Friday, July 20, 2012

The Dream Full O' Anxiety


On the vague chance that anyone has read any of these dreams at all, let alone several from the past couple of months, you've probably ascertained that I recently took a level two improvisational comedy course with a local improv troupe. Now I'm an actual member of said troupe, and such is reflected in the first element of the following dream:

Pretty much every member of the troupe was in a classroom setting. It looked a lot like my high school. The troupe leader was addressing us and getting newer group members to participate in random exercises. He was tossing out words and having people do a bit centered around that word. He never got to me in the dream, but for some reason, as I sat there awaiting my inevitable turn, I was drawing a total blank, and that scared me. I felt so much pressure!

(I've had several similar anxiety-based dreams since joining the troupe, but most went no further than just that, so they haven't been chronicled.)

From the classroom, many of us entered into a grocery store. We were milling about, having taken our own separate paths through the store, making purchases. I vaguely remember having a conversation with someone while I browsed items on a shelf.

At this point the dream sort of morphed to a situation where, still inside a store, I was browsing on my laptop. I was trying to store away some files--I think by putting them on a flash drive--and something weird happened. A window popped up asking me if I was sure I wanted to execute so-and-so command. Mistakenly thinking it was pertaining to the activity at hand, I clicked "yes".

Not long after this I realized I'd just deleted most the files from my computer! I was so distraught. The loss of all my music was one of my biggest concerns, though it was all horrible. Fretting over this was my last memory.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The House of Tomorrow!


For some reason I my parents called me and told me they'd signed us all up to spend the night in some sort of strange house. The house was meant to be a trial of sorts for a "home of the future" that would mostly be self-keeping through the magic of robots and machines. It very much had the feel of some old 40's or 50's cartoon in which similar things are imagined.

I have vague memories of being in this house with my parents overnight, checking out some of the mechanics and inventions that kept the place running, etc. The main thing I remember is that there was a girl there about my age, and I found out my parents had invited her to come. I tried to explain to them that I had already had a girlfriend, so this was going to be terribly awkward. I can only faintly recall talking with this girl some. And I remember she was a brunette.

At the end of the dream there was something about the house malfunctioning and machines going haywire. we had to try to escape. We ultimately did, though it was scary.

My final memory is that I saw my maternal grandfather, who has been dead some years now, walking around in a bedroom in my grandparents' house. He said something to me about that robotic future house, warning that things were bound to go wrong with it. I debated whether to tell him that he was right, and that my parents and I had nearly been it's victim. This is about where the dream ended.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

You Date My Seester!


First I dreamed that my bed collapsed onto the floor and woke me up. I can't remember what happened after that.

Next I remember being at home and a pretty blonde Russian girl with a thick accent asked to borrow a short, so I gave her a long-sleeved white shirt. A few moments later, my boss came into the room and took a shirt from the closet without asking. I followed him out of the room, but he wouldn't answer me.

Finally, I was in a room with the Russian girl again. She was wearing my shirt and a tiny pair of shorts. She looked so sexy. She began explaining to me in her broken English that I should date her sister. "She have three kids. Very pretty!" she kept saying. I was trying to explain to her that I already had a girlfriend (and even if I didn't, the "three kids" thing wouldn't have been helping the case she was making).

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Trail Bikes


I was walking along some trail in a woodsy area. I came to a place where people could borrow bicycles to ride the trails and decided I wanted to to that. But there was only one bike currently available. It was very old and rusty, and tied to a tree in a way that I couldn't get it free. I remember other bicyclists passing me by as I stood there. I kept hoping one of them would stop and return their bike to the queue so that I could use it, but they never did.

Another dream dealt with the stray cat I feed at work, but in the dream it was a totally different-looking cat. Unlike the real-life cat, the dream one let me pet it.

Quirky Anonymous


I was attending a sketch pitch/writing meeting with the fellow members of my improv troupe (as we just did in real life). In the dream I pitched a sketch in which Zooey Deschanel attended "Quirky Anonymous" meetings.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Parking Lot Party


One of the Pixar animators that I follow on Twitter linked to a special "Roger Rabbit" movie they were making just for fun, because they were fans of the film--it wasn't an official project. I vaguely remember watching the short film and being impressed.

Then I remember meeting my friend Eric in some parking lot where people were having a picnic or party. He explained that these were people he worked with, and it was a work-related party. It was very awkward for me to make conversation with these people. There were a lot of pigeons in the parking lot.

One of the people showed me a catalog that offered LEGO sets based on Shaun of the Dead and Back to the Future, and I thought they looked so cool.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Found the Chapstick!


I was riding around in a car with some people. One of them was Zooey Deschanel. At one point she exclaimed that she'd dropper her chapstick somewhere in the floorboard. I used the light from my cell phone to help her find it.

Thank you, subconscious, for the truly entertaining gem of a dream!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Ah, She's From England


For some reason I had to go to a special office one evening and sign some papers and official documents. I think it was supposed to be for something like a passport. The office was located in a little strip mall.

As I was approaching the entrance, I noticed a cute redheaded woman wearing a gray skirt and jacket with a white blouse and black heels standing inside one of the neighboring businesses. I didn't think much of it, other than that she was pretty.

Inside the office-of-whatever, someone directed me to a lady behind what looked like a bank teller's desk. She gave me the forms to sign, and then I had to wait around for something. There were several tables in the center of the room. It looked almost like a restaurant in that regard. I saw my friend Brandon, who I haven't seen in ages, sitting at on of the them, so I sat with him.

Then the cute redheaded lady came into the room. I heard her speak to someone and she had a British accent. I told Brandon, "Ah, she's from England, now it makes sense why she's in here." (Whatever that meant.)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Meeting Karen


Ashley and I were in a restaurant. We noticed that Karen Gillan ("Amy Pond" from Doctor Who) was seated at a nearby table. In the dream I was wearing a Doctor Who T-shirt that I had actually been wearing the night before ("Keep Calm and Don't Blink"). Karen saw us from across the way and, for some reason, waved as though she knew us. I ultimately figured out that she wanted to know what my shirt said, and then, because of the shirt, we got to meet her. My last memory is the three of us posing for a picture together.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Action Movie Scene


I was in a large, empty building or complex of some sort at night. I was vaguely aware that the place had been full of people at some point earlier in the dream. Suddenly, as I was creeping through one of the now-deserted rooms, the place shook violently, as from a bomb or an earthquake.

Rubble was falling all around me, and I ran and took cover under one of the dining tables. I consciously felt like I was in an action movie, and from that point on, I was in an action movie. The enemy was closing in on the building and I had to figure out what to do.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Reluctant Caterpillar


I was dating Zooey Deschanel, but I related to her as though she was my actual real-life girlfriend, so I guess she was sort of a mash-up character in the dream. I vaguely remember we were at someone's house where a party of some sort was being held.

We were ready to go, but before we could leave, I for some reason felt like I had to walk over to the fireplace in the room where we were and pick up a potted plant. There was a caterpillar on a leaf of the plant which I picked up and tried to shove into a small, circular hole in the side of the pot. The caterpillar struggled and did not want to go into the hole, and it was very tricky trying to force it to go in without squishing it. For some reason I just "knew" this worm was supposed to live in the soil and not on the surface, so I was trying to "help" it by forcing it to crawl through the hole into the dirt.

There was some other part of the dream where "Zooey" and I had a very mild argument, I think because I was ready to go home and she wanted to stay. She huffed out of the room and sulked somewhere.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tree Stump Scribble


In real life, one of the last things I did before going to bed last night was to send an e-mail to an artist I'm a fan of requesting a commission. The commission is intended to be of my original characters, Jennifer & Bueno. In my dream I had received the commission--but it was just a scrap of paper with a hastily scribbled tree stump on it. Nothing more! I was so disappointed that I'd paid for this!

Other things were going on in the dream, but my most coherent memory is just my overwhelming dismay over this expensive, crappy little doodle.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Michael Jackson Concert


I found a stash of family photos that were taken at a Michael Jackson concert sometime in the 80's. I never actually went to one. I would have been just a kid and my parents wouldn't have taken me in the first place. Even in the dream I was shocked to see them, because I "didn't remember" that my parents had taken me.

Judging by the not-very-good pictures, we had been way up in the nosebleed seats, because the stage was a faraway object with little specs of people on it. You could tell one of them apparently was wearing a bright red jacket, though.

Suddenly the dream changed to where I was actually sitting in the nosebleed seats at the actual concert! I only have vague memories of it, as it seemed to be over pretty soon. Filing through the lines of people after the show, I got word that Michael would be doing a meet-and-greet for a certain number of people. I decided to just follow the crowd over to the backstage area where this was supposed to happen.

