Sunday, January 30, 2011

Toy Story on Broadway


I was in some sort of classroom with other adults. I can't remember what the class was about. My first clear memory is actually when I was walking out of the classroom into the hallway. There was a small box of things for me, and I began to go through it.

My dad had supposedly recently returned from a trip to New York, and these were the souvenirs he'd brought me. Most of the items were souvenirs from the (fictional) Toy Story Broadway musical. I remember a program,and a doll or figurine of Woody dressed in a tuxedo. There were more items, but I can't recall them.

I went back into the classroom and ended up talking with a fellow classmate about the Toy Story live show. Then we discussed other Disney movies that had been turned into Broadway shows. In my dream, Disney's specific version of Peter Pan had been turned into a Broadway show sometime over the years, and as we talked about it, I was seeing scenes from it in my mind, like a memory.

There was a final memory where I was in a parking lot, putting my box of New York souvenirs into my car. This is the last I remember.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Plain White Trix


In the dream I was at my parent's house. I got up early one morning to help myself to some cereal in the kitchen. My mom had already left out a bowl of Trix (which I've not really had in years). Instead of the colorful, fruity colors that Trix normally has, this cereal was completely white. It blended in perfectly with the milk, and somehow didn't seem very appetizing.

There was one other dream that I can't remember clearly at all. I happened upon a group of young people. One bully had a bucket of fish guts and was smearing a weaker kid's face into the bucket while others cheered on. I really have no idea what was going on or what happened after.



Eric and I were standing on the roof of a tall building in a large-ish city one afternoon. Suddenly a flying saucer appeared on the horizon and made its way toward us. We didn't feel very scared because we had been waiting on it, though there was a mild sense of apprehension.

The craft landed on the roof and a male and female exited. They were aliens but had taken completely human-looking forms, dressed all in black. They began discussing something with us, but I can't remember any more details.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sickly Biff


In real life last February, I saw comedian Tom Wilson, who played "Biff" in the Back to the Future movies, at a local comedy club. In my dream, he was back and we'd gone to see him again.

We were startled to see that he looked very old and very ill. He didn't get around well. He stood on the stage and asked the audience questions about Back to the Future, as well as fielding questions. At one point he started making fun of Harry Potter fans. None of it seemed like good-natured "roasting", but rather it seemed malicious.

Then he explained that he'd produced a series of comedic animated shorts to incorporate into his act. They showed on a screen behind him as he narrated them. That was the gimmick: the cartoons were silent, and all the supposed humor came from what he said as they played. I remember one of them starred Lydia from the 90's Beetlejuice cartoon.

At this point Tom announced he was taking a bathroom break and left the stage. He came back some time later looking even more old and frail and tired than before. He was obviously very sick. He sat in a chair offstage and began to complain that, due to his sickness, he had to "eat and poop and pee all at the same time, like a barge that carries food to the toilet!"

It was very sad to see anyone in this sickened, bitter state.

Deceased Actresses


I was out with a group of friends in some type of store and someone told us that actresses Natalie Portman and Naomi Watts had both recently died. My friends and I were shocked because apparently "they had just been hanging out with us".

Someone had a picture of all of us with them, but you could no longer see them in the picture. Everything was in focus, but their images were completely blurred (similar to the "fading away" effect in Marty McFly's family photo in Back to the Future). I assumed that now Natalie Portman would definitely when a posthumous Oscar this year, like Heath Ledger did a couple of years ago.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Baby Gator


My dad wanted me to edit the pictures from his recent trip to India and prepare them all for a digital slideshow. The problem was, there were over 5,000 of them!

Somehow from that the dream ends up with me being in some kind of waiting room. There was a mounted TV on the wall that I, along with the other waiting patrons, watched. At one point there were two kittens in the room, and I was playing with them.

The next thing I remember, there was also a baby alligator in the room. It was very tame and playful, behaving more like a puppy or kitten than a gator. Despite this fact, its mouth full of teeth made it dangerous. I had to keep chastising it for nipping at the kittens and hurting them.

Lastly, I remember a bit of a dream in which I was visiting my parents. We were sitting in the living room, and they explained to me a new game they'd come up with. You had to shout out the names of Beatles songs, but you couldn't say one unless you could point out a specific item in the room and relate it somehow to said song. The first person to name 42 Beatles songs in this manner would win!

Fern Gully Reimagined


The first remembered dream of the new year is indeed a characteristically weird one! My friends and I were at a local theater where they were showing the 90's animated movie, Fern Gully. I don't know that I've ever even seen that movie all the way through in real life, but in the dream we were all aware that several changes had been made to the story, to the point that it was barely recognizable as the same movie.

Perhaps the biggest plot change was that humans were leaving bags of M&M's in the forest for the pixies to find, and because of the bright colors they loved them. The catch was, the M&M's had been laced with LSD and made the pixies and woodland creatures trip out, so the humans could defeat them. There were some really psychedelic scenes.

My friend Dean was especially vocal about hating the changes to the movie.