Wednesday, February 29, 2012

That Strange Comic Book...


I was reading some sort of indie comic book someone had given me--I think it may have even come from some sort of fast food restaurant? The characters reminded me of Spongebob Squarepants characters (which is a property I know very little about), but the material was so subversive and strange. There was a joke about one character threatening to hang themselves (this was all in a very cartoony, "Looney Tunes" sort of style). When another character attempted to intervene to save the other, they both ended up swinging in the noose. I don't get it now, but this was so funny in the dream!

I remember another dream in which I was in a room full of puppets. A lady was explaining to me that she sold them on ebay, mostly to churches. A lot of them were very generic, but a few did look especially cool and unique. I wished I could have one, but they were all pretty pricey. Instead, I ended up asking the woman if she knew anything about that weird comic I'd read earlier.

Finally, I remember I was driving through the neighborhood I used to live in as a child in Kentucky (not where I'm from, but where I lived then). There was a tremendous sense of nostalgia as I passed various houses where friends and I had played so many times. I eventually ended up at the house where I'd lived, and my parents still lived there!

My parents went from there to a fancy restaurant and ate a fantastic meal, complete with dessert (I remember I loved it, but I can't remember what it was). After eating, we returned to the old neighborhood. I took a late night walk and realized I was craving milkshake. My last memory is of actually drinking a delicious milkshake...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Twitter Encounter and the Doctor


I vaguely remember walking down a sidewalk with a friend. We passed a person I thought I recognized, and then I realized he was someone I followed on Twitter (not someone I personally know). I thought it was odd to run into him in a public place.

In another dream I was drawing some fan art based on the current incarnation of Doctor Who (the 11th Doctor with Amy and Rory). It seems like what I was working on was in comic book form, as though I was writing a whole story to go along with it. I remember feeling very excited, but not much else about it.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Disney Fighters and an Avengers Screening


I was in some sort of electronics store, like a Best Buy. There was an X-Box 360 on display, and the featured game was something like the real-life "Capcom vs. Marvel" fighting games, in which Marvel comics characters and Capcom video game characters square off against each other. Only the dream game featured fictional video game characters vs. classic Disney characters!

The game had a very rich "cel shaded" animated look, which left me highly impressed. Each of the Disney characters looked authentically animated, as though they were right from their respective films (and ones from more recent CG films looked appropriate as well).

I watched someone playing a demo copy. They were playing either as or against Rapunzel, who could use her hair as a weapon (the opponent was a generic video game brute of some sort). I was so impressed that I decided on the spot to buy an X-Box just so I could have this game! (I don't game much in reality, and all these years later have yet to invest in any kind of modern system beyond the Wii.)

In another dream, I was with the local Movie Meetup group that I used to attend regularly, but has sort of fizzled in real life. We had been given an opportunity to see this summer's upcoming Avengers movie early! I remember we all met at the designated venue, along with a few other invited groups.

We had to take elevators up to the viewing room, and somehow I got separated from my group and rode an elevator alone. Then I entered a room where they were seating everyone in rows of folding chairs. I still didn't see anyone I recognized from my group, so I just took a seat and waited.

A man at the front of the room announced that seating was going to be drawn by lottery. He began to explain how the lottery worked. It somehow involved flowers, which he would soon be passing out to each of us. His description of this whole process was so utterly confusing! I grew increasingly frustrated. Between my inability to understand what the man was talking about and the fact that I still hadn't found my friends, this was turning out to be a rotten event. My agitation soon woke me.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Old Gothic Chuch Balcony


I was sitting in the balcony of an old, Gothic church. the place was completely empty, and looked like it had been so for quite some time. The only light was some faint moonlight coming in through the windows. At one point I heard a some thunder and looked outside to see a storm was definitely on its way. The sky looked almost purple, and there were clusters of multiple tornadoes on the distant horizon. This was, naturally, a very eerie and unsettling sight.

I walked over to a different part of the darkened, dusty balcony and saw my cousin sitting on the floor holding a record player. I asked him what it was for, and he explained he'd been listening to an old record that he used to enjoy as a child. The record told the story, in the style of old radio shows, of a hero and his adventures. As we listened to the story, the dream made it so that I could see the whole thing, almost like I was experiencing it myself...

The hero and the villain were chasing each other around in the balcony of the church. They came upon this large column that ran from ceiling to floor, and had several compartments in it. Each compartment had a tiny skull in it, each about the size of a songbird's skull, but coming from every different animal imaginable.

The villain explained that, millions of years ago, every animal on earth had been this tiny, and these were the only remaining artifacts left to prove it. He planned to destroy them, and the hero had to stop him. This is pretty much the last thing I remember...

In a separate dream I remember seeing Girl Scouts selling cookies in a parking lot. I wanted to buy some.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jump Up And Down On Her!


I was at some sort of outdoor event which I believe was taking place in someone's back yard. A huge number of people were milling about, talking, playing games, eating food, and generally enjoying themselves. This included a lot of especially noisy, energetic children.

My attention was drawn to a commotion in one, partially fenced in area of the yard. When I got there, I saw some teens and kids running away from a woman who was lying in the dirt. I ran up to see if she was OK. Though a little dazed, she dusted herself off and assured me she was fine. When I asked what had happened, she explained that she had deliberately asked those kids to "jump up and down on her", though she seemed really embarrassed to admit it. I noticed she was really attractive, though I couldn't deny she was obviously pretty strange...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Destruction of the Cobb


I was with Ashley and Eric at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta, where I have seen a handful of shows over the years. In the dream, They Might Be Giants were performing there (I've never seen them at that venue, but did just recently see them again in Atlanta).

During the show, I excused myself to go to the restroom. When I got back there I saw the area was covered in firemen and emergency personnel. It looked like there'd been a fire, but I someone managed to go to the bathroom anyway. When I came back out, Eric was there and we discussed the apparent fire.

At this point we heard and felt several loud explosions that seemed to come from the area of the main concert hall. One of the firemen explained to us that the previous fire had weakened the structure, and now the entire place was caving in. My last memory of the dream is everyone evacuating the building in a panic. (Eric and I rejoined with Ashley at this point, so she was OK). Even as this was going on, I felt sad that the venue was destroyed. I think we heard that there were no casualties, though, "thanks to the fact that the firemen were already here".

In real life, the exterior of the Cobb Centre was used as the exterior of the CDC in the first season of the Walking Dead TV series. In that show, the place was blown up. One would assume some memory of that played into the events of this dream.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Don't Sleep and Drive


(This dream took place after a day of much driving, so it's not surprusing.) I was driving on the Interstate en route to Birmingham. It was late, and I was really, really tired. I was fighting sleep and having a difficult time winning. Eventually, I decided to rest my head against the driver's side window.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up (within the dream)! I'd been fast asleep! Somehow I had not wrecked the car--in fact, I was still driving it! I was no longer on the Interstate, but was in downtown Birmingham. I wasn't familiar with the exact area I was in, though, and that only added to the sense of disorientation I felt.

My last memory is that I drove past some kind of farmer's market in a parking lot of one of the businesses in this part of town. Most of the patrons were African American.

Friday, February 10, 2012

My Pet Snake


I was in a pet store and one of the employees had talked me into buying a snake for some reason. He handed me a slender, bright green snake that was maybe about a foot long. The snake was much more powerful than it should have been at that size. It was all I could do to keep hold of it as it writhed in my hands. It's jaws began chomping non-stop as it lashed out at everything.

Even I wanted a pet snake, I didn't think I wanted one this strong and ornery. The pet store employee led me back to a room filled with containers of dead mice. He said, "Now, I hope you don't mind keeping dead mice in your fridge..." And this was when I told him I couldn't have a pet snake.

I left the pet shop and exited into what I guess would have logically been a mall, but it looked more like an airport. There was a little more "story" in the dream in which I interacted with people, though it's all vague. The final part of the dream was when it was suddenly revealed that someone in the mall/airport/whatever was a "traitor". Things then became like an action movie as covert good-guys came out of hiding to attack the traitor. A chase pursued...and then it was as if I was watching this as a movie rather than actually being there.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Disney CD-ROM! On Clearance!


I vaguely remember riding in a car with my parents and a family friend. I think we were supposed to be on our way to celebrate the combined birthdays of my mom and I by eating dinner somewhere in Birmingham (an event that won't actually happen until later in the month).

We passed a comic book store and I asked if we could stop there. I vaguely remember looking around inside the fairly typical comic store. The one clear memory I have is browsing a shelf advertising clearance items. There were a lot of old CD-ROMS for PC. One of them was a home photo editing kit produced by Disney. The packaging touted how you could add Disney characters, fonts, and more to your family photos. The packaging was a glossy, bright red with various Disney characters. It's strange how vividly I can recall that one item.

I also recall some vague imagery of a dream in which I was playing a version of the smartphone game "Where's My Water?" that somehow incorporated Doctor Who characters into the game.

A Failed Neighborhood Screening


I got a Facebook message from someone inviting me to attend a screening of the Zooey Deschanel TV show, "New Girl" in a nearby neighborhood. Basically someone had just set up a giant projector screen in their yard and were planning on showing that week's episode for people in the neighborhood.

For some reason I showed up for the event. There were two sets of small, metal bleachers facing a large screen on an otherwise empty, featureless lawn. Only a handful of people were spread across the bleachers. The time came for the viewing to begin, and nothing happened. People became impatient. Then one of my uncles approached me and explained to me that he was having difficulty getting the projector to work.

I remember another dream in which Ashely and I were driving around early one morning discussing where to stop for breakfast. We were passing through a really nice looking neighborhood, though it was totally empty. The sense of pristine abandonment seemed somewhat eerie in the early morning light.

Finally I remember a dream in which I was in someone's kitchen and a televangelist was preaching about money on a small TV. An official-looking man in a business suit suddenly interrupted the preacher to say he was being investigated for some sort of violations of some sort of policies. Then it was revealed that this was all an act being presented as an object lesson for part of the sermon.

The people in the kitchen with me (I can't remember who they were, if anyone specific) began mocking the televangelist. I joined in by picking up a nearby broom and announcing, "Look! A giant ice scraper!" I have no idea what that was supposed to have to do with anything, but it made sense--and was funny--in the dream.