Friday, July 20, 2012

The Dream Full O' Anxiety


On the vague chance that anyone has read any of these dreams at all, let alone several from the past couple of months, you've probably ascertained that I recently took a level two improvisational comedy course with a local improv troupe. Now I'm an actual member of said troupe, and such is reflected in the first element of the following dream:

Pretty much every member of the troupe was in a classroom setting. It looked a lot like my high school. The troupe leader was addressing us and getting newer group members to participate in random exercises. He was tossing out words and having people do a bit centered around that word. He never got to me in the dream, but for some reason, as I sat there awaiting my inevitable turn, I was drawing a total blank, and that scared me. I felt so much pressure!

(I've had several similar anxiety-based dreams since joining the troupe, but most went no further than just that, so they haven't been chronicled.)

From the classroom, many of us entered into a grocery store. We were milling about, having taken our own separate paths through the store, making purchases. I vaguely remember having a conversation with someone while I browsed items on a shelf.

At this point the dream sort of morphed to a situation where, still inside a store, I was browsing on my laptop. I was trying to store away some files--I think by putting them on a flash drive--and something weird happened. A window popped up asking me if I was sure I wanted to execute so-and-so command. Mistakenly thinking it was pertaining to the activity at hand, I clicked "yes".

Not long after this I realized I'd just deleted most the files from my computer! I was so distraught. The loss of all my music was one of my biggest concerns, though it was all horrible. Fretting over this was my last memory.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The House of Tomorrow!


For some reason I my parents called me and told me they'd signed us all up to spend the night in some sort of strange house. The house was meant to be a trial of sorts for a "home of the future" that would mostly be self-keeping through the magic of robots and machines. It very much had the feel of some old 40's or 50's cartoon in which similar things are imagined.

I have vague memories of being in this house with my parents overnight, checking out some of the mechanics and inventions that kept the place running, etc. The main thing I remember is that there was a girl there about my age, and I found out my parents had invited her to come. I tried to explain to them that I had already had a girlfriend, so this was going to be terribly awkward. I can only faintly recall talking with this girl some. And I remember she was a brunette.

At the end of the dream there was something about the house malfunctioning and machines going haywire. we had to try to escape. We ultimately did, though it was scary.

My final memory is that I saw my maternal grandfather, who has been dead some years now, walking around in a bedroom in my grandparents' house. He said something to me about that robotic future house, warning that things were bound to go wrong with it. I debated whether to tell him that he was right, and that my parents and I had nearly been it's victim. This is about where the dream ended.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

You Date My Seester!


First I dreamed that my bed collapsed onto the floor and woke me up. I can't remember what happened after that.

Next I remember being at home and a pretty blonde Russian girl with a thick accent asked to borrow a short, so I gave her a long-sleeved white shirt. A few moments later, my boss came into the room and took a shirt from the closet without asking. I followed him out of the room, but he wouldn't answer me.

Finally, I was in a room with the Russian girl again. She was wearing my shirt and a tiny pair of shorts. She looked so sexy. She began explaining to me in her broken English that I should date her sister. "She have three kids. Very pretty!" she kept saying. I was trying to explain to her that I already had a girlfriend (and even if I didn't, the "three kids" thing wouldn't have been helping the case she was making).

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Trail Bikes


I was walking along some trail in a woodsy area. I came to a place where people could borrow bicycles to ride the trails and decided I wanted to to that. But there was only one bike currently available. It was very old and rusty, and tied to a tree in a way that I couldn't get it free. I remember other bicyclists passing me by as I stood there. I kept hoping one of them would stop and return their bike to the queue so that I could use it, but they never did.

Another dream dealt with the stray cat I feed at work, but in the dream it was a totally different-looking cat. Unlike the real-life cat, the dream one let me pet it.

Quirky Anonymous


I was attending a sketch pitch/writing meeting with the fellow members of my improv troupe (as we just did in real life). In the dream I pitched a sketch in which Zooey Deschanel attended "Quirky Anonymous" meetings.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Parking Lot Party


One of the Pixar animators that I follow on Twitter linked to a special "Roger Rabbit" movie they were making just for fun, because they were fans of the film--it wasn't an official project. I vaguely remember watching the short film and being impressed.

Then I remember meeting my friend Eric in some parking lot where people were having a picnic or party. He explained that these were people he worked with, and it was a work-related party. It was very awkward for me to make conversation with these people. There were a lot of pigeons in the parking lot.

One of the people showed me a catalog that offered LEGO sets based on Shaun of the Dead and Back to the Future, and I thought they looked so cool.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Found the Chapstick!


I was riding around in a car with some people. One of them was Zooey Deschanel. At one point she exclaimed that she'd dropper her chapstick somewhere in the floorboard. I used the light from my cell phone to help her find it.

Thank you, subconscious, for the truly entertaining gem of a dream!