As we waited in line for the meet-and-greet, it occurred to me that Michael Jackson was dead. This whole concert, and most certainly the meet-and-greet, were impossibilities. Then the line advanced and I could see the stage. There was a table spread with Micheal's former belongings. The table was surrounded by several large, bodyguard-type men wearing dark, hooded robes like monks.

These "monks" were using a special pen to sign items in MJ's name, then they'd hand them to a fan. It was very surreal.

The next thing I remember, I'm out of line and wandering around outside, though I can still see several lines formed in different areas. It all looked like a high school campus from the outside. I ran into my friend Julie from improv class and we spoke for a moment. then I think I got in another line and just stood there.

The weirdest thing about this dream is that at no point have I ever been any particular sort of Michael Jackson fan.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Seance and the Parade


Ashley and I were watching a new episode of the current (second) season of Game of Thrones. There was a very intense scene which does not actually take place in the show or in the books, though in the dream I "remembered" it from the books.

Some Maester was seated at a table with Queen Cersei, who was demanding he contact a dead spirit for here. He laid out some herbs and other items on the table and eventually managed to call up a spirit, which was depicted as a sort of wispy, translucent, vaguely human form.

Cersei began to forcefully ask the spirit questions and demand answers. Suddenly, without touching her, the spirit violently slammed her head against the table then shoved her so that she fell over backwards in her chair. The spirit then leapt on top of her (as much as a smokey, translucent being can to that) and began speaking to her in a gravelly whisper of a voice that was more or less unintelligible.

After this, the spirit disappeared into a dead body that was in a bed elsewhere in the room. It was an extremely intense and disturbing scene!

After this I had a dream in which I was at a place that I guess was more or less Disney World. I was walking around the "Main Street" area on my own, but I was aware that I was there with other people who were currently off doing their own activities.

Suddenly a parade came down the street--and this is where it gets very hard to explain. As I watched the parade pass by, a man was explaining to me about the history of silent film. All of the passersby in the parade were actually silent film footage--they were in black and white, and had that unnatural, speeded-up movement you see in old films. It was exactly like watching a silent film of a parade, except it was passing right in front of me.

Someone in the parade was riding a donkey. The donkey had some material draped across it that was in bright red. The man beside me went on to explain how sometimes in the early days of film, they would hand paint certain frames of the film so that elements would appear in color, and that is what I was seeing here.

Eventually the surreal parade ended and I was wandering around on my own again. I realized I didn't have my camera and hadn't been taking any pictures from this entire trip, including the weird parade. I was very disappointed.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Community Golf


I was watching an episode of Community that had something to do with Jeff Winger pretending he was an expert at golf. He was interacting with a supposed golf pro, cockily talking up his skill set. Of course the pro wanted to take him out for a round of golf, and Jeff was terrified of being found out for a fraud.

Then I remember trying to contact me friend Eric, whose arrival I was apparently anticipating. He wasn't answering, and I was getting antsy because we were supposed to go to Atlanta and were on a tight schedule. I think we were supposed to go see some kind of live Community-related show, maybe? My memory is hazy from this point.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Great Wall


The Great Wall of China separated North and South Korea (geography made no difference in the dream). For some reason I was there, trapped in North Korea with my friend Eric and several other people. The dream mostly centered around a fantastic attempt to escape over the wall into South Korea.

The dream mostly played out like an action movie, and I can only remember vague snippets of exactly what happened. My group infiltrated the inside of the Great Wall, which was a modern-looking, high security facility.
For some reason the guards along the wall were all German soldiers. We got stuck in one room with a German doctor who at first physically threatened me, but then was revealed to be a double-agent on our side.

One of the people on my team of escape artists was Arsenio Hall (probably because I'd been visiting my parents' this night, where part one of the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice had been watched). I remember him crawling under some equipment and rearranging some wires to make a door open.

The last part of the dream featured all of my group and the turncoat doctor running across the top of the Wall under a clear, moonlit sky. At this point Eric and I were aware that we were part of a movie made by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (probably because I can't think of North Korea without thinking of Kim Jong Il from their Team America movie).

There was a different dream later on in which I was having a very serious discussion with Ashley in her car. She was driving, but started to cry and asked if I could take the wheel for a while. We stopped the car and I got out and went around to the driver's side. Once I was seated, I saw that she was completely composed and free of tears. She explained that she just was tired of driving and had wanted me drive for a while.

Decorating the Set


I was attending a local play which starred several actual area actors as well as some fictional people. It was a murder mystery. Someone had killed a rich woman, and the main two suspects were a guy that looked and sounded a lot like Orson Welles, and an attractive young girl with a ton of tattoos.

After the show I remember being backstage for some reason. The tattooed girl and I were having a conversation. Ashley was there with us, though I don't remember if she'd been in the audience before.

Somehow Ashley and I got roped into helping a guy decorate the set for the next play they'd be having. A lot of the decorations were of a Christmas theme. I specifically remember a lot of the Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments, such as ones with Disney and Peanuts characters like I have in real life.

There was also a giant, inflatable elephant in Alabama Crimson Tide football colors. We named the elephant a really strange name that I could no longer recall upon waking. For some reason it seems like it rhymed with "Star Wars"?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Anime Doc


I vaguely remember watching an cartoon which featured some of the characters from the Back to the Future movies, though I don't think it was entirely based upon them. The interesting thing was that the animation was in the Japanese/Anime style. The scene I remember most clearly took place in a very futuristic world. Doc Brown, depicted in very much the "anime" style, was sitting in some kind of vehicle or contraption having an extremely hyper fit about something.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Original Art, Apparently?


I only vaguely recall anything abut this dream. It had something to do with the improv classes I've been taking, but there was original comic book art in the classroom. Some of it was my own, and some of it I had purchased from another artists? I think? I do remember holding framed, black and white art in my hands.

Clearly, this journal entry was worth my while!

Unexpectedly Quick Lunch Break


In real life, there is a Logan's Roadhouse restaurant within walking distance of where I work. For lunch, however, I always go for cheaper, "healthier" options from fast food restaurants than bigger meals from "sit-down" restaurants.

In my dream, I had decided to go to Logan's for my lunch break, only for some reason it was at night. There was a big crowd waiting to be seated and I put my name on the list and joined their ranks. I saw a group of fictional people that recognized me from somewhere. We greeted each other and then just sort of awkwardly fumbled around the way vague acquaintances will do when meeting each other in public.

Then I saw my dad there. He said he'd buy my lunch, and my next memory is that I had ordered my food, but I don't remember my dad still being there. I ate some kind of grilled chicken with vegetables and it was pretty good.

When I left the restaurant I noticed I still had the overwhelming majority of my lunch break left. I couldn't believe I'd gotten in and out of the restaurant so quickly--especially with the seemingly long wait to be seated.

In another part of the dream, or perhaps even a different on altogether, I was in a bookstore. I was reading an issue of a comic book and really enjoying it. I eventually decided to leave the store and just as I got out there door I realized I was still holding the comic book.

I went back inside to pay for it, but I asked them if they could just scan the comic and have it sent digitally to my Kindle. (In real life I only have a regular Kindle, and not an iPad or anything that would make reading digital comics very rewarding, yet I wanted it in the dream). I think the people in the store said they could definitely do this.

The memory of the last bit of the dream is very vague. I think I met some people on the side of the road an was able to answer their questions about something. Then I ran into the head of a local improv comedy troupe, who is teaching the beginner's improv 2 class that I've been taking. We talked about something, and this is about the time that I woke up.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An Awkard TMBG Show


I saw that my favorite band, They Might Be Giants, would be doing a previously unannounced show in Chattanooga, TN. In real life Chattanooga is a couple of hours or so away, but in my dream I was thinking of it as more like five hours away (closer the actual driving distance for Nashville). I initially couldn't justify driving quite that far for a band I've already seen live so many times, but somehow, at the very last minute, I decided to attend.

The show was being held as part of a music festival inside an airport-like facility. I vaguely remember them playing a song (I don't know which one), and then making some banter on the stage. Flansburgh began explaining how they originally didn't want to come to Chattanooga, listing all the reasons why they looked down on the town. Then he explained how actually visiting the town had won them over and changed their minds. I was kind of shocked to hear them handing out such a backhanded compliment to a city they were playing in (not really their style).

After this I have a memory of sleeping in my car in the parking lot of the airport-like venue where the concert had been. Early in the morning, I walked back inside. For some reason I had to hand my phone to some kind of official, uniformed woman. I sat in a waiting room until she eventually brought the phone back to me.

The lady explained that the phone "should be working" for now, but this brand of phone was known to have many problems, and I needed to buy a new phone as soon as possible. I was disconcerted, because I have no desire to drop money for a nice new phone right now.

