Thursday, January 26, 2012

Perusing Comics


I was in a bookstore when I saw news that Bill Watterson, the cartoonist behind the beloved comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, would be coming out of retirement to publish a new book. Supposedly it would be a novel that he both wrote and illustrated. It was not clear what the subject matter or characters would be.

In the same section of the bookstore, I picked up a graphic novel that I'd heard of before. I can no longer remember details about it, other than vaguely recalling the art style, but I spent quite a while going through it page by page. Someone saw me reading it and asked if I knew that it was done by the creator of the Funky Winkerbean newspaper strip.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Break-In


My friend Eric casually explained to me that he was going to break into the home of one of his coworkers, and he needed my help (I don't know any of his coworkers, so this isn't based on anyone real.)

We showed up at their house early one evening before it was even dark. They family was not at home, as we had been counting on. Their house was huge; more like a mansion, really. Our first obstacle to getting in was a large, iron fence with some very fierce-looking dobermans behind it.

We somehow made it over the fence and past the memory of this is jus a blur of running for our lives and jumping over things. We ended up on an elaborate patio behind the house. There were large sliding glass doors that led into the house. Eric was trying to decide how to pick the lock when I calmly walked over, picked up a landscaping brick from the nearby flowerbed, and threw it through the glass.

Having gained entry into the home, I then hid the landscaping rock I'd used to break in under one of the living room chairs. Then we walked to one of the bedrooms in the back where there was a computer.

Eric explained that he was going to log on to his coworker's account and mess it up (that this could likely have been done from most any computer never seemed to occur to us). After Eric changed their account, I told him he should also change their password to something really random, so they wouldn't even be able to log back into it. He did.

We were ready to leave and we heard voices in the house. Eric explained that they were having a dinner party elsewhere in the house, but we could still easily escape. We then produced costumes--costumes we each respectively wore to a 2010 Halloween party in real life--and put them on. I was the Mad Hatter and he was a rock star.

We casually walked back through the house, joining the party along the way. People talked to us, asked about our costumes, but never suspected that we weren't supposed to be there.

My last memory is being back in my own car, alone, driving home. (I can specifically remember passing a local seafood restaurant on my way). I was stricken with terror. Why did we break into someone's house?! They'd catch us eventually. I'd go to jail--and I didn't even know why I'd done it!

Then I was watching Conan and they were playing a clip of our break-in on the show.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wiig, Ancient Egypt, and TMBG


Eric and Brandon and I were in what looked like some kind of mall. We were talking about a new TV series that starred comic actress Kristin Wiig. I could "see" the show in my head as we discussed it. The theme was sort of a comedy-adventure, very much in the style of Indiana Jones, with Wiig as the main character.

One kiosk in the mall sold calendars, and we saw a calendar based on this show. Every month had a pin-up style, sexy picture of Wiig (some of them even a bit racy). Don't get me wrong, Kristin Wiig is an attractive woman, but she was abnormally sexy in this pictures, much more so than in real life.

At another kiosk, a man was selling custom crafted watches and jewelry that were made to look like ancient Egyptian relics. He said these, too, were inspired by this new TV show, because some of the characters adventures took place in Egypt. The man showed Brandon and I one clock in particular, an especially large pocket watch with a casing that looked like a giant insect fossilized in amber. When he wound it up (I can remember how dirty his hands looked), the timepiece made a loud clacking noise and the bug seemed to come to life inside the amber. It was a little unsettling. We also found it odd that, despite being hand-crafted, these watches were only around $13-$14 each.

Finally, we all ended up going to a bar inside the mall where we knew my favorite band, They Might Be Giants, would be performing. I remember sitting down at the actual bar (not something I'm accustomed to, as I don't drink), and TMBG performed standing right behind it, where a bartender would normally stand (don't ask me how they fir the whole band back there).

Monday, January 23, 2012

Zombies by 2:00


I was in some kind of large, public area, like a mall. Everyone was panicking, because we knew that at a certain, exact time (say, 2:00 PM), zombies were going to come to "life" all over the world and start attacking.

Someone explained to me that the zombies that were in movies and TV shows are the ones that would be made real, and the only way to prevent the impending zombie apocalypse was to destroy every single copy of every zombie movie ever made. (I believe the concept was that the number of zombies in any given movie would somehow be transferred from each disc that contained them and placed in the real world.)

Several of us approached an otherwise empty warehouse or hangar in which carts full of DVDs had been brought.
We immediately got to work destroying the offending discs, though for some reason we were trashing them individually instead of just mass-burning them or something. Randomly, one of the people near me during these efforts was Andy Richter. The two of us tried to make a video clip of ourselves breaking DVDs, because for some reason we thought it would be funny.

Before long everyone realized that trying to destroy every copy of every zombie movie ever made before 2:00 PM was an exercise in futility, and we resigned ourselves to our fate.

