Monday, April 30, 2012

The Brunette and the BBQ


I remember being at the home I lived in as a teenager. Though I don't remember interacting with her, I know there was a fictional woman who lived next door. She was a cute, brunette single mother.

At one point I was in my car. I specifically remember listening to music as I drove. I suddenly remembered that I'd not packed any water for whatever trip I was taking, so I stopped at a convenience store to buy some bottles. Inside the store, I saw the neighbor woman again. She looked gorgeous in her outfit, and I remember especially noting her sexy black heels he was wearing.

Suddenly, I was walking through a mall with my dad and once again the brunette lady appeared. She was very distraught, and informed us that her son was missing. I vaguely remember we tried to calm her and help her look, but the memory is less clear here.

At some point, I came across a crazy old lady whose behavior was very much like the "crazy cat lady" from The Simpsons (minus the actual cats). I was trying to get away from her, but she somehow ended up in the passenger seat of a car I was driving, ranting all the way.

In a second dream, I was in a barbecue restaurant that was apparently run by the improv comedy troupe from whom I'm currently taking classes. The troupe leader was serving the food at a front counter, and another member was placing an order. I ordered a "barbecue and chicken finger sandwich". The food was good, and I asked "which restaurant does this stuff really come from?". My final memory is that I tried to write down the answer to that question on a scrap of paper, but somehow was having a very difficult time of it...

Sunday, April 29, 2012



I kept seeing recommendations for a band called "Logitech" when I would log into Facebook. (I didn't recognize the name as being the same as the real life company that makes computer accessories.) All of the images associated with the Facebook ads for this band featured retro, 8-bit computer artwork.

Later, I saw my friend Eric along with the guys from the band he's in. They explained to me that, as an experiment, they'd created a different band called "Logitech". They wrote and recorded an entire EP in one session, and what I had thought were "ads" was actually Facebook trying to invite me to hear the live EP session they'd just created.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wild Animals


First I remember being at my grandmother's house with my cousins. I don't specifically remember my own supposed age in the dream, but they were definitely much younger, as we were in the days when we more frequently spent time there.

We were standing in the backyard looking off into the open lot beyond the chain-link fence. We suddenly noticed two bears up in one of the trees. The bears began to climb back down and we saw, just up above them, a wolf also beginning to descend the tree (the fact that wolves don't climb trees didn't seem to be important).

Initially this sight was just impressive to us because of the sheer unlikeliness of it. True to form, I was trying to snap pictures. Then we began to notice there were more and more wild animal nearby, so we ran back into the house.

Once safely inside, I remember looking out the widow into the backyard and seeing it filled with wild animals of all sorts! There were bears, wolves, various wild sorts of wild cats, etc.--a veritable zoo! All of the animals were at perfect peace with each other, despite their close and crowded proximity.

Finally, I remember something very bad happening. Either the animals suddenly turned on themselves, or people showed up and started killing them--something caused a sudden, violent bloodbath. It was so upsetting that it woke me up.

In another, obviously more pleasant dream I was supposedly at Disney World again. There was a new ride based on the Tangled/Rapunzel movie. I remember the queue was designed to look like you were slowly ascending Rapunzel's tower. The ride began with some sort of expository short film starring the characters. From the theater, you entered into the actual ride. Unfortunately, I can't remember what the ride itself was like once it began.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Costume Shopping


I remember driving out of town to meet some friends one night in a little (fictional?) town. Once there, I can remember driving past a variety of shops and strip malls, and one very large facility that looked like a huge Victorian style house.

Ultimately I ended up in a store that sold Halloween costumes and supplies. For some reason my parents were there. There was a rack that sold nothing buy "Pee Wee Herman" costume suits in various sizes. My parents were each trying on one of these suits over their clothes, and were recommending that I should be Pee Wee for Halloween (I've actually considered this on past Halloweens, and was considering it again in the dream.)

Then I saw some accessories that I thought would make for a good "Woody from Toy Story" costume (another I once considered in real life). The next bit of the dream focused on me looking to see if I could find enough items to put that costume together successfully. I couldn't find an appropriate hat, but I remembered I'd seen a hat store on my drive into town, so I went to look at the hat store.

The inside of the hat store was basically like a maze or labyrinth, and it was impossible to find anything. One portion of the maze ended in a room that looked like a very stripped-down, basic version of a fast food restaurant--I think it was a Wendy's.