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Brunette and the BBQ


I remember being at the home I lived in as a teenager. Though I don't remember interacting with her, I know there was a fictional woman who lived next door. She was a cute, brunette single mother.

At one point I was in my car. I specifically remember listening to music as I drove. I suddenly remembered that I'd not packed any water for whatever trip I was taking, so I stopped at a convenience store to buy some bottles. Inside the store, I saw the neighbor woman again. She looked gorgeous in her outfit, and I remember especially noting her sexy black heels he was wearing.

Suddenly, I was walking through a mall with my dad and once again the brunette lady appeared. She was very distraught, and informed us that her son was missing. I vaguely remember we tried to calm her and help her look, but the memory is less clear here.

At some point, I came across a crazy old lady whose behavior was very much like the "crazy cat lady" from The Simpsons (minus the actual cats). I was trying to get away from her, but she somehow ended up in the passenger seat of a car I was driving, ranting all the way.

In a second dream, I was in a barbecue restaurant that was apparently run by the improv comedy troupe from whom I'm currently taking classes. The troupe leader was serving the food at a front counter, and another member was placing an order. I ordered a "barbecue and chicken finger sandwich". The food was good, and I asked "which restaurant does this stuff really come from?". My final memory is that I tried to write down the answer to that question on a scrap of paper, but somehow was having a very difficult time of it...

Sunday, April 29, 2012



I kept seeing recommendations for a band called "Logitech" when I would log into Facebook. (I didn't recognize the name as being the same as the real life company that makes computer accessories.) All of the images associated with the Facebook ads for this band featured retro, 8-bit computer artwork.

Later, I saw my friend Eric along with the guys from the band he's in. They explained to me that, as an experiment, they'd created a different band called "Logitech". They wrote and recorded an entire EP in one session, and what I had thought were "ads" was actually Facebook trying to invite me to hear the live EP session they'd just created.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wild Animals


First I remember being at my grandmother's house with my cousins. I don't specifically remember my own supposed age in the dream, but they were definitely much younger, as we were in the days when we more frequently spent time there.

We were standing in the backyard looking off into the open lot beyond the chain-link fence. We suddenly noticed two bears up in one of the trees. The bears began to climb back down and we saw, just up above them, a wolf also beginning to descend the tree (the fact that wolves don't climb trees didn't seem to be important).

Initially this sight was just impressive to us because of the sheer unlikeliness of it. True to form, I was trying to snap pictures. Then we began to notice there were more and more wild animal nearby, so we ran back into the house.

Once safely inside, I remember looking out the widow into the backyard and seeing it filled with wild animals of all sorts! There were bears, wolves, various wild sorts of wild cats, etc.--a veritable zoo! All of the animals were at perfect peace with each other, despite their close and crowded proximity.

Finally, I remember something very bad happening. Either the animals suddenly turned on themselves, or people showed up and started killing them--something caused a sudden, violent bloodbath. It was so upsetting that it woke me up.

In another, obviously more pleasant dream I was supposedly at Disney World again. There was a new ride based on the Tangled/Rapunzel movie. I remember the queue was designed to look like you were slowly ascending Rapunzel's tower. The ride began with some sort of expository short film starring the characters. From the theater, you entered into the actual ride. Unfortunately, I can't remember what the ride itself was like once it began.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Costume Shopping


I remember driving out of town to meet some friends one night in a little (fictional?) town. Once there, I can remember driving past a variety of shops and strip malls, and one very large facility that looked like a huge Victorian style house.

Ultimately I ended up in a store that sold Halloween costumes and supplies. For some reason my parents were there. There was a rack that sold nothing buy "Pee Wee Herman" costume suits in various sizes. My parents were each trying on one of these suits over their clothes, and were recommending that I should be Pee Wee for Halloween (I've actually considered this on past Halloweens, and was considering it again in the dream.)

Then I saw some accessories that I thought would make for a good "Woody from Toy Story" costume (another I once considered in real life). The next bit of the dream focused on me looking to see if I could find enough items to put that costume together successfully. I couldn't find an appropriate hat, but I remembered I'd seen a hat store on my drive into town, so I went to look at the hat store.

The inside of the hat store was basically like a maze or labyrinth, and it was impossible to find anything. One portion of the maze ended in a room that looked like a very stripped-down, basic version of a fast food restaurant--I think it was a Wendy's.

I think I did eventually find the hat portion of the store, but at this point my memory gets pretty vague.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Hunger-ish Games


I remember I was with a large-ish group of people and we were supposed to be taking part in big game of some sort. We split into two teams and ran off into the woods from two separate points. Each team was racing to reach some particular destination.

If opposing team members saw you as you ran through the woods, they'd try to catch you and tag you out. The goal was to reach the destination with the most surviving members. This game was actually being touted as being a tie-in to the Hunger Games craze. Like, getting "tagged out" was like you were a "tribute" who'd been "killed" in the arena.

It was pretty hectic and intense, running through the woods, trying to reach the destination as quickly as possible while trying to take the time to decimate the other teams numbers (and avoid being taken out at the same time). I remember a lot of close calls, running like crazy from opponents, but then I woke up.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shirts and Shoes


I was eating with someone, possibly my dad, at a mall food court. A little boy sitting at a nearby table was wearing a T-shirt with artwork of a colorful tree frog on it. I don't know why, the she shirt was really attention-grabbing.

Soon after,
elsewhere in the food court, I saw a little kiosk which sold T-shirts with various animal prints like this one. The one I liked best had a chameleon on it. Again, I can't explain why I liked these shirts so, but I did. I don't think I ended up actually buying one, though.

I vaguely recall a part of the dream in which I was just walking through the rest of the mall by myself. I visited a couple of the shops, one of them being a music store, but I don't clearly recall anything that happened.

Eventually I ended up out in the parking lot. Some people a few yards away were having a loud argument which was quickly escalating into an actual fight. Suddenly a car driven by a couple of my friends (though I can't remember who) pulled up to the curb. They told me, "This looks like it's about to get out of hand--get in and lets go!" So I did, and we did.

A few minutes later my mom called me to ask where I was. I told her I'd already left the mall (apparently she was there, too). She told me it was too bad I'd left, because they were having a sale on athletic shoes in the store she was in, but it was about to close (in real life it's time for me to buy some new walking shoes for the track, and I've been putting it off).

Monday, April 16, 2012

Improvisational Trumpeting


In real life, as a few other recent dream entries will attest, I'm currently taking a level two improv comedy class hosted by a local troupe. In my dream, I was attending a performance by said troupe, only I was supposed to be taking part in it as well. This made me extremely nervous, as I rightly didn't feel prepared to put on a real show!

When I was called upon to appear in my first skit of the evening, I began it by pretending to be a trumpet player, first pantomiming the trumpet and then speaking in a Louis Armstrong type voice. One of my fellow classmates was in this scene with me, but I don't remember much more about it.

After my first scene, I took my seat next to the other players who weren't currently on stage. One of the girls and I got into a conversation about photography, which turned out to be a mutual interest. Then she began to talk to me about gardening, which was apparently another hobby.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Infested Taxidermy


While my actual birthday is in February, I was celebrating my birthday in my dream. Some friends had gotten together and gave me a few gifts.

One gift was a plastic lunchbox of the sort I used to carry to school as a kid. this one featured Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy on the front. They were drawn in a very stylized, unique style, quite different from the standard Disney style, and I liked it. My friends had packed the lunchbox with a few other random items, all featuring the same stylized artwork of Disney's big three.

Another gift came in a fairly large box. My parents, who were there, explained to me that it was a gift one of my dad's friends from England had shipped to me. The box contained an actual, stuffed taxidermy do-do bird! The bird had been posed as though it were using it's wing as a hand, holding and eating a peeled banana.

The banana, too, was an actual banana that had been somehow preserved for the sake of this stuffed art. It looked a little rotten and worse for wear in spite of this, however. I picked at it, and part of it fell away, revealing hundreds of tiny, black bugs crawling around inside the rotten fruit!

At this point I noticed that the entire taxidermy creature was infested with this black bugs. I threw it back in the box, taped it up, and ran outside with it. I hoped to dispose of it before those bugs go all over the inside of the house.

The front yard I ran into looked like that of the house we lived in when I was a teenager. I threw the box into a ditch by the road at the edge of the yard and came partially open. It was soon swarming with the black bugs. I got a can of bug spray and tried to cover the thing with it. This is my last memory of what was a very freaky dream!

There was some other dream I'd been having earlier in the night and had briefly woken up from. All I remember is that I was supposedly training two new employees at work (this is something I used to have to do a few years ago, when we used to hire part-timers, but haven't actually done in ages).

