Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sack Full of MST3K


I was at a movie with a girl I knew some time ago. I left the theater at one point, exiting into a store that basically looked like a Wal-Mart. I wandered around and found a rack filled with Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVDs.

Each disc contained a single episode, and I was shocked to find that they were all ones that have not previously been released on DVD (and mostly from the Michael J. Nelson era, which tends to be my favorite). Icing on the cake was that they were all on sale for $5 each!

I began stocking up on every different episode I could find. Eventually I remembered the girl was still in the theater, so I went back in with my sack full of MST3K. A few people now remained in the theater, but no movie was on the screen.

I sat down alone and some random, fictional girl came up to me and began telling me about some art she'd just posted to her deviantART gallery. As she spoke, I was somehow seeing it on a computer screen. It featured Ariel the Little Mermaid being chased by some purple merfolk that looked really evil. The girl explained it to me, and it was supposed to be some hilarious spoof, but I don't remember what the joke was (because in reality I'm sure it makes no sense).

Beware of T-Rex


The only thing I can remember is being in one of the "Rave" theaters in Birmingham with several friends. This particular theater actually has a separate room that is obviously for children--perhaps for birthday parties and the like--though I've never seen it in use. In the dream, this room looked more like a bedroom.

The room was locked and guarded by what looked like military officials. They wouldn't let anyone in because there was a Tyrannosaurus Rex hiding in the room. Looking through the windows, the room appeared empty except for a bed and other furniture.

Occasionally the officials would send people in to try to tackle the dinosaur and it would just "appear" out of hiding from under some piece of furniture that could never conceivably conceal such a huge creature. Inevitably the poor souls who confronted the beast met their doom, and then T-Rex would go back into hiding, awaiting the next victims.

I never participated directly in the events, but was part of a gathering crowd who were watching in mixed terror and amazement.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008



What a frustrating night of dreaming! It all began when I decided I wanted to go walk at the park. In my mind it was the park I really go to sometimes, but in the dream it was in a different location, though still about the same amount of drive to get there (20-25 minutes).

I thought I "remembered" an ex-girlfriend once showing me a "long" way to get to the park, driving off the main road through little neighborhoods,etc. For some reason I wanted to try this way again to see if I could remember it. I eventually got lost meandering through streets of some fairly ghetto-ish neighborhoods.

Even though I don't remember anything happening to my car, I suddenly remember hitching a ride with some middle aged lady in her 1970's model car (I rode in the back). We eventually passed an old house and I "remembered" that the people in there had once given me directions to the park, so I told her to let me off there. She nearly crashed her car into the car parked in the driveway when she turned off the main road. I got out, a little relieved to be away from her.

Inside there house there was an another middle aged woman,this one somewhat overweight. In appearance she was like a combination of my great grandmother and my high school art teacher (both deceased). In personality...well, she just sat in a chair and was very loud and very southern. There was at least one other person in the house, I think maybe her daughter, but I'm not really sure. She told me how to get to the park from her house, and indeed it was just a few blocks more.

Exiting her house, it was my own car parked in the driveway as though I had not hitchhiked here (this was of no notice in the dream). I decided to leave my car here and just walk the extra few blocks to the park. After I had walked for what seemed like a few minutes, I realized it was father than I thought. And by now it was already starting to get dark out. Given that this was, from the looks of it, quite a bad part of town, I thought I probably didn't want to walk all the way back to my car in the dark when I was through at the park.

I began walking back to where I had left my car, so I could just drive it back to the park. But I got lost again while I walked. I ended up at a university campus, which I think was supposed to be Jacksonville State University, which is actually near here, but everything about the appearance and location was different.

I entered one of the buildings and was wandering the halls. I quickly got lost in them (noticing a pattern here?). There were people all around, some staff but mostly students. It seems most of the students I saw milling the halls were girls, though it had to be co-ed because I do remember a few guys.

I met one mousy blonde girl who told me she knew how to get to the park, but she acted so secretive about it! She'd have been reasonably attractive, except she just seemed incredibly paranoid and generally off her nut. I followed her outside into this small area of overgrown lawn contained by a rusty chain link fence. The enclosed space felt claustrophobic with ugly shrubbery amid the partially naked trees of late fall, and the ground was thick and slippery with layers of crunchy brown leaves. The entire area was not very well lit.

The crazy girl now produced a wire cutter and began furtively cutting a hole in the chain link fence. As she worked she was explaining to me (in a whisper) how I could escape through the hole, and then go a certain direction and end up at the park before long. I felt really uncomfortable watching her destroy the fence, and her paranoia was beginning to be contagious. When she wasn't paying attention I walked away from her and easily climbed over another part of the fence, which was barely more than waist high.

A little more walking and I eventually came to what I thought was the park. But it wasn't the park at all. It was like a jogging track surrounded by bleachers and a couple of concession stands. Since it was now dark, everything was lit by huge floodlights. I felt only disappointment that I'd gone through all this just to find the wrong place, but I walked a lap or two anyway. Country music was playing over speakers in the background.

It didn't take me long to leave this place. Now I had to try to find my car again, but it was really late, and I was still in the shady neighborhoods. I kept wandering, so very lost, and was getting a little scared.

This is when I woke and felt absolutely exhausted with frustration from all the constant searching/getting lost. Not a refreshing night's sleep, but, it would seem, almost certainly riddled with psychological allegory.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Work Calendar


I was leaving work and they asked me to stop by a store to pick up something before I went home (I can't recall what it was). So I remember walking through the big store searching for whatever equipment. At one point I saw one of my bosses also shopping, and wondered why they'd sent me if they were going to the store as well?

Then I returned to work, only it looked like someone's house. The kitchen area alone looked vaguely like my own kitchen, and that's where I was talking to some coworkers. In real life, one of our employees has just had major surgery, and he was already back. We were all surprised. My calendar was on the wall, and he'd written all over it the days he could work and how much he could work on those days according to his doctor.

Then I remember driving through a neighborhood, and I came to a certain house. I met up with C. and M. and I feel certain there were more details about whatever we were going to do, but my memory grows fuzzy at this point, as well as the alarm came soon.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Two Johns & A Horror Movie Spoof *PLUS* Romantic Baseball & Mustard


I was going out to a concert with a large group of people, some of whom I knew and some of whom were new acquaintances that had joined our group just for this event. (I think it was something like the movie group I attend in real life, except this time more of them seemed to be younger people, like teens and very early twenties.)

I was there because my favorite band, They Might Be Giants, were one of the acts playing. I remember we entered into a large "lobby" of sorts in the building where the show was to be held. Then officials began having us break up into smaller groups, and each group was sent into one of many different rooms down a series of corridors. I didn't know which group I should pair up with. I'm not sure how I eventually decided, because my memory grows pretty dim around this point.

My next real memory is we were all re-grouping in the corridor, planning to begin filming a mock horror movie! Sort of a goofy spoof of teen slasher flicks. I was among a handful who were designated to play the killers, and we were chasing down and mock-killing the others in comical, over-the-top ways. I specifically remember one of the female "killers" and I chased down two of the "victim" girls and she held one while I faked killing the other.

Then John Flansburgh and John Linnell of They Might Be Giants came out into the hallway and asked if the group wanted to go join them for some food. We all put the movie on hold, got up and joined them.

We were all seated at a long table in some restaurant. I remember Flansburgh telling some kind of story. There was a small kid there who kept interacting with me, and he was really funny. This is about the last memory I have of this dream.


I was out of town, visiting some city. Even though I'm not really a sports fan, I attended a baseball game. I remember arriving early to the stadium, which was really impossibly small, and selecting a seat (there were still many available). It was a beautiful, clear day.

