with an entirely different design from actual dollar bills.

There was an old, black panhandler standign near the vending machine. He was selling strips of chicken for $1. I told him I'd buy some. He asked if I wanted "regular or buffalo". I told him I'd try buffalo. So he took out a bottle of buffalo sauce and just messily squirted it all over some of the plain grilled chicken, then handed it to me.

It wasn't that great. I noticed off to the side, a stuffy young man in a business suit was also eating some of the panhandler's chicken. Suddenly he began complaining because a fly had landed on it and now he had to throw it all away.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Dead 'Buster and Classroom Guy


I heard the Jamie Hyneman, co-host of the Mythbusters TV show, had died. For some reason, I ended up attending the funeral. I remember seeing him lying in his casket, beret and all.

From this the dream turned into me in a large facility that looked like a TV station, but it was full of classroomsas well. I was sitting in one class people with several other "students" from high school days. There was one guy, a fictional character, who stood out to me in the class.

Before the teacher arrived, he was beign very loud and boisterous, trying to make people laugh. I "remembered" that I supposedly had not liked this guy in high school, and now I wondered why, because he seemed affable enough. At one point he was talking about some girl named "Mary Capacitor", and I wonderd who she was.

Then I began doodling in my notebook. I was drawing the flux capacitor from "Back to the Future", aswell as creating a cartoon version of the guy that kept talking. It gave me an idea for some new comic. I for some reason especially thought his clothes would translate well to a cartoon character (though I can't remember what was special about them now).

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Amateur Photographers Circle


I vaguely remember Lisa and I attending some kind of amateur photo shoot with several other people. A large group of hobby photographers were gathered in out in a field. They were each paired off with a model, most of them women,and the goal was to see who could get the best pictures or something of the sort.

The only imagery I clearly retain from this one is the group of photographers and models forming a huge circle in the middle of the field and calling out people's names. This is about the point when Lisa and I joined in.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Waiting in Line


I only vaguely recall being at some sort of comic convention, likely DragonCon. Most of the dream was just tedious amounts of standing in line for one event or another. I just remember the realistic frustration of always waiting, waiting, waiting.
The last line I remember being in was for food, in some sort of cafeteria or food court. There was a young girl in line near me with short, light brown hair, wearing a light blue T-shirt and jeans. She kept trying to catch my eye and was being very flirtatious. The problem was that she was obviously way too young to be acting this way towards anyone of my age, and therefore was making me very uncomfortable with her behavior, even just from a distance.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Strange Little Church


I heard that an old friend from high school and college had become a priest. Eric and I drove out to the tiny little church he was supposedly pastoring to say hi. We parked outside the church until the morning service was over, and only then walked inside to find our friend.

An older priest greeted us. I was wearing a "Back to the Future" T-shirt, and the priest chastised me. He proclaimed that the movie had "led many youth astray".

Another random man in the church saw my shirt and began trying to sell me a backpack full of random items. He was trying to convince me that the items would make "great accessories for your shirt". He was making no sense.

Then he tried to sell me an old, worn-out Bible that had a picture of a bear on the cover, and was inscribed with the name "Caybo" or "Cabai" or something like that (I can't clearly remember it anymore).

We next found ourselves in a little house next to the church where people were serving lunch. I overheard someone say that author Neil Gaiman enjoyed "farming yogurt cultures" in his spare time.

I never did see my old friend who had supposedly become a priest.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Joel and the Choir


In real life I recently had to pass up the chance to see comedian/actor Joel McHale in nearby Atlanta. In my dream, some friends and I were actually at the show. When it came time for the show to begin, the auditorium was still mostly empty. Joel came out and said before he started, we all needed to move forward and fill all of the closest seats rather than being randomly spread out.

Once we'd all moved in to fill the closest seats, Joel came back on the stage and said a few things. Soon, though, he decided to leave the stage again, saying he'd "be back a little later."

Next, a black gospel choir took to the stage and began performing.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Masks, Crowds, Cats, Propoganda, and More!


I was going with my parents to pay a visit to each of my respective remaining grandparents. It was a holiday visit--for Halloween, as though Halloween were a holiday traditionally celebrated with family get-togethers like Thanksgiving and Christmas more normally are.