I was training them on one piece of equipment, and they kept mashing the wrong sequence of buttons. The equipment, in real life, was just a program on a computer, but in the dream it seemed like there could be dangerous results to their not hitting the right buttons, so I was getting nervous.

Eventually I exited the room, leaving these two to continue to goof around and misuse the machine. No sooner was I out the door than I saw a bright flash and heard a small "boom". It startled me so that I woke up.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

An Old Western and Breakfast


I vaguely remember watching a movie on TV. It was a western, and it centered on an older, fat man of dubious character who had befriended a single mother and her young son. The man had gradually gained their trust, and the little boy especially looked up to him.

The man and child were sitting outside of some kind of saloon one evening when the boy gave the man a gift. It was type of golden ornament, not unlike a crown. The man took it and put it in his bag. Then he quickly snuck away, and it revealed that his getting close to this family had all been abut stealing this golden prize. What a hateful character! Seeing the man report back to his evil, female "boss" is the last thing I remember...

In another dream I remember walking through a large, spacious house out in the country. I stumbled into one room where Prince/King Joffery from Game of Thrones was belittling and threatening to kill someone. I quickly backed out of the room and went on my way.

In the kitchen I found my mom making breakfast. There were glass doors that lead out onto a deck or patio where I could see men at work. My mom explained what they were repairing or building (I can't remember now). Then she stepped outside and asked the men if they'd like any of the biscuits she was making. She even said, in a sing-song voice, "They're oh-so tasty and covered with gravy!" (which is not a thing my mom would do). Even in the dream world I found that odd.

Soon after, my dad came into the room and my last memory is the three of us eating breakfast. I woke up hungry.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fake I.D.


One night I was trying to enter some sort of airport-like facility. The place was very crowded, and I was stuck in one of many long lines outside, waiting to gain entrance. When I finally got to the front of the line, the security personnel rejected my papers or my ID or something and told me I couldn't go inside.

Disgruntled, I somehow found a way to sneak in along with another group of people. As I walked through the lobby, I noticed a large display near some of the front desks with an "Alice in Wonderland" theme. I wasn't sure what the occasion was.

Someone explained to me that there was a guy outside who could make fake I.D.'s for people who were unable to get inside. For some reason, despite the fact that I had already gotten inside, I went back outside to ask this guy for fake papers. He had a small crowd around him, and he was handing people fake I.D.'s out of a fanny pack around his waist.

Finally, the dream shifted to where I was, while still in the airport-like facility, performing improv with a local improv troupe that I often see in real life (and with whom I'm currently taking a "Beginner's Improv 102" class). The previous pair on the stage had just done an "Alice in Wonderland" themed bit, inspired by the previously mentioned decorations.

It was my turn to go on, so I walked over to the prop table where various wigs and hats were laid out. I found a pair of cat ears and a tail which I quickly donned, thinking I'd continue the "Alice" theme by being a Chesire Cat. Once taking the stage, however, I realized I had no idea of where to go with it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

They Might Be Mechanics


I was driving back to my apartment one evening around sunset when my car broke down. I was only two or three miles away, and decided I could walk back to my apartment, which I proceeded to do. I'd already covered a good amount of ground when I realized that going back to my apartment would accomplish nothing! I had no extra car there, no other person to help me. Why didn't I just stay with my car and call someone on my cell? So I walked back to the car.

I had parked the broken-down car on a curb of street that was full of small businesses. It's an entirely fictional street that doesn't really exist near my apartment. By now it was completely dark out, and I was sitting on the sidewalk waiting, I guess, for someone to come get me.

Suddenly, my favorite band, They Might Be Giants, happened to pass by in a van. They stopped and asked me what was wrong. When I explained my predicament to them, they got out and helped. John Linnell seemed especially good with cars, and was working under the hood with one of the other band members. Meanwhile, John Flansburgh sat on the sidewalk with me and made small talk.

He took out his lap top and showed me a secret password you could type in to their website to get a steep discount on their "Instant Fan Club" package. There was some sort of black and white animated gif associated with the password, but I don't really remember much beyond this.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Improv Castle


Ashley and I were attending a performance by one of the local improv comedy troupes that I regularly go to see in real life. I vaguely remember sitting through a portion of the performance. Later, for some reason, I was called over to the side of the venue where I was interacting with one of the performers.

My last memory is of being on the stage with the troupe, only now it was more like a play than an improv comedy routine. There was a large, two-dimensional set piece that looked like a medieval castle. several of us were positioned behind it, as if peering out from its windows and turrets. I had lines I was supposed to recite, but was having trouble remembering them.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Basically It's About Hendricks


I was in a big house with a lot of people, including family and friends and some general fictional dream people. Somehow I'd obtained a new kitten, and everyone wanted to see it.

I was in one of the upstairs rooms letting people pet the cat when someone from downstairs called us to supper. At this point Christina Hendricks came out of an adjoining bathroom wearing a bra and panties! The underwear was of the "everyday" variety as opposed to lingerie, but still made for an alarmingly sexy site.

None of us could believe she was going to go downstairs to dinner in her underwear, but she didn't seem to think much of it. Once downstairs, however, the woman who was serving (and had obviously prepared) the food took great issue with it! Christina changed into jeans and a T-shirt.

At this point the dream sort of changed so that Ashley and I were both having dinner with Christina Hendricks in a nice restaurant. Someone asked me about the kitten, which I suddenly realized I'd left at home with no extra food or water (I'd apparently been gone for a few days).

Finally I remember being back in my apartment to check on the cat. My dad was here and explained he'd already brought it some food. Upon closer inspection we realized the food he'd bought was only for adult cats, so we still needed to go buy some for kittens.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gift Certificates


Somehow I ended up receiving a $1500 gift certificate for a men's clothing store, and through events I no longer clearly recall, two other individuals gave me their gift certificates as well. So I ended up with $4500 I could only spend in a particular men's clothing store by a certain expiration date.

I decided I could use a suit or two, since I don't really have one that really properly fits me or suits the most up-to-date styles (I seldom have occasion to wear them). Even with the gift certificates, I wasn't interested in owning an outlandishly expensive suit, so it would take quite a lot to use the money I had access to. My solution--which seemed brilliant in the dream--is that I'd buy $4500 worth of moderately priced suits, keep one or two of them, and then promptly return all the others for cash.

I remember walking through the clothing store, which seemed almost as big as a mall. The general decor was very peculiar, and the place did not seem as "nice" as one might expect a store that specialized in suits to be.

I discovered the entrance to a large bookstore at one end of the clothing store. Somehow, moments after I began browsing the bookstore, I ended up signed up for some type of art class, which the dream immediately began to focus on.

I was in a room with probably 15-20 other students, each of us standing behind our own easel. The teacher explained that she'd be assigning us each a different art "challenge". My challenge was to take a photograph of a grasshopper that she'd handed me and "draw an animal that isn't a grasshopper, but that bears traces of this grasshopper, as though it may have transformed from it"! I think I drew an elephant/grasshopper hybrid.

For some reason my friends' daughter, Cailey, was suddenly there with me as I worked on my art assignment. She pointed out to me a really nice watch featuring the Disney version of the Cheshire Cat. I really liked it, but it was a little pricey, so I decided I could buy it with part of my gift certificate money later on.

My last memory is at the end of the class period. Each student had to go to the front of the room and reveal what their finished piece of art looked like. One very cute girl was showcasing her painting, which has pretty overtly erotic themes.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Loner Zombie, Snarky Doctor, and Doctor Who's New Foe


I was in the front yard of the house I lived in as a teen. Everything seemed pretty peaceful, until I noticed a man lying in the grass on the opposite side of the driveway, near the neighbor's property. I couldn't tell if they were even alive!

I cautiously approached the body and soon realized it was a zombie! It had been quiet and still, but it roused when it saw me approaching, stood up, and came ambling after me.

Since the zombie was slow and seemed to be entirely alone, my sense of panic was surprisingly measured. I rushed into the garage in hopes of finding something with which to kill it. I found a shotgun and shovel, but was unsure which to use. My internal debate was that, given my total lack of knowledge about guns, I might actually miss if I used the shotgun, or use it incorrectly altogether...the shovel, on the other hand, required a closer kill, and would be much more disgusting. All the while, the zombie continued its approach...

My next memory of a dream found me walking into some type of seedy-looking hospital or clinic. I only needed antibiotics for a sinus infection (something I actually had several weeks ago), but most of the people in the waiting room--and there were a lot of them--seemed terribly ill. I felt badly for them, but at the same time was afraid of catching something. Not to mention the fact that this facility seemed to be rather filthy was a matter of concern itself.

Eventually I got to see a doctor. She was a middle-aged woman, and she kept trying to run all kinds of tests on me. I kept explaining to her that I just needed to get some meds for my sinuses, but she seemed to ignore my requests. Eventually we got very snarky and sarcastic with each other.

