Sunday, December 28, 2008

ALF on the Barge


This is definitely one of the more bizarre dreams I've had in a while, and that's saying a lot. It started with me rehearsing for some kind of play or production in which I was playing the character of ALF (yes, the alien from the 80's TV show). I was rehearsing with the actors who played Willie and Kate Tanner on the show. I did not have the ALF puppet in my possession, nor was I in costume...presumably I'd have something of the sort in the official production.

The set we were on looked like a kitchen, with "Kate" standing by a counter and "Willie" and I at the table. I can clearly remember having a script in front of me, and I had a line that was roughly a paragraph long. Since I can't imitate the ALF voice, I was trying hard to at least capture the cadence and inflections of his speaking. For whatever reason, I kept fumbling this particular line, and the other actors were growing increasingly impatient.

Finally, we took a break. I continued to sit and try to memorize my lines. At this point, Sarah Palin (yes, the governor of Alaska and much-ballyhooed Republican VP pick in the recent 2008 election) walks in with a boy about five years of age who was supposedly her son. It's worth noting that in the dream she was ridiculously attractive, much beyond her real life appearance.

So Palin, who is apparently a friend of mine, asks me if I can take her son on ahead to so-and-so restaurant that we're going to be eating at shortly, while she talks to the other actors about something. This is the first point in my memory of the dream that I'm aware that the set we've been practicing on is built on top of a huge barge that is floating down a river (I recognized the river as an actual nearby river, the Coosa).

The boy and I got into a little novelty pedal-boat and pedaled our way from the barge up the river a short distance to where the restaurant was located (it was on land overlooking the river). It seemed more or less like a kid-friendly place, sort of a subdued Chuck E. Cheese's or something. I got a booth for us and made sure the kid was good to wait there until I came back. Then I left the restaurant and pedaled my way back to the barge/set.

Shortly after my return, the entire barge began to bring the rest of us to the restaurant. Palin and I sat on the front part of the vessel with our legs dangling over the side, watching the river before us. It was around sunset, and was very peaceful. She was talking about something that I have no memory of.

It didn't take long for us to arrive at the restaurant and regroup with the boy (I remember I could see him watching for us from one of the windows when we first got there). As soon as we got in, he began asking Palin if he could have a quarter to get something (gum, a little toy, whatever) from one of those dispenser machines. She allowed him to do it.

We sat down in the booth and at this point I realized (with perfect acceptance and no shock) that it wasn't Palin but a girl I knew for a brief while a few years ago.

Sisters and Witches


I was in some very small "mom & pop" type of store looking at Christmas decorations one night. There were a lot of Tinkerbell decorations, many of them adorning a small tree on a shelf. I eventually left that part of the store to look at other stuff, and came upon a Tinkerbell window-cling decal on one of the store windows. I took it down and for some reason was considering buying it. Other things happened in the store at this time, but I can't remember what. I do recall that most of the handful of customers seemed to be older people.

Then I remember being in a room with a few other people, and I was talking to a young girl, probably around 8 or 9 years old. In hindsight, she was a little bit like Olive from Little Miss Sunshine, even though I haven't watched that movie in a while. The girl was crying a little bit, and was clearly upset about something. I was desperately trying to lift her spirits, and part of what I said to her was something like, "I'm so lucky to have you for a sister, you know that, don't you?" I don't really have any siblings at all, so that's weird.

Somehow the girl and I were then involved in a staged contest of some sort where we had to "outsmart the wicked witch". Basically we were alone in a building that looked kind of like the store from before, but now emptied of people and mostly dark. We knew someone playing the character of a wicked witch was after us, hiding in the store also. We had to try to outsmart the witch and escape without being caught by her. If we did, we won the prize. I remember the witch springing out and confronting us at one point, and it was scary in the sense that it would catch you off guard.
For some reason the girl and I were each wearing gray sweatsuits.

The witch part of the this dream might come from the fact that I'm currently rereading Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, though I'm not yet anywhere near the part where Elphaba has become the "witch".

Snow and Fire


In real life I was spending the night at my parents' for Christmas when I had this dream. While there was no chance of anything like snow for Christmas (the weather was rather warm and pleasant, if a bit rainy). I dreamed that my mom came into my room early in the morning, around 5:00, to say that we'd gotten a light snow. She was waking me up because it would likely be mostly melted by the time I got up much later in the morning, but she thought I might want to see it or take some pictures of it.

The rest of that dream consisted of my thinking about getting out of bed to take pictures of the snow. I could see a little of it from the window near the bed. I was just too sleepy and comfortable to really get up. And I think at some point I eventually did wake up just enough to realize I was dreaming the whole thing.

Later there was a dream that had something to do with a girl and I hanging out at my apartment on night
(I don't recall who she was, not even if she was from real life or just fictional). We went outside where there was this odd little hut of some sort on the lawn. Somehow we accidentally caught its straw roof on fire and began trying to put it out with a conveniently placed hose.

Sunday, December 21, 2008



I remember that someone gave me a cat. While I do love both cats and dogs, I don't currently want an indoor pet in my apartment, so in the dream I felt a little anxious about receiving it. It seems like the whole scene in which I got the cat took place in the living room of the house I lived in as a teenager.

The cat was very beautiful. It had long fur of hues only slightly different than a Himalayan (which is the kind of cat we actually owned when I was a teenager...except that was a male and this was a female). The most striking thing is that its eyes were a sort of pastel purple shade. I'd never seen anything like it, but it was actually very pretty. For some reason, when I saw those eyes, I instantly named it Fiona without any thought.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

An Evening With Kate


In real life a couple of nights ago, I happened in passing to catch an interview on TV with Kate Winslet concerning her upcoming movie, Revolutionary Road. While I'm currently completely neutral on seeing that movie, this interview apparently worked its way into my dreams tonight.

I was at the theater watching the movie with none other than Kate Winslet and one other person (I can't remember who, but it was a guy). Somehow I "remembered" that I'd already tried to watch this movie once and had been interrupted. This was my second attempt. At one point during the movie, Kate yawned and then rested her head on my shoulder.

The simple head-resting became progressively more of a full-fledged snuggle-up. Would you believe I didn't protest? Things were quite nice, but eventually the scene changed so that we were no longer in the theater, but were sitting in some kind of old wooden shed out in the middle of the woods at night. We were in the same snuggled-up position, only the location had changed (the change was not jarring to me in the dream).

We continued to snuggle alone in this old shed. And I'm not just toning things down for the blog when I say that snuggling is all we were doing, and there was something so pleasant about it.

We'd left the door of the shed cracked open just a bit to allow in a little moonlight (the only light we had). Suddenly I noticed the door was crawling with bugs that looked like a cross between roaches and regular beetles, but I just identified them as roaches in the dream. There were also a lot of ants visible nearby. I told Kate I'd better spray, even though "someone was supposed to be keeping this place sprayed already."

Kate stepped outside, wrapped in a large blanket for warmth (I'm not sure what, if anything, was under it). I found a can of bug spray that was kept in the shed and began spraying the door and all the corners, etc. I was just so frustrated that this had interrupted such a nice time. I feared that I wouldn't be able to recapture the moment. I worried that we wouldn't be able to go back into the shed because of the poison. The bug spray ran out very quickly, adding to my frustrations.

Suddenly, a middle-aged man approached me. He was of slender build, had a thick mustache and wore a baseball cap almost as dirty as he was. He cautiously asked in his southern drawl if I could help him. He wondered if I kept a shovel in this shed, because he and his young son were trying to bury their dead pet parakeet. I told him I thought there was indeed a shovel in there, and he went on to ask if I could actually dig the hole for him. Apparently he had some sort of injury that kept him from being able, and his son was too little to dig efficiently.

Since it need only be a parakeet-sized hole, I agreed to do this for them. I looked over at Kate, still waiting nearby in her blanket. She gave me a "do what you have to do, it's okay" shrug, so I followed the man, just hoping the snuggling could resume when I returned!

The man showed me a nearby location where they wanted me to dig. His small boy was waiting there with the dead bird. It was in front of a conveniently placed, human-sized tombstone. I began digging, and only a short time later found my shovel striking something hard. Then, all at once, as only dream logic could provide, I unearthed an entire coffin. The man's son freaked out a little, and the man just said something like, "Oh crap, we dug too close to Uncle 's grave!"

Then the man began awkwardly trying to push the casket back into the ground, and somehow Uncle Whoever partially fell out. It was a very disturbing scene, so I just left as quickly as I could.

Making my way back through the woods to hopefully find Kate still waiting is the last thing I can remember (because, you know, naturally that would still be a concern immediately after accidentally unearthing a corpse).

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Tribute Book


In real life the last thing I saw before bed was the headline that 50's pin-up model Bettie Page had died at 85. I thought in the back of my mind that maybe I'd do a Bettie Page drawing as a tribute. This plays into the following dream quite blatantly.

