Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hugo Sees Dead People


I was in the kitchen at my grandmother's house. Hugo Reyes from Lost was at the table. He was talking to every other character from the show, one at a time. Only it was odd, because each and every one of them were zombies (though articulate ones). I suddenly realized this must surely mean that in the final season of Lost, they were all going to die!

The last zombie-character Hugo spoke to was himself. Only the zombie-Hugo spoke and behaved like George Clooney's character in Up in the Air. I don't know what I had eaten before bed this night.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jewel and the Missing Camera


I was in a Disney-like theme park and it was late in the evening. Somehow I had been selected as one of a few to have their photo taken with Jewel. She was on the porch of what looked like an Southern Antebellum home, and there was a backdrop behind her that, I believe, had dinosaurs on it.

So I posed with Jewel. She was very friendly and pretty. The photographer, for some reason, was using my own camera. He took two or three shots of us, Jewel thanked me, I took my camera, and went on my way.

I began wandering around the grounds of the park. They were announcing that it was almost closing time. Suddenly I realized I didn't have my camera with me! I must have left it behind after the Jewel pictures. I began a frantic search! I couldn't lose this camera--it's newish, not especially cheap, and beloved! Not to mention in the dream it had all of my pictures from the theme park on it!

I went back into the Antebellum house where Jewel had been. The park staff told me that no one had turned in a missing camera, they were about to close, so I couldn't go in and look for it. I went in anyway and began roaming up and down the ornate hallways in search of my missing possession.

Many of the halls were already darkened as they were shutting things down. I was flipping switches, turning things on at will as I searched. I finally located the camera, sitting on the lower shelf of a decorative table in one of the hallways.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Under the Tent and More


There was a large tent pitched on a large lawn, under which all manner of items were being sold. I supposed it was like a type of yard sale or flea market. I was searching through items, hoping to find something specific, but I can't remember what.

I went into the house on this property, where my dad told me that Richard had tried to call me. I wondered why he had called my parents' house instead of my cell phone. I picked up my cell phone to call him back, but the phone looked exactly like a 1989 Nintendo Gameboy system!

After quite some time of fumbling with the Gameboy-phone, I still couldn't figure out how to place a call on it! Finally I realized why--this wasn't a phone at all! It was my iPod!

Then someone told me that, at that flea-market thing under the tent, there were DVDs someone had taken of me and an ex girlfriend being sold for $30 each. I was shocked and confused as to how they existed, and angry that they were being sold.

Finally, I recall going to The Alabama Theater with Lisa, though every other row of the seating faced backwards, and we were seated on a backwards-facing row. It felt awkward just starting at the people on the row behind you, and pointless not to be able to see the front.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two Girls in a Conference Room


I was walking through a bookstore. I remember seeing some sort of picture-book version of one of the "Chronicles of Narnia" stories on a table of sale items. I eventually went into a back room where they were holding some sort of conference.

The front of the conference room featured a large video screen, and all of the seating in front of it consisted of pews, like a church. A woman who was hosting the event began showing and narrating a video that had something to do with the history of cartoon art and animation or something to that effect.

I was seated to the left of a girl I really liked. She was an artist and I was having so much fun talking to her. But at some point, a girl came and sat down between this other girl and I. The girl looked like one past girlfriend (a failed, but not altogether negative experiment), though she behaved exactly like a very negative girlfriend I once had. I was a bit angry that this ex had some and stopped the conversation between this artist girl and I.

Finally, I remember stopping by what was supposed to be my parents house following this lecture/conference/whatever I had attended. My mom was in the kitchen, and when I came in she said, "I guess you've heard the news." I hadn't, so I asked "What news?". She said, "Pee Wee Herman died today."

I was actually very sad to hear this! My childhood hero! But then I "remembered" he'd supposedly been in that video from the presentation at the conference earlier, and this somehow proved he couldn't be dead.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Refunded Ticket


I went to see a matinee of a fictional animated movie at a local cinema. The actual theater the film was showing in was a very small room with blue walls and dim, bluish lighting. At the front of the room sat large array of old, analog TV sets of various sizes. The seating in the room consisted solely of metal folding chairs, most of which were filled with other patrons.

When the movie started, it played on all of the analog TVs simultaneously. I sat there wondering why it wasn't playing on a big movie screen, and decided I was pretty upset that I'd paid full price for a ticket to come watch a movie on crappy analog TVs (the only sound was emitting from the mono speakers of all the TV sets as well).

I went back into the lobby to ask for a refund, but now the lobby looked like some kind of wild frat house atmosphere. I pushed my way through the crowd of drunken revelers to the customer service desk, which took some time to locate. The guy working at it was the actor, Justin Long ("Mac Guy"!). He wasn't helpful.

