Friday, June 25, 2010

Strange Women and a Sunset


I was spending the night with a fictional girl in a small house in a small neighborhood. The girl took her shirt off, and I saw that her nipples were very deformed. It freaked me out a little bit.

Then another woman walked into the room and began discussing the apparently very strict rules of the house with us. It was very bizarre and I felt like maybe I didn't want to be there anymore.

I noticed a beautiful sunset through the window, so I left the room the girls were in and went outside to take pictures of it. (I know this part of the dream comes from the fact that I witnessed a gorgeous sunset yesterday and didn't have my camera on hand to photograph it).

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Little Girl With Two Board Games


I was going to meet my friends at this strange, run-down house in an old neighborhood. There was a fictional little girl, about 9 or 10 years old in the car with me. Supposedly I was watching her for the day or something.

On our way to the strange run-down house, we stopped by the store. It was the girl's birthday, and I told her she could pick out a present. She chose two board games. One of them was "Operation". Somehow I knew she already owned that game, so I urged her to pick a game she didn't have. She explained she'd lost one of the pieces to her "Operation" game, and so needed an entire new set.

When we eventually arrived at the house of our original destination, there were several black guys guarding the place with weapons. I approached them and explained we were expected there to meet friends, so they said we could go in. Before we did, I placed both of the girl's new board games in a stand-alone garage beside the house and left them there.

I have vague memories of being inside the house and talking to people, but my next and last clear memory is riding back home with the young girl. We were having some sort of odd conversation.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Halloween Mirror


I was with Eric, going through some sort of department store. All of the Halloween decorations and costumes were on display. One of the items was a trick novelty mirror.

You could set the mirror to "record" an image of your face when you looked into it. Then you could play it back, in which case the mirror would fog up, and all of these holographic, ghostly faces would appear. One of the holographic ghost faces would be your face, taken from the picture it captured when you first looked into it. I thought this was so cheesily cool!

Later, I remember Eric and Brandon and I were spending the night at my grandmother's house. We had plans to go see the midnight debut screening of Toy Story 3 (even thought the movie's really been out for a few days at this point and we've already seen it).

I remember being in the bathroom getting ready to go and I noticed it was something like 2 a.m. So we probably already missed the movie. I went out into the living room and asked Brandon what time the movie started, and he said he didn't know, then just went out to his car.

I was wearing a cool They Might Be Giants T-shirt.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Disruptive Zombie People


I was visiting a small, local (and fictional) store. A woman that worked there explained to me about a special event they had coming up. As s means of promoting the business, they would be hosting a free dinner. The only catch was that you had to attend "in costume", and your costume had to be compiled of random and mismatched clothes, preferably from a thrift store.

My next memory is actually being at this dinner. I can't remember what kind of outfit I wore, but I remember all the other attendees were dressed in highly tacky, often loud ensembles. One very redneck-y man kept proclaiming he was wearing a "skirt", by which I assumed he meant "kilt", until I got a good look at him. That's when I realized he was in his boxers only. Ugh!

There was a Christmas tree at the party, suspended somehow a few feet off the ground. It reminded me that I needed to take down and put away my Christmas tree at home, because it had been up too long (my tree has actually been down since right after Christmas, thank you very much, subconscious!).

I began to get an inexplicably uneasy feeling about this party, so I decided to leave. The lady who ran the store--the one I had spoken to at the beginning of the dream--followed me outside. She was very insistent that I stay, but I refused and left. So great was my desire to distance myself from this place that I began walking down the side of the highway before remembering my car was in the parking lot. I turned back to get it, aware, suddenly, that I'd be late "getting back to work after my lunch break".

Next I remember I was back at the party, only now it looked a little different. My friends Richard and Jessica were there. I kept trying to track one of them down to ask if we were "still supposed to hang out this Friday", but they were always surrounded by people.

Suddenly, zombies attacked the party. I don't know if they were literal zombies, or people dressed like zombies, or what. But the best way I can describe them is as zombies. These people/creatures pulled up in a car, and then began chasing the people at the party. Everyone was in a panic.

As suddenly as it had begun, the panic was over, but everyone was still nervous. I had this terrible sense of foreboding and dread. I couldn't and still can't really explain why.

