Thursday, January 31, 2008



(Despite this dream's title, it doesn't contain any actual spoilers for the Cloverfield movie.)

I was in a mall, in an area that looked more or less like a food court. There was a big TV screen that was playing movie trailers. They played a trailer for a third Garfield movie that had just come out (I hope and pray this movie is entirely fictional). I've never seen either of the two real life Garfield movies, so I have no idea where this comes from. This movie, however, was animated more like the Saturday morning cartoons used to be, and it heavily featured Garfield's nemesis, Nermal the kitten. Something about the trailer made me actually want to see the movie. And there was a theater in this dream-mall, so I made my way there to go watch it.

On my way to the theater I saw this guy from high school. He's not someone I was friends with at all in high school--in fact, he was a royal jerk. I have no idea what he was doing making a cameo in this dream all these years later. He said he was on his way to see this Garfield movie as well. I hoped he wouldn't try to sit near me.

The two of us were in the theater lobby looking at movie posters when suddenly we heard what sounded like a loud explosion outside. We, along with pretty much everyone else in the mall, rushed out to see what was happening. It was sunset outside, so there was still enough light to see things really well. From the parking lot, we looked down the road that ran in front of the mall and saw the monster from Cloverfield. It was destroying things (as huge monsters will do), and it looked in our direction and released a horrific, ear-splitting roar that seemed to go on forever.

I became so terrified that I actually woke up. Upon realizing it was just a dream I quickly calmed down and was asleep again in no time. At some point after going back to sleep, I remember having a dream that seemed to continue on the basic themes of the one I woke up from...

I was outside in some public/city setting once more, and it was around sunset once again. There was a lot of commotion and panic going on around me, but the Cloverfield monster was nowhere to be seen in this revised dream. I began to run with the general crowd, but was totally confused as to what we were running from, which actually made things feel even scarier.

Then I saw them--Death Eaters led by Lord Voldemort! They were using the three Unforgivable Curses at random on all we fleeing "muggles". They were demanding to know where Harry Potter was, and said they "knew" that we (we being the general public at large, apparently) knew where he was, and someone had better talk.

Then there was Iron Man. He flew in and began fighting Voldemort. (Yes, I know this is Iron Man's second appearance in my dreams in recent history, which is odd since I'm not a big Iron Man fan, but I chalk it up to the publicity for the upcoming movie).

At one point Iron Man ended up grabbing me and flying me away (presumably out of the way of Voldemort, though I can't really remember for sure). He kept going higher and higher and, being scared of heights, I was very nervous. I looked up and could see the moon very clearly. It looked impossibly huge in the sky, but I told myself it must just look bigger when you're actually high up in the air.

But then I noticed I could dimly see whole cities on the moon. They looked just like aerial views of earthly cities! Before I could fully comprehend this, we descended and Iron Man set me down on a sidewalk next to some other people. My dad was there, and I told him, "In the future, there are cities on the moon. I saw them." He told me that wasn't real. And I woke up.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

That Obscurely Funny Early 80's Movie


First I remember being at work, talking to C, a real-life former coworker who doesn't actually work with me anymore. It's been quite some time since I've even talked to him. He was telling me about this really great comedy movie that he counted as one of his all-time favorites. It was made in the early 80's, and he urged me to rent it. His description was so glowing, that I pretty much immediately obtained a copy and took it home to watch it.

Home in this dream was a house instead of my apartment. Katie lived in a house right next door to me, though she doesn't come into the dream until later.

So I watched the movie. It was really, really off-the-wall humor. Along the lines of a "Naked Gun" type movie, but far more obscure and subversive than that. It took me a while to find interest, but suddenly there were these scenes that just had me laughing hysterically. I wouldn't be surprised if I had been laughing in my sleep I was laughing so hard in the dream. I wish I could remember what was happening in the scenes, but I remember very little now.

I only recall vague elements of one scene. There was a guy in a red tank top, sweatbands, and short-shorts (like a jogger from the early 80's or something). He was in a store trying to purchase something, and all these wacky things were going on around him. The manager was giving him a lot of guff and suddenly the guy was on a Roller Racer...


...which I haven't thought of in ages! Not since I as a kid in the actual 80's!