My next memory is that we were all outsides, walking down a trail in the woods. At this point we were aware that the zombie apocalypse was underway, though we didn't currently see any. Another troupe of survivors approached us from another trail that intersected ours. They explained to us that the zombies had been defeated and everything was safe once more! Behind them were several large carts, like the ones all the DVDs had been in before, only now they were all filled with zombie body parts.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Extra Room


I had somehow come to acquire a new room...I'm uncertain if it was supposed to be an addition to my apartment, or it if it was in another location. I remembered it was entered by coming down a flight of stairs, and it had the appearance of a furnished basement.

I was decorating this "basement" with a lot of art and paraphernalia pertaining to my various geeky interests. I remember one cork board that I had covered with Muppets-related memorabilia. I kept re-organizing its appearance. There were also posters and collectibles in the room representing Disney, various movies, even Conan O'Brien.

Apparently New Year's was approaching, and I wanted to invite several friends over to have a party in this new room. I walked up the stairs and exited the room onto what looked like a boardwalk or causeway near a body of water. An elderly man was talking on a payphone, but he turned his attention to me once he saw me.

Though a fictional character I recognized the man, but wanted to avoid him. He was a little crazy and frazzled. Somehow I ended up inviting him to the impending New Year's party, just to get him to leave me alone. Free of him, I immediately began trying to decide how I could reverse the invitation. And that's about all I clearly recall.

In another dream, I had a weird bump or rash or something on my stomach. I wanted to see a doctor about it, but it seems for one reason or another I kept getting delayed. When I finally got to see a doctor, it was revealed that the bump on my stomach had developed into a third nipple! It was extremely disconcerting, to the point that, as the doc and I began to discuss how I could have it removed, I woke up.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cons, Minatures and Old Rooms


I was attending a comic book/pop culture convention of some sort, probably Atlanta's Dragon*Con, which is the only one I've been to in real life. I was standing in a line to meet Matt Groening and some other people associated with The Simpsons. Instead of signing a picture or book or some other Simpsons-related paraphernalia, they signed a Styrofoam lunch tray.

I carried my Styrofoam tray, already a little cracked and damaged on one side, over to another area where I began waiting in another line. I recognized the guy in line in front of me from a local improv troupe. He and his friend were trying to come up with cool nicknames for each other, and they randomly turned around and gave one to me (I can't remember what it was). My last clear memory from the con was seeing that Pixar employee and Toy Story 3 director, Lee Unkrich, was going to be doing a Q & A later.

In another dream, I was in Wal-Mart or some similar store. Some other people were there with me, including Cailey and her parents. We were in the toy section looking at sets of collectible, miniature action figures (for lack of a better term). The sets were totally random, and I believe the point was to make kids and collectors buy as many sets as they could in attempts to collect them all. They mostly just looked like little monsters, but I remember thinking one looked like one of the pigs from "Pigs in Space" from The Muppet Show.

Next I remember being in a really old-looking, rustic bedroom. Everything in it was very dusty. I found an old box with a broken lock and looked inside, where I found some of those miniature figures from before. I was surprised that they'd been around that long, because the box obviously hadn't been disturbed in years.

I believe there was a sort of flume-style amusement park ride off to the side of this bedroom. You would see and hear "logs" full of people shoot by periodically. Then a storm woke me up.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Odd Choice for a Book Signing


George R. R. Martin, the author of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" book series (a.k.a., "Game of Thrones") was going make an appearance and sign books in nearby Atlanta. I wanted to attend, but, since I own electronic Kindle copies of those books, I realized I would have nothing for him to sign!

The logical solution in the waking world would be to go buy a physical copy of one of the books and have him sign it. In the dream, however, the obvious choice was to pack all seven hardcover "Harry Potter" books from my shelf into a duffel bag so that he could sign each of them instead!

My final memory is actually waiting in line at the book signing. I could see GRRM sitting at the table. As I waited, it finally occurred to me what a ridiculous idea it was to bring the Potter books.

In another dream, I was taking an improv class. I really took a class offered by a local improv troupe a little over a year ago, and they recently announced a level two class will be offered in the spring--so this is no doubt where this dream comes from.

In the dream, one of the teachers told me I should have brought my camera to document the evening. I told her that I had my cell phone, and we could at least take pictures with that. She agreed that would work well enough, and immediately began sorting through prop items--wigs, hats, and the like--that were spread out across a nearby table. I vaguely remember the two of us talking a little more, though I can't recall any more detail.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Random Church Visit and a Watch


I was visiting my parents and was supposed to visit their church with them. As I was getting ready to go, they kept telling me I was going to be late. I was certain I had plenty of time, so I didn't worry about it. Somehow, I ended up actually running late after all!

Next I remember speeding down the interstate, trying to make up for lost time. Traffic was so frustrating that I parked my car on the concrete median between lanes and began walking. My phone rang and I answered it. It was Eric, telling me that I needed to move my car because I wasn't supposed to park it there.

