Friday, May 27, 2011

Underage Driving!


I was driving around one afternoon, stopping for gas, pretty mundane stuff. Then I stopped by a house where my friends' six year-old (nearly seven) daughter, Cailey, apparently lived on her own! She could also drive, and we took our own separate cars to a house where some of my family and friends were gathering. (I saw inside Cailey's car before she got into it, and it was full of the same toys and things that typically found inside their actual family van).

Once we each arrived at the house, I remember seeing Cailey's parents, Richard and Jessica. My parents were there as well, and some other friends and family members. Some things went on here, but I don't have a very clear memory of it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Handyman


Richard and Eric and I were hanging out at some old abandoned gas station in the middle of nowhere after dark. I have no idea why. Some apparently drug-ravaged drifter who seemed to be around our own age approached us. He kept referring to himself in the third person, using his nickname, which I think was "Handyman" (or something similar). "Handyman needs some money, man." "You're gonna help Handyman out, arentcha?" and so on.

His using this nickname to refer to himself amused us to no end! After refusing to give him money, he eventually went to a corner and just sat down and minded his own business. The three of us began to privately mock his nickname, ultimately deciding to give each other "awesome" nicknames like his. I can't remember the names we gave ourselves.

Next I remember we went to a store that looked like Hobby Lobby. At one point I wandered the store on my own while Richard and Eric looked at something else. I remember passing a display of doll wigs (for dolls maybe slight larger than Barbies). There was a clear plastic box that had probably 15 or 20 different female wigs in all sorts of colors and styles. One was even a big "Marie Antoinette" style wig. I remember finding this assortment of wigs an odd item to be displaying prominently.

Finally, I remember being at Richard's house looking at YouTube videos. We found one of the opening of the old "Heathcliff" cartoon, and some others that we found very funny, whatever they were.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Unexpected Artist


I only remember the last part of a dream in which I was hanging out with Eric and Brandon. I think we were supposed to be in Brandon's house, and he showed me a fancy coffee table book showcasing a lot of nice paintings.

As I looked through the book and made comments, Brandon would make his own observations that shocked me by revealing a much deeper knowledge of the art world than I knew he had.

Finally he began saying things like "that's why I chose to go in so-and-so direction with that one" and I realized he was the artist behind all of the paintings in the book!

Ketchup with the Ducks


In real life one of the trails I frequently walk on is beside a large river. In my dream I was on some slightly alternate version of that trail, and for some reason I decided to walk off the trail and into the river.

The water only came up to my waist as I wandered about aimlessly, still wearing all my clothes, my shoes, and everything. A trio of ducks swam past me, and I decided to follow them back to the shore.

As the ducks climbed out of the water, I saw that each one was carrying an empty Chick-fil-A ketchup packet in it's beak.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wasted Trip to Disney World


Several friends and I went to Disney World together. I specifically remember Courtney and Brandon and Eric being there. There was one other strange, skinny nerdy guy who came with Courtney (he was a fictional dream character). In real life, some combination of friends and I have gone to Disney World the past two years, and would be open to doing so again, so I guess that's where this dream comes from.

This was a very detailed dream and it seemed very long. It was even one of those rare dreams that continued after I briefly woke from it and went back to sleep. Still, I can only remember parts of it clearly enough to put here. We were supposedly at the Animal Kingdom park, and they had totally revamped the Dinosaur section (not just the ride but that entire area) to be much bigger and more elaborate--almost like touring Jurassic Park or something.

We were walking through one of the buildings when a commotion broke out and people we running to and fro in panic. It was mass confusion.
We all hid in one of the gift shops while we waited to get word as to what was going on. Eventually we got the report that Somalian pirates were trying to take over Disney World and were in this park right now wreaking havoc (it was all real and not a staged thing by the park). I recall spending some degree of time in this gift store while we waited for the danger to pass. We were watching video and reports of the situation on the news.

In real life I started a collection of "Disney Pins" the last time I was there. In the dream, while trapped in the store, I remember looking at a huge selection of the pins. One of them was a giant, nearly foot tall Ariel which had an actual clock in the middle. I didn't see how this one played in with the usual, tiny pin size.