The first part of the dream had something to do with driving down a long, winding road with lots of trees on either side. It was a beautiful, sunny day. I was supposedly either going to or from an errand for my job, and this scene was based vaguely on real life activities in recent days (with the notable exception of the sunny day).

Then the dream changed to where Eric was with me in the car and we pulled into this little log cabin convenience store. Inside Eric suddenly remembered to congratulate me for "getting into that book". I didn't know what he meant, so he went on to explain that a Bettie Page tribute book had just come out with several illustrations by various artists. Apparently my illustration was selected to be one of the many.

I remembered in the dream that I had planned to do a Bettie drawing when I found out she had died, but I rightly had no memory of having actually drawn it yet, let alone of somehow getting into a book. It was rather confusing.

Eric bought something at this store and he handed me his receipt, asking me to read what it said. Instead of an actual list of his purchases, the slip of paper simply read that Goldfrapp would be in concert locally on February 24 (which happens to be my birthday). He said we should definitely plan on that, and I woke up.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fallen Tree


I was in my car with some friend, I don't really remember which one. We were stuck at the back of a long line of cars at a red light. To the left of us there was a steep dirt embankment with a few trees on the level ground above it.

The wind was blowing fiercely as a storm was coming in. Suddenly there was a loud crack as one of the trees was blown down. It was completely uprooted, landing on its side before rolling down the slope to toward the vehicles waiting below. It came to rest just at the edge of the embankment. We all held our breath as it wavered on it's perilous perch.

Suddenly some soil gave way the the entire tree dropped off the embankment onto one of the cars at the front of the line. It was pretty terrifying, because it looked like the people in that care must be doomed. Several people, including my friend and I, rushed out of our cars to see what kind of help people might need.

Three or four latter-middle-aged-to-elderly ladies we crawling out of the car, frazzled but seemingly unharmed. They were complaining in shock about what had just happened, especially the fact that the loss of the car meant the loss of their shelter from the impending rain. I remember vividly the image of one of the ladies who wore a pink shawl tied around her head to protect against the elements, and it was flapping madly in the wind.

I was relieved but a bit perplexed that no one seemed hurt when the car was mostly flattened vertically down the center.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Crystal, Comics and Classes


The second remembered dream from this night: I was in some kind of dimly-lit comic store with Richard. There were several people sitting at a table signing things/doing sketches. Richard told me who each artist was, but I didn't recognize any of them. Still, we were standing in the line.

There was one girl in the group and Richard explained that she was played the part of "Lightning Girl" (or some similar name) in the upcoming
Watchmen movie (obviously there is really no such character). When I got up to the actress, I realized I had nothing for her to sign. There was a conveniently placed pack of printer paper beside the table, so I grabbed a sheet and handed it to her.

Instead of signing it, she drew a sketch of the "Lightning Girl (or whatever)" character and handed it back to me. Her signature on the sketch was Crystal Bernard, the actress from the 90's sitcom,
Wings!!! I never watched that show, and who has even heard from this actress in years since then?! I don't have the faintest clue how she infiltrated my dream like this. Just plain weird.

After leaving the store, we went to a some guy's house, only now I was with Eric instead of Richard. The guy was giving us a tour of the place. Supposedly his toddler-aged son had died a year or so previously, and it seemed his slightly older son was responsible for having deliberately done it and was now in juvie. The man was sorrowfully recounting his tale to me, and as he spoke I could see re-enactments of how it happened, as though I were watching a TV. It was fairly depressing.

The man took us into a downstairs room, sort of a furnished basement, and began to show us some old memorabilia he said he'd inherited from his father. He handed us each an old record album from his collection and said we could have them as gifts.

My record album featured the "The Age of Aquarius" by the 5th Dimension! How random! Suddenly I noticed I wasn't holding a regular album sleeve, but a box of the same dimensions (except deeper). I opened the box to find several old comic books inside.

Most of the old comics featured Disney characters, and looked like they dated back to maybe the 50's or so. Toward the bottom of the stack there was a series of more generic-looking comics from the same era that heavily featured pin-up style good-girl art. I can't remember the titles or covers of most of them, but one of them featured a character called "Lambykins", and she was a "sexy" anthropomorphic sheep character. I found this fairly bizarre and somewhat perverse to have come out of the 50's. Another book had a title that referred somehow to "Fairy Tale Girls", and it had a bunch of saucy-looking renditions of female fairy tale characters in battle with each other. Most of them, I think, were Disney versions, and definitely included Alice from A
lice in Wonderland, but some might have been generic, non-Disney designs.

When the man saw all of these comics, he suddenly reminded us that he was only showing these items to us, and had not, after all, given them to us (even though he definitely had originally given them).

When we came upstairs from the basement (empty handed), we were in school. The bell was ringing and the halls were busy with students scurrying to get to their classes. I panicked because I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to be in class all this time. I instantly knew it was time for math class and that I had already missed the two classes before it.

But where was my backpack with my things in it?! Had I left it down in the basement? Had I left it at the store where Crystal Bernard was? As I was running about in my frenzy, I happened to see I had left my backpack and my coat lying on a table that was just sitting in the hall where I was. That was convenient.

But now I realized I didn't remember where my math class was located! And the halls were now silent as everyone was already in class. My panic increased as I began running around frantically trying to locate my class.

And the phone woke me up.

Terminator in a Terminal


The first of two remembered dream from this night: I was watching the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show, but it was like I was both watching and participating at the same time. A bad Terminator showed up on a motorbike trying to trick John Connor into riding somewhere with him. Somehow I was thinking as though I was a good Terminator and needed to stop the bad one.

Before it went any further, I was walking into a futuristic-looking terminal of some sort, and there was a bank of computers hooked up to iTunes. Cameron, the good Terminator from that series was using one of the computers downloading music into herself. In real life this weekend I purchased an album on iTunes and had problems receiving the files. So in the dream I went up to one of the iTunes computers and tried to see if I could successfully download my files yet. The only music I could find on the dream computer was Terminator theme music. It was an annoying and fruitless search.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Night In the Tree


I was leaving a strange house late at night. It was in a secluded location surrounded by woods. I drove my car down a road in said woods, but the road was very narrow and almost entirely covered in dry, fallen leaves, so that it was hard to see or to follow.

Suddenly I realized a police car was behind me with his lights on. I couldn't imagine how one could get a ticket driving alone on a trail in the middle of the woods at night. As it turns out, when I pulled over, the cop just kept right on going.

The next thing I remember, I was up in the top of one of the trees. There was a makeshift treehouse of sorts in the branches. It looked like it had been modified from an old golf cart (which is weird because I don't play golf or ever ride in gold carts, so I have no idea where this came from). It had obviously been up there for a long time.

I tried to sleep in one of the seats of this "treehouse". It was very cold out, so I was bundled in blankets, and I remember tossing and turning, pulling them around me as I tried to get warm. (I think I was actually barely waking up at this point, actually turning trying to get comfortable and warm in my real bed). Every time I turned in my perch, it would shake and waver precariously in the branches.

There was a noise from below, and I looked down over the edge with a conveniently placed flashlight. I located a little gray tabby cat that appeared to be lying dead nearby. I was afraid either I or the cop might have run over it earlier, but then it suddenly turned over and I realized it was only asleep.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Do Not Cross


I know there was a lot going on in this dream, but it's one of those where I can only really remember one thing. I heard a medical report on the news that crossing your legs could be damaging. Either way you crossed them was potentially bad--guy-style or girl-style--it didn't matter.

The reasoning was something to the effect that it pinched veins in your legs and restricted blood flow, and over time this could lead to permanent damage. I wondered if I needed to be concerned, because I'm sure I cross my legs regularly while sitting.

There was also something about watching an episode of
ALF , because I've really been watching that childhood favorite on DVD off-and-on here lately. The part I remember in my dream featured ALF getting into the Tanner's dryer to hide.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sack Full of MST3K


I was at a movie with a girl I knew some time ago. I left the theater at one point, exiting into a store that basically looked like a Wal-Mart. I wandered around and found a rack filled with Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVDs.

Each disc contained a single episode, and I was shocked to find that they were all ones that have not previously been released on DVD (and mostly from the Michael J. Nelson era, which tends to be my favorite). Icing on the cake was that they were all on sale for $5 each!

I began stocking up on every different episode I could find. Eventually I remembered the girl was still in the theater, so I went back in with my sack full of MST3K. A few people now remained in the theater, but no movie was on the screen.

I sat down alone and some random, fictional girl came up to me and began telling me about some art she'd just posted to her deviantART gallery. As she spoke, I was somehow seeing it on a computer screen. It featured Ariel the Little Mermaid being chased by some purple merfolk that looked really evil. The girl explained it to me, and it was supposed to be some hilarious spoof, but I don't remember what the joke was (because in reality I'm sure it makes no sense).

