Tuesday, February 24, 2009

At the Cabin in the Woods


Richard and I, accompanied by an apparently-fictional-but-lovely brunette girl, loaded up in a truck and went to a campsite. (And no, this isn't one of those kinds of dreams). The campgrounds were furnished with cabins, and we were assigned one of our own.

It was near sunset when we arrived. I remember unpacking the truck outside. Richard called our attention to a fairly large snake he'd found curled up in the grass. He nonchalantly grabbed it and tossed it into the woods. I commented on the fact that it never lost its coiled position or even moved a muscle as he threw it and he said that was "because it was asleep".

We had several plastic bags with fruits and vegetables in them. Suddenly the girl began throwing tomatoes at the truck (which, incidentally, was white). One by one they splattered against it. I think Richard and I were both a little annoyed that she was being so wasteful and so destructive. I do specifically remember making the lame joke, "She must think that truck is a bad stage actor!" as she sent the tomatoes flying.

Next we were inside our cabin It had been left in a state of complete and total disarray by the previous occupant. Despite the relatively small size of the place, we each had our own vacuum cleaner in simultaneous use.

I remember I came across a huge pile of used tissues (presumably snot rags). A bit grossed out, I climbed down on the floor beside them and began sucking them all into the hose attachment of my vacuum. About this time the girl bumped into me. She was also crawling on the floor vacuuming at some other mess. Don't hold it against me, but it would seem she had conveniently chosen to wear a french maid uniform while she cleaned.

Then the girl began singing a song as she worked, and her stocking-clad leg began lightly brushing against my own as she was leaning to reach something with her own vacuum. I woke up to discover I was lying in a position in which my sheet was slowly sliding off of me to the side...creating that "brushed-up-against" sensation.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Contact with Buttons


I dreamed that it was already morning and I had just gotten out of bed. I was attempting to put my contacts on and noticed that the right contact lens, even though it had been properly sealed in solution, seemed to be a bit dried out. Upon closer inspection there were two contact lenses dried together. I had no idea how there came to be two, as the left lens was still there in its location.

I tried to put the stiff, dried-out contact in my eye anyway, but I kept flinching. I was upset because this pair of contacts (I was thinking of them as the actual real life pair) is pretty new, and I didn't want to have to throw them out before they'd run their course (contacts aren't cheap, you know).

Suddenly I noticed both of the "contacts" were actually bronze-colored buttons. This is very obviously inspired by my recently reading the book Coraline and seeing the corresponding movie (characters have buttons sewn into their eyes, if you're not familiar). But in the dream I gave no thought to the existence of Coraline--I merely was frustrated that my contacts were now buttons.

They weren't the traditional buttons with the holes on the front, but were the kind with the little bump sticking out of the back. For some reason now I was out of the bathroom, sitting on the edge of my bed, trying to put the buttons in my eye like a contact lens. The bump side went toward the eye. I kept trying to push it in, but it would hurt my eye and I'd have to stop.

The alarm went off.

Friday, February 13, 2009

If Only The Second Trailer Were Real...


I was in a theater watching trailers before a movie. The first trailer for for a Nite Owl movie based on the character from the Watchmen comic and actual upcoming movie. I couldn't believe that they, #1, would debase that work by writing new solo stories, and, #2, would already be promoting one of them before the Watchmen movie itself even came out!

The second trailer was for a new Batman animated movie! The style was in the tradition of the Bruce Timm/animated series designs, but the animation was on the level of classic Disney cartoons. I was so unbelievably excited to see this!

The one scene I remember from the trailer featured Harley Quinn having broken into Wayne Manor late at night. She had somehow managed to sneak into Bruce Wayne's bedroom without waking him up (like he ever sleeps at night--and like you could sneak up on him like that even if he did). She called Poison Ivy on her cell phone, hatching some sort of evil scheme.

Later (or possibly in a different dream), I walked into what looked like a video rental store. They had a seedy back room, like you think would be reserved for adult material, but it instead was just reserved for geeky material--it basically looked like a comic shop, except with a focus on movies and action figures instead of comics.

The walls in this room were literally covered in unframed movie posters (and other related items), old and new. I noticed one poster for the recent movie, The Wrestler, but all the designs on the poster were CG animation instead of real actors. There was a blurb on it that explained how the movie was originally supposed to be CG animated, but they decided Mickey Rourke looked enough like a cartoon to do it live action.

Then I looked at action figures. Most of them were anime related, and I didn't recognize any of the characters. I did notice a series of figures featuring Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop series. Each figure was an entire sculpted scene of her in some sort of highly comedic peril.

There was some random nerdy guy perusing these figures as well, and he was really worked up about finding a particular variant Faye Valentine figure or something.

Monday, February 9, 2009

LEGO Batman


Yesterday in real life I was making a brief stop at Wal-Mart. In the electronics department I saw a kid playing a display copy of the "LEGO Batman" video game. I watched for a couple of minutes, because I'd never seen anyone play one of these LEGO-inspired games (I'm not very much of a gamer).

I gave this passing incident no further thought, but then last night I dreamed that I had purchased the game ( and apparently for Playstation 3, which is not even a system I really own). I remember at the beginning of the game it allowed you to customize your Batman (or whatever character you were playing as). While customizing mine, I found you could make him look like the 60's Adam West Batman, and I promptly chose this option because it was funny.

All else I can recall from the dream is that some series of events kept taking me from the game, which, of course, created frustration as I was very eager to try it out.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Contamination and Fire


My dad supposedly had a really fancy office/study. The main office area was just a very elaborately decorated, extravagant area. Connected to this was a side room was featuring a small-ish library packed with nothing but shelves of books and a desk for studying.

I was waiting in this office alone. Eventually I was joined by Richard and Jessica and their daughter Cailey. I can't remember the specific series of events that lead up to it, but somehow some kind of mess or contamination was made on the floor of the main office area and needed immediate cleansing.

I had this powdery substance that Cailey helped me place around the contaminated area, and then I told her to go back into the library room and wait with her parents while I lit the powder on fire. It created a very quick flash-fire, and then was gone in a puff. Somehow this cleansed the contaminated area, but the poweder burned so fast that the fire never touched anything else.

I had to repeat this process two or three times. Cailey always helped with the powder, but she really wished I'd let her light the fire.

Then I joined them in the library, only now it contained a large wagon like you'd attach to horses. We were packing it with goods as though preparing for a trip.

The Girl and the So-Called Magic Trick


I was in some sort of public location that looked like a cross between a theater lobby and a low-key coffee shop or something. At one point I was seated at a little circular table making smallt talk with another guy and a girl. I remember feeling a definite interest in the girl, and hoping she might have one in me. She had short brunette hair and was supposedly a little-known singer or something to that effect.

The other guy got out some cigars, and she took one. I was disappointed that she smoked, but had developed such an interest in her that I tried to reason it away as, "well, it's just a cigar, it's not like she regularly smokes cigarettes".

Later, I was near the restrooms where there were lines in waiting for both the men's and women's rooms. I eventually went into the men's room and Michael Scott from the U.S. version of The Office was among the people inside. He was unspooling some dental floss and told us he was about to do some kind of magic trick.

In some weird movement that only made sense in dream logic, Michael then managed to climb the dental floss up to the ceiling, removed one of the ceiling tiles, and crawled away.

I left the restroom and found the girl of my interest standing nearby. We began walking away in conversation, and suddenly a wooden ladder just fell down from the ceiling above us and Michael Scott descended it, still tangled in dental floss, proclaiming, "Ta-dah!"

Friday, February 6, 2009

To Catch A Creep


Sorry this one is so long. I couldn't figure out how to explain it briefly.

I was somehow in partnership with an attractive redhead of probably about my age. In hindsight, the whole dream to me feels like an episode of The X-Files, and I believe this lady and I related to one another in a Mulder/Scully sort of way. Although
I think she looked more like a sort of mixture of Kate Winslet and Amy Adams (which is not surprising coming from me) than like Gillian Anderson.