After a while, they told us the situation had passed and were clear to go back out into the parks, which we did. By now we were hungry, so we went to a cafeteria that sold pizza. We each ordered a single-but-very-large slice of pepperoni. While we ate, I floated the idea of taking one day of our vacation to go to the Harry Potter park at Universal (which we really did in our last real-life Disney vacation). It seemed no one liked my suggestion in the dream.

There are vague memories of going on another ride and walking around the park a little, but my next clear memory is that Eric and Brandon went back for another pizza slice, because the one hadn't been enough for them. I decided I wanted to do the same. As we stood in line, I watched them making different types of pizza. One of them featured huge, thick strips of what looked like roast beef covering every inch of the pizza and stacked high before it was covered by cheese. For some reason this looked delicious, so we got it. I don't remember actually eating or tasting it.

At some point there was more commotion by Somali pirates. We hid in a different room and were plotting ways to escape the park. I remember at one point there was a bucket of old action figures on the floor. I began looking through them while we talked. I specifically remember seeing a Joker from Batman in the pile.

At another point, Brandon almost got in a fight with the fictional nerdy guy. I can't remember the exact cause, but I know the fictional guy was very abrasive and annoying in the dream, so I didn't blame him, though nothing actually ended up happening anyway.

Then I remember being in a parking lot next to our car. It wasn't even dark yet on our first day, and we were just going to call it quits and go home. I felt so sad. I remember I felt that if we'd only waited until the fall to take our trip, like we did in real life the past couple of years, things would have gone better. It seemed such a waste!

Disney Prizes at the Post Office


I was at a fictional post office with Richard and Jessica. We'd each gotten packages from Disney World which contained cheap plastic figures of the classic characters like Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. Somehow these figurines represented that we'd won some sort of contest to go back to Disney World, or perhaps you had to receive a certain number of them to earn a free trip--something like that.

In another dream I went to a house that basically looked like my grandmother's. My dad was in the living room talking to a small group of other men, all of whom I understood to be preachers. Also in the room were two large dogs of the same breed (I can't really remember what breed it was, if it was even a real one--they had the basic look of a German shepherd). My only clear memory is just sitting there petting those dogs and wishing I had one of my own.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ferrell and Robinson


Eric and I met Will Ferrell and Craig Robinson, who play Darryl on The Office at some type of in-store signing or something. No doubt my subconscious supplied this thanks to Ferrell's recent guest stint on that show. I remember little about the meeting in the dream except having them sign something.

Some time after this, I drove to a comic book store that was part of a large strip mall. I met Eric inside where we looked around at the wide variety of geeky merchandise. I remember seeing an Iron Man T-shit, which for some reason I really wanted to buy, even though I'm no particular fan of Iron Man (I didn't buy it anyway). It turns out Will Ferrell and Craig Robinson were also doing a signing at this store while we were there!

I remember telling Eric that I wish I had brought my Bender action figure for Ferrell to sign, "since he does the voice of Bender on
Futurama" (he of course does not, but in my dream I guess I thought he did).

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Fey Improv


Richard and I were reunited with a friend we knew a few years ago. He told us he was independently filming his own documentary film, and showed us some of the early footage. It was all very amateurish, but we both agreed to join in when he asked us to be a part of it.

Shortly after this, he came to us and explained that the direction of the film was changing. It was no longer a documentary, but would be a comedy with a scripted story. I remember filming one of my scenes. It took place in a small cafe of some kind. I was supposed to be playing the loner, rejected high school student. All the "cool kids" were sitting at one table. Tina Fey played the part of one of the cool kids.

Tina's character rolled her eyes and begrudgingly came over to my character's table, just to "do the right thing". The exchange between our characters was entirely improvised, and it ended up being hilarious. I can't recall any of our lines, but I remember the pride and excitement I felt when the scene wrapped, having just held my own in an improvisational skit with Tina Fey!

There was a different dream in which I was in a store with my parents. They were paying for something and received twenty-five dollars in change. My dad just handed the $25 over to me and told me to buy something with it. There was a rack of generic compilation CDs behind the checkout counter, and I bought a couple of those.

Back in my parents' car I sat holding the CDs and wondering why I'd payed good money for them. My dad asked me some simple question and it took me several seconds to answer him. I remember wondering why I wasn't answering him right away, and I kept thinking, "Well, answer him!" Finally, I replied--and woke myself up actually speaking out loud.