Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Harley & Ivy on Campus


I remember signing up for a class at a fictional local college. Eric was going to attend with me. We arrived on campus one day to find it unusually empty. As we traversed the sidewalk between two buildings, we came upon two girls who were fighting.

Rather than attempt to stop the fight, we just watched. And it wasn't a "sexy" girl fight, but a real, genuine, nasty fight. One girl was shorter, with auburn colored hair and the other was slightly taller with blonde hair. It occurred to me that the girls looked and acted a little like the Batman villains Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn in street clothes. This being a dream, they more or less took on those personae after this point.

Before we got to class, I remember a professor stopping us and telling us that he was a professional dog trainer who would be offering classes. I told him I didn't have a dog, but my parents' had just gotten a new puppy (which is true). When he found out their dog was a cockapoo, he explained to me that they were supposedly very smart and trainable, and recommended I attend the class for free.

I vaguely remember entering the huge classroom, which was mostly full. The seats and desks were in the elevated "stadium" style, and I had to sit in the floor near the top. Even then, people were still filing in.

My next clear memory is after the class. Eric and I were in some kind of gift shop on campus. I heard a commotion and found the "Posion Ivy" and "Harley Quinn" girl were in a new argument. Ivy was trying to apologize for the earlier fight, but Harley wouldn't have it. She pointed out that Ivy was holding a silver hammer, and she didn't trust her, though Ivy swore the hammer wasn't for her.

Harley grabbed the hammer away from Ivy and walked over to return it to some nearby shelves where many types of tools and hardware were displayed for sale. Ivy sneaked up behind her, grabbed a length of chain from the shelves, and suddenly began choking her with it!

About this time Eric walked up, trying to tell me something. I just shushed him and directed his attention to the nearby commotion.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Artistic Insecurity


This dream is the most transparent manifestation of my creative insecurities that one could ever imagine. I'm sharing it anyway.

Someone was publishing a book of cartoon pin-up art which would consist of submissions received from various cartoonists on the internet. One of the art communities I take part in heavily promoted it, so I sent in three different submissions, hoping one might make the book.

I received confirmation that indeed all three of my submissions would be used! I felt very happy. I remember going to a bookstore inside a mall to purchase my copy the day it was published. The clerk behind the counter said something snarky when I told him I had work in the book, but I can't remember what.

Then I sat down and looked through the book. I recognized many of the artists whose illustrations were featured. I found the three I had drawn, only to realize they had been re-drawn by another artist. The concept and general composition were the same as what I'd turned in, and indeed I had been credited for the ideas in their respective descriptions, but a much better artist had re-drawn it. Every single other piece of art in the book had been drawn by its original artist. How discouraging.

There was another part of this dream where I was walking a track at dawn, much as I usually do, only this track was sort of an amalgamation of all the ones I normally go to. There were one or two other people on the track as well. In real life, I only walk, but in the dream, I started jogging. I was amazed that I was holding up really well, and could keep jogging for many laps without a break.

There was a house across the street with an old man sitting on the porch. He began shouting out at the joggers and walkers, mocking us all.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Crick Circle


There was an old, dirt road out in the woods. It came out in a sort of open field where it circled into a cul-de-sac. Around this cul-de-sac were a small handful of old, colonial-style houses. The whole area felt so ancient and deserted.

Some friends and I had parked our cars outside and were exploring one of the houses. There were a lot of random items inside, as though this had once been a general store or something similar. I specifically remember there were a lot of old, creepy toys.

At one point I took out my phone and was skimming Twitter. I saw a Twitter post from twitter-comedian Kelly Oxford that simply read, "I HATE Crick Circle." I immediately recognized that "Crick Circle" was the name of the dirt road these old houses were on. She'd attached a picture to the tweet which showed the outside of the very house my friends and I were in.

This creeped me out well and proper, but for some reason I stayed in the house, now trying to take pictures of things to tweet about it. I remember on old, tin "Snoopy" toy that started to move on it's own as I tried to get a good picture of it. Scary.

In a different dream I was dating a girl. I remember bits of an awkward date in which we attended a local, live show. There were folding chairs all over the room, but for some reason the two of us kept getting up and trying to find new seats in a different area. We were never satisfied with our seats. We ended up outside, standing beside one of our cars, talking.