Then I was in a church of some sort, though it wasn't my parents'. Eric was there with me, as was our friend Melissa. She gave me some sort of greeting card, and then left the room. I opened the card, which I think was a birthday card or something similar, though I can't remember it clearly.

There was another part of the dream in which I saw Melissa in one of the other rooms of the church. I think we spoke, but my next clear memory is being back in the sanctuary with Eric.

In a later dream I visited a watch shop. The old man who ran the shop showed me a new "Neil Gaiman Watch" (as in the author). I'm not sure what it had to do with Gaiman, as the face of the watch seemed to have some sort of New York city skyline on it. The maker of the watch was "May Fire", which the proprietor explained was the maker of especially fine watches.

Shortly after this, a middle-aged woman entered the room and showed me another watch. The old man introduced the woman as his daughter, "May Faire". I noticed the similarity to the "May Fire" watchmaker name, and then realized the brand name on the watch box had changed to "May Faire" as well.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Conan Bathroom


I was staying in some sort of hotel, and my first clear memory is returning to my room after an evening out. The bathroom was entirely decorated with a Conan O'Brien motif. The shower curtains, wall art, even the toilet seat all had decorations in the style of the "Conan" show. There was even a TV mounted on the wall that constantly played clips from the show, peppered with occasional, original segments obviously produced just for air in the bathrooms.

I noticed there was a dispenser of those plastic covers of the sort people place across public toilet seats before sitting. These also had Conan art, including a picture of his face. One of them had been left on the toilet by the previous occupant, but Conan's face had been carefully torn off of it. As I saw this, a clip played on the TV behind me in which Conan opined, "That person had to remove my face from that picture before they would put their ass on it. I don't know if that's a compliment or an insult!"

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Book, A Tee, and a Morning Walk


A new book had come out and was creating quite a buzz in the media. Apparently it was especially embraced by women, and was considered very inspirational. While I was aware of the hype, I hadn't paid much attention to it until my parents informed me that they were going to attend an event at which the author would be speaking, and they wanted me to attend.

The event was held at a local bar, looking very much like the atmosphere in which you'd attend a small concert. I couldn't believe my very conservative parents were willing to enter a bar, even if it was just to hear a speaker they were interested in (for that matter, I was fairly surprised they were interested in this book/speaker). Predictable, I think my dad did have second thoughts and leave, though I really don't remember much about what happened once we got there.

In another dream I was in a large department store and saw a display of T-shirts inspired by the Who Framed Roger Rabbit movie. One of the designs looked very similar to a Roger Rabbit tee I actually used to have as a kid, when the movie was current. The display had all the shirts hanging from a clothesline that kept them just out of reach.

I was trying unsuccessfully to reach one of them for closer inspection when a man came up and started speaking to me. He looked a lot like one of my uncles (perhaps it was even supposed to be him, I'm not sure).

And, in a final dream, I thought that I was actually awake and getting out of bed to go to the track for my morning walk. I was dressed and almost ready to go out when I noticed I'd put on my "real" daily-life clothes instead of just the old "morning walk" clothes.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Consoling the Girl in the Cabin


There was more story to this dream than I can now recall, but my first memory is that I had been staying at some kind "resort" out in the woods with several other people . We were all staying in facilities that had a sort of rustic cabin motif.

At the point of my first memory, we were waking up on our last morning and everyone was preparing their things to leave. I got out of bed, got ready, and went into one of the common rooms. A fictional woman I recognized from the dream, a blonde around my own age, was in the lobby looking sad. I knew that something really humiliating had happened to her earlier in the trip that had ruined things for her, and I felt sorry for her.

I went up to the girl and we spoke. She was on the verge of tears. I embraced her and said something encouraging. I don't know my exact words, but they were something to the effect of just reminded her that even though it seemed really embarrassing now, people had shot memories, would get bored with laughing about it, and would get bored and move on to other things in no time.

Whatever my exact words, they came out more eloquently than anything I'd normally be able to articulate on the fly, and the girl seemed to really take it to heart. She thanked me and we had sort of a "moment" together. There was also a matronly black lady nearby who had overheard, and she thanked me for being kind to the girl everyone else had been so cruel to.

It seems a few more things happened after this. I vaguely recall finishing up packing in my room in the cabin, etc.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Inadvertant Time Travel


This may be the first dream I've had in which I so overtly and vividly time travel. You'd assume it would come from my love of Back to the Future or even Doctor Who, but I think this dream most likely comes from my recent reading of Stephen King's newest book, 11/22/63.

I was walking through downtown Anniston (a small, nearby city) one afternoon. I knew there was an underground "shortcut" to get through Anniston to get to the next town, Oxford, which is where I meant to go, so I found its entrance and made my way beneath the city.

Underground Anniston was, naturally, a dark place, compiled mostly of concrete pillars with rubble and dirt littering the ground all around. The ceiling, mostly old pipes and wires sticking through concrete, was just high enