Friday, July 29, 2011

My Friend the Murderer


In real life I occasionally attend a "Meetup" group that goes to see movies together locally in Birmingham. In my dream I was attending one of those Movie Meetups, only instead of a theater, it took place in a random room somewhere. (The room actually resembled the study room used on the TV show "Community".)

There was a group of maybe eight of us (some real people, some fictional) sitting around a big table. We each had a laptop computer in front of us. We watched the movie streamed over our individual laptops and would discuss what we'd seen after.

I remember one fictional woman in the group. She was probably about 40, and was very loud and boisterous and sort of redneck-ish. I think she annoyed everyone there at least a little bit.

My next memory is finding out that that annoying woman had gone missing shortly after that and was presumed dead. I was visiting my friend Eric and when that topic came up, he confessed he'd murdered her! He was very calm about it and didn't seem to think it was a big deal, though he asked me not to tell anyone.

As I left his apartment--which looked nothing like the ones where he really lives--I noticed an apartment across the way that I knew had belonged to the woman he murdered. There was already a "For Rent" sign on the door because they knew she'd never be coming back. This all just made me feel sick.

In my last memory, I was back in my own apartment and the police showed up at the door. I was terrified because I thought they were going to arrest me for not telling anyone that I knew Eric had killed the woman.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mutants for Hire


On my lunch break at work I went over to the nearby mall and bought a new pair of shoes (something I really did not long ago). Then I went to the walking trail across from the mall, though it looked fairly different in the dream. There was a family of about five people walking around a circular part of the trail in the opposite direction. At the moment our paths crossed, I realized I wasn't wearing a shirt. Embarrassed, I quickly put one one.

When I got back to work, a young 20-something guy who I did not recognize suddenly sat down beside me. He kept asking me about the job, and how it worked, and how I was going to train him. I kept trying to tell him that we weren't hiring any new people. He was increasingly aggressive in his insistence that he did indeed work there now.

Eventually it was confirmed that we'd hired, I think, three new people and I was to train them all. I didn't understand how we needed three new people. This caused me to simultaneously fear for my job, and to dread the act of training--especially training that obnoxious new guy.

Next I remember spending the night as a house that looked similar to my grandmothers', though it wasn't supposed to be. I apparently knew the lady it belonged to, and I think I was house-sitting for her. The strange thing about her home is that she had TV screens affixed to every window of the house and they played Disney movies nonstop. Anytime you wanted to look out a window, you just saw Disney animation. It was very bizarre.

At one point in the night, I went out into her driveway. I just sat there watching an episode of "The Simpsons" on my phone (I never watch TV on my phone). In the show, Lisa had some quote that really cracked me up, though I can't remember it now.

Suddenly that obnoxious new guy from work appeared in the driveway, though he was being a little nicer now. He asked if I "had the CDs". I told him I did, and retrieved a box full of old music CDs out of the backseat of my car.

Then suddenly I'm standing with all of the new people we hired at work, including that guy, who now really seemed funny and affable rather than obnoxious. He started doing a lot of celebrity impersonations. One was Michael Jackson, which included the dancing. During the dance he suddenly began spinning faster and faster until his body began contorting and he was doing all of these weird, superhuman moves.

This freaked me out a little, but the other new hires then told me they were all mutants, like the X-Men, and they all had weird powers. I was having a little trouble taking this in. As they continued to explain things to me, I saw a pretty brunette girl in a tiny, baby blue dress walking toward us. She had fantastic legs, but as she got closer and closer, the legs just seemed to get bigger and bigger until I realized she was actually like 50 feet tall. She was another mutant, and obviously her powers were that she could grow to huge heights.

About this time all the nonsense finally woke me up.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dog with Tools


I have a memory of being at a house that looked like my grandmother's. My dad and I were standing out on the front porch late at night, listening to the nighttime noises of the frogs and crickets. We were talking about something, I don't know what.

Then I remember being out in the woods, also late at night, with my parents and a few other people. We weren't camping, because we had no supplies. There was a black dog with us who might have been vaguely based on a cocker spaniel, Harley, that I used to own.

We were trying to send the dog out for help, and he'd keep returning to us with various tools and nuts and bolts he was finding somewhere out in the woods. I just remember the pile of tools accumulating every time the dog returned.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Concert


I was attending an outdoor concert at dusk on a summer night. For some reason I was on the stage, with a vantage point from behind the singer. This didn't seem strange or special to me, it just felt like I was watching a show the same as the rest of the crowd. The performer was some cheesy female country singer of some sort.

At one point we began to hear the distant rumble of thunder and see the lightning in the gathering clouds. The singer announced that they would pause the concert and resume indoors in a few minutes.

During this intermission, I decided I'd go back "to my hotel room" (apparently this was taking place out of town) and get my camera so I could get pictures of the show. In the lobby of what I guess was the quaint little hotel, I passed a gift shop (I actually think something might have happened here in an earlier, forgotten part of the dream, because it was very familiar).

The shop had a lot of accessories for costumes, and I decided to buy a low-quality costume fedora. For some reason I actually thought it would be funny to stick a "press" ID in the band of the hat so I'd look like an old-fashioned reporter when I was photographing the concert.

On my way from the shop to the hotel room I paused and looked at the large conference room where they were preparing a stage for the show. A crowd was beginning to gather. I went on to the room and found my camera.