Beware of T-Rex


The only thing I can remember is being in one of the "Rave" theaters in Birmingham with several friends. This particular theater actually has a separate room that is obviously for children--perhaps for birthday parties and the like--though I've never seen it in use. In the dream, this room looked more like a bedroom.

The room was locked and guarded by what looked like military officials. They wouldn't let anyone in because there was a Tyrannosaurus Rex hiding in the room. Looking through the windows, the room appeared empty except for a bed and other furniture.

Occasionally the officials would send people in to try to tackle the dinosaur and it would just "appear" out of hiding from under some piece of furniture that could never conceivably conceal such a huge creature. Inevitably the poor souls who confronted the beast met their doom, and then T-Rex would go back into hiding, awaiting the next victims.

I never participated directly in the events, but was part of a gathering crowd who were watching in mixed terror and amazement.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008



What a frustrating night of dreaming! It all began when I decided I wanted to go walk at the park. In my mind it was the park I really go to sometimes, but in the dream it was in a different location, though still about the same amount of drive to get there (20-25 minutes).

I thought I "remembered" an ex-girlfriend once showing me a "long" way to get to the park, driving off the main road through little neighborhoods,etc. For some reason I wanted to try this way again to see if I could remember it. I eventually got lost meandering through streets of some fairly ghetto-ish neighborhoods.

Even though I don't remember anything happening to my car, I suddenly remember hitching a ride with some middle aged lady in her 1970's model car (I rode in the back). We eventually passed an old house and I "remembered" that the people in there had once given me directions to the park, so I told her to let me off there. She nearly crashed her car into the car parked in the driveway when she turned off the main road. I got out, a little relieved to be away from her.

Inside there house there was an another middle aged woman,this one somewhat overweight. In appearance she was like a combination of my great grandmother and my high school art teacher (both deceased). In personality...well, she just sat in a chair and was very loud and very southern. There was at least one other person in the house, I think maybe her daughter, but I'm not really sure. She told me how to get to the park from her house, and indeed it was just a few blocks more.

Exiting her house, it was my own car parked in the driveway as though I had not hitchhiked here (this was of no notice in the dream). I decided to leave my car here and just walk the extra few blocks to the park. After I had walked for what seemed like a few minutes, I realized it was father than I thought. And by now it was already starting to get dark out. Given that this was, from the looks of it, quite a bad part of town, I thought I probably didn't want to walk all the way back to my car in the dark when I was through at the park.

I began walking back to where I had left my car, so I could just drive it back to the park. But I got lost again while I walked. I ended up at a university campus, which I think was supposed to be Jacksonville State University, which is actually near here, but everything about the appearance and location was different.

I entered one of the buildings and was wandering the halls. I quickly got lost in them (noticing a pattern here?). There were people all around, some staff but mostly students. It seems most of the students I saw milling the halls were girls, though it had to be co-ed because I do remember a few guys.

I met one mousy blonde girl who told me she knew how to get to the park, but she acted so secretive about it! She'd have been reasonably attractive, except she just seemed incredibly paranoid and generally off her nut. I followed her outside into this small area of overgrown lawn contained by a rusty chain link fence. The enclosed space felt claustrophobic with ugly shrubbery amid the partially naked trees of late fall, and the ground was thick and slippery with layers of crunchy brown leaves. The entire area was not very well lit.

The crazy girl now produced a wire cutter and began furtively cutting a hole in the chain link fence. As she worked she was explaining to me (in a whisper) how I could escape through the hole, and then go a certain direction and end up at the park before long. I felt really uncomfortable watching her destroy the fence, and her paranoia was beginning to be contagious. When she wasn't paying attention I walked away from her and easily climbed over another part of the fence, which was barely more than waist high.

A little more walking and I eventually came to what I thought was the park. But it wasn't the park at all. It was like a jogging track surrounded by bleachers and a couple of concession stands. Since it was now dark, everything was lit by huge floodlights. I felt only disappointment that I'd gone through all this just to find the wrong place, but I walked a lap or two anyway. Country music was playing over speakers in the background.

It didn't take me long to leave this place. Now I had to try to find my car again, but it was really late, and I was still in the shady neighborhoods. I kept wandering, so very lost, and was getting a little scared.

This is when I woke and felt absolutely exhausted with frustration from all the constant searching/getting lost. Not a refreshing night's sleep, but, it would seem, almost certainly riddled with psychological allegory.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Work Calendar


I was leaving work and they asked me to stop by a store to pick up something before I went home (I can't recall what it was). So I remember walking through the big store searching for whatever equipment. At one point I saw one of my bosses also shopping, and wondered why they'd sent me if they were going to the store as well?

Then I returned to work, only it looked like someone's house. The kitchen area alone looked vaguely like my own kitchen, and that's where I was talking to some coworkers. In real life, one of our employees has just had major surgery, and he was already back. We were all surprised. My calendar was on the wall, and he'd written all over it the days he could work and how much he could work on those days according to his doctor.

Then I remember driving through a neighborhood, and I came to a certain house. I met up with C. and M. and I feel certain there were more details about whatever we were going to do, but my memory grows fuzzy at this point, as well as the alarm came soon.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Two Johns & A Horror Movie Spoof *PLUS* Romantic Baseball & Mustard


I was going out to a concert with a large group of people, some of whom I knew and some of whom were new acquaintances that had joined our group just for this event. (I think it was something like the movie group I attend in real life, except this time more of them seemed to be younger people, like teens and very early twenties.)

I was there because my favorite band, They Might Be Giants, were one of the acts playing. I remember we entered into a large "lobby" of sorts in the building where the show was to be held. Then officials began having us break up into smaller groups, and each group was sent into one of many different rooms down a series of corridors. I didn't know which group I should pair up with. I'm not sure how I eventually decided, because my memory grows pretty dim around this point.

My next real memory is we were all re-grouping in the corridor, planning to begin filming a mock horror movie! Sort of a goofy spoof of teen slasher flicks. I was among a handful who were designated to play the killers, and we were chasing down and mock-killing the others in comical, over-the-top ways. I specifically remember one of the female "killers" and I chased down two of the "victim" girls and she held one while I faked killing the other.

Then John Flansburgh and John Linnell of They Might Be Giants came out into the hallway and asked if the group wanted to go join them for some food. We all put the movie on hold, got up and joined them.

We were all seated at a long table in some restaurant. I remember Flansburgh telling some kind of story. There was a small kid there who kept interacting with me, and he was really funny. This is about the last memory I have of this dream.


I was out of town, visiting some city. Even though I'm not really a sports fan, I attended a baseball game. I remember arriving early to the stadium, which was really impossibly small, and selecting a seat (there were still many available). It was a beautiful, clear day.

An attractive young black girl came and sat beside me, and we talked for a long time, and ended up getting along very well. I don't remember seeing any of the actual baseball game, but it must have taken place, because...

Later, when it was dark and the game was apparently over, she and I took a walk across the empty baseball field. It was starting to feel a bit romantic.

Suddenly, whether the dream suddenly shifted or perhaps I'm remembering a separate dream, I was in someone's home. We were eating at a dinner table and I excused myself to the kitchen to go find some ketchup and mustard. I easily located the ketchup in the refrigerator, but I was having some difficulty tracking down the mustard.

Finally I found it--in the freezer of all places! It's odd how clearly I can see the label in my mind. The brand name was something like "Suzy B." or "Sally B.", and was written in a bright blue font. there was a cartoon bee lazily fishing off the side of a creek. I had a "memory" of using this brand once at a picnic.

Then, while still in the kitchen, I found a computer open to someone's blog, and began exploring the many links within it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Fate of the Teenage Vampire Superheroine


There was a new TV show I liked...something about a girl who was a teenage vampire (and a very attractive one), but also a superhero...and there were other superheroes in the show who weren't necessarily vampires. Critics were supposedly comparing the show to "...Heroes, except it's actually good."

Since the show was so good, and a critical success, of course it was promptly canceled. In the dream I was actually aware of a specific storyline (can't recall it now), and I was afraid I'd never learn the ending. I wondered if it would ever at least be released on DVD. And I was irritated that Heroes still lived on.

I remember sitting outdoors on a clear night discussing this with someone else who liked the show.

Also, there was something about watching the WALL-E DVD, probably because I was watching some of the special features on it right before bed.

I have weird, and sometimes infinitely pointless, dreams.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Dodging the Planes


This dream is so largely influenced by entertainment/the media that it's almost embarrassing.

I first remember watching some fictional scene from the U.S. version of The Office on TV. The only part I remember is Pam was sitting in a chair alone in the middle of a desert. She was giving some sad-sack monologue having something to do with her engagement to Jim.

Then I remember someone came in the room and handed me a newspaper. There were two large, color pictures on the front page, each relating to a different headline. One picture was a still from the movie WALL-E, accompanying a story about the movie's release on DVD this Tuesday (which is a true to life fact).

