Monday, November 30, 2009

The Leftover Pizza


First I remember there was a local morning newscast, and actress Amy Adams was one o the anchors (I actually think she may have been the meteorologist, but I'm not certain). I became a huge fan of this newscast, and tried to never miss one.

Then I recall leaving work one day and I was carrying some leftover slices of pizza with me. The pizza needed to be refrigerated, but I had to make a quick stop by the mall before I could go home and take care of that.

Instead of going to the actual mall, I went to the the nature/walking trail located just behind the mall. I sometimes go here in real life for walks, and I guess that's what I did in the dream, though my memories are vague. I do know that, while in this area, I briefly talked with some fairly goth looking girl. She was friendly and cute, but I wrote her off as too young.

Upon leaving the walking trail, I saw my friends Richard and Jessica in the mall parking lot. They said they were going to see a movie, and asked me to join them. I decided I would. Sitting inside the darkened theater, I realized my leftover pizza was going to ruin sitting out in my car all this time. Then it occured to me to ask Richard and Jessica who they got to babysit their daughter, Cailey, while they were out, and the explained that no one was watching her; they'd just left her locked in the car!

In the wonder of dream logic, we then went out to the car and it was as if we'd been in the theater for the length of an entire movie. Cailey was screaming and hysterical in the backseat (forget the fact that she's five and should have no problem getting herself out of a locked car). I remember Jessica trying to comfort her.

I left Richard and Jessica and passed by that goth-ish girl from before. I spoke to her and this time she ingnored me and was very rude, which was a disappointing about-face from her previously gregarious behavior.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Tombstones and Flamingos


I was in a car with Richard and we drove through an old, historic cemetery. We got out of the car and walked around a bit. It was an eerily beautiful place. Scores of ornate, timeworn tombstones and statues as far as you could see. As an added touch of ambiance, it happened to be a foggy day. I commented to Richard that I wished I had my camera, as this place would doubtless provide some great pictures. He chided me for being "too morbid".

Next I remember visiting an old country church. It was very small and quaint. They had set up a projector in the sanctuary and showed a movie. It was a computer animated movie that was supposedly based on a Japanese young adult novel I read earlier this year, Brave Story (what I was seeing in the dream actually had nothing to do with the book). I remember one of the main characters in the movie was a pink flamingo.

After the movie I went through the front foyer in order to exit the church, and was surprised that they were handing out calendars featuring pin-up art from the 40's and 50's. I recognized some Elvgrens among the selection.

Then I saw a girl I supposedly knew, though she was actually fictional. The two of us decided to go to a nearby place where they were filming a scene from the movie we'd just watched (the fact that the movie was animated and had apparently already been produced never factored into the equation here).

There was an old wooden boardwalk extending from the church into some darkened woods. This is the path we took to find our location. At one point the boardwalk stretched over a body of water, and it was here that we came upon a little shack built on a pier. It looked like a cafeteria and they were serving tacos and hot dogs.

My last memory is there was a young girl, maybe nine or ten years of age, and several people, myself included, were simultaneously spraying her with silly string.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Earth in the Sky


I had just arrived home from somewhere, though I lived in a fictional apartment complex. It was late afternoon, just heading into evening. Standing in the parking lot, I could see the dim outline of the moon already showing in the pale blue sky. Then I noticed that, a little beyond the moon, you could also see the earth in the sky!

I could not fathom how you could see the earth from the earth! It was a freaky sight, if not quite as reality-altering and mind-blowing as such a sight would really be. I immediately dug my camera out of my car to take pictures. About this same time, a neighbor, who happened to be Ellen DeGeneres, approached me, and I pointed the earth out to her.

We stood and discussed the oddity of it as I took pictures. She swore she'd seen such phenomena before. Even as I was snapping photos, the earth seemed to grow larger. While it had started out about equal with the moon in appearance, it was now several times larger in the sky. You could see all of the details of it, just like in the real life pictures from space. It was incredibly surreal.

There was one other part of a dream where I knew I was supposed to meet some friends for dinner, and I was trying to decide which T-shirt to put on. I hit a large stash of tees in my closet that I had "forgotten" that I had (but that were, of course, fictional). There was an Optimus Prime shirt from the 80's Transformers cartoon. There were several Batman-related shirts, including two different purple ones with the Joker on them. I selected a red T-shirt with a 60's-style Batman and Robin on it, and can't really remember exactly what happened next.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bottoms, Bedrooms and Balloons.