My last memory is being back outside (not inside!) for the concert. The weather was now clear, and it seemed to be a little lighter outside than it had been. I found a place not too far from the stage to stand, and now some of my friends were with me. At this point I was aware that Jenny Lewis and/or Neko Case were going to perform, so I was excited, as they are favorites.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mobile Home Murder Mystery


I remember there were two mobile homes side-by-side and for some reason I was visiting one of them. Upon walking inside, I saw there was a huge commotion going on, including the presence of police officers. I soon learned that someone had been murdered, and it was a member of a local improv comedy troupe whose shows I regularly attend.

I was extremely saddened to hear that they had been killed. One of the police officers explained to me that the murderer had actually broken into the mobile home next door and tried to shoot a person there. The bullet had missed and gone through the wall, entering the home next door and hitting and killing the other person instead.

Somehow I was roped into investigating and trying to help the authorities figure out exactly how it had happened and who the killer was.

There was another dream in which Richard and I were going to see the recent Green Lantern movie at the theater (I haven't seen it in real life.). The entrance to the theater where the movie was playing looked more like the queue at a theme park attraction. There were all sorts of elaborate props and things to entertain people who might be standing in line for a long time.

There was no line at the moment however, so Richard and I walked on through, only glancing at the props. We actually couldn't see them very well, because they all had a sort of "double vision" effect, like watching a 3D movie without the glasses. We decided this was because we had opted to see the 2D movie, so the 3D effects didn't work, even in the line.

I vaguely recall having a vague disagreement with some people about where we could sit inside the theater, and that's about when I woke up.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

TMBG Guest Stars


I was attending a They Might Be Giants concert in Nashville on sunny afternoon. It seemed the venue was some sort of abandoned building that may have once been a department store or warehouse of some kind. The concert itself was held in a partially outdoor area in the back. There were only a few bleachers to serve as seats, and not many people there.

Before one of the songs, John Flansburgh announced that the band had written a song for the upcoming album, "Join Us" with actress Amy Adams. And it turns out Amy was there to sing it with them at the show. And then for some reason, She & Him (the musical duo of Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward) were also there. They all sang together.

Somehow Zooey messed up really badly, either with the lyrics, or singing or something. She was terribly embarrassed and they temporarily stopped the whole show for it. My last memory is that I had somehow ended up talking to Zooey backstage, assuring her the mess-up was no big deal.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Ornament Girl


A few friends and I decided to take a last minute trip to Disney World (yes, another one of THOSE dreams). I know Richard, Jessica & Cailey were there, as well as Eric. We decided we'd fly there. I have no memory of the airport being on the plane, though I do remember flying...

My first clear memory is that were were each in a seat, as if on an airplane, though our seats were each independently flying out in the open air! We could see the Magic Kingdom before us, and we were just gently gliding in on our respective seats. As we got closer to the ground, we flew through a patch of helium balloons that had been released. We were each trying to grab at them and catch one. I remember narrowly missing a Minnie Mouse balloon that I thought I could have given to Cailey. I can't remember if I ever successfully caught one.

Once our seats landed, we went to our hotel, which was the Grand Floridian. There was still plenty of day left, but for some reason we just hung around the hotel for a while instead of hitting the parks. I remember sitting on one of the beds eating potato chips with Eric. Finally we realized we should leave the hotel room, so we began getting ready. Eric and Richard were using the bathroom mirror and I heard Eric start yelling because apparently Richard had stained his shirt.

After this I only have vague memories of going out into one of the parks. At one point I realized I'd only packed the clothes I was wearing, which was unfortunate as they'd probably get plentifully sweaty before our stay was over. We all just seemed stressed and distracted, and I began to think a last minute trip had been a bad idea.

Eventually the dream sort of morphed to where we were trying to plan a trip home, but there was some man who kept thwarting our plans, trying to keep us there (thought "there" by now had little to do with Disney World). In hindsight, the man was a little like the character Tywin Lannister from the "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels that I'm working my way through right now.

My friends and I kept researching ways to get ourselves out of there, rendting cars, buying plane tickets--even shipping ourselves on a truck, but the man kept thwarting them by hiding or destroying whatever information we came up with. We were very much in awe of how sneaky he was--always one step ahead of us!

In the midst of this crisis, I met a girl. She was a little younger than me and very cute, in a mousy/nerdy sort of way. She sculpted Christmas ornaments for fun. They were very, very well made, looking just as professional as the collectible Hallmark ornaments that come out each season.

I remember at some earlier point she'd given me two as a gift. They were based on characters from the old 90's "Animaniacs" cartoon. My last memory of the dream is that the girl approached us again as we were plotting ways to escape. She had just created another ornament, this one of a cartoony hedgehog character, supposedly from the same cartoon as before.

She asked the group at large, "I just made another ornament...who wants to have this one?" Several people, including myself, raised their hands, but she immediately walked over and gave it to me, even though I also had the other two. This is when I knew she must "like" me, which was exciting, because I definitely liked her.

My final memory is examining the detail of the ornament she'd made. It wasn't more than two or three inches tall, and yet each and every one of the hedgehog's quills had been finely and individually was so impressive, and I kept telling her so.

Tomato Plant Party Favor


Neko Case, one of my favorite music artists, was hosting a party in what looked like my grandparents' backyard as it appeared during my childhood. Back then they used to grow a garden, and indeed Neko had a garden there in the dream. My only clear memory is that as everyone was leaving the party, Neko tried to send them home with a tomato plant. I kept trying to politely refuse mine, insisting that it would probably die if I took it home, but Neko wouldn't take no for an answer.