The scene changed to where I was in what was supposed to be my grandmother's house, but really didn't look like it. I was supposedly sitting with her for the night. She was acting really bizarre and incoherent and it concerned and stressed me. There was a cot in the middle of the living room, and she eventually just lay down and seemed really happy that it was bedtime.

I was relived she was finally calm, but I kept looking out the window, afraid those zombie people might return.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Mildly Porphetic Fox


I was dreaming that I was doing my morning walk at the local track. I saw an improbably huge fox, about the size of a German shepherd. I wasn't intimidated by the animal, even as it approached me.

The fox seemed very tame. Happy to see me, even. After spending a few moments attempting to build a rapport with it, I let it sniff my hand, to see if I could then pet it. After sniffing my hand, it suddenly decided to bite me, unprovoked.

After the bite I kicked at it and it ran a short distance away, looking back at me furtively. I think this is when my alarm went off or something.

What's really strange? When I actually got up and went to the track this morning, a hound dog I've never seen before was hanging around. It approached me more than once, looking as if it longed for me to pet it, but it was too scared to let me get very near. Needless to see, this dream still fresh on my mind, I was a little cautious about attempting to pet it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Adam and Eve as Puppets


I was in some strange location late at night with a couple of friends. We were in some kind of dilapidated concrete room and there was a bizarre puppet show taking place.

The "puppets" were almost life-size people. There was a male and a female, and they represented Adam and Eve. From the way they moved, it looked as though they were actual people in costumes. The bodies were covered in skintight, flesh-colored fabric (the girl costume even had fake breasts with visible nipples painted on). The heads, however, were oversize masks that moved more like traditional puppet heads. They were very ugly, and more than a little disturbing to behold.

"Adam and Eve" pantomimed on an "Eden" set compiled mostly of cheap, fake trees and potted plants. There was a large black cauldron steaming in the middle of this set, and somehow Adam and Eve got thrown into it. They writhed as they supposedly were cooked alive.

My friends and I left this odd bit of performance art feeling very unnerved. Stepping outside into the night air, we looked into the sky to see some kind of UFO hovering overhead. It was maybe the size of a small ship, shaped like a cylinder that tapered at the top. Blinking lights ran all up and down the sides. It actually looked fairly low-tech.

One of my friends began to describe, in a calm but serious manner, how the aliens were coming to earth to take it over, and the "puppet" play we'd just witnessed had something to do with it.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You Forgot to Pet the Turtle


I was walking through an amusement park filled with very unusual characters. I had just re-watched the movie, Mirrormask the night before, which probably explained the visual appearance and style of many of the characters I was seeing in the dream. I wasn't freaked out by their otherworldly appearance, as I assumed it was all costumes and effects put on for show.

Then, suddenly, it was as though this park was supposed to be the new Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios in Florida. I remember standing beside what was supposed to be the Flight of the Hippogriff coaster.

Then I walked into a large building that seemed to serve as both a rest stop/cafeteria/souvenir shop for the premises. And, for the record, things now looked once more like the original dream park than the Harry Potter one.

I saw a pair of reporters doing a live shoot from this location. The first one introduced himself and where they were broadcasting it from. Then he pitched it to the other guy (who looked a little like Al Roker). The other guy just froze and couldn't think of his line. Finally he just uttered, "I'm on national TV in front of millions..."

I moved on to look at some of the souvenirs. One of them displays featured a large box shape sitting on top of a pedestal. There was a circular opening in the box through which you could see the items for sale inside. This particular box had a series of souvenir pens. Each pen had a little "creature" on top of it which had been made from the gluing together of standard craft items like pom-pom puffs, googly eyes, tufts of hair, etc.

After picking up one of the pens, examining it, and putting it away (the little topper on this one almost looked like a cartoony fruit or vegetable), a man urged me to look once more into the box. "You forgot to pet the turtle," he explained.

Indeed there was a smallish turtle huddled in the inside corner of this display box. It was completely tucked inside its shell, so I just reached in and patted the shell at this gentleman's suggestion. Suddenly, the turtle's had emerged and looked at me.

Now the turtle began to grow and mutate right before my eyes. He came right out of the box, and before all was said and done I was looking at a four foot tall human-turtle hybrid mutant sort of creature. It was VERY disturbing.