First I remember going out with a girl, presumably on a date. She was a fictional dream character and was a particularly unattractive girl. One detracting feature, however, stood out above all others Her butt was rather large--not in a positive, "Sir Mix-A-Lot" kind of way, but in a laws-of-physics-defying kind of way. The girl was short and of a fairly average weight, but when she stood upright, her bottom literally jutted out about a foot-and-a-half from her body. Gravity seemed to have no effect, as it just stood firmly, parallel to the ground, like some sort of fleshy diving board. It was an unsettling site, to say the least.

Next, I dreamed that I woke up. I was lying in a canopy bed, complete with curtains (though those were drawn back). The early morning light was filling the room, which had a theme of entirely yellow. Even the bedding was all shades of yellow. While lying in this bed, I received a call from my great grandmother. In reality she passed away a couple of years ago, right around this time of year, though that didn't occur to me in the dream. The only part of the brief and awkward phone conversation I recall clearly is her saying I needed to come visit her soon, and I felt guilty.

Finally, in the last bit of dream memories from the evening/morning, is watching some sort of nighttime concert. The stage was fairly small, and the seating was comprised of a fairly small section of stadium-style seats directly in front of the stage. A band was performing, possibly They Might Be Giants. I seemed to be viewing the event from the outside, almost as if watching it on TV, rather than being there in attendance.

Suddenly there was an intermission, and two guys who were were supposed to be the British comedy duo, The Mighty Boosh, appeared. They were in some sort of outlandish costumes that rendered them unrecognizable beneath. They were towing in some sort of large cannon, only it looked incredibly phallic (moreso than the average cannon).

They aimed the cannon at the audience, and at this time several balloons began floating down the aisles between the seats. The balloons each looked sort of like a ghost--indeed they looked a lot like the "Boo" character from various ones of Nintendo's "Mario" games.

The Mighty Boosh began firing the cannon at the balloons, which launched some sort of projectile that popped each one. Their aim was spot on in every case, and watching the destruction of the balloons is my final memory.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Where's the Fire?


I was at home (which seemed to be located in a fictional neighborhood in the dream). Looking down the road I saw smoke coming from one of the distant houses, and thought I caught a glimpse of an actual fire in the carport. At that same time, my phone rang. It was my mom, telling me to call the fire department so they could put out the fire in the house before it spread. They way she talked, it seemed more like she was referring to the house I was in, but I saw no signs of it being on fire, so I assumed she did mean the one I saw down the street.

I kept trying to dial 9-1-1 and for some reason kept having problems. During this process, I somehow accidentally dialed my dad's cell. He was really horse and sounded like he'd been sick, but immediately upon answering he told me how glad he was that I'd called on his birthday (it's nowhere near his birthday in real life). I didn't want to be rude and just hang up on him, but I knew I needed to call 9-1-1 very soon.

In the world of stupid dream logic, I kept on the phone with him for way too long without explaining why I needed to call the other number. Suddenly, as I was talking to him, it looked like I was walking through a department store or a mall. I came out the front doors and was standing on a sidewalk in a huge city--it actually looked like New York at Christmas time.

Down the city street I could still see that burning house, and now firetrucks were beginning to arrive. So someone else had called. Good! The next thing I remember is hearing the story about the fire on the news, and apparently the house belonged to some kind of bikers, and they were plotting revenge against whoever set the fire.

My last memory is riding on a public bus. It was very crowded and at one point I remember a girl came on looking for a seat. She was rather beautiful, and was wearing an unusual fleece dress--basically looked like an oversize sweater with pastel stripes of blue and pink and yellow. In the dream I was pretty sure I recognized her...and that's because she was Zooey Deschanel, though I didn't consciously realize it yet. She tried to sit on the seats in front of me, but those guys wouldn't share with her. I promptly offered her a seat with me, and she sat down in my lap. We were immediately getting along really well.

Then, for some reason, I remember walking back to the rear of the bus. Due to some series of events, I stood up and balanced myself on the back of one of the seats (all of them with people seated in them). Naturally, I had to bend forward while balancing in order not to bump my head against the roof of the vehicle.

