Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Feral Boy


I was at my parent's house, but it was the house we all lived in during my teenage years. We were talking about pets. Looking through the window, my mom pointed out to be a large birdcage sitting in the front yard. It was golden in color and probably around four feet in height with the door left open.

There was a brightly hued bird, predominately red, perched on top of the cage. It would occasionally hop down through the open door into the cage to partake of some food that laid out on the floor, then fly back up to the top of the cage.

My mom was explaining how she left that cage outside and now that bird would come regularly and eat the food and spend some time in the cage. It was acting like a tamed pet ,even though it was still technically wild. Or at least I assumed she was talking about the bird. She just kept saying "he"...

That's when a little boy about five or six years of age came walking into the yard. He was disheveled and looked vaguely feral but strangely calm. He approached the bird cage, scared away the bird, and began eating from the food inside. My mom now further explained that she was talking about this wild little boy the whole time!

At this point she told me she had to go somewhere and she left the house, waving goodbye to the feral boy as she got in her car and left. Then the feral boy ran up to the house and began knocking in the door. I felt a little wary of him and didn't open it.

There was also some other dream I vaguely recall about messing up my contact lenses. I just started the last pair in my current batch of them this week in real life and I dreamed I ruined one of them while trying to put them in.**

**Two mornings after this dream, I really did rip the last lens while putting them on in the morning. Probably only the second time I've ever ripped a lens in all the years I've worn contacts! Oops!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weird Movies and Wild Drivers


I went to a theater with a couple for friends. What we ended up seeing was some sort of bizarre, live satellite broadcast on the theater screen. I don't remember much about it, except there were girls, and I know it seemed shocking and lewd to the point of making me a bit uncomfortable.

Then, there seemed to be an interlude in which there were a couple of speakers who addressed us from within the audience. When they were finished, another show started, but it was more like a community theater type of play that was being broadcast in the theater.

Eventually I remember leaving. I was parked on a higher level in a parking garage, and for some reason my vehicle was a massive pickup truck (I've never driven one of those in real life). As I approached the truck, I saw there were several teenage hoodlums hanging around it, which made me uneasy.

When I tried to get in my car, they very sarcastically made way for me, but were still harassing me a bit. The car parked on my driver's side was parked very close to me, making it hard to squeeze into my door without banging it into the side of their car. One of the teenage hoodlums grabbed my door and pushed it hard into the other car so that it made a scratch and laughed. I was very mad, but just got in my truck and left.

As I drove down the road on my way home, I was driving up a hill were there was no visibility as to what might be coming in the other direction. Suddenly, a convertible sports car with the top down came launching over the crest of the hill, literally lifting into the air like in a movie. I was just able to swerve out of the way, over the curb on the side of the road and into someone's lawn. If I hadn't done this, the other car would have landed on me and that would have been the end.

I looked in my rear-view mirror to see the car hit the pavement and lose control, flipping over and over and over in a horrible wreck. I felt sick and panicked as I watched--and woke up.

Monday, September 21, 2009



I was with Eric and Richard and Jessica in someone's house. There were other people there, too. We were standing in the living room, and I noticed an ex girlfriend from a few years ago was standing in the foyer near the front door. She was wearing nothing but a pair of jeans and looking good. She had one arm stretched out in front of her with something in her hand, and was balancing on one leg. There was no discernible reason for this behavior.

Eric had apparently been out of the room because at this point he rejoined the rest of us and snapped me out of my distraction. Richard suggested we all go take a walk, and everyone agreed. It was fairly, but not ridiculously, late at night. We went to take our walk on some sort of winding, wooden boardwalk that was built over a body of water. There were plenty of lights around the place so you could see, and there were plenty of people there just hanging out. There was a bar/restaurant on the premises as well.

Suddenly I realized I wasn't wearing a shirt! I could only assume this meant I'd not been wearing one all evening, and I wondered why in the world no one had pointed this out to me! I thought back to my topless ex from before and wondered if going shirtless were some sort of theme of the evening.

Even though we weren't at their house, Jessica announced I could just borrow one of Richard's shirts and disappeared somewhere to retrieve one. While we were standing around waiting, a guy who attends a "movie meetup group" I take part in in real life approached us. He was very enthusiastically explaining to us that there was a club he loved to go to and we all just had to go with him. He was very emphatic about it, but none of us really wanted to go.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ghosts in the Parlor


This turned out to be one of my favorite dreams in a while.

My friend Eric explained to me how he and his band had been tapped to record an original song for a web site. The site apparently got unsigned and under-the-radar bands to pick a Christmas song, record their own interpretation of it, and then they posted them in a gallery online.

Eric's band had chosen "Here Comes Santa Claus". They had done it as entirely instrumental, with ambient and electronic sounds. It was pretty cool. Then he showed me there was a video for it, which consisted of the band members sitting on a large, dirty old couch in a small dark room as they played their instruments.