I think I did eventually find the hat portion of the store, but at this point my memory gets pretty vague.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Hunger-ish Games


I remember I was with a large-ish group of people and we were supposed to be taking part in big game of some sort. We split into two teams and ran off into the woods from two separate points. Each team was racing to reach some particular destination.

If opposing team members saw you as you ran through the woods, they'd try to catch you and tag you out. The goal was to reach the destination with the most surviving members. This game was actually being touted as being a tie-in to the Hunger Games craze. Like, getting "tagged out" was like you were a "tribute" who'd been "killed" in the arena.

It was pretty hectic and intense, running through the woods, trying to reach the destination as quickly as possible while trying to take the time to decimate the other teams numbers (and avoid being taken out at the same time). I remember a lot of close calls, running like crazy from opponents, but then I woke up.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shirts and Shoes


I was eating with someone, possibly my dad, at a mall food court. A little boy sitting at a nearby table was wearing a T-shirt with artwork of a colorful tree frog on it. I don't know why, the she shirt was really attention-grabbing.

Soon after,
elsewhere in the food court, I saw a little kiosk which sold T-shirts with various animal prints like this one. The one I liked best had a chameleon on it. Again, I can't explain why I liked these shirts so, but I did. I don't think I ended up actually buying one, though.

I vaguely recall a part of the dream in which I was just walking through the rest of the mall by myself. I visited a couple of the shops, one of them being a music store, but I don't clearly recall anything that happened.

Eventually I ended up out in the parking lot. Some people a few yards away were having a loud argument which was quickly escalating into an actual fight. Suddenly a car driven by a couple of my friends (though I can't remember who) pulled up to the curb. They told me, "This looks like it's about to get out of hand--get in and lets go!" So I did, and we did.

A few minutes later my mom called me to ask where I was. I told her I'd already left the mall (apparently she was there, too). She told me it was too bad I'd left, because they were having a sale on athletic shoes in the store she was in, but it was about to close (in real life it's time for me to buy some new walking shoes for the track, and I've been putting it off).

Monday, April 16, 2012

Improvisational Trumpeting


In real life, as a few other recent dream entries will attest, I'm currently taking a level two improv comedy class hosted by a local troupe. In my dream, I was attending a performance by said troupe, only I was supposed to be taking part in it as well. This made me extremely nervous, as I rightly didn't feel prepared to put on a real show!

When I was called upon to appear in my first skit of the evening, I began it by pretending to be a trumpet player, first pantomiming the trumpet and then speaking in a Louis Armstrong type voice. One of my fellow classmates was in this scene with me, but I don't remember much more about it.

After my first scene, I took my seat next to the other players who weren't currently on stage. One of the girls and I got into a conversation about photography, which turned out to be a mutual interest. Then she began to talk to me about gardening, which was apparently another hobby.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Infested Taxidermy


While my actual birthday is in February, I was celebrating my birthday in my dream. Some friends had gotten together and gave me a few gifts.

One gift was a plastic lunchbox of the sort I used to carry to school as a kid. this one featured Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy on the front. They were drawn in a very stylized, unique style, quite different from the standard Disney style, and I liked it. My friends had packed the lunchbox with a few other random items, all featuring the same stylized artwork of Disney's big three.

Another gift came in a fairly large box. My parents, who were there, explained to me that it was a gift one of my dad's friends from England had shipped to me. The box contained an actual, stuffed taxidermy do-do bird! The bird had been posed as though it were using it's wing as a hand, holding and eating a peeled banana.

The banana, too, was an actual banana that had been somehow preserved for the sake of this stuffed art. It looked a little rotten and worse for wear in spite of this, however. I picked at it, and part of it fell away, revealing hundreds of tiny, black bugs crawling around inside the rotten fruit!

At this point I noticed that the entire taxidermy creature was infested with this black bugs. I threw it back in the box, taped it up, and ran outside with it. I hoped to dispose of it before those bugs go all over the inside of the house.

The front yard I ran into looked like that of the house we lived in when I was a teenager. I threw the box into a ditch by the road at the edge of the yard and came partially open. It was soon swarming with the black bugs. I got a can of bug spray and tried to cover the thing with it. This is my last memory of what was a very freaky dream!