The other picture was of two huge, colorful, Muppet-style monsters. The article was about some play they were featured in (sort of an Avenue Q type thing).

I got up to go use the bathroom and on my way noticed a picture hanging on my wall that I had supposedly only recently hung there (I don't know if I hung it in a forgotten, earlier portion of the dream of my subconscious just created this memory on the spot). The picture was a print of what looked like some classic painting from the renaissance.

While examining the art, I also remembered that on the back of it was an original sketch of some cartoon pin-up girl, supposedly by one of the old pin-up artists of days gone by. I wondered why I had decided to hang the print and not the original sketch. Then I realized I couldn't remember the artist's name, so I googled it and found a blog that was full of his sketches, including the one on the reverse of my framed print. All of this was fictional and not based on any real artwork.

Then I was at what looked to be some sort of outdoor concert or festival. It was after dark, and I, along with many others, was seated on the stage (we were not part of the entertainment--they just had seats on the stage as well as on the ground for some reason).

Will Ferrell was the emcee of this event, and I recall him rambling stuff at a microphone nearby. As he rambled, I noticed a little replica of a castle tower, roughly as tall as I was. There were several "windows" up and down the tower, and each one was stuffed with small teddy bears. You could press buttons on each teddy bear and, as you heard gears turning and switching inside, they would stretch and distort into whatever shape and size you wanted them to be in.

I "customized" two or three of the bears, and the last one I made as short and squat as could. Will Ferrell, still announcing at the microphone, noticed the squat bear, picked it up, and then began making midget bear jokes. Someone suggested he sing that midget song from Walk Hard, a movie he was not in.

Then Will joined those of us who were seated and we were all looking out into the sky when two or three passenger jets began flying extremely near the ground. It was so loud one could hardly hear anything else, and it was quite scary as well! Two of them nearly crashed head-on, pulling up just in the nick of time. One of the wings came so close to our stage it nearly hit it, and I jumped back. Will Ferrell laughed at me for jumping back and said something like, "Yeah, if the plane had crashed into the stage, we'd all be dead, but you'd still be alive because you scooted back a few inches!"

A Recognizable Tune?


Eric and I were entering what looked like a high school cafeteria. I remember sitting a the long table eating bland food from a tray. As we ate, we were treated to live entertainment from a classical pianist.

As the man played his classical arrangements, Eric turned to me at one point and said, "I remember this song. They used it in Ratatouille." (Referring to the movie, not the dish, of course...ha ha). In real life nothing like what I was hearing in the dream could be found on the Ratatouille soundtrack, but in the dream I did recognize it. I could hear the music very specifcially, but it's no tune I'm really aware of.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Forgetful Shopping


I made a trip to Wal-Mart to because there was some necessary item I needed right away. There were a couple of other things I meant to pick up while I was there. (I can't remember what any of these items were anymore).

I have memories of walking through the store, seeing different things on the shelves..visually it was very vivid and realistic, but I can't recall many of the details specifically. I know there were some odd toys on one aisle that I stopped to look at (superhero action figures of some kind if I'm not mistaken). There was a grocery section with food...I know I remember cereal boxes. I remember a sale rack of Halloween costumes, and a cute girl dressed like a Halloween witch happened to walk by while I was looking at them. Some other costumed people soon followed her. I wondered if there was some kind of convention, and sort of wanted to go after them...

I did follow them to a certain section of the store, but I no longer remember seeing them after this point. I do remember this section of the store had a lot of Disney-related products. I especially saw a lot of Winnie the Pooh stuff.

Eventually I got home, and it was very early in the morning. I realized that while at the store I had picked up all the items that I was going to grab "just since I was there anyway", but had forgotten to pick up the one item for which I'd gone to the trouble of going in the first place. This, of course, was irritating.

I went into the bathroom and saw in the mirror that something was wrong with my shirt, which was my Muppets "Save the Animal" T-shirt. (Since this is an actual T-shirt I own, and I just happened to be wearing it in the dream, we'll not officially count this one as one of my strangely recurring dreams about random T-shirts).

The shirt seemed to be "rotting" away in some places, but instead of just leaving a hole, the worn away places revealed a silvery-gray surface that looked like the smooth side of duct tape. It was as though the whole shirt was made of this, and the tearing of the fabric just left if visible. I was very confused.

Finally, I have a memory of sitting in a room talking to two guys, both of them fictional. One of them, an overweight fellow, was really troubled about something and he wanted to talk to the two of us about it. The other guy, however, began berating this guy and telling him he didn't want to hear it, so the overweight dude left the room. I felt sorry for him, and was quite angered by the other guy's inexplicable rudeness.

Work Assignments With a Cocker Spaniel


Very few really clear memories in this one. There's a hodge-podge of scenes in which one of my bosses called me from work telling me of some redundant last minute work that had to be re-done and ready first thing in the morning. I knew that basically would require going in to work in the middle of the night to have it done (this manner of business is not the norm, so it was particularly irksome in the dream).

My next memory is being at work very early, sometimes shortly after sunrise. It looked recognizably like my place of employment, but at the same time looked a little bit like a home. My own living room couch was in one room, and the 15 year-old family dog, Einstein, who actually lives with my parents and not me, was there.

I was sitting on the couch petting Einstein in my lap (he's not a house dog, yet this was not abnormal in the dream). Suddenly I remembered that last-minute assignment which should have been ready by now and instead had been ignored entirely. I got off the couch and went into another room to panic over it.

Normally it would be expected for Einstein to follow me wherever I went, and so I very soon took notice that he was not at my feet. I looked back and saw he remained just lying on the couch.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Snake Bite


I was in a church service in a completely fictional location, with completely fictional people. Suddenly I noticed a snake crawl up onto the steps near the pulpit. It wasn't one of those wacky "snake handling" churches you hear of; I clearly knew the snake was not supposed to be there. However, it seemed no one else on the platform or in the congregation noticed it or payed any attention to it.

Somehow I decided it fell to me to go and stop the snake before it got anyway, and for some reason I wasn't even scared of it (beyond just a little adrenaline at the anticipation of picking it up before it could strike or crawl away). I just walked up to the steps and quickly grabbed the snake--a rattlesnake--into my hands. It quickly maneuvered it's head and bit into the side of my right hand. I could very realistically feel--can still feel--the pressure of it's jaws and it's teeth sinking into my flesh.

I shook my hand, trying to get the snake free, and finally succeeded in flinging it off, and it went crawling away. My parents were somewhere around and I went and asked them if I should go to the hospital (um...duh). But my mom suggested I just wash the wound out so it wouldn't get infected, and then wait and see if I felt sick before going to the hospital about it.

So I went and washed the wound thoroughly (it didn't even hurt much anymore). Then I remember I saw my friend Eric and we went outside. The next thing I know where were walking down a dirt road in the woods--it very much looked like a dirt road through the woods that existed in an undeveloped part of a neighborhood I lived in during my teen years. Occasionally I would remember that a snake had bitten me earlier, and think, "Well, I'm not sick or dead yet, so maybe I'm going to be OK."

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Joker's On Me


First I remember I was hiking through a beautiful, lush countryside with a couple of friends (upon waking I can't recall clearly who they were). We were enjoying the hike, but were hungry, and had begun discussing what we'd like to eat when we were through. Someone said something about hot dogs, and though I fairly seldom eat them, that sounded really good at this particular time.

We came upon a large body of water, presumably a lake. There was a small wooden boat tied to the shore with a single oar lying in it. Now there was inexplicably only one friend with me and the two of us somehow knew we had to go across the water to get to where the food would be available on the other side.

Neither of us were very experienced boaters, so we were a bit awkward and nervous with the ordeal. But we finally managed to set sail in the rickety vessel, and our awkward paddling is the last thing I remember at this point.

My next clear memory (I don't know if it came later in this dream or was a separate feature) involves me being in a toy store. I found a fluffy, gray kitten playing on the floor at the base of one of the shelves. I began playing with the kitten, and, as it seems to go with small animals, it quickly won my heart.

Things changed with no notice whatsoever, and now the kitten was a little girl, only a toddler, who was following me around the store. It's as if I'd found her with no parents or guardians (similar to how I really had found the kitten all alone just before). I was now wandering through the toy store with her, trying to help her locate her family. She was very calm about the whole thing, and was really quite giddy and playful.

My search for her family led me through a door in the store which entered into a huge area that was basically a home repair store like a Home Depot or a Lowe's. I had left the girl behind in the toy store, but continued to search for her parents in the new store.

I noticed right away that it seemed to be vacant. I couldn't see or hear any customers, but the place definitely looked to be open for business. Then I heard some shuffling noises and I turned the corner down one aisle to see the Joker--the Heath Ledger Joker from The Dark Knight--pushing a shopping cart down one of the aisles.

His cart was partially filled with a variety of implements, none of which are clear to my memory. He was muttering to himself as he shuffled along. He saw me when I saw him, but did nothing to acknowledge it. I ducked back around the corner, beginning to feel a panic rising in me.