At my grandmother's I remember going through some cereal boxes she had kept aside because they had templates for cut-out Halloween masks on the back panels. For some reason I cut out the masks, most of which looked like Jack-O-Lanterns.

At some point I walked out of her house which led into what looked like a huge public park filled with people. There was obviously some type of specific event going on.

One area of the park looked like one of the walking trails I often go on in real life. I went down the path for some length and was pleased to find that not many of the crowds were here. A small, dark cat--not fully adult but more than a tiny kitten--approached me and I petted it for a while.

Then I went into this one central building on the premises. It seemed to be filled with mostly elevators and escalators. I was reading a "You Are Here" type map on a wall when an elevator opened behind me. Out stepped a pastor and a small crowd of eager followers. The pastor (who looked rather "televangelist") was spouting a lot of political and end-times rhetoric, which his small flock here eating up eagerly.

The flamboyant pastor seemed to think Jesus was specifically coming back this very night. I wish I could remember all of the things he was shouting about--it was so very over-the-top and anti-everything.

I tried to get away from this little group. Even though the place was fairly crowded, I for some reason was afraid the pastor would single me out if he saw me. I didn't want to be mistakenly associated with his group.

I went back to the large outdoor area and was looking for my cat from before, but I could not find it. I saw an ex-girlfriend and told her about the cat, which very much interested her, but it was still nowhere to be found. While we searched, though, she told me that all of her cats had died and it made me sad.

I saw my parents among the crowd and asked if they had the masks I'd cut out at my grandmother's house earlier. My mom said she'd thrown them away with the "rest of the trash". It wasn't a big deal, but for some reason it made me feel a little bit sad as well. Almost like the loss of innocence or something.

My last memory is of walking into another building where some people were watching a supposedly recent episode of "The Simpsons" on a large TV. I recognized the fictional episode and asked the guy in control to find a certain scene that I had found particularly funny the first time I saw it.

As he began skipping through the episode, he suddenly came upon a very pornographic scene! It didn't feature any of the major Simpsons characters, but just characters in that style engaged in very explicit acts. I was surprised that it was almost a little exciting...but mostly I was just shocked and disturbed that this was in a real episode of the show!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wolverine vs. Bear Cub


I was with Lisa and we were on some sort of property out in the wilderness. There was a house and a crude road, bit it was mostly wooded or open, undeveloped area. As we walked alone one of the roads, we saw a wolverine rooting around in a ditch. We tried to stay well clear of it, but I immediately began trying to snap pictures of it with my cell phone.

Now along came a bear cub. It approached the full-grown wolverine and the two began to scuffle. I was afraid the cub would get hurt since it was so young and other other was so fierce, but it turns out the little bear easily defeated the wolverine and sent it running.

This I had to "tweet" about. My message on Twitter read, "Just saw Wolverine get pwned by a bear cub!" (I intentionally capitalized "Wolverine", so it would sound like the Marvel Comics character, and not the actual animal, had been bested by a cub. This was real humor in my dream.)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Conan and the Former President


In real life this past summer I attended the final date of Conan O'Brien's "Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television" tour in Atlanta, GA. In this dream, I was at what was basically that show all over again...except, of course, weirdly dream-like.

There was one point when Conan was on stage making a joke about something a former U.S. President had done. The joke was current, but it referred to "former President Adams" (I don't know which Adams.)

At this point, former President Adams entered the auditorium from a side door and began running around the arena crazily. The crowd went wild with laughter and cheers.

However, former President Adams looked to be a very old and decrepit man, and his running around was slow and feeble. There was obviously no way this behavior was good for his health. Nonetheless, he finished his cameo appearance and left again. Conan went on with the show.

A bit later, Conan made a joke about William Shatner, who then appeared and ran around the stadium in exact mimicry of former President Adams' previous act.

Later, I remember driving around downtown with the friends who had seen Conan with me and we had to stop for a huge funeral procession. We found out it was for former President Adams, who had over-exerted himself at the show and died.

In probably a separate dream, my mom wanted to go see a movie (very out of character for her). She asked me specifically about the "new Chuck Norris movie" (would be even more out of character for her to see that type of movie, if there were one.) I explained to her that it probably wasn't in theaters anymore because it had been such a box office bomb.