And finally, I had a dream that Ashley and Eric and I were all watching the series 7 premiere of Doctor Who! I remember an opening scene in which the 11th Doctor was sitting in a booth in a old greasy spoon diner, talking to some character I can't remember.

Even though I was clearly aware that I was watching this on TV, I seemed to see everything from the point of view of the other person sitting in the booth with the Doctor. I remember being impressed with how especially funny this scene was. The Doctor's quirkiness was on full display.

The rest of my memory is a blur, though I remember a villain was introduced. The actor who played him reminded me, even in the dream, of Freddie Mercury. Everything ended on some kind of cliffhanger, and then Eric and Ashley and I discussed how unfair it was that we had to wait a whole week to find out what happened.

Somehow we received a magazine or brochure or some sort which had pictures and description from the next week's episode. We saw that the Freddie Mercury villain had strapped Amy Pond and Rory each into a cruel metal device of some sort. The device held them in an "on all fours" position, and their mouths were pried open. The villain's plan was to kill them by force-feeding them to death through giant funnels! It was fairly disturbing imagery, didn't strike us as seeming very Doctor Who-ish, and it's the last thing I remember before waking...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

He Listens to Jazz


Real life background: I'm currently taking a level two improv comedy class, which is a follow-up to the first course I took a couple of years ago. Our final class session will be an actual performance for whatever friends we choose to invite, which was the case the first time as well.

In my dream, it was the night of the final, only instead of taking place in our classroom, it was taking place at the Alabama Theatre (an historic old theatre in downtown Birmingham). I only vaguely remember the process and the nerves of performing in the amateur improv show.

My clearest memory of the dream comes after the show was over. My fellow classmates, our instructors and I were standing backstage talking. My friends who had come to see the show on my behalf were also nearby. As everyone was chatting amongst themselves, I distinctly heard a woman's voice say, "Wait til they find out he listens to jazz!"

The voice was so real, so nearly audible, that it woke me up. I have no idea to whom or to what the phrase referred.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Forgetting Leads to Frustration


I was supposed to go film some type of concert or event for work. It was to take place in a fictional strip mall, which is where I had driven to at my first memory in the dream. No sooner had I arrived and spoken to the obese middle-aged woman who was in charge of the impending event than I realized I'd left all the necessary equipment back at my workplace.

The remainder of the dream mostly consisted of me driving back and forth from my workplace to the venue...because I always forgot some necessary item, every time! It was so frustrating.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Adolescent Ghost


I was in an average-sized, one-story house. Someone had told me it was haunted by a little girl, and I was exploring it. The bedrooms in the back hall of the house were all furnished like school classrooms. I stepped into one of these and called out for the girl's ghost.

The face of a young girl, probably around 11 or 12, sort of materialized in the air and spoke to me. I can't remember what she was saying, but as she spoke, her entire body eventually materialized. It was a translucent, blue-ish shade and was floating above the floor, much like ghosts often appear to be in movies and TV. She was wearing a girl's school uniform.

I started trying to take pictures of the ghost, and, as I did, the ghost of a boy about her same also appeared, and they began dancing together in the air. I suppose this scene should have been creepy and freaked me out, but for some reason I was only concerned with capturing it on film. Every picture I took failed to clearly record their images. Just a random, motion-blurred arm or leg--nothing that concretely looked like an actual apparition in the picture.

Eventually, I actually asked them to hold still and let me photograph them, which I think made them go away. Then one of my friends who live in Florida showed up out of the blue, announcing that she was a Ghost Hunter now, and she wanted to find these ghosts as well!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Audition and the Cats


Eric and I were on a road trip to audition for parts in a skit on Conan O'Brien's show. Apparently it was a contest of some sort that was being held for fans. We stopped on our way at what looked like some old, country convenience store.

Inside the store we found, among various and sundry items, a kennel full of cats for sale. One of the cats in particular really caught my attention. It was a sort of Calico, but it also seemed to have some large areas of's tough to describe it in the waking world. Anyway, for whatever reason, I really wanted this cat.

My next memory if of Eric and I actually being at the Conan audition event. There were many other fans forming many lines outside of some small buildings. It was a bright, sunny, hot day. At one point Andy Richter walked by.

Later, I was back in the store with the cats. I think I had decided to actually buy the Calico and take it home. Before I bought it, I noticed a large cage full of especially large, especially fat cats. The store owner explained to me that they were Maine Coons (I don't really know a lot about that breed, so I don't know how much the dream-cats actually resembled them).

I called the Maine Coons to come up close to me, and they all acted as though they wanted to be affectionate and receive petting--but they were so fat that couldn't really move. They just rolled around and mewed fairly pitifully.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nerdy Names for Cats


Ashley and I were visiting the home of some fictional family who had a house near a river. They had several daughters, ranging from small children to young teens. The daughters were explaining to us that the family had recently acquired several cats to take care of a mouse infestation. Their reasoning for this had been that it would have been to expensive to buy mouse traps.

Later, Ashely and I were discussing all the cats the daughters had shown us, and we were trying to come up with names for them, which we could share with the family. In real life Ashley and I had just watched several episodes of Doctor Who series six on Blu Ray that evening, so in the dream, we decided that some good cat names would be "Doctor", "Pond", "Rory", "River", etc.

There was some other part of the dream in which I was standing on pier near the water on the property this family owned. It was a beautiful, moonlit night, but I can't really remember what was happening. I think some people were actually walking around in the water.

Saturday, March 10, 2012



As I was getting into bed last night, I had the thought that it was about time to wash the sheets again. The only dream I remember had a lot to do with bedsheets! I only vaguely recall the first part, which had something to do with spending the night at my parents house, and the specific kind of sheets on the guest bed there.

Later in the dream, I was going through a pile of old papers and throwing out the stuff I didn't need. I found some old wall calendars of mine from previous years. I decided I could thrown them away, but first I pulled off a small, colorful square, not much bigger than a scrabble tile, that was attached to certain ones of them. These little squares, it turns out, could unfold into full sets of bedsheets! The pattern on the sheets reflected the type of pictures on the calendar they came from. One had a pattern with birds, another with leaves and flowers, etc.

So, yeah...bedsheets! That's about it!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Couple in the Diner


I was sitting in a diner of some sort, talking to an older man and woman who presumably ran the place. I was supposed to be filming footage of the couple and their restaurant as an assignment for work.

I was explaining to the couple that I didn't need to actually interview them for the segment, but I did need to get some random shots of them sitting in the diner. The man asked, sincerely, "Would it help if I was doing something like this?" Then he proceeded to stand on his head, just briefly. I told him that was great, and asked if he could do it again while I had the camera on.

For some reason, once I started trying to film the man, we were interrupted by someone in a mediocre Spider-Man costume. He began doing all kinds of acrobatics and performing for the camera. I was a little annoyed that they wouldn't just let me film the senior couple like I was supposed to, but I kept shooting anyway.

From this point I vaguely recall more things happening in the diner. The place seemed larger, more like a big chain restaurant at this point, but I'm unclear on the specifics of what was going on.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Snippet of Who


I remember watching and episode of Doctor Who. It seemed very detailed on my dream, though it's very vague in my memory. Somehow the Doctor (Matt Smith's version) and a single Dalek were floating around in the vacuum of space, having a discussion. Of course the Dalek wanted to destroy the Doctor, who was saying something to the effect of, "Of course you want to destroy me--but you don't realize that if you do, it will destroy the whole universe..." and so on.

Then I think a lash got into my eye or something, because I was rudely awakened with a stinging there...

Thursday, March 1, 2012



In real life, roughly a year ago, I sold some of my old Batman collectibles on eBay. In my dream, I was only just now gathering that stuff to sell. A person game to my house to look at one particular item--a Batman and Catwoman doll/action figure set. The odd thing was, the guy was dressed up like the Joker.

Not long after the Joker guy left, a girl stopped by. She was in a Batgirl costume. It was designed much like the one Yvonne Craig wore as Batgirl in the old 60's TV series, but the fabric was metallic and shiny in a combination of light blue and silver patterns. The girl herself had wavy brunette hair and striking blue eyes.

I assumed she was there to look at some of the Batman items for sale, but she explained that she was there for the "photo shoot". We then set things up for me to photograph her in the costume, which I found to be both a source of excitement and anxiety.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

That Strange Comic Book...


I was reading some sort of indie comic book someone had given me--I think it may have even come from some sort of fast food restaurant? The characters reminded me of Spongebob Squarepants characters (which is a property I know very little about), but the material was so subversive and strange. There was a joke about one character threatening to hang themselves (this was all in a very cartoony, "Looney Tunes" sort of style). When another character attempted to intervene to save the other, they both ended up swinging in the noose. I don't get it now, but this was so funny in the dream!