As quickly and quietly as possible I backtracked my way down the aisles, determined to get out of this store and back to the toy store before I had any other interaction with the Joker. Hopefully when I was back with a crowd of people we could call for help.

When I rounded a corner coming on to another aisle, the Joker was waiting, just standing there facing me, his hands casually behind his back and his shopping cart a few feet behind him. He began to speak, but I woke up.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Largely Inspired By Peanuts


Last night in real life I attended the Halloween party of the movie group some friends and I are members of. In my dream, most of the group were together again, still in costumes, only instead of the party we were at some sort of movie festival.

As were were preparing to enter one of the venues to see a movie, I saw a T-shirt stand and stopped to look them over. Some of the designs were very straightforward, bearing the logo of whatever festival this was. Others were really weird and unusual designs. One of the designs incorporated the Peanuts characters, and I, naturally, was drawn to it.

As I was looking at this, the dream sort of changed to where I was looking at the comics section in a newspaper. While I can no longer remember the specifics in the waking world, I was actually reading and comprehending several of the strips in the dream (real strips, in the order they appear in the local paper...Beetle Bailey,
Blondie etc.) My parents were in the same room, occasionally speaking to me as I tried to read.

Then I noticed a flyer insert in the paper. It was printed on red paper, and when I examined it I realized it was a portion of a novel as supposedly written by Snoopy. Anyone who's familiar at all with Peanuts will know Snoopy regularly tried to be a writer, usually beginning with the line, "It was a dark and stormy night...", and never getting much further. Well, the thing I was reading was supposed to show what would have happened if he'd ever finished a story. Reading it is the last thing I remember.

Kneeling Girl *PLUS* Feathered Rogers


First I remember being in a friend or acquaintance's apartment, but it was an entirely fictional location. They were giving me a tour of the place, and we eventually came to their balcony patio. They opened the curtains and the sliding glass door to give me a view, and I was shocked that there was a girl already out there.

The girl, a fictional character, bore a vague resemblance to Bettie Page (but definitely wasn't supposed to be her) and was wearing only a dark blue bikini. She was kneeling silently on the balcony, staring pensively into the distance. She paid us no attention when we stepped out, and my host ignored her as well. I, on the other hand, couldn't take my eyes off her. But I didn't know how to handle the situation--it felt like I shouldn't be the only one to say something about it, so I tried me best to kind of ignore the situation like everyone else was doing.

Eventually we came back into the apartment and moved on, but the girl stayed on the balcony. I found myself sneaking a peek out the window periodically to see if she was still out there. She always remained in the same spot, in the same kneeling position. I was a bit perplexed.


I was in a mall, just walking around with seemingly no real purpose for being there. Suddenly I noticed a man wearing a jacket covered with yellow feathers. The yellow feathers looked exactly like those of Big Bird from Sesame Street. But apart from the feathery jacket, he was in normal attire. When the man came close enough, I realized it was Mister Rogers!

"Isn't he dead?" I kept asking myself. But it had to be him! I kept following close behind him wherever he walked. I noticed other passers by were also taking notice of the strange fellow in the feather-coat--some just because of the outfit, but others recognized him as I did.

He seemed to be in his own little world, completely unaware of any of us. He just meandered along silently. I never caught up to him or spoke to him, nor did I see him ever interact with anyone else.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Big Motel Musical *PLUS* Surly Kids Musical


Several of my friends, including Eric, C., M., and possibly one other and I were staying at a motel. It was a rather old facility, but also quite large, standing several stories high. Our room (or rooms, if that was the case) were located on one of the top floors. One could step out of the room on the concrete, open-air walkways, lean over the rail, and look down amongst all the other levels. At the very bottom level, you could see the old swimming pool in the center.

At one point I remember sitting in the motel room by myself in the afternoon. I had the curtains drawn shut and was sitting in the chair at the little table by the window and air conditioner unit. I heard some of my friends talking outside and peeked through the curtains. They were talking about going somewhere, and I was debating whether or not I should go out there and try to join them.

Then I remember being in the parking lot, but not with my friends, so they must have gone without me. But that's when Michael Scott from The Office approached me. He was giddy with some sort of mischief, and wanted my help.

I reluctantly followed him into the motel room, where he explained to me through restrained laughter that he was supposed to have a date this evening, but he couldn't stand the girl, and he had just figured out a way to get out of it. He was going to call her and tell her he couldn't go on a date because he was at a concert and couldn't leave. He was going to play a CD loudly in the background while he talked, and my job was to make noise as though I was the crowd. This way, he apparently thought, his story would seem more convincing.

I really wanted no part of this stupidity, and yet when he placed the call I made a few half-hearted crowd sounds. He was having so much trouble not giggling at his "cleverness" as he canceled the date over the phone.

Then I remember being back with my real life friends again. We were walking through some public square, having a conversation. Suddenly, it's as if we inadvertently stumbled into some police sting operation. Several officers rushed out and told us to "Move, move, move!!!!" because things were about to go down. They were surrounding a parked car, and ushered us away from it.

We watched from our safe position as a man in jeans and a pink T-shirt exited a nearby building and approached the car. I assumed that must be the suspect in the sting, but then my memory of the dream changes again before anything happens.

My friends and I were walking around the city streets again, talking about the police sting as though it were the distant past. Someone said something that reminded me of a song from the Avenue Q musical, and I started singing it...and suddenly I was joined by random passers-by, until everyone the city block wide were happily singing the song. Just like some corny musical movie!

This, naturally, is when I woke up.


I was having to film an interview with a former football player for work (an entirely fictional situation). The interview was filmed at his home, and after the interview he told me he'd take me out to get some footage of "the stadium". It turns out there was an entire football stadium built on to his house. (I'm not a sports fan. For even this little bit of sports to make it into my dream makes no sense to me.)

I was anxious to be done and get home, but the guy told me to wait while he turned on all the stadium lights. Then my bosses were there, and they ended up in conversation with the guy, and I was left waiting, growing increasingly anxious.

I eventually began wandering through the house. Then the scene changed to where it was more like I was inside a public venue of some sort. I found a stairwell, the door to which had a sign that explained that practice for "the children's play" was being held upstairs. I went up the stairs.

There, as promised, was a room where several children were in practice for a musical play. I sat and observed them for a while as the adult director instructed them in their parts. I was surprised and even a little disturbed that many of the kids were rather surly and uncooperative...almost malicious.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Journey of Dichotomy


These dreams were had during a camping trip with friends (as I'd intermittently wake up, freezing cold, and then drift back to sleep). Most all of the dreams I recall had something to do with the actual group I was camping with and I doing things together, and this held true for this, the final dream.

All five us us were out walking in the middle of a cold night, only we left the woods and ended up on a busy highway. There were supposed to be three lanes of traffic all going the same direction. However, the leftmost lane was going one way, t
he rightmost the other, and the middle lane is where we were walking (there were no other apparent pedestrians). I was aware of how dangerous a position we were in to keep walking here.

I think a car in the leftmost lane had broken down and there was a lot of congestion there. Even though we were actually walking this road in a perfectly natural fashion, I frequently could see a bird's eye view of the traffic.

At one point the road turned into what looked like a subway terminal. As we made our way up a small flight of stairs within the station, I observed a crowd of people descending a flight of stairs to the opposite side. One guy, seemingly drunk, suddenly ran up, shouting for everyone to "Watch me!", and he tried to jump down the stairs. Naturally this only led to him falling down said stairs, and knocking down a few of the people who had been on them at the time of his heroic jump. It looked pretty painful, but I don't think anyone was severely hurt.

Eventually my group made its way out of the subway terminal onto a large, grassy lawn. It was now early morning. There was a military boot camp of some sort to one side. As we passed it, C. observed that it was about time for them to be doing their daily training, and shortly thereafter we saw them doing just that.

There were other people sparsely populating the huge lawn as we walked, each going about their own business. It was more or less like a park, except for being entirely devoid of trees, shrubbery, benches, or any sort of real scenery or landscaping. Suddenly we came upon two young, blonde girls, apparently twins of about 9 years of age. One was pulling the other in a red wagon. The wagon passenger was actually bound with ropes. If this distressed her, she conveyed no emotion to depict it (or to convey any feeling at all, for that matter).

The older sister just pulled the younger one around in that wagon, in a quiet and purposeful way, all up and down the lawn. It was actually a little disturbing. Then, the dream sort of changed to where it was a puppy instead of a little girl in the wagon. The other girl began to torment the puppy in some fashion, and several grown-ups in the park (including our group) went to scold her and put a stop to it.

One man had a pocket knife, and he used it to cut the ropes and free the puppy from the little girl. I felt relieved as it ran from her. The girl, however, was letting the man (and anyone nearby) know exactly how displeased she was with the situation.