Basically the girl was in danger from a very stalker/sociopath type of man. He was in his 40's, big and stocky, balding. We also had reason to believe he was a bit mentally disabled. In discussing it with the police/FBI, we came up with a plan to catch him before he could successfully harm her (or anyone else). I feel like we may have been cops or FBI ourselves, but I really can't remember that specifically.

The brilliant plan we hatched was that I, as her partner, would stay with her in her house that night. The lunatic presumably would come around, not knowing I was there, and I'd apprehend or kill him, calling for backup etc.

So we slept in the same bed, and instead of staying vigilantly awake waiting for this nut (or doing other things), we both went promptly to sleep. I remember waking up to the sound of soft music and I looked over at the girl. She was still asleep, but someone had put a little stereo beside the bed playing a soft, romantic tune. They had also put flower petals all around her pillow. The lunatic had been in the room right here with us while we slept! And he was probably still in the house!

I leapt out of the bed and peered through the door down the hall. I noticed the villain was lying asleep on a bed in the guest room! I quickly began getting dressed. My plan--which I assure you made perfect sense in the dream--was to leave the girl sleeping here and I'd run down the street to the house where I knew all the FBI people were waiting for us, tell them the guy was in this house, and we'd all come back and rescue the girl--and apparently just hope he wouldn't wake up and do anything to her in the meantime.

My next memory is running on foot around the strange neighborhood in the early morning light. It bore a strange resemblance to the area my grandmother lives in, but was mostly fictional. I got completely lost trying to find the house were the other cops were.

At one point I came upon a strange, solid white white house that was built in a very unusual, sort of post-modern style. It appeared to be very old. There was a white picket fence around the property, and beyond that I could see what looked like an old train yard. I was taken by surprise when a stern voice behind me asked, "What are you doing here?"

It was the owner of the property. He was an elderly black man in overalls and a straw hat. He was upset that I was in his yard, and I assured him I meant no harm but was merely trying to find so-and-so house, because my friend was in great danger. He didn't care. He wanted me off his lawn. His wife came down the front porch steps asking what was going on. And the oddest thing--I noticed there were raccoons everywhere. I thought I heard at least one of them tell me to leave as well.

I fled this place and soon found the correct house and alerted everyone to the situation with the girl and the lunatic. They quickly mobilized and headed over there, but told me to wait for them where I was.

As I waited, two little girls who apparently lived in this house wanted to play with me. They had a lot of baby dolls. I assume they were sisters, but they didn't get along very well. After a brief disapperance, one of the girls came back in the room holding a doll that had been burned beyond recognition, wrapped in a white towel. She was very calm and stoic as she blamed it on her sister.

I was incredibly creeped out. The girl dumpd the remains of the doll out on the hardwood floor. I got a trashbag and was going to try to clean it up. All the while I felt afraid to turn my back on these girls.

As I got on my knees near the charred mess something didn't look right. I touched it. It wasn't burned plastic, but burned flesh.

I woke with a start.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Real Burl Ives Snowman


Okay, most people are probably familiar with the Burl Ives snowman character from the old Rudolph animated TV special, right?


Well, in my dream there was a man who looked and sounded very much like this character. I don't mean the man in the dream was simply the real Burl Ives, but his body and head were actually almost spherical like a snowman, with regular arms and legs coming out from the sphere. The skin was very pale. He wore similar clothing (except, unlike the snowman, he thankfully did have pants, etc.).*

The Burl Ives-ish man was very jolly and good-natured, but he was also very old and you could tell he didn't get along very well anymore. I have vague memories of spending some amount of time with this character in the dream, and I was fond of him, even though his unusual snowman-like form sort of freaked me out.

Toward the end of the dream I saw him on TV hosting some sort of low budget awards show. Many of the guests on the show were poking fun at the man, having laughs at his expense. I felt really sorry for him.

Then I was talking to my mom about it having seen it, because I remembered we apparently used to know the guy, and she told me he'd died not long ago.

*I think the explanation for the character in the dream comes from the fact that, at bedtime, I finished reading Ozma of Oz by L. Frank Baum. The illustrations of the Nome King in that book feature a very round, whimsical creature with facial hair. I made no conscious connection between that evil character and the jolly, beloved Burl Ives character, but apparently my subconscious found something to work with.