But about this time, my friends Richard and Jessica's daughter, Cailey, came running up, wanting her picture made with the turtle-man. We tried to oblige her, but when she was standing to pose with the turtle-man (who didn't talk, but only made grunting noises and gestures), they got into an apparent argument.

My last memory is their falling out. By now, I guess, things were just too weird. Even for my subconscious.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Climbing Gorilla and More


I was outdoors in a very scenic, woodsy area. We were near the shore of a large body of water (possibly a great river, or maybe even part of the ocean). There was an extremely tall and steep cliff visible on the other side of the water. I could see a gorilla was climbing the rocks up the side of this sheer mountain wall.

It was not unusual in the dream to see a gorilla climbing a mountain face. There was a feeling of "that's something gorillas sometimes do". What did feel unusual to witness was when the gorilla turned and very deliberately and very gracefully dove off the cliff down into the water below.

The fall was from hundreds of feet in the air, so it was shocking and disconcerting to see this. I heard several of the handful of people near me gasping. The gorilla hit the water and disappeared for a breathless moment. Then, finally, we saw it swimming towards the shore and people clapped and cheered.

The gorilla swam exactly as a man would swim. It appeared he'd made his jump successfully, but when he reached the shore he began dragging himself by his front arms. It was apparent his back legs were no longer working and they even were bleeding in one spot.

The exhausted primate collapsed in the sand. We all wanted to help it, but we knew it would be dangerous for us to try. Someone was videotaping it. Others were calling for help. The gorilla seemed to be asking for our help, yet afraid.

In another dream, I was visiting my parents and petting the geriatric family dog, Einstein, who was inside the house. The power went out, leaving us almost completely in the dark. I just kept petting Einstein while waiting to see if power was going to be restored quickly or not. I heard Einey cough and hack a couple of times, and felt something wet against my arm. The lights came back on to reveal a nasty grayish-black wad of boogery mucus! GROSS!

Segue to another dream in which I'm visiting a fictional family: Dad, mom and two young kids;l a girl and a boy. We were all seated around their kitchen table, paper spread out before us, drawing and painting. No one in the family had any natural artistic talent, so they kept asking me to teach them how to draw. I didn't feel equipped or comfortable to do so.

Later on I was in the bedroom the kids shared as the mom was preparing things for their bedtime. The little girl and I were discussing books. One of her favorite (and fictional) series of books featured a villain who would confound the heroes with silly riddles. She began reciting many of the riddles and answers to me.

Most of the riddles were typical, childish fare. Just silliness meant to get a laugh. But the last riddle she asked was something to the effect of, "I like to prick things and stick things. What am I?" When I gave up, she replied, casually, "Just a regular ol' penis."

I was so shocked to hear such an inappropriate joke come from a little girl that I woke up. (But then it was pretty funny after that).

Friday, June 11, 2010

Iron Man, Werewolves, & LOST


First I remember being at a very crowded outdoor location. It looked a lot like an elaborate amusement park along the lines of Disney World. Many of the crowd were in awe of Iron Man, who was putting on some kind of show there (it was the Robert Downey Jr. version, though it was the "real" Iron Man in the dream).

Despite the fact that it was broad daylight, a werewolf suddenly broke lose in the crowd! (This was a very feral, wolf-like werewolf as opposed to the more man-like ones seen in some interpretations.) The crowd immediately scattered in all directions and the creature chased a few across an old-fashioned wood-and-rope bridge that stretched from one of the park's attractions to another.

The werewolf had singled out an adolescent girl and had her trapped against the rope side rails of the bridge. It was obviously an intelligent monster, because he paused, seeming to taunt the helpless onlookers before he inflicted injury upon his chosen victim.

All this time, Iron Man was just flying around in the air! He was not making--nor had he made--a single attempt to fight the beast! The wolf-man began clawing at the girl, cutting her flesh as she nearly dangled over the edge of the bridge in a helpless attempt avoid his grasp.

It sounds silly now, but in the dream it was so very real that it deeply disturbed me to watch the monster torment the girl while the supposed hero just played around in the sky.