The backs of certain seats were marked with a specific type of label. I began leaping from seat to seat, taking great care to skip the ones on which the label was absent. It was extremely difficult to maintain balance and not kick people's heads while doing this, but in the world of dream logic, I was pulling it off. I somehow knew that if you successfully jumped on each labeled seat without hitting any of the others, you won a prize. As I jumped, I remember thinking of Mario.

Finally, I was with Zooey Deschanel again. Though she'd been her normal, pretty self before, I now suddenly realized she was just jarringly skinny. Emaciated, in fact--not in a manner of being sick, but in that oft repeated Hollywood attempt at sexiness. I was so disappointed to find out that another attractive one had been lost to the overly-skinny cult.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Bouncing Apparition


I was with friends and we were going through some sort of "haunted house" attraction. It was more low-tech than a ride at a major amusement park would be, but was more high tech than your typical amateur haunted house that you might find during the Halloween season.

My only clear memory is walking through a large, single-level building that looked more or less like an empty department store or something. At every turn, different characters would come out and attempt to scare you.

It was mostly all just funny, but there was one "creature" that was actually a bit unsettling. It was a flaming green aura of a ghost with a terrifying screaming face. The ghost's aura was somehow attached to crossed sticks like a scarecrow, and it would come bouncing along on the sticks, chasing you and screaming endlessly. It seemed way, way too realistic compared to the other things in the attraction. I didn't see how it could be faked.

Finally, I remember leaving the building and walking with my friends (and the other patrons of the event) down a gravel road through the woods. We were supposed to be on our way back to our cars now, the events of the day over. I was talking to Lisa specifically and suddenly we heard the screaming, and that bounding apparition appeared again! It was legitimately scary.

Later, I vaguely remember a different dream I had in which I stopped in a grocery store late at night to pick up a few items. The dream was pretty mundane, as I was literally just walking through a grocery store. The one "remarkable" part is that, though it was a fictional store I've never been in, I very vividly remember different aisles and they way the were laid out, and what food items were on them, etc. I remember the produce section had an individual kiosk for every individual type of fruit or vegetable. For example, there was a corn kiosk that had everything from fresh-picked corn, to canned corn, to frozen corn, all in one location. It was sort of like the dream grocery store for anyone with OCD.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Late Night Drive


The only memory from this dream is that I was in my car driving late at night. I think I was supposed to be en route to Birmingham, which is about an hour from me in reality, but the locations I recall were fictional in appearance.

Whether because of the late hour, or some other reason now forgotten to the dream, there was no traffic at all on the road with me. The empty Interstate created an almost eerie stillness as I drove along.

I remember at one point trying to figure out what music I wanted to hear while I drove. I could see the skyline of the city in the distance as I approached it. There was a pinkish haze in the sky, so perhaps it was almost dawn.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Creepy Couple and the Canorous Cutie


Somehow I met this couple who were supposed to be the pastors of an area megachurch. They expected me to film them for something relating to work. In the dream I recognized them, apparently from TV, and already knew I didn't care much for them.

They couple was fairly youthful, probably in their thirties, and full of energy. But they were very obviously stuck on themselves. They wanted to get their church services on TV, and you could tell it was really all about them getting on TV. They thought they were going to be the next big thing and kept telling me (boasting to me) about all these ideas and programs they had that were just going to revolutionize everything. Since I was meeting with them for my job, I had to be polite, but I just wanted to roll my eyes.

I remember at one point they explained to me that one of their "helpful exercises" was that each of them would go off separately every morning and write down a list of positive and a list of negative traits that each felt they saw in the other. Somehow, they claimed, this kept their marriage healthy. I remember them taking time to write their respective lists and then handing them to me and telling me to keep them.

I couldn't resist skimming over the lists once they were in my possession, and it soon became clear that they consisted almost entirely of negatives. In fact, was obvious that this couple pretty much hated each other. It was about this time that the couple got in their car and left. I decided to throw away all their papers and material, as I did not care about them. Suddenly the husband showed up again by himself. He wanted his wife's papers, so he could see what she'd been writing about him. I told him I'd thrown them away already, and he was upset, exclaiming that I was supposed to keep them!

Next I remember I was supposed to be going on a blind date. I walked into some room that looked like a coffee shop or something similar, though it was laid out like one of my fifth grade classrooms! I happened to enter the busy-but-not-crowded place of business just behind a girl. Somehow I just knew she was my date, so I introduced myself, and it turns out I was correct.