The next thing I remember is Eric and I were riding around with Melissa. We passed a building that I think was a school, and I saw that big old couch from the music video just sitting in a ditch in front of the building. I asked Eric if that wasn't the same couch and he confirmed it was, going on to explain that they'd gotten the idea for the video when they found that couch in that ditch. They brought it in to the studio to record, but no one wanted to keep it, so they returned it to the ditch afterwords.

Somehow Eric and Melissa and I ended up inside some building that looked really vintage, like from the turn of the previous century or so. Parts of the building had been restored for modern use, but parts were still in ancient disrepair. I can't remember the specific turn of events that led up to it, but Eric and I became convinced that one of the decrepit rooms--it looked like it may have once been a parlor room--was haunted!

We kept trying to convince Melissa that this place--at least this room--was haunted. She didn't believe us at all, which is weird, because in real life if any of the three of us were likely to believe something was haunted, she would be the one! We took her into the room and were trying to show her why we thought it was haunted.

She still didn't believe us until at one point I said her name, and it echoed loudly throughout the room. Nothing else I said echoed--only her name. I tried it again, and again her name was the only word that echoed. She tried it. She said my name...nothing. Eric's name...nothing. She said her own name and it echoed as though she'd shouted into a ravine. By now we were all fairly creeped out. "See?!" I told her, "The ghosts are trying to prove to you they're here!"

At this point the room instantly transformed into what it probably had looked like in its heyday. Then it was filled with uppity socialites, men and women, dressed in their finest period garments. We knew we were seeing the ghosts, and we observed them as they conversed and laughed and carried on.

I specifically remember one fat gentleman with a walrus mustache. Someone offered him a smoke, and he declined, saying he was giving up smoking because it was, after all, what had killed him in the end. The other ghosts gave a hearty "Here, here!" At this point, I went around and collected the cigarettes from each of the individuals who had them and threw them away. It was my only actual interaction with the spirits.

I think this is about the point that the surreal nature of the experience woke me up.

I vaguely remember some dream I had later in which I was watching a movie from the early 80's. I noticed that everything in the city--every building, every billboard, etc., had some sort of Pac Man decoration. Just the little yellow Pac Man shape, everywhere. An arial shot showed that even the roofs of some tall buildings had Pac-Man-shaped air conditioning units and Pac-Man-adorned water towers. But this hadn't been created for the movie; I somehow knew it was real footage of what cities looked like in the early eighties!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gotta Go Vampire Dreamer


I had to use the bathroom really badly. I was walking through the woods looking for a place to go, because I knew I couldn't make it back to where an actual restroom was. The problem was, this was a public trail through the woods, and, though the area was not crowded, there were enough people coming and going to make it impossible to do this discreetly.

I ended up meeting a cute, friendly girl and this apparently successfully distracted me from my previous dilemma. We talked and generally got a long really well. We went back to my apartment (no, it wasn't like that--we just ended up there to continue talking). She excused herself to go to the bathroom and I was reminded of my previous need!

Yet I was distracted again when I noticed a folded piece of paper on the seat where the girl had been. I picked it up to discover it was a note she'd written to me. It was expressing concern that all she dreamed about anymore was vampires, and she was asking me what this meant and if I knew any ways to make it stop.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Orlando Plush


I've got a short trip to Disney World coming up soon in real life, and in this dream I was already there. Only in the dream, it was Eric who had gone with me, even though he's not attending in real life. We were in our hotel and he explained to me that it was apparently common knowledge that every hotel in Orlando sold special collector's plush animals. It was common for visitors to try to collect one of each animal over the course of all their visits. Each hotel was represented by a different animal, and ours happened to sell plush chimps.

Though I have no real-life collection of plush things, I decided I might as well go in for the tradition and went down to the gift shop. The plush chimps were very small, cheap little beanie things. They came in different shades, but they were all shades of brown! I was looking for any potentially more interesting colors when I saw some that were different shades of green. Upon closer inspection, the green ones were actually plush Godzillas! Then I noticed a couple of plush, green Spider-Man villains (Electro and the Scorpion).

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Lost Bus


Another dream blatantly inspired by the recent marathon of the Lost on DVD (I finished season 3 last night).

I was riding in bus full of people, some of whom were characters from Lost (and I recognized them as such, though it seemed normal). We were being transported to some place on an island. I somehow knew in my mind that the bus was supposed to crash and strand us there, and kept anticipating it.

The bus driver, a middle-aged woman, seemed kind of creepy, and I assumed she was one of "the others". At any rate, the bus didn't actually crash. We just ended up arriving at a certain place on the island from which the bust driver said we'd have to walk. I remember traipsing up a long, severe hill and speaking to Jack. We were trying to theorize what was going on.

Finally we arrived at some houses. I remember several of us were gathered in the living room of one of the houses at night. We were watching TV, and some game show was on. The game show was all in French and featured a spinning wheel kind of like on Wheel of Fortune. The lady by the wheel, however, was a Muppet-like puppet (the host and all other members of the show were regular people).