Well, my brain helped me out on this one, because suddenly I just "realized" that the whole scene before me was just a promo for an upcoming video game in which Iron Man fought werewolves. It was now just on a TV screen as opposed to really happening in front of me.

And I further realized I was sitting in a boardroom where Tony Stark was presenting this video game concept for approval to a bunch of men in suits. Ridiculous! But not as ridiculous as the fact that Barry Manilow and a fictional rap star were also in the room, discussing recording a special song for the game!

I don't know what happened, but eventually a gunfight broke out in the boardroom. I fled. I remember running down hallways and corridors trying to escape the building. Naturally many other people were in flight as well, as the sound of gunfire was continuously heard.

When I finally gout out of the building, I was still in something like the big amusement park I had been in before. Only now it was obvious that we were on an island, with beaches or jungle surrounding us.

It was about this time I heard the loud engine roar of a plane and looked up to see Oceanic flight 815 from the TV series "Lost" passing overhead. It broke up and crashed in the distance, looking just as the scene was often depicted on the show.

I recognized it was the "Lost" plane, and wanted to go find it. Conveniently, I was now with most of the main cast of "Lost", and we began trekking across the island to find, what was essentially, ourselves. But this was not in the sense of a weird, Lost-like plot twist--I just simply never stopped to think about the fact that I was looking for the "Lost" cast with the "Lost" cast.

By now it was nightfall, and we were near the beach where the plane crashed. We could see smoke billowing over the tops of the trees. There was a body of water, a lagoon or something, that we would have to cross to make it there. Not only would we have to cross it, but I was somehow aware that you had to actually swim underwater and find a cave-like tunnel that led you through to the other side. Since I can't swim to begin with, this was a very threatening proposition to me.

I can vaguely remember Jack trying to formulate a plan of how to get there. Sayid and Jin I think went on a test mission and swam back to make sure it was safe. Ben Linus and Locke had something specific to say, but I can't really clearly remember their roles. Most everyone else was standing around somewhere, I think.

There was a girl there, a fictional girl, but she was one of our group. It seemed like we were kind of hitting it off, but all this stupid plane drama kept getting in the way. So did the alarm clock.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Greasy Strings and Casseroles


I was with Richard and Jessica and their daughter Cailey. We were playing with some toys Cailey had supposedly received for her birthday. Someone handed me a boxed toy that looked to be some sort of miniature train set. I took all the individual pieces of tracks out and they proved very difficult to piece together in the proper intended fashion.

Suddenly, instead of the pieces of this set, I was holding pieces of waxy string. I don't know the proper name of this waxy string, but in real life it comes in packs with the kids' menu at the Mellow Mushroom pizza chain. The waxy strings are in different colors and can be bent and twisted to make different shapes. Cailey gets them whenever we all go to Mellow Mushroom together. Anyway, that's the sort of thing I was now holding in my hand.

I had one piece of it balled up into a fairly small knot. Suddenly it was very greasy to the touch and seemed to be coated in a slick, oily film. It was actually kind of gross. I was curious as to what had happened to make it this way, but I didn't want to pick it up again.

Finally, I remember going to a downstairs area where it look like people were serving a pot luck dinner of some kind. Two middle-aged ladies simultaneously asked me to try some of the casseroles they had each prepared and brought to the event. One of the casseroles seemed to be mostly vegetables and the other seemed to have a lot of sausage and pepperoni and pizza-friendly meats. Besides being a bit too greasy in the first place, the meaty casserole also had FRUIT in it! Naturally that was kind of gross, being mixed together like that.

The ladies demanded I tell them which casserole I liked best, so I politely told them that fruit and meat in the same recipe weren't my thing, so I liked the vegetable casserole best. This caused no little amount of dissension between the two of them.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Flirtatious Popeye


I was in a store looking at a rack of character T-shirts. One of them featured artwork of an older model computer, perhaps from the 1990's (monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.). Popeye was on the monitor, sort of bursting forth from the screen toward the viewer. He was posed in a very feminine, sexy, "come hither" sort of pose. He was winking, though I don't know how I knew he was winking given he's permanently squinting. The caption beneath the art said, in cursive font, "Did somebody say, 'Private Chatroom'?"

I laughed and laughed. I woke up. I realized, once again, that my subconscious has problems.