Then it's like I was playing a video game on the Wii, and there were "Mii" characters of the two little girls in the wagon, and your goal was to send them around from place to place...highly odd.

NOTE: A friend later pointed out the symbolism of dichotomy that runs rampant throughout this dream...the traffic running in opposing directions on either side, the stairs going up and down in the subway terminal, the twin girls, one leading and tormenting the helpless other, etc. Interesting.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Super Gas


In real life, since hurricane Ike hit a few weeks ago, there has been a gas shortage where I live. It's very difficult to find a station with gas, and when you find one you often have to wait in line. That leads to a lot of you'll see how this reality plays into parts of the dream, especially the middle part.

It was late at night. Eric and I were in my car and I needed gas. We found a station that was selling it, but you had to pay inside. We were both walking inside, and I noticed through the window that a couple of crooks were currently robbing the place at gunpoint. Eric didn't notice this, and before I could tell him, he started to open the door and enter. I stopped him before the crooks noticed us.

We rushed back to the car, but instead of calling the cops and getting out of there, we just waited until we saw the crooks flee the store, then we went inside to pay for our gas. And everything was just fine inside the store...there were even lots of customers.

There was a very young girl there with her dad, and when he wasn't looking, she grabbed a whole stack of these promotional coupons off the counter. She tried to hand them to the clerk, demanding he redeem all the coupons, and when he explained to her, "one per customer", she pitched a colossal fit.

Finally it was my turn to pay for gas, and the clerk explained to me that he didn't have any more regular gas, but he was expecting a shipment of "Super Gas" if I was willing to wait just a few minutes for it to arrive, and willing, of course, to pay a premium for it. I was almost on empty, and everywhere else was out, so I waited on the Super Gas.

Soon an 18 wheeler arrived and four men began unloading barrels of "Super Gas" from the back. They made me help them unload! As we unloaded they were telling me how Super Gas was somehow akin to jet fuel. I thought it was rubbish that I had to help them unload the stuff, so I pretended to have to go to the bathroom and went in there and waited until enough time had passed for them to be finished.

When I came back out, all the men were having a picnic around a picnic table outside the station (it was still the middle of the night). I joined them, and among the dinner conversation I discovered that the four of them were actually a Southern Gospel quartet and only delivered Super Gas part time. They were sharing their stories of traveling the road doing shows, and I soon lost the ability to even feign interest. As soon as I finished my food, I left.

I don't remember the series of events next, but I somehow ended up driving with my mom into some neighborhood that was partially destroyed. She said hurricane Ike had done it. Then we went into a place with a lot of other people, and while I can't be certain, I think it was a church.

Seated next to my mom and I was the waitress I actually had at Olive Garden in real life earlier this night. I wanted to talk to her, but then, naturally, her boyfriend came in and the two of them were talking loudly. Then the church service, or whatever it was, began and the two of them just kept on loudly talking. My mom got really annoyed.

There was some other little tidbit of dream where I was watching the news on TV, and they showed these giant monster-men fighting downtown, and they crushed a KFC restaurant. The news said this had upset a lot of people, but that it was revealed to have been an elaborate hoax. They were normal-sized men in costumes and the KFC was made out of cardboard...and yet somehow it had fooled even people who had seen it in person.

Al and Greg


Recently in real life, my friends and I were discussing the Old Greg skit that has attained a bit of YouTube celebrity. In my dream (which I remember very little of), I found a new clip that featured "Weird Al" Yankovic interviewing Old Greg. The two of them were sitting at a picnic table in a park, and while of course it was all for laughs, it was played very straight.

I can no longer remember the specifics of the "interview", but in the dream I loved it and wanted to show friends. I was trying to pull up the link on YouTube to show them, but no matter what I searched for, I couldn't find it. At some point some clip came up with a girl dancing in black leotards, and I think Old Greg was involved in that one as well, but I was frustrated that I couldn't find the right clip.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Movie at 10:30


I was in some sort of mall among a huge crowd of people. I noticed some commotion in one area and went to investigate. It turns out there was a group of teenagers, and some girls from the group were fighting! I soon learned it wasn't a literal fight, but the girls were deliberately "wrestling" for fun. They were even often giggling while they struggled. Other girls were in a queue waiting for their turn. Entertaining though they may be, I will...erm...spare you further details.

All too soon, however, my attention was diverted when I was approached by a girl I once knew in real life. She was a terribly misguided crush from several years back. She was with some other girl who I believe she claimed was her sister. I had less than zero desire to talk to her, but felt obliged to be polite because she was being so polite.

It turns out she and her sister were on their way to get some food and then to see a movie at 10:30 (guess they like their movies late!). They invited me to go with them. I told them I had dinner plans with my friends already (which, in the dream world, was perfectly true) but maybe we'd meet them at the theater later. Then we parted ways.

Later I was having pizza with Eric and D. (haven't really seen D. in years). Eric said he'd already had pizza twice, but he didn't mind having it again. I told them about the 10:30 movie plans and they were OK with it.

Next, I was filling out some kind of papers. I don't know what they were, but they were official documents of some sort, and I was having to put my signature on most of them.

Then I was out on a lawn at night. Several other people were in the area, and I was still hanging with Eric and D. There were a couple of weird-looking toys in my hands. One of them looked like it was constructed out of various seashells glued together...straight out of a cheap souvenir shop in Florida or something. It's appalling tackiness made it somehow appealing, and I had set it in the grass to take pictures of it.

I was in the process of snapping pictures when the girl and her sister from before approached us. They canceled the movie plans and said they weren't going...they acted very apologetic, but I didn't even care, because I had never really been enthusiastic about the plans we'd made to begin with.

Then I turned my attention to another one of the strange toys in my possession. It was a very tiny baby doll, about three inches long, with a plush body and vinyl head. Someone told me it cried if you got it wet. There was a bucket of water conveniently nearby, so I stuck the doll in the water...nothing I completely submerged it, then removed it. Upon coming out of the water, you could squeeze the doll and water would spit out of it's mouth as it made an eerie crying sound. I thought it was the creepiest toy I'd seen in quite some time.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Cult on the Meadow


C. and I were going to meet the rest of our group for a movie on a Saturday afternoon. We drove out to a grassy meadow. It was a beautiful scene with the lush green grass and colorful flowers blowing in the breeze, occasionally overcast by the shadow of a huge, puffy cloud as it floated through the deep blue sky above.

The meadow turned up into a large, steep hill and there was a building at the top that looked not unlike a gothic church. This was supposedly our destination. We parked the car near the bottom and began to walk up the hill. There were several people peppered all around us, each one marching in the same upwards direction. They were all wearing their Sunday best and a blank expression.

It didn't take us long to figure out that the building at the top of the hill definitely was some kind of church, but it wasn't a traditional one. It was a bizarre cult, and all the people around us were marching in like robots. They wouldn't even respond if you spoke to them. It was kind of creepy, so C. and I immediately headed back down the hill, but this time on the other side of it.

There was a restaurant and some other businesses at the foot of the hill, and we decided to meet the rest of our group here instead. Once inside, it looked like a department store instead of a restaurant. I found myself looking at section of DVD's. Then some guy whom I supposedly recognized came up and was talking to me about them. Then the talk turned to CD's, and he asked me if I could burn a particular one for him. My last memory of the dream is attempting to burn said CD, but I was having a lot of problems with it.

Wasn't reading this dream a valuable use of your time?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

An Extremely Pointless Dream About T-Shirts


ADVANCE APOLOGIES: This dream is so pointless you'll wonder why I even wrote it down. Read the post just below this one if you want an exciting dream!

I was out with M. and C., much as was really the case the preceding night, only now I had on a Superman T-shirt. It was brown, with a rather old-school image of Superman from the waist up, arms crossed. There was some supposedly humorous phrase beneath him.

Then I remember being at home and I had more T-shirts in my possession. One was a Spider-Man was the same color of brown as the Superman shirt, but it featured the black Spider-Man (comic book version, not movie), and naturally he didn't really show up well against the brown.

Then I had a gray T-shirt with the animated versions of Doc and Marty from the Back to the Future cartoon. The art was only lineart with no color. It had the BTTF logo at the top, and at the bottom it said, "1.21 gigawatts?!" I was so excited about this particular shirt!

In the House of the Sickly Lady


I was driving in the middle of the night on a fairly desolate, winding road. I had a video camera in the car, and I was vaguely aware of being on assignment for my job to go get some footage of something.

I came up to a small, solitary church at the top of a hill. I got out of my car and looked around. I specifically remember staring at the moon, which was extremely bright in its fullness. It was a beautiful, clear night, but eerie in it's emptiness.

There was a garage on the side of the church, and it was obvious there was some life in there, so I knocked on the door. A crotchety older man in dirty mechanic's coveralls answered me. I told him I was here to get some footage. He was reluctant to give me entrance, but he let me step in the doorway and told me to wait while he "went and checked on something". He disappeared through a door in the back of the room.

Moments later, a woman emerged from the door. She looked to be about 40, and she was alarmingly frail and sickly in appearance. Her complexion was pale to the point of looking gray, her shortish hair was stringy and limp, and her eyes had dark, sad bags beneath them. She wore an old tank top and flannel sleep pants. There was a trace about her of someone who was once pretty, before whatever happened to bring her to her current state.

The woman led me into her home, which was located behind the mechanic's garage I had first entered through. It looked very old, with wood panel walls and shag carpets being among the decor. The place was a general mess.

The woman's demeanor was as depressing as her appearance, and she just kept telling me she was glad I had come. She didn't get visitors. Not since..."the sickness", whatever it was. Everything about the situation I now found myself in seemed wrong. I knew I needed to get out of there at once.

I began making excuses as to why I needed to leave, but the lady told me I could not, or at least not so soon. I protested as politely as I could, but she wouldn't hear it. She implored me to at least meet her dog first. She opened her back door and a large black lab bounded in. It happily jumped up on me, tail wagging and tongue licking wildly. The dog's gentle and friendly nature did much to ease my nerves, but I still didn't want to be in the place.

The lady excused herself for a moment and left me with the dog. I thought this was my chance to escape, so I made for the back door. The dog blocked my way. No matter how I tried to reach the door, the dog always positioned itself to block me...though its tell kept wagging and it seemed to still be happy. I didn't want to make for the door too forcefully for fear of arousing aggression in the animal.

Suddenly the TV set (an older model) clicked on behind me. I turned to see the woman on the screen. She began reminding me that she told me I couldn't leave. As she spoke, the dog growled lowly beside me. I can't remember all of the woman's speech, but she just kept going on an on, with increasing frustration, about all her reasons why I had to stay.

Suddenly, her eyes went totally black, and her jaws seemed to unhinge as her mouth flung open into an impossibly wide scream. The dog began viciously barking. In my state of abject horror I saw that the woman's canine teeth were long fangs. A vampire.

I immediately woke up with my heart pounding so hard I thought I could feel every vein in my body.

Later, after going back to sleep, I remember a brief dream of being in a grocery store with Richard. I saw a magazine on the rack and the vampire woman (in her normal, sickly state) was on the cover. I thought for a moment, "I thought that was just a dream..." but for some reason her appearance here didn't really alarm me.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dirty Broom


I was at work and my boss told me whenever I had a minute I needed to go to the storage area and clean one of our brooms. I thought this was a very unusual request, but I did as was asked. The broom had a red handle, and the brush part of it was completely caked up with dirt, to the point that it looked more like a stick with a dirt clod on the end of it.

I took the dirty broom outside, where there was a driveway just like you'd find at someone's home. Another employee was washing his own truck in this driveway, and we spoke as I came by with the broom. I began beating it against the pavement, shattering the dirt clod into shards. It was almost fun.

There was a brick wall beside the driveway nearly as tall as I, with a chain link fence running along the top of it. This wall/fence combo contained a grouping of metal bleachers. In the distance behind all of this, you could see a college campus.

A pretty, blonde girl dressed in a Victorian era dress was pacing back and forth between these bleachers. She was reading to herself from a piece of paper in an English accent. I was somehow instantly smitten with this image, and dropped everything to watch her intently.

Suddenly the girl was no longer Victorian, but was dressed as Alice from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. This change was not thought strange in the dream, as I simply assumed I'd seen her wrong the first time. Then, just as suddenly, the girl was now brunette and was dressed as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Only it was kind of a sexied-up Dorothy costume. No matter her appearance, the girl was always reading aloud from her paper while pacing.

By now I realized she was an actress, preparing for her role in a play the college would be putting on. I went to see the play with some friend (I can't remember who).

The opening of the play featured a little boy dressed as the White Rabbit (we're back on Alice in Wonderland stuff now). Before the boy took the stage, the director stopped and told the audience the boy had won the role because he could do "the voice" so well. The boy began talking in some weird, cartoony voice. I thought, "I can do that voice...maybe I should be doing this instead of him!"

Then the boy morphed into a cartoon character that looked somewhat like Mickey Mouse, and by this point...alarm clock.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

That Dog and Cat Cartoon *PLUS* The Holo-Fish


I was at some sort of comic convention. I remember vaguely looking around at different booths and picking up free stuff, etc. Then I remember being in some room going through a box of comic books. The room looked vaguely like my friend Richard's little girl's room.

I found some comic book about a dog and cat (I can't remember the name of it). My friend Eric was there and I asked him if he'd ever seen these characters. He said he hadn't, so I told him he was missing out and needed to see it. Even though it was a comic book I was originally holding in my hand, I now started playing a movie about the dog and cat. (Also, as soon as the movie started it's like we were screening the movie with a small crowd at the comic convention).

The opening of the movie was very arty and surreal animation featuring the dog and cat characters continually morphing in and out of form in paint on canvas or something like that. Then movie itself featured a live action cat and dog.

The cat was asleep on the bed. Then you heard the dog yelling from another room for it to wake up and help him with the chores. The cat groggily roused itself from bed and walked across the room to a large, decorative tin (the kind of gift tin you might buy caramel popcorn in around the holidays or something). The cat climbed inside and closed the lid, in order to continue sleeping undetected and avoid chores. The dog came in and couldn't find the cat until it became apparent the cat was now stuck in the tin and he had to rescue it. For some reason the fact that these were real, trained animals with voice overs made it so funny.

Then there was a second cartoon in which the dog and cat were fully animated. It looked a lot like Ren & Stimpy, but the dog's voice was unmistakably that of Strong Bad from He went on a rant about summer movies, and then held up a blue piece of paper with a list of his ideas for upcoming blockbusters on it. I remember Strong Bad's voice reading one of them and saying, "And of course we cannot forget...The Dark-Verine!" And he showed a crudely drawn Batman insignia with Wolverine's three claws extending from it. Again, I laughed so hard at this for some reason, as did everyone in the screening room. The sound of everyone's laughter was still ringing in my ears when I woke up.

I am a nerd.


I was in what looked like one of the bedrooms I had during childhood. I went into the closet (the closet in this room, while not huge, was fairly spacious) where I found whole new room with several aquariums. Most, if not all, of them were salt water tanks, and they were filled with the most beautiful fish. There was a second, smaller room attached to this larger one, and it had a couple more tanks in it.

Then I noticed what appeared to be a fish swimming around in mid air near the corner of the room. Upon closer examination, I noticed there was a little device on the ground that was projecting a lifelike hologram of a fish that only made it look as though it were swimming in the air. If I watched it long enough, I could see were the image skipped a tad when it looped. I thought this was so cool, and I wanted one of my own.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Ears Hear V's and Bees


I was in a dining area that looked a lot like the inside of a popular local seafood restaurant, except that part of it was an open-air patio. Many people were gathered there for some type of awards show.

The emcee announced the nominees in the "best actress in a (something)" category. He named four fictional women, and three of the four of them had first and last names that started with the letter V. I can't remember the actual names now, but I thought how strange it was to have so many obscure "V" names in the same category.

I wandered over to one area where I saw one of the "V" actresses in question. She was, not surprisingly, dressed in a nice formal dress (mostly white with gold trim) and was quite attractive (her legs, especially). She noticed me and spoke politely. It struck me as a bit odd that she seemed entirely detached from the whole awards ceremony, even though she might possibly be on the verge of winning one. I felt a little bit ashamed, because traditionally I had disliked this actress, but now in person she was so pretty and seemed so nice that I felt my opinion must change.

Then suddenly a bee flew into my ear. I began the delicate balancing act of freaking out while trying to appear to remain calm. Desperately trying not to upset the bee to the point that it would sting me, I ran to the open patio area in my attempts to remove it. It was tickling like crazy and I kept expecting to feel the sting. Someone else (possibly that actress) came out with me and was trying to help dislodge the unwelcome visitor. At this point I remember vaguely waking up a little and going right back to sleep. Hopefully nothing was really in my ear.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Nintendo Attraction


I was visiting a large city. It looked fairly New York-ish. There was a huge building in the city that was dedicated to Nintendo games throughout the console's history. It claimed to be something like "Nintendo City"...basically a theme park and museum within a single skyscraper. I'm an extremely passive and sporadic video game player at best, so I'm not sure what in the world inspired this theme in a dream.

A couple of friends were with me inside. One of them I think was Richard, and the other I know was fictional. We were playing a real-time video game, where we actually had to physically compete against each other to win. At one point I locked the fictional friend in a room in order to keep him scoring more points and he was shouting about that being "unfair".

Then I went into this large atrium where the scores of everyone currently participating in games were kept on large screens. I saw my opponent's score rapidly drop and mine rapidly rise--but in the end he still won by a single point.

Then I rode an escalator to a lower floor. I was observing the myriad of Nintendo-themed attractions around me...I can't really see them specifically enough in the waking world to describe them all.