Anyway, he goes clumsily crashing about the store on his Roller Racer, knocking over merchandise, etc. and rolled up to the camera and held up a stack of record albums that all has NASCAR pictures on the covers. I don't know why, but in the dream world this scene was the absolute height of hilarity to me. I was crying I was laughing so hard. Go figure.

Suddenly, I was with my friend D, who I also haven't talked to in some time. I told him about this movie, and that he needed to see it. He said maybe sometime he would, but that right now he needed to just lay down and take a nap before he had to go to work. Why he was doing this in my house was beyond me, but it was really no big deal in my dream.

Then Katie came over and asked me if I wanted to eat some dinner with her. As I said before, she lived in a fictional house next to my fictional house in the dream, so I walked over to her backyard and we ate on a picnic table outside.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

They'rrrre OLD!


I was with at least one friend, possibly more (though even the one I'm sure of is only a vague presence in my memory) and we were visiting some zoo-like location. It wasn't set up like a traditional zoo, but it housed many animals.

At one point we entered a building that looked on the inside like a daycare or nursery. Each room was full of small furniture and other furnishings that you'd expect to find in a child's room. The only odd thing was that the walls and floors were just bare, uncovered cement. Oh, and every room was full of tigers!

My friend and I were speaking to a lady who was obviously one of the caretakers. As I cautiously observed the free-roaming tigers among us, the lady was telling us about one very special female tiger they were privileged to have in their facility. She gave its name, which I don't remember now, and told us this particular tiger was just over 400 years old!

When I expressed shock at the fact that a tiger could live that long, the lady assured me it was indeed highly unusual (most tigers never live to be older than 200 or so, she informed). I asked if we could see the very old tiger, and the caretaker promptly directed us to one corner of the room.

There was an oversize rocking chair in the corner with a huge, silver-white tiger curled up asleep in it. The caretaker carefully awakened the tiger, which slowly and groggily got out of the chair. The tiger's fur wasn't naturally the silver-white it was now, but had changed with age. It moved very slowly and gingerly, but otherwise seemed to be in good shape. I petted it, and couldn't believe it was 400 years old.

Sort of Like A Video Game


I was with two friends, one female and one male, and I can't for the life of me remember who they were, or if they were anyone specific. We were inside a fairly average-looking, two-story residential house. It looked dimly like a house I lived in some years ago, but not exactly. I was aware that some evil person or presence was in the house, and we were all three trying to escape unnoticed.

The evil person became aware of us though, and we were on the run, trapped in the upstairs portion of the home. There was nothing for it but to exit through a window. One by one we leapt out, and I was the last of the three. I remember the venetian blinds kept getting in the way.

Somehow we all three ended up safely in the front yard of the building, and the leap from the second story window had left none of us worse for wear. I was dimly aware that this whole scenario seemed unreal, and for some reason I began to think it was like a video game. I just remember feeling remarkably like this was some hyper-real video game I must be in.

The three of us hid behind a car in the driveway, hoping whatever evil person was pursuing us wouldn't see us there. I noticed a tin trash can, full to the rim with garbage, sitting near us. I remember having the thought, "If this really is some kind of video game, I should be able to just pick up that whole trash can and throw it at the bad guy to do some damage..."

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Working in the Office


This dream is for all of you fans of the "The Office" (U.S. version). Those of you who don't watch will, I'm afraid, be completely lost. Then again, since when do my dreams make sense anyway?

I was an employee at the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Michael Scott sent me out on a very important sales call. I arrived at the prospective client's office and had a talk with him. I was very nervous because I was very aware that I have no experience in sales and had no idea what to do. It turns out that really didn't matter, because the would-be client made it clear he really had no interest in doing business with us.

I returned to the office where a very expectant Michael Scott couldn't wait for me to confirm we had a new client. You can imagine how disappointed he was when he found out we didn't.

Michael immediately began to plot "revenge" on the client. He was trying to get everyone in the office involved in a plot to pull a major "prank" on this guy's entire business that would make him regret not signing up with us.

Of course everyone in the Office, including myself (but excluding Dwight Schrute) thought this idea was folly, and we tired to ignore Michael. Still, he somehow made us all go up into "the attic" (for apparently the office had an attic like you'd find in some homes) to get supplies for his prank.