An attractive young black girl came and sat beside me, and we talked for a long time, and ended up getting along very well. I don't remember seeing any of the actual baseball game, but it must have taken place, because...

Later, when it was dark and the game was apparently over, she and I took a walk across the empty baseball field. It was starting to feel a bit romantic.

Suddenly, whether the dream suddenly shifted or perhaps I'm remembering a separate dream, I was in someone's home. We were eating at a dinner table and I excused myself to the kitchen to go find some ketchup and mustard. I easily located the ketchup in the refrigerator, but I was having some difficulty tracking down the mustard.

Finally I found it--in the freezer of all places! It's odd how clearly I can see the label in my mind. The brand name was something like "Suzy B." or "Sally B.", and was written in a bright blue font. there was a cartoon bee lazily fishing off the side of a creek. I had a "memory" of using this brand once at a picnic.

Then, while still in the kitchen, I found a computer open to someone's blog, and began exploring the many links within it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Fate of the Teenage Vampire Superheroine


There was a new TV show I liked...something about a girl who was a teenage vampire (and a very attractive one), but also a superhero...and there were other superheroes in the show who weren't necessarily vampires. Critics were supposedly comparing the show to "...Heroes, except it's actually good."

Since the show was so good, and a critical success, of course it was promptly canceled. In the dream I was actually aware of a specific storyline (can't recall it now), and I was afraid I'd never learn the ending. I wondered if it would ever at least be released on DVD. And I was irritated that Heroes still lived on.

I remember sitting outdoors on a clear night discussing this with someone else who liked the show.

Also, there was something about watching the WALL-E DVD, probably because I was watching some of the special features on it right before bed.

I have weird, and sometimes infinitely pointless, dreams.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Dodging the Planes


This dream is so largely influenced by entertainment/the media that it's almost embarrassing.

I first remember watching some fictional scene from the U.S. version of The Office on TV. The only part I remember is Pam was sitting in a chair alone in the middle of a desert. She was giving some sad-sack monologue having something to do with her engagement to Jim.

Then I remember someone came in the room and handed me a newspaper. There were two large, color pictures on the front page, each relating to a different headline. One picture was a still from the movie WALL-E, accompanying a story about the movie's release on DVD this Tuesday (which is a true to life fact).

The other picture was of two huge, colorful, Muppet-style monsters. The article was about some play they were featured in (sort of an Avenue Q type thing).

I got up to go use the bathroom and on my way noticed a picture hanging on my wall that I had supposedly only recently hung there (I don't know if I hung it in a forgotten, earlier portion of the dream of my subconscious just created this memory on the spot). The picture was a print of what looked like some classic painting from the renaissance.

While examining the art, I also remembered that on the back of it was an original sketch of some cartoon pin-up girl, supposedly by one of the old pin-up artists of days gone by. I wondered why I had decided to hang the print and not the original sketch. Then I realized I couldn't remember the artist's name, so I googled it and found a blog that was full of his sketches, including the one on the reverse of my framed print. All of this was fictional and not based on any real artwork.

Then I was at what looked to be some sort of outdoor concert or festival. It was after dark, and I, along with many others, was seated on the stage (we were not part of the entertainment--they just had seats on the stage as well as on the ground for some reason).

Will Ferrell was the emcee of this event, and I recall him rambling stuff at a microphone nearby. As he rambled, I noticed a little replica of a castle tower, roughly as tall as I was. There were several "windows" up and down the tower, and each one was stuffed with small teddy bears. You could press buttons on each teddy bear and, as you heard gears turning and switching inside, they would stretch and distort into whatever shape and size you wanted them to be in.

I "customized" two or three of the bears, and the last one I made as short and squat as could. Will Ferrell, still announcing at the microphone, noticed the squat bear, picked it up, and then began making midget bear jokes. Someone suggested he sing that midget song from Walk Hard, a movie he was not in.