The girl was fairly pretty, with dark blonde hair, wearing a dress with a black and white pattern. We went over to a nearby counter and stood and made small talk. Things seemed to be going nicely, and eventually we made our way into an adjoining room that looked like is was someone's home kitchen.

We sad down at the kitchen table and continue to talk. Something I said reminded her of a song, and I told her I wasn't sure I was familiar with the song she was referencing. She proceeded to casually sing the song to me, and she had a very nice voice. She didn't stop with just a snippet of the song, but continued the whole thing. At one point she stood up and began to meander around the kitchen as she sang. It wasn't like some Broadway thing where someone breaks into song--she was just singing the song as nonchalantly as if she were alone in her own home.

As she was singing the last part of the song she laid down with her head in my lap. I was pretty certain I was beginning to fall for her. At point she walked over to the refrigerator and took out a wadded-up piece of tin-foil which contained some leftovers. She sat down at the table and began picking away at them.

I asked, almost sarcastically, if she was hungry, and she said she was, but this was all she had to eat. Incredulous, I explained to her, "You know we can go out and get actual food, right? I'll take you wherever you'd like to go." She seemed a little surprised, almost like she didn't believe me. But the next and final thing I remember is the two of us in my car, presumably heading to a restaurant.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time Change Merchandise and the Fitness Chick


I was in some type of gas station convenience store browsing around. There was a man, apparently a trucker, off to one side looking at a display of novelty lapel pins. I overheard him proudly exclaiming to the clerk that he'd just found a pin that said something about "the time change" on it (I assume in reference to Daylight Savings Time). He went on to explain that when his wife found out he would be "passing through one of the states that had the time change" she wanted a souvenir to commemorate such. He assumed this pin was just the item.

My next clear memory is being in yet another store of a similar sort. I overheard another gentleman asking the clerk if they had any souvenirs pertinent to "the time change". They went looking through random items, but weren't having much luck. I even joined them looking through some novelty lapel pins for a bit. I saw one pin that looked like a little root beer mug, and for some reason I thought the guy would like it, but he only wanted "time change" stuff.

Finally, I told the man there was another store a few blocks away in which a guy had found just such a pin "earlier this morning", and so he went on his way to find that store. The manager of the store we were currently in, a portly middle aged fellow with a graying beard, went on to ramble to me about how difficult that "time change" merchandise was to keep.

Next I remember being at my grandmother's along with a few other family members, sort of like a holiday get-together or something. I was in the living room and I suddenly heard a song coming from the TV in the other room. The song was vaguely familiar, but, maddeningly, I couldn't place it. Suddenly my cousin, Stephen, came into the room and asked me if I could name the song emanating from TV. I explained to him how I was having trouble bringing it to mind.

So we walked into the room where the TV was and I saw there was an old Looney Tunes cartoon in which Bugs Bunny was singing a song. I think it was supposed to be the Chuck Jones classic, "What's Opera, Doc?", though it was very distorted in the dream. So that's where I "knew" the song from.

Then I remember talking to a very attractive blonde girl. She was very tan and very fit, like some sort of athelete. We were really hitting it off, which is odd, because, while pretty, she wasn't what would typically be my "type", and I'm certain I wouldn't typically be hers.

We ened up going upstairs to what looked like the bedroom from my teenage years. She plopped down on my bed, claiming to be exhausted. I lay down beside her. She soon nuzzled up next to me, her eyes closed, murmuring something about how nice it felt to just be there. I agreed, it was nice indeed! I can honestly say I wasn't even really concerned with the obvious potential progression one would assume was likely from this point--I just relished the feel of having someone lying next to me again.

I closed my eyes for a moment and suddenly could feel that she was gone. I don't meant that I felt her extract herself from my arms and leave, but her mass just suddenly ceased to be there. I opened my eyes and was unable to find her anywhere in the room.

I went downstairs, which now looked like one of the stores from earlier in the dream. I asked someone if they'd seen the girl, and they told me she'd decided to take a job in California as a fitness instructor where one of her girlfriends worked. To confirm their point, they showed me a line of fitness-related merchandise in the store which featured the girl and her friend posing on the box.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bright Yellow with Pizza


This is the second bit of dreams I remember from this night/morning. The first is found in the previous post.

It was early evening and I walked into a church building. It looked similar to the one I attended as a kid, though it was mostly just fictional. I walked into the sanctuary prior to the service beginning and a few people, most of them seeming to be elderly, were already seated.