I thought I "remembered" this as some kind of old classic game show that they used to show reruns of when I was a kid. For some reason it seemed wrong to me that they were showing it here--like it was a clue to something bad that was going on. I felt I needed to warn everyone, if I could only figure out what it was that was giving me this feeling.

My last memory is that someone dragged John Locke's dead body into the room (I don't remember/know how he'd been killed). We were all wrapping it up and preparing it for burial. Some random teenage girl among us commented "Ew! He's missing one of his toes!"

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weight Gain and Naps


First I remember going to some event where I ran into Richard. In real life Richard has lost tons of weight, gotten into shape, and become quite the health nut in the past couple of years. When I saw him in the dream, he has started go gain a good bit of weight back.

He told me it was 30-something pounds he'd gained. He was obviously really concerned about it, and yet kept making excuses for why he'd let it happen. I was really sad that he'd fallen off the wagon after being so happy in his new lifestyle.

Then I remember being at my grandmother's house. I don't remember my grandmother being there, but my mom and I seemed to be staying there. It was very early in the morning and I was getting ready to go somewhere--possibly to work, I assume.

I went outside where my car was parked in the driveway, and all of the sudden Richard (the somewhat overweight version from before) and a girl I went to high school with but have not seen since (except for the Facebook universe) walked up.

The three of us sat inside my parked car, talking for a while. Richard and the girl kept complaining of being tired and sleepy, and finally both fell asleep right there in their seats. I went back inside to finish getting ready. I took some kind of pastry or something from the cabinet and was eating it when I suddenly "remembered" that Einstein, the geriatric family dog that lives with my parents, was here and needed to bed fed before I left!

I only had a few minutes before I had to be gone, so I started trying to rush Einstein's things together to take out to him. But then my next recollection is being back in the driveway and realizing I'd need to wake up Richard and the girl and get them out of my car so I could leave. My last memory is, vaguely, of rousing them.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Kitchen, the Author and the Tapping.


Recently a friend has gotten me hooked on the series, Lost. I've been working my way through the existing seasons (currently only halfway through season 3, so no spoilers, please, all you scores of people who comment here and are likely to leave spoilers). Anyway, as I've been marathoning the DVDs of late, it's infected my dreams here and there (including ones that have already been posted here)...but none more obviously than this one:

I was with Locke and Desmond in some facility that looked a lot like the first hatch discovered on the island. There was a large kitchen that looked like what one might find in a really nice restaurant. Inside this kitchen was a large, metal door that we could not open. A good portion of the dream consisted of us trying to figure out how we might open it.

Eventually I hooked up some dynamite we had and was about to blow it open. I thought better of it at the last minute, afraid it would end up blowing everything else to bits.

My next memory is that Locke was showing me a sales brochure where you could order books. He pointed out a new book by supposedly his favorite author and told me he couldn't wait to order and receive it. I looked in the brochure and saw a list of the author's other works, and though all the titles were clear in the dream I now can only remember a couple of them. One had something to do with "The so-and-so-something Abortion". Another was "Aliens", which was explained to be the novel the movie of the same name was based on.

At this point I gradually became conscious (in real life) due to a light tapping noise in my bedroom. It turned out to be the little stick that opens and closes the venetian blinds on the windows gently blowing in the breeze from my fan and tapping the blinds. I was awake only long enough to register this and ponder the dream I'd been having for a moment.

In my next dream I was still in my bedroom hearing the tapping noise. Claire (also from Lost) was there and pointed out to me that it was the fan blowing the mirror on my dresser. So we pulled the dresser out from the wall together and were tightening the bolts that hold the mirror to it, so it wouldn't sway and tap anymore.

Now, suddenly and without notice, it was no longer Claire buy my cousin Stephen and his wife. As they finished tightening screws, I looked into a box that was lying nearby. There were old throw pillows and some hand-knit blankets and doilies and such that I recognized as being from my grandmother's house (only the pillows actually resembled anything she's ever really had).

I laid all of these items out in a row. For some reason my room was now lit with a black light. I pointed out to Stephen how these old items looked as they "glowed" in the black light. We were beginning to reminisce about the items as I gradually began to notice we were up in bleachers in some kind of large auditorium. People were filing in as though some type of concert or similar event were about to take place.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Knock, Knock


I was watching something on TV. Two guys, obviously friends, were hanging out together when one of them tried to tell the other one a "Knock Knock" joke.

"Knock, knock!" the first one said. His friend ignored him.

"Knock, knock!" he said again.

"I'm not playing 'Knock Knock' jokes, man." replied his buddy.

"Knock, knock!" said the original friend, more earnestly, barely able to contain his grin.

This little exchange went back and forth for a few moments until, finally, the one friend gave in and responded to the "Knock Knock" joke...

"Knock, knock!"

"Who's there?"

"It's Mike Tyson, bitch!" and the guy just sucker-punched his friend square in the face! The friend fell to the ground while the other guy just laughed like he'd told the funniest joke ever!

And while watching this on the TV in the dream, I laughed too! I laughed so hard I woke myself up.