I remember another dream in which I was in a room full of puppets. A lady was explaining to me that she sold them on ebay, mostly to churches. A lot of them were very generic, but a few did look especially cool and unique. I wished I could have one, but they were all pretty pricey. Instead, I ended up asking the woman if she knew anything about that weird comic I'd read earlier.

Finally, I remember I was driving through the neighborhood I used to live in as a child in Kentucky (not where I'm from, but where I lived then). There was a tremendous sense of nostalgia as I passed various houses where friends and I had played so many times. I eventually ended up at the house where I'd lived, and my parents still lived there!

My parents went from there to a fancy restaurant and ate a fantastic meal, complete with dessert (I remember I loved it, but I can't remember what it was). After eating, we returned to the old neighborhood. I took a late night walk and realized I was craving milkshake. My last memory is of actually drinking a delicious milkshake...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Twitter Encounter and the Doctor


I vaguely remember walking down a sidewalk with a friend. We passed a person I thought I recognized, and then I realized he was someone I followed on Twitter (not someone I personally know). I thought it was odd to run into him in a public place.

In another dream I was drawing some fan art based on the current incarnation of Doctor Who (the 11th Doctor with Amy and Rory). It seems like what I was working on was in comic book form, as though I was writing a whole story to go along with it. I remember feeling very excited, but not much else about it.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Disney Fighters and an Avengers Screening


I was in some sort of electronics store, like a Best Buy. There was an X-Box 360 on display, and the featured game was something like the real-life "Capcom vs. Marvel" fighting games, in which Marvel comics characters and Capcom video game characters square off against each other. Only the dream game featured fictional video game characters vs. classic Disney characters!

The game had a very rich "cel shaded" animated look, which left me highly impressed. Each of the Disney characters looked authentically animated, as though they were right from their respective films (and ones from more recent CG films looked appropriate as well).

I watched someone playing a demo copy. They were playing either as or against Rapunzel, who could use her hair as a weapon (the opponent was a generic video game brute of some sort). I was so impressed that I decided on the spot to buy an X-Box just so I could have this game! (I don't game much in reality, and all these years later have yet to invest in any kind of modern system beyond the Wii.)

In another dream, I was with the local Movie Meetup group that I used to attend regularly, but has sort of fizzled in real life. We had been given an opportunity to see this summer's upcoming Avengers movie early! I remember we all met at the designated venue, along with a few other invited groups.

We had to take elevators up to the viewing room, and somehow I got separated from my group and rode an elevator alone. Then I entered a room where they were seating everyone in rows of folding chairs. I still didn't see anyone I recognized from my group, so I just took a seat and waited.

A man at the front of the room announced that seating was going to be drawn by lottery. He began to explain how the lottery worked. It somehow involved flowers, which he would soon be passing out to each of us. His description of this whole process was so utterly confusing! I grew increasingly frustrated. Between my inability to understand what the man was talking about and the fact that I still hadn't found my friends, this was turning out to be a rotten event. My agitation soon woke me.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Old Gothic Chuch Balcony


I was sitting in the balcony of an old, Gothic church. the place was completely empty, and looked like it had been so for quite some time. The only light was some faint moonlight coming in through the windows. At one point I heard a some thunder and looked outside to see a storm was definitely on its way. The sky looked almost purple, and there were clusters of multiple tornadoes on the distant horizon. This was, naturally, a very eerie and unsettling sight.

I walked over to a different part of the darkened, dusty balcony and saw my cousin sitting on the floor holding a record player. I asked him what it was for, and he explained he'd been listening to an old record that he used to enjoy as a child. The record told the story, in the style of old radio shows, of a hero and his adventures. As we listened to the story, the dream made it so that I could see the whole thing, almost like I was experiencing it myself...

The hero and the villain were chasing each other around in the balcony of the church. They came upon this large column that ran from ceiling to floor, and had several compartments in it. Each compartment had a tiny skull in it, each about the size of a songbird's skull, but coming from every different animal imaginable.

The villain explained that, millions of years ago, every animal on earth had been this tiny, and these were the only remaining artifacts left to prove it. He planned to destroy them, and the hero had to stop him. This is pretty much the last thing I remember...

In a separate dream I remember seeing Girl Scouts selling cookies in a parking lot. I wanted to buy some.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jump Up And Down On Her!


I was at some sort of outdoor event which I believe was taking place in someone's back yard. A huge number of people were milling about, talking, playing games, eating food, and generally enjoying themselves. This included a lot of especially noisy, energetic children.

My attention was drawn to a commotion in one, partially fenced in area of the yard. When I got there, I saw some teens and kids running away from a woman who was lying in the dirt. I ran up to see if she was OK. Though a little dazed, she dusted herself off and assured me she was fine. When I asked what had happened, she explained that she had deliberately asked those kids to "jump up and down on her", though she seemed really embarrassed to admit it. I noticed she was really attractive, though I couldn't deny she was obviously pretty strange...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Destruction of the Cobb


I was with Ashley and Eric at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta, where I have seen a handful of shows over the years. In the dream, They Might Be Giants were performing there (I've never seen them at that venue, but did just recently see them again in Atlanta).

During the show, I excused myself to go to the restroom. When I got back there I saw the area was covered in firemen and emergency personnel. It looked like there'd been a fire, but I someone managed to go to the bathroom anyway. When I came back out, Eric was there and we discussed the apparent fire.

At this point we heard and felt several loud explosions that seemed to come from the area of the main concert hall. One of the firemen explained to us that the previous fire had weakened the structure, and now the entire place was caving in. My last memory of the dream is everyone evacuating the building in a panic. (Eric and I rejoined with Ashley at this point, so she was OK). Even as this was going on, I felt sad that the venue was destroyed. I think we heard that there were no casualties, though, "thanks to the fact that the firemen were already here".

In real life, the exterior of the Cobb Centre was used as the exterior of the CDC in the first season of the Walking Dead TV series. In that show, the place was blown up. One would assume some memory of that played into the events of this dream.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Don't Sleep and Drive


(This dream took place after a day of much driving, so it's not surprusing.) I was driving on the Interstate en route to Birmingham. It was late, and I was really, really tired. I was fighting sleep and having a difficult time winning. Eventually, I decided to rest my head against the driver's side window.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up (within the dream)! I'd been fast asleep! Somehow I had not wrecked the car--in fact, I was still driving it! I was no longer on the Interstate, but was in downtown Birmingham. I wasn't familiar with the exact area I was in, though, and that only added to the sense of disorientation I felt.

My last memory is that I drove past some kind of farmer's market in a parking lot of one of the businesses in this part of town. Most of the patrons were African American.

Friday, February 10, 2012

My Pet Snake


I was in a pet store and one of the employees had talked me into buying a snake for some reason. He handed me a slender, bright green snake that was maybe about a foot long. The snake was much more powerful than it should have been at that size. It was all I could do to keep hold of it as it writhed in my hands. It's jaws began chomping non-stop as it lashed out at everything.

Even I wanted a pet snake, I didn't think I wanted one this strong and ornery. The pet store employee led me back to a room filled with containers of dead mice. He said, "Now, I hope you don't mind keeping dead mice in your fridge..." And this was when I told him I couldn't have a pet snake.

I left the pet shop and exited into what I guess would have logically been a mall, but it looked more like an airport. There was a little more "story" in the dream in which I interacted with people, though it's all vague. The final part of the dream was when it was suddenly revealed that someone in the mall/airport/whatever was a "traitor". Things then became like an action movie as covert good-guys came out of hiding to attack the traitor. A chase pursued...and then it was as if I was watching this as a movie rather than actually being there.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Disney CD-ROM! On Clearance!


I vaguely remember riding in a car with my parents and a family friend. I think we were supposed to be on our way to celebrate the combined birthdays of my mom and I by eating dinner somewhere in Birmingham (an event that won't actually happen until later in the month).

We passed a comic book store and I asked if we could stop there. I vaguely remember looking around inside the fairly typical comic store. The one clear memory I have is browsing a shelf advertising clearance items. There were a lot of old CD-ROMS for PC. One of them was a home photo editing kit produced by Disney. The packaging touted how you could add Disney characters, fonts, and more to your family photos. The packaging was a glossy, bright red with various Disney characters. It's strange how vividly I can recall that one item.

I also recall some vague imagery of a dream in which I was playing a version of the smartphone game "Where's My Water?" that somehow incorporated Doctor Who characters into the game.

A Failed Neighborhood Screening


I got a Facebook message from someone inviting me to attend a screening of the Zooey Deschanel TV show, "New Girl" in a nearby neighborhood. Basically someone had just set up a giant projector screen in their yard and were planning on showing that week's episode for people in the neighborhood.

For some reason I showed up for the event. There were two sets of small, metal bleachers facing a large screen on an otherwise empty, featureless lawn. Only a handful of people were spread across the bleachers. The time came for the viewing to begin, and nothing happened. People became impatient. Then one of my uncles approached me and explained to me that he was having difficulty getting the projector to work.

I remember another dream in which Ashely and I were driving around early one morning discussing where to stop for breakfast. We were passing through a really nice looking neighborhood, though it was totally empty. The sense of pristine abandonment seemed somewhat eerie in the early morning light.

Finally I remember a dream in which I was in someone's kitchen and a televangelist was preaching about money on a small TV. An official-looking man in a business suit suddenly interrupted the preacher to say he was being investigated for some sort of violations of some sort of policies. Then it was revealed that this was all an act being presented as an object lesson for part of the sermon.

The people in the kitchen with me (I can't remember who they were, if anyone specific) began mocking the televangelist. I joined in by picking up a nearby broom and announcing, "Look! A giant ice scraper!" I have no idea what that was supposed to have to do with anything, but it made sense--and was funny--in the dream.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Perusing Comics


I was in a bookstore when I saw news that Bill Watterson, the cartoonist behind the beloved comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, would be coming out of retirement to publish a new book. Supposedly it would be a novel that he both wrote and illustrated. It was not clear what the subject matter or characters would be.

In the same section of the bookstore, I picked up a graphic novel that I'd heard of before. I can no longer remember details about it, other than vaguely recalling the art style, but I spent quite a while going through it page by page. Someone saw me reading it and asked if I knew that it was done by the creator of the Funky Winkerbean newspaper strip.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Break-In


My friend Eric casually explained to me that he was going to break into the home of one of his coworkers, and he needed my help (I don't know any of his coworkers, so this isn't based on anyone real.)

We showed up at their house early one evening before it was even dark. They family was not at home, as we had been counting on. Their house was huge; more like a mansion, really. Our first obstacle to getting in was a large, iron fence with some very fierce-looking dobermans behind it.

We somehow made it over the fence and past the memory of this is jus a blur of running for our lives and jumping over things. We ended up on an elaborate patio behind the house. There were large sliding glass doors that led into the house. Eric was trying to decide how to pick the lock when I calmly walked over, picked up a landscaping brick from the nearby flowerbed, and threw it through the glass.

Having gained entry into the home, I then hid the landscaping rock I'd used to break in under one of the living room chairs. Then we walked to one of the bedrooms in the back where there was a computer.

Eric explained that he was going to log on to his coworker's account and mess it up (that this could likely have been done from most any computer never seemed to occur to us). After Eric changed their account, I told him he should also change their password to something really random, so they wouldn't even be able to log back into it. He did.

We were ready to leave and we heard voices in the house. Eric explained that they were having a dinner party elsewhere in the house, but we could still easily escape. We then produced costumes--costumes we each respectively wore to a 2010 Halloween party in real life--and put them on. I was the Mad Hatter and he was a rock star.

We casually walked back through the house, joining the party along the way. People talked to us, asked about our costumes, but never suspected that we weren't supposed to be there.

My last memory is being back in my own car, alone, driving home. (I can specifically remember passing a local seafood restaurant on my way). I was stricken with terror. Why did we break into someone's house?! They'd catch us eventually. I'd go to jail--and I didn't even know why I'd done it!

Then I was watching Conan and they were playing a clip of our break-in on the show.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wiig, Ancient Egypt, and TMBG


Eric and Brandon and I were in what looked like some kind of mall. We were talking about a new TV series that starred comic actress Kristin Wiig. I could "see" the show in my head as we discussed it. The theme was sort of a comedy-adventure, very much in the style of Indiana Jones, with Wiig as the main character.

One kiosk in the mall sold calendars, and we saw a calendar based on this show. Every month had a pin-up style, sexy picture of Wiig (some of them even a bit racy). Don't get me wrong, Kristin Wiig is an attractive woman, but she was abnormally sexy in this pictures, much more so than in real life.

At another kiosk, a man was selling custom crafted watches and jewelry that were made to look like ancient Egyptian relics. He said these, too, were inspired by this new TV show, because some of the characters adventures took place in Egypt. The man showed Brandon and I one clock in particular, an especially large pocket watch with a casing that looked like a giant insect fossilized in amber. When he wound it up (I can remember how dirty his hands looked), the timepiece made a loud clacking noise and the bug seemed to come to life inside the amber. It was a little unsettling. We also found it odd that, despite being hand-crafted, these watches were only around $13-$14 each.

Finally, we all ended up going to a bar inside the mall where we knew my favorite band, They Might Be Giants, would be performing. I remember sitting down at the actual bar (not something I'm accustomed to, as I don't drink), and TMBG performed standing right behind it, where a bartender would normally stand (don't ask me how they fir the whole band back there).

Monday, January 23, 2012

Zombies by 2:00


I was in some kind of large, public area, like a mall. Everyone was panicking, because we knew that at a certain, exact time (say, 2:00 PM), zombies were going to come to "life" all over the world and start attacking.

Someone explained to me that the zombies that were in movies and TV shows are the ones that would be made real, and the only way to prevent the impending zombie apocalypse was to destroy every single copy of every zombie movie ever made. (I believe the concept was that the number of zombies in any given movie would somehow be transferred from each disc that contained them and placed in the real world.)

Several of us approached an otherwise empty warehouse or hangar in which carts full of DVDs had been brought.
We immediately got to work destroying the offending discs, though for some reason we were trashing them individually instead of just mass-burning them or something. Randomly, one of the people near me during these efforts was Andy Richter. The two of us tried to make a video clip of ourselves breaking DVDs, because for some reason we thought it would be funny.

Before long everyone realized that trying to destroy every copy of every zombie movie ever made before 2:00 PM was an exercise in futility, and we resigned ourselves to our fate.

My next memory is that we were all outsides, walking down a trail in the woods. At this point we were aware that the zombie apocalypse was underway, though we didn't currently see any. Another troupe of survivors approached us from another trail that intersected ours. They explained to us that the zombies had been defeated and everything was safe once more! Behind them were several large carts, like the ones all the DVDs had been in before, only now they were all filled with zombie body parts.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Extra Room


I had somehow come to acquire a new room...I'm uncertain if it was supposed to be an addition to my apartment, or it if it was in another location. I remembered it was entered by coming down a flight of stairs, and it had the appearance of a furnished basement.

I was decorating this "basement" with a lot of art and paraphernalia pertaining to my various geeky interests. I remember one cork board that I had covered with Muppets-related memorabilia. I kept re-organizing its appearance. There were also posters and collectibles in the room representing Disney, various movies, even Conan O'Brien.

Apparently New Year's was approaching, and I wanted to invite several friends over to have a party in this new room. I walked up the stairs and exited the room onto what looked like a boardwalk or causeway near a body of water. An elderly man was talking on a payphone, but he turned his attention to me once he saw me.

Though a fictional character I recognized the man, but wanted to avoid him. He was a little crazy and frazzled. Somehow I ended up inviting him to the impending New Year's party, just to get him to leave me alone. Free of him, I immediately began trying to decide how I could reverse the invitation. And that's about all I clearly recall.

In another dream, I had a weird bump or rash or something on my stomach. I wanted to see a doctor about it, but it seems for one reason or another I kept getting delayed. When I finally got to see a doctor, it was revealed that the bump on my stomach had developed into a third nipple! It was extremely disconcerting, to the point that, as the doc and I began to discuss how I could have it removed, I woke up.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cons, Minatures and Old Rooms


I was attending a comic book/pop culture convention of some sort, probably Atlanta's Dragon*Con, which is the only one I've been to in real life. I was standing in a line to meet Matt Groening and some other people associated with The Simpsons. Instead of signing a picture or book or some other Simpsons-related paraphernalia, they signed a Styrofoam lunch tray.

I carried my Styrofoam tray, already a little cracked and damaged on one side, over to another area where I began waiting in another line. I recognized the guy in line in front of me from a local improv troupe. He and his friend were trying to come up with cool nicknames for each other, and they randomly turned around and gave one to me (I can't remember what it was). My last clear memory from the con was seeing that Pixar employee and Toy Story 3 director, Lee Unkrich, was going to be doing a Q & A later.

In another dream, I was in Wal-Mart or some similar store. Some other people were there with me, including Cailey and her parents. We were in the toy section looking at sets of collectible, miniature action figures (for lack of a better term). The sets were totally random, and I believe the point was to make kids and collectors buy as many sets as they could in attempts to collect them all. They mostly just looked like little monsters, but I remember thinking one looked like one of the pigs from "Pigs in Space" from The Muppet Show.

Next I remember being in a really old-looking, rustic bedroom. Everything in it was very dusty. I found an old box with a broken lock and looked inside, where I found some of those miniature figures from before. I was surprised that they'd been around that long, because the box obviously hadn't been disturbed in years.

I believe there was a sort of flume-style amusement park ride off to the side of this bedroom. You would see and hear "logs" full of people shoot by periodically. Then a storm woke me up.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Odd Choice for a Book Signing


George R. R. Martin, the author of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" book series (a.k.a., "Game of Thrones") was going make an appearance and sign books in nearby Atlanta. I wanted to attend, but, since I own electronic Kindle copies of those books, I realized I would have nothing for him to sign!

The logical solution in the waking world would be to go buy a physical copy of one of the books and have him sign it. In the dream, however, the obvious choice was to pack all seven hardcover "Harry Potter" books from my shelf into a duffel bag so that he could sign each of them instead!

My final memory is actually waiting in line at the book signing. I could see GRRM sitting at the table. As I waited, it finally occurred to me what a ridiculous idea it was to bring the Potter books.

In another dream, I was taking an improv class. I really took a class offered by a local improv troupe a little over a year ago, and they recently announced a level two class will be offered in the spring--so this is no doubt where this dream comes from.

In the dream, one of the teachers told me I should have brought my camera to document the evening. I told her that I had my cell phone, and we could at least take pictures with that. She agreed that would work well enough, and immediately began sorting through prop items--wigs, hats, and the like--that were spread out across a nearby table. I vaguely remember the two of us talking a little more, though I can't recall any more detail.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Random Church Visit and a Watch


I was visiting my parents and was supposed to visit their church with them. As I was getting ready to go, they kept telling me I was going to be late. I was certain I had plenty of time, so I didn't worry about it. Somehow, I ended up actually running late after all!

Next I remember speeding down the interstate, trying to make up for lost time. Traffic was so frustrating that I parked my car on the concrete median between lanes and began walking. My phone rang and I answered it. It was Eric, telling me that I needed to move my car because I wasn't supposed to park it there.

Then I was in a church of some sort, though it wasn't my parents'. Eric was there with me, as was our friend Melissa. She gave me some sort of greeting card, and then left the room. I opened the card, which I think was a birthday card or something similar, though I can't remember it clearly.

There was another part of the dream in which I saw Melissa in one of the other rooms of the church. I think we spoke, but my next clear memory is being back in the sanctuary with Eric.

In a later dream I visited a watch shop. The old man who ran the shop showed me a new "Neil Gaiman Watch" (as in the author). I'm not sure what it had to do with Gaiman, as the face of the watch seemed to have some sort of New York city skyline on it. The maker of the watch was "May Fire", which the proprietor explained was the maker of especially fine watches.

Shortly after this, a middle-aged woman entered the room and showed me another watch. The old man introduced the woman as his daughter, "May Faire". I noticed the similarity to the "May Fire" watchmaker name, and then realized the brand name on the watch box had changed to "May Faire" as well.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Conan Bathroom


I was staying in some sort of hotel, and my first clear memory is returning to my room after an evening out. The bathroom was entirely decorated with a Conan O'Brien motif. The shower curtains, wall art, even the toilet seat all had decorations in the style of the "Conan" show. There was even a TV mounted on the wall that constantly played clips from the show, peppered with occasional, original segments obviously produced just for air in the bathrooms.

I noticed there was a dispenser of those plastic covers of the sort people place across public toilet seats before sitting. These also had Conan art, including a picture of his face. One of them had been left on the toilet by the previous occupant, but Conan's face had been carefully torn off of it. As I saw this, a clip played on the TV behind me in which Conan opined, "That person had to remove my face from that picture before they would put their ass on it. I don't know if that's a compliment or an insult!"

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Book, A Tee, and a Morning Walk


A new book had come out and was creating quite a buzz in the media. Apparently it was especially embraced by women, and was considered very inspirational. While I was aware of the hype, I hadn't paid much attention to it until my parents informed me that they were going to attend an event at which the author would be speaking, and they wanted me to attend.

The event was held at a local bar, looking very much like the atmosphere in which you'd attend a small concert. I couldn't believe my very conservative parents were willing to enter a bar, even if it was just to hear a speaker they were interested in (for that matter, I was fairly surprised they were interested in this book/speaker). Predictable, I think my dad did have second thoughts and leave, though I really don't remember much about what happened once we got there.

In another dream I was in a large department store and saw a display of T-shirts inspired by the Who Framed Roger Rabbit movie. One of the designs looked very similar to a Roger Rabbit tee I actually used to have as a kid, when the movie was current. The display had all the shirts hanging from a clothesline that kept them just out of reach.

I was trying unsuccessfully to reach one of them for closer inspection when a man came up and started speaking to me. He looked a lot like one of my uncles (perhaps it was even supposed to be him, I'm not sure).

And, in a final dream, I thought that I was actually awake and getting out of bed to go to the track for my morning walk. I was dressed and almost ready to go out when I noticed I'd put on my "real" daily-life clothes instead of just the old "morning walk" clothes.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Consoling the Girl in the Cabin


There was more story to this dream than I can now recall, but my first memory is that I had been staying at some kind "resort" out in the woods with several other people . We were all staying in facilities that had a sort of rustic cabin motif.

At the point of my first memory, we were waking up on our last morning and everyone was preparing their things to leave. I got out of bed, got ready, and went into one of the common rooms. A fictional woman I recognized from the dream, a blonde around my own age, was in the lobby looking sad. I knew that something really humiliating had happened to her earlier in the trip that had ruined things for her, and I felt sorry for her.

I went up to the girl and we spoke. She was on the verge of tears. I embraced her and said something encouraging. I don't know my exact words, but they were something to the effect of just reminded her that even though it seemed really embarrassing now, people had shot memories, would get bored with laughing about it, and would get bored and move on to other things in no time.

Whatever my exact words, they came out more eloquently than anything I'd normally be able to articulate on the fly, and the girl seemed to really take it to heart. She thanked me and we had sort of a "moment" together. There was also a matronly black lady nearby who had overheard, and she thanked me for being kind to the girl everyone else had been so cruel to.

It seems a few more things happened after this. I vaguely recall finishing up packing in my room in the cabin, etc.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Inadvertant Time Travel


This may be the first dream I've had in which I so overtly and vividly time travel. You'd assume it would come from my love of Back to the Future or even Doctor Who, but I think this dream most likely comes from my recent reading of Stephen King's newest book, 11/22/63.

I was walking through downtown Anniston (a small, nearby city) one afternoon. I knew there was an underground "shortcut" to get through Anniston to get to the next town, Oxford, which is where I meant to go, so I found its entrance and made my way beneath the city.

Underground Anniston was, naturally, a dark place, compiled mostly of concrete pillars with rubble and dirt littering the ground all around. The ceiling, mostly old pipes and wires sticking through concrete, was just high enough that the average adult could walk standing upright, only occasionally having t duck.

I was the only person traveling through this subterranean wasteland, and it didn't take it long to begin to feel creepy, though I was too fascinated to care. I found the entrance to an old building barely exposed in one of the walls. There was a huge, floor-mounted plaque at the entrance. The inscription indicated it was to dedicate a bank in the early 1950s (I think 50 or 51 was the exact date inscribed).

As I read the plaque, I noticed it was in remarkably pristine condition to be 60 years old and lying in a dark underground ruin. And that's when I noticed that I was actually standing inside the aforementioned bank, fully restored and full of life! Somehow I had stepped through a portal that had actually transported me back to 1950s Anniston!

I mildly panicked, mostly because I was wearing my 21st century clothes and I assumed they'd make me quite suspect in this bygone era. A couple of attractive, retro-looking ladies came walking around a corner and I ducked into a restroom and locked myself in.

The room was incredibly small and claustrophobic. I just stood there, looking into the little mirror over the sink, trying to calm myself as I heard the conversation of the women outside. How did this happen? Was the entrance I walked through a portal? Was there some magic about reading the old plaque that transported you? Most importantly, could I get back to 2012?

This is about the last part of the dream I recall.

There was a different dream in which I was in a large bookstore, sort of like a Books-A-Million or a Barnes & Noble. I saw an acquaintance from high school whom I now only know as an acquaintance on Facebook. We spoke for a moment and he drew my attention to one of the merchandise displays in the center of an aisle.

One item featured on the display table was a basket with several deflated balloons attached to it. My friend inflated the balloons, placed some sort of plush toy into the basket, and then released it so that it floated away. My last memory of this scene is simply the slightly surreal experience of watching the balloon-basket floating across the crowded store.