I sat down in a pew to myself, but after a few moments of silent waiting I got antsy and decided to get up and leave. As I was walking out of the room, I heard one of the old ladies saying to her friend--obviously being deliberately loud enough for me to hear--something to the effect of, "Well, I'm not surprised! He never comes to church anymore!"

I walked down some stairs into the basement area of the church, which was furnished with a food court and several stores--essentially a mall of sorts. I passed a pizza place which may have specifically been a Domino's. One of the employees got my attention, saying he knew that I loved pizza, so why didn't I stop to order anything?

I tried to explain that I wasn't hungry and didn't intend to eat right now, but then another employee stepped up to the counter and told me that they'd give me a special deal. I could have any kind of pizza I wanted, with any kind of toppings, etc., for only five dollars. I promptly ordered a pizza.

While I waited for my pizza to be prepared, I went into one of the nearby stores to kill some time. The first store I went into was a clothing store. While there, for some reason I tried on a bright yellow sweater and a bright yellow hoodie, wearing them at the same time. I walked out of the store (apparently without actually purchasing the brightly hued items I was currently wearing).

Now some of my friends were standing outside the store and they asked me what in the world I was doing in those clothes.

School, Sculptures and Cereal


This is the first of two different dreams this night. The second can be found in the next post.

I remember the first part of the dream involved me some of my friends and I (I specifically remember Eric and Brandon) being back in school. It was high school, though it was like we were repeating high school in modern times as opposed to attending for the first time. I have some vague recollection of a math class and a science class being part of our schedule.

Though I can't recall any specifics, I know that we skipped most of our classes and spent most of our time goofing off. When they released report cards, I was afraid to look at mine because that was the first time I stopped to realize just how much class I'd skipped. I knew I had to have failed, and was worried that I would have to "repeat the ninth grade" while everyone else went on to tenth! (And no, I never had to actually repeat classes in my actual school history).

My next memory, possibly from an entirely different dream, is that Eric and Brandon and I joined Courtney and Melissa and possibly some other friends for dinner at a restaurant. They were having some kind of trivia night, and I won one of the rounds. My prize was a very lame sculpture twisted out of fuzzy pipe cleaners. It looked like nothing at all, but the person running the trivia claimed it was a sculpture of a fetus!!

Back at the table, my friends and I got a lot of laughs about my "fetus sculpture". I also remember that the paper place mats on our table had kids' activities on the reverse side. Some of them had silly quizzes that we were all taking. It was sort of like the ridiculous time-wasting quizzes you can take on Facebook, only somehow they were in print form here.

The night/morning I had these dreams I was spending the night at my parents' house, and I actually dreamed that it was morning and I was waking up at my parents' house. I don't own a robe, but for some reason I put on a robe before I went downstairs.

There was a variety pack of cereal in the kitchen, and I chose a box of Apple Jacks that included real fruit bits, such as raisins and dates. For some reason that sounded so good to me that I couldn't wait to try it. As I was sitting down with my cereal, Brandon came into the room and it's the first time I was aware that he'd apparently spent the night here too.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cereal Prize Card


I only remember the last portion of this dream clearly, in spite of knowing there was a lot of "story" before this point. A few friends and I, along with other people, were gathered in a little shop in a strip mall of some sort. There was a feeling as though we were on vacation, or at least visiting somewhere out of town.

Everyone in this store seemed to be just sitting or standing around waiting for something. I was sitting in the floor, and I eventually started going through my wallet, just out of boredom. In real life my wallet's not terribly unkempt, but in my dream it was just full of all kinds of useless, accumulated junk.

One pocket contained a bunch of plastic novelty cards. They were the size of typical business or credit cards, but had various sayings or art printed on them instead. Some of the cards I "recognized" as things my parents had supposedly given me during childhood. They had various verses and sayings printed on them. A couple featured just cartoon art of some kind.

One of the cards had kid-friendly artwork of a farm with children and animals playing on it. I "remembered" that this one had been a free prize in a box of cereal! In fact, it was still in its plastic wrapper, and the wrapper still had some of the "dust" from the cereal crumbs on it. I wondered how long this had been in my wallet, and I found a copyright on the card, "©1999". I was surprised that it was only 10 years old, as I could swear I remembered it from my early childhood.

My old friend, D., whom I havent' seen in years, was sitting in the floor near me. I gave him the cereal prize card for some reason.