There was some other dream I'd been having earlier in the night and had briefly woken up from. All I remember is that I was supposedly training two new employees at work (this is something I used to have to do a few years ago, when we used to hire part-timers, but haven't actually done in ages).

I was training them on one piece of equipment, and they kept mashing the wrong sequence of buttons. The equipment, in real life, was just a program on a computer, but in the dream it seemed like there could be dangerous results to their not hitting the right buttons, so I was getting nervous.

Eventually I exited the room, leaving these two to continue to goof around and misuse the machine. No sooner was I out the door than I saw a bright flash and heard a small "boom". It startled me so that I woke up.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

An Old Western and Breakfast


I vaguely remember watching a movie on TV. It was a western, and it centered on an older, fat man of dubious character who had befriended a single mother and her young son. The man had gradually gained their trust, and the little boy especially looked up to him.

The man and child were sitting outside of some kind of saloon one evening when the boy gave the man a gift. It was type of golden ornament, not unlike a crown. The man took it and put it in his bag. Then he quickly snuck away, and it revealed that his getting close to this family had all been abut stealing this golden prize. What a hateful character! Seeing the man report back to his evil, female "boss" is the last thing I remember...

In another dream I remember walking through a large, spacious house out in the country. I stumbled into one room where Prince/King Joffery from Game of Thrones was belittling and threatening to kill someone. I quickly backed out of the room and went on my way.

In the kitchen I found my mom making breakfast. There were glass doors that lead out onto a deck or patio where I could see men at work. My mom explained what they were repairing or building (I can't remember now). Then she stepped outside and asked the men if they'd like any of the biscuits she was making. She even said, in a sing-song voice, "They're oh-so tasty and covered with gravy!" (which is not a thing my mom would do). Even in the dream world I found that odd.

Soon after, my dad came into the room and my last memory is the three of us eating breakfast. I woke up hungry.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fake I.D.


One night I was trying to enter some sort of airport-like facility. The place was very crowded, and I was stuck in one of many long lines outside, waiting to gain entrance. When I finally got to the front of the line, the security personnel rejected my papers or my ID or something and told me I couldn't go inside.

Disgruntled, I somehow found a way to sneak in along with another group of people. As I walked through the lobby, I noticed a large display near some of the front desks with an "Alice in Wonderland" theme. I wasn't sure what the occasion was.

Someone explained to me that there was a guy outside who could make fake I.D.'s for people who were unable to get inside. For some reason, despite the fact that I had already gotten inside, I went back outside to ask this guy for fake papers. He had a small crowd around him, and he was handing people fake I.D.'s out of a fanny pack around his waist.

Finally, the dream shifted to where I was, while still in the airport-like facility, performing improv with a local improv troupe that I often see in real life (and with whom I'm currently taking a "Beginner's Improv 102" class). The previous pair on the stage had just done an "Alice in Wonderland" themed bit, inspired by the previously mentioned decorations.

It was my turn to go on, so I walked over to the prop table where various wigs and hats were laid out. I found a pair of cat ears and a tail which I quickly donned, thinking I'd continue the "Alice" theme by being a Chesire Cat. Once taking the stage, however, I realized I had no idea of where to go with it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

They Might Be Mechanics


I was driving back to my apartment one evening around sunset when my car broke down. I was only two or three miles away, and decided I could walk back to my apartment, which I proceeded to do. I'd already covered a good amount of ground when I realized that going back to my apartment would accomplish nothing! I had no extra car there, no other person to help me. Why didn't I just stay with my car and call someone on my cell? So I walked back to the car.

I had parked the broken-down car on a curb of street that was full of small businesses. It's an entirely fictional street that doesn't really exist near my apartment. By now it was completely dark out, and I was sitting on the sidewalk waiting, I guess, for someone to come get me.

Suddenly, my favorite band, They Might Be Giants, happened to pass by in a van. They stopped and asked me what was wrong. When I explained my predicament to them, they got out and helped. John Linnell seemed especially good with cars, and was working under the hood with one of the other band members. Meanwhile, John Flansburgh sat on the sidewalk with me and made small talk.

He took out his lap top and showed me a secret password you could type in to their website to get a steep discount on their "Instant Fan Club" package. There was some sort of black and white animated gif associated with the password, but I don't really remember much beyond this.