Then Will joined those of us who were seated and we were all looking out into the sky when two or three passenger jets began flying extremely near the ground. It was so loud one could hardly hear anything else, and it was quite scary as well! Two of them nearly crashed head-on, pulling up just in the nick of time. One of the wings came so close to our stage it nearly hit it, and I jumped back. Will Ferrell laughed at me for jumping back and said something like, "Yeah, if the plane had crashed into the stage, we'd all be dead, but you'd still be alive because you scooted back a few inches!"

A Recognizable Tune?


Eric and I were entering what looked like a high school cafeteria. I remember sitting a the long table eating bland food from a tray. As we ate, we were treated to live entertainment from a classical pianist.

As the man played his classical arrangements, Eric turned to me at one point and said, "I remember this song. They used it in Ratatouille." (Referring to the movie, not the dish, of course...ha ha). In real life nothing like what I was hearing in the dream could be found on the Ratatouille soundtrack, but in the dream I did recognize it. I could hear the music very specifcially, but it's no tune I'm really aware of.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Forgetful Shopping


I made a trip to Wal-Mart to because there was some necessary item I needed right away. There were a couple of other things I meant to pick up while I was there. (I can't remember what any of these items were anymore).

I have memories of walking through the store, seeing different things on the shelves..visually it was very vivid and realistic, but I can't recall many of the details specifically. I know there were some odd toys on one aisle that I stopped to look at (superhero action figures of some kind if I'm not mistaken). There was a grocery section with food...I know I remember cereal boxes. I remember a sale rack of Halloween costumes, and a cute girl dressed like a Halloween witch happened to walk by while I was looking at them. Some other costumed people soon followed her. I wondered if there was some kind of convention, and sort of wanted to go after them...

I did follow them to a certain section of the store, but I no longer remember seeing them after this point. I do remember this section of the store had a lot of Disney-related products. I especially saw a lot of Winnie the Pooh stuff.

Eventually I got home, and it was very early in the morning. I realized that while at the store I had picked up all the items that I was going to grab "just since I was there anyway", but had forgotten to pick up the one item for which I'd gone to the trouble of going in the first place. This, of course, was irritating.

I went into the bathroom and saw in the mirror that something was wrong with my shirt, which was my Muppets "Save the Animal" T-shirt. (Since this is an actual T-shirt I own, and I just happened to be wearing it in the dream, we'll not officially count this one as one of my strangely recurring dreams about random T-shirts).

The shirt seemed to be "rotting" away in some places, but instead of just leaving a hole, the worn away places revealed a silvery-gray surface that looked like the smooth side of duct tape. It was as though the whole shirt was made of this, and the tearing of the fabric just left if visible. I was very confused.

Finally, I have a memory of sitting in a room talking to two guys, both of them fictional. One of them, an overweight fellow, was really troubled about something and he wanted to talk to the two of us about it. The other guy, however, began berating this guy and telling him he didn't want to hear it, so the overweight dude left the room. I felt sorry for him, and was quite angered by the other guy's inexplicable rudeness.

Work Assignments With a Cocker Spaniel


Very few really clear memories in this one. There's a hodge-podge of scenes in which one of my bosses called me from work telling me of some redundant last minute work that had to be re-done and ready first thing in the morning. I knew that basically would require going in to work in the middle of the night to have it done (this manner of business is not the norm, so it was particularly irksome in the dream).

My next memory is being at work very early, sometimes shortly after sunrise. It looked recognizably like my place of employment, but at the same time looked a little bit like a home. My own living room couch was in one room, and the 15 year-old family dog, Einstein, who actually lives with my parents and not me, was there.

I was sitting on the couch petting Einstein in my lap (he's not a house dog, yet this was not abnormal in the dream). Suddenly I remembered that last-minute assignment which should have been ready by now and instead had been ignored entirely. I got off the couch and went into another room to panic over it.

Normally it would be expected for Einstein to follow me wherever I went, and so I very soon took notice that he was not at my feet. I looked back and saw he remained just lying on the couch.