Eventually I came to a gift shop, and this is where the Nintendo-themed stuff sort of faded out of the dream. I saw a shelf with high-end, collectible action figures based on the Who Framed Roger Rabbit movie. Each depicted a scene supposedly from the movie, and they were magnificently sculpted.

One figure depicted the entirely fictional scene of Roger being strapped to an electric chair. He was obviously in a panic. Droopy, wearing his trademark sad-sack expression, was standing beside the chair, ready to pull the switch. The manacles which held Roger to the chair were much wider than his arms so that he could have easily slipped out.

(Even though this scene is not a real one, I can easily picture it. Droopy pulls the switch, Roger is getting wildly electrocuted, and Droopy turns to the camera to say, in his monotone delivery, "Shocking, isn't it?")

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Woman Who Loved Mr. Martin


Someone (I think was supposed to be my dad) and I were taking a little girl to the doctor. She was probably about 8 or 9, and said she'd never been to a doctor before in her life. Nothing was wrong with her that I know of; she simply needed to go to the doctor for a checkup or something of the sort.

When we arrived at the doctor's office, I was for some reason surprised to find the doctor was an attractive young woman. She had dark blonde hair, glasses, and while she was realistically attractive and not crazy-dream-attractive, she did wear an outfit that looked more like a sexy nurse costume than a real doctor's attire.

Then the scene changed to where I was in more of a school classroom setting, and the doctor was now a teacher (wearing normal clothes). She was writing something on the board when she suddenly got off on a tangent about how The Jerk with Steve Martin was her favorite movie of all time. She then told us how she had even met and worked with Steve Martin in the past.

She took some pictures (they were actually printed as postcards) out of her desk drawer and allowed us to pass them around the room and see them. When the first one came my way, I saw that it was a picture of Steve Martin dressed in a corny 50's style cowboy suit, and he was lassoing the teacher-lady, who bore a look of innocent surprise straight out of an Elvgren pin-up.

Taking a Medieval Walk


The only thing I remember is being at some place that was a sort of Disney World-like amusement park. Somewhat unexpectedly, there was one area of the park that was a very lush, green field with sparse trees, cobblestone paths, and a stream meandering through it. It looked more like an Irish countryside than an amusement park attraction.

While I can't remember the exact "plot" of the dream, it all revolved around this green area of the park. Some kind of parade or event was to take place there that evening. Eventually I showed up for this event. There was a large crowd already amassed. It was beginning to get dark out, and the area was lit by torches and other strictly medieval means.

I began walking along the torch-lit cobblestone paths and found they were populated with all sorts of crazy, medieval characters. Lots of peasants and hags and such attempting to engage you in talk, or otherwise confronting you, along your way. I knew them to be just actors playing parts, so it wasn't all that strange, but it still gave one an odd sense of having stepped back in time into some kind of fairy tale.

There was a bridge passing over a stream and as I crossed it some trolls came out from under it to confront me. That's really about all I remember.


I remember only a very small portion of another dream. I was among a large number of people who were living in a small community inside what looked like an empty airport hangar or similar type of structure.

Each person or family lived inside a square, metal pod that looked sort of like the empty trailer of a truck. In truth, it looked kind of like the little container WALL-E lived in on earth in the movie of the same name, so that's probably where this part came from.

I befriended an Asian-American girl and I remember her coming to my little living pod with me at one point.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Potentially Sweet Art Gig


I was in a store in a mall and I ran into Goobeetsa! We were talking about our respective art, and he told me about some place you could sign up online where you could automatically have a steady paying gig just drawing cartoon art that individuals would commission from you. He said he was doing it and he knew a lot of other people that had signed on. I thought this sounded like a pretty sweet deal, and I couldn't wait to check into it for myself.

Then I remember something about being on my computer. One would assume I was looking up the previously mentioned site, but I can't really remember. There was also something about watching something that was animated, but that's another blurry memory as well.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Big and Secret House


I arrived at some old house. It was two-story and looked like an early 20th century design. In the dream I knew the place, but it's actually fictional. There were a couple of cop cars on the curb in front of the house, and they'd pulled over a couple of cars that seemed to have all teenagers in them. Even though the cops weren't there for anything to do with me, I felt like I couldn't go in this house until they were gone. Like there was something secretive about this place. So I waited.

Eventually I was inside the house. It was packed with a menagerie of colorful people, absolutely bustling with life, like a city within a home. It's like everyone of us were actually staying at this house and not simply visiting it. (I didn't think of it in the dream, but in hindsight it was kind of like in the Harry Potter books, when the Order of the Phoenix were all hiding out together at Grimmauld Place.) I went up the stairs into the room I knew I was staying in. My dad was in that room as well and when I walked in he was talking to some little boy. I did something in the room and then left again.

I sat down at the top of the stairs because for the moment it was a solitary place in the otherwise crowded abode. I could hear a lot of conversations coming up from the floor below. Then a couple of cats ran up the stairs toward me. I recognized them in the dream, but I don't think they were like any real cats I actually know. One of them warily darted past me and away down the upstairs hall. The other cautiously came up to me as I called it.

Baby Elephant Walk


I rode with my aunt, uncle and cousin to my grandmother's house, but it was like when we were kids. I remember being alone in the living room...with a young elephant. It was bigger than a mere baby--big enough to take up a significant amount of the room--but very obviously not full size.

The elephant approached me and I cautiously tried to pet it. It was very enthusiastic, like a dog, and because of it's size I had to back away from it as it tried tried to sidle up next to me. I backed up onto the couch so that I was actually perched on the back of it with my feet on the arm as the elephant came up beside me. From this angle I could easily pat the top of it's head. I vividly remember the texture of the skin and hairs. The elephant was so friendly, and kept trying to "kiss" my face with its trunk like a dog trying to lick you. I thought it was so cool to be interacting with a real elephant that it never occurred to me to wonder what an elephant was doing here--and inside the house of all places.

Then I remember I was in a room and there were a pile of women's clothes on the floor. It's as though a woman wearing the outfit in question had just suddenly disappeared and the clothes had all dropped to the floor in a heap. There was a professional-looking business skirt and blouse combo, a pair of heels, a purse, and some glasses. I was searching the items with a purpose to find something. There was literally no sexual connotation to this dream--there was some far more serious reason why I had to search these items, as though I'd find some type of information that had to be found as soon as possible, or else. I was racing against the clock.

I was watching an animated Winnie the Pooh movie. It was supposed to be the actual Disney Pooh movie from the 70's, but it was totally fictional. In the scene I remember, Christopher Robin was having to wash Pooh and Rabbit off in a tub of water because they'd gotten into something. But since they're really just stuffed animals, they began to shrink and were calling for him to help them as they did. It was really kind of disturbing!

Finally, I remember being at my apartment in my "studio" room with the art stuff and computer, etc. It was a cloudy day outside. My light bulb shot, so I had to replace it. Then I got online and was typing an e-mail to one of my friends in Yahoo mail. As I typed the e-mail, I could actually see her animated in a banner ad at the top of the screen. We were "chatting" by means of animated banner ads...odd.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Rainbow Wall Cloud


I was on some sort of large boat or ship with many people. It wasn't a cruise ship, but perhaps was some kind of riverboat or other touristy-type vessel. My first memory is of the boat docking and all of us exiting. The boat didn't quite come all the way up to the dock, so we each had to jump about a foot or so to reach it.

She ship's captain was one of the last to leave. He was a slender, middle-aged black man with a gray beard, wearing a white captain's uniform. He was on the uppermost level of the ship, and he called out for everyone to watch him, as he was going to jump down to the lower level instead of taking the stairs. He jumped, and there was a sickening crack as one of his legs very visibly snapped when he landed on the deck below. You could hear many gasps and a few screams.

Some medical personal came to take care of the man, who was OK besides his leg. My friends and I began to walk around the streets of the tiny, quaint little town the boat had landed us in.

I remember there were constantly so many beautiful and unusual cloud formations in the sky. (That is probably because this week in real life I have seen some phenomenally beautiful skies). I was cursing myself for not having my real camera, but I tried to take cell phone pictures of the prettiest formations.

Suddenly, the wind began to pick up and it was obvious a storm was rolling in. All of the people who had come in on the ship began to head back to it (as though it would be the safer place to be if a bad storm was coming...).

I looked up and suddenly noticed a huge black formation that I thought was a tornado, but then I determined it was just an ominous wall cloud. There was a rainbow stretching across the sky, and it went through the wall cloud, so that it was intermittently visible behind parts of the cloud. This was such a simultaneously eerie and beautiful sight, I just had to get a picture. I couldn't get my cell phone camera to cooperate for some reason, and by the the time it was ready to snap a shot, the rainbow had faded.

Back on the ship, I went into a cabin below deck. My cousin was there playing a video game. We both began to play it, and that's about all I remember.