The attic was very small, so much so that it wouldn't hold an entire person. The only way to enter it was to put a ladder on the ground, climb up to the top so that your head was near the ceiling, and then stick only your head into the attic while your body remained on the ladder outside. For some reason this tiny attic had several entrances, because I remember everyone in the office getting their own ladder and sticking their heads simultaneously into the attic. It was extremely surreal to look around and see only your coworkers' heads amidst all the old items in storage.

Something in the attic caused an allergic reaction among us, beginning with Meredith and working its way around. We were all having sneezing fits, so we came down our ladders and as a group informed Michael that we just absolutely would have no further part in his plan.

Michael pouted dramatically, but went on about his plan by himself since we were all such "babies". Meanwhile, I went back to my desk to check my e-mail. The prospective client from before had written me saying he'd changed his mind and would like to do business with us. I relayed this information to Michael and he actually seemed disappointed that he won't get to go through with his prank.

My next memory is everyone from the office in a bus, taking a field trip somewhere. At this point real-life Katie has joined me for the ride with all the fictional characters. We eventually arrived at a backyard barbecue, I think supposedly at Jim's house.

Katie and I soon observed that Dwight was still really sad about his break-up with Angela (following one of the more recent plots in the actual show). At this point we spontaneously came up with a plan to hopefully aid in getting the two of them back together. We took some sparkling grape juice that we'd brought to the picnic and mixed it with some other drink that was there.

We poured the result into two small bottles with the idea that we'd try to convince Dwight that it was a secret love potion that would work if he and Angela both drank it. We weren't trying to play a prank on Dwight, but we honestly believed--in dream logic--that this might somehow make them get back together.

I vaguely remember giving the bottles to Dwight and Angela respectively. Of course Dwight was hopeful, and I even caught a quiver of a smile cross Angela's lips. We left them alone to talk, and I never found out what happened between them.

Next I remember I was with Jim, standing at a concession stand run by Pam. She was making us sandwiches. I ordered a "cereal sandwich" from the menu simply because I wondered what one was. Pam proceeded to prepare two slices of bread with some mayonnaise and some lunch meat, then took out a box of Boo Berry Cereal. She was supposed to sprinkle some of it on the sandwich, but she put it together and handed it to me without the cereal on it. I gently reminded her that she left out the cereal on my cereal sandwich and she got really upset, began to cry, and ran away from her post at the concession stand. Jim and I looked at each other in bewildered shock, he wearing one of the expressions he would typically flash to the camera.

Around this point I woke up. I was focusing very hard on remembering this dream, but I fell asleep again before I could actually jot any of it down in my dream notepad. Then I continued with a new dream along similar lines:

I was in a store and I bought some neckties with funny Michael Scott quotes on them. They were having a special that you got two free "Looney Tunes" ties when you bought a certain number of "Office" ties, so I got them all. I was wondering the whole time if and when I'd ever actually wear any of these...and yet here I was buying them.

That's about the time I became aware of Fox Mulder (yes, from "The X-Files") being in the room. He was in an orange prison jumpsuit. Supposedly he'd been in prison for all the years since "The X-Files" had been off the air and he had just broken out with new information about "the truth".

I went with Mulder to a location that looked like an abandoned high school. Agent Scully and a few random fictional people were waiting there for him. He told them that he had information about the 2008 Presidential campaign, that there was some conspiracy theory revolving around it, and we were all in great danger.

He locked himself up in a room to study and research things about this. Scully and the other people went into a different room, all obviously very skeptical of Mulder. I was left just milling about on my own and tried to get on the Internet to kill time. When I turned on the computer, there was just static like there would be on a TV set with no reception. I realized it was storming outside, and assumed the Internet must have been temporarily knocked out by the storm.

Eventually Mulder emerged from his hideaway and came banging on the door of the room Scully and her people were in. He was saying he'd found a passage in the Bible that he thought explained everything he was trying to prove. They wouldn't even come out of the room, they just yelled through the door that they thought he was wasting his time.

Mulder got very mad and began storming back to his room. I tried to stop him and tell him I was willing to at least listen to his theory, because I felt suddenly sympathetic to him. He wouldn't listen to me though, and just kept marching on towards his room.

As I followed him, we passed former Vice President Dan Quayle. I wondered in the back of my mind if this had anything to do with that Presidential conspiracy theory Mulder had been talking about.

This is about when my alarm went off.