I got so frustrated with the lack of help that I gave up and left the theater. It was dusk outside, and as I approached my car in the parking lot I became indignant and decided to go back inside and demand my ten dollars back!

Once inside again, I did eventually find someone who would help me. Instead of a cash refund, they gave me a sticker that was redeemable for a free ticket on my next visit. The sticker looked like one of those "Hello, my name is..." stickers. There was a code on it which I had to validate online.

When I was getting into my car after this event, I suddenly looked back at the theater and surrounding strip mall and saw all the power went out! By the time I was actually driving away I saw it all flickering back on again.

There was one other dream I can only barely remember in which Eric had bought tickets for several of us to attend some conference about UFO abductions and such. I thought it was fascinating as something weird,but he seemed to actually be believing it all.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pumpkin Face


Lisa and I were parked outside what was supposed to be Richard and Jessica's home late one night, waiting for them to get home. Finally we went inside to see that Richard already was home, and he was only waiting on Jessica to return from somewhere. Eventually Jessica walked in and was surprised to see us there.

Later, I was with a girl in glasses, sitting outside a grocery store. The girl and I became a little amorous before stepping inside the store. Near the entrance there was a large display of pumpkins, as though this were the Halloween season.

We began to look through them, and the girl noticed one that looked almost like two pumpkins grown into each other, with a large gourd-like protrusion. It gave the appearance of a witch-like face, and we agreed it would make a really interesting jack-o-lantern. The girl went on to tell me how I should design a character with a pumpkin face like this one.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

First Day of School


I was going back to high school again, though I remained my current age. I remember driving to the school for my first day of class early one morning. In the car I was listening to the Dixie Chicks "Wide Open Spaces" album, specifically "Am I the Only One (Who's Ever Felt This Way)". Though I haven't played that album in years, the song in question did rotate through in iPod shuffle the other day, so I guess that explains this part. (And a note for those who are curious, no I don't primarily listen to country music, though the iPod does have an eclectic bit of most everything residing inside.)

Once I arrived at school I had to report to homeroom. I assumed it would be the same homeroom I'd had senior year, so I went looking for it. The interior of the school had changed a lot, though it remained largely recognizable. On my way to class I saw a big sign posted on the wall that specified which homeroom you had, and it confirmed I'd been correct in my guess.

Arriving at my homeroom classroom, I was greeted by the teacher, who was the same one I really had my senior year. I was surprised that she was still there. Instead of desks, the room was laid out with long tables, with students sitting in chairs along the length of one side of the table.

Being one of the first to arrive in the classroom, I picked one of the many empty seats and waited. As the room began to fill up I realized that I had not brought a single book, notebook, or other supply with me to school! My decision to do so had been deliberate, as I assumed there would be nothing to do on the first day--but now I began to realize how silly that notion had been.

To compound the silliness of things, the one item I had bothered to bring to school was a plastic Simpsons diorama! It was built on a flat, gray base, about 2' x 3'. On this base a variety of small figurines of Simpsons characters were placed. Now that I'd realized I had it with me, I couldn't remember for the life of my why!

Now homeroom was about to begin and I was debating whether or not to ask the girl beside me if I could borrow some paper and a pencil to at least take any important notes.

Mario Tees and More


In real life, my friend Richard recently had surgery on his neck. In the dream he was recovering at home and I went to see him. Somehow we ended up at the store looking at T-shirts. I specifically remember two different gray ones with Super Mario Bros. characters on them.

At one point Richard held up a striped shirt that looked like the one worn by Spider-Man's villain, the Sandman. On the back of the shirt there was indeed a picture of the Sandman. He explained to me that they actually made these shirts before the Spider-Man 2 movie had ever been produced. This was supposed to be impressive, I think.

I knew I had a "movie meetup" group to attend that night, and I was considering buying one of the tees in this shop to wear to the event.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bob the Android


Some friends and I had plans to go to Brandon's house to watch a movie or something. Brandon had gone out to pick up a couple of pizzas for us all before we got there. I was with the other friends en route to his apartment when I got a text from him saying that he wouldn't be getting the pizza after all. It turned out to be too expensive and he couldn't justify spending the money on it. He said he was going to cook some kind of pasta instead.

We all arrived at his apartment (a fictional location in the dream) and went inside but for some reason he still wasn't there. The place looked very run-down and un-lived-in. We stepped into the kitchen and there were two or three large pizzas sitting on the counter top. They weren't in boxes or anything--just sitting exposed on the counter.

As this fictional kitchen looked very dirty, I was uncertain about eating pizza that had been sitting out like this. Nonetheless, we all took several plastic bags and began storing the pizza, in pieces, to put it away in the refrigerator. We reasoned that we needed to save all the pizza "since he didn't have enough money to afford it."

Later I remember being alone in his fictional living room at night. I think we all had stayed over and I was the only one who was still awake. I began looking at several TV on DVD sets he owned. Many of them were from premium cable channel TV shows that I never get to see since I don't have premium channels, though in the dream most of them were fictional shows.

One such show was called "Bob the Android". I decided to put the first disc of this series in and check it out. The opening credits were very surreal and a bit humorous. Bob the Android was played by a tall, slender blonde guy and was very effusive-yet-awkward around people. The theme song explained how he looked like a person but was really and android from space.

I was really enjoying what I saw of this quirky show. Then Eric came in the room and I paused it and began trying to describe it to him. As we talked he began going through a large stack of magazines. He said he was going to throw most of them away. I said I "remembered" having seen something I liked (whatever it was) in one of them, and I'd like to find it and keep it before he threw that particular one away.

Monday, January 11, 2010



I was at what more or less looked like my grandmother's house with some other family members. At one point my dad and I went to step outside. In the dream, much of the house was surrounded by a large, fenced-in pasture. As I was coming out onto the front porch, I noticed this field was now filled with a large band of gorillas!

I love gorillas, and was fascinated to be seeing them so close and in a "natural" setting. I happened to have my camera, and began to take pictures. I noticed one silverback was right at the fence, very near where we were standing. When I photographed him, he shielded his eyes from the flash and then became very angry!

We ran back inside to avoid his potential wrath. I think after waiting for a while I sneaked back outside to observe a little more of the apparently migrating primates.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Little Dinosaurs


This whole dream felt like I was inside a movie. I was actually in the scenes, watching things, aware of the "story", but I never interacted and it seems no one ever saw me.

I first recall being in a small backyard where some members of an African American family were having an argument, while others were trying to break it up. I looked down and noticed a little yellow songbird of some sort hopping around the feet of the scuffling individuals. I was shocked that it would so calmly approach such a ruckus, and also concerned that it might be inadvertently hurt.

Next, I walked up to the backdoor of the house. There was a small handicap ramp attached to the porch, and on this tramp I saw several tiny little lizards crawling up towards the open door. Upon closer inspection, I saw that the lizards walked upright, and looked very similar to tiny T-Rex's! Not wanting them to get into the house, I formed a blockade with my hands, and when they reached it they turned and went back down the ramp.

Now entering the house through the kitchen, I looked down to see a Triceratops about the size of a domestic cat. It was eating and drinking out of stainless steel food dishes! I was quite shocked to see it, and then I heard a narrator's voice explaining how, before dinosaurs became extinct, people used to keep small ones as pets. Amidst my shock, I was also thinking of The Flintstones.

Shoe, Nazis, Shoe!


I was either staying in or visiting some house with several of my friends. Melissa was trying to wrap presents for someone. The wrapping paper mostly featured cartoons, such as Disney characters. I remember walking into a room where Eric was and seeing a bunch of Looney Tunes wrapping paper in the floor. He told me that was Melissa's as well.

Richard and Jessica were there with daughter Cailey, and she and I were playing Strawberry Shortcake. She wanted to pretend that one of the various friends of Strawberry Shortcake had been kidnapped and we had to save a whole group of my friends and I went outside as though we were covertly trying to locate her and rescue the fictional character from the enemy.

We came upon a docking station where several semi-trucks were loading and unloading cargo. The place was being guarded by....wait for it...Nazi soldiers. We were trying to figure out how to get past them when we noticed several rolling carts piled high with stylish shoes were parked nearby.

We began throwing the shoes at the Nazis. For some reason they didn't shoot us or otherwise kill or detain us--they literally were too busy just shielding themselves from the hail of shoes, as though they were really quite dangerous.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Car Damage


I was in my apartment. It was early one morning and other people, I assume some of my friends, were here with me. Someone mentioned in passing that my car had been damaged overnight. I was shocked that they informed me with such nonchalance.

Moments later we were outside in the parking lot, which was very much bigger than it actually is. My parked car had obviously been rear-ended to the extent that it completely crumbled the trunk. The person who had done this obviously had just driven off, because there was no sign of them.

The remainder of the dream was just standing around in the parking lot talking to people, trying to figure out what I was going to do. I do recall at one point looking at my car again, and the damage wasn't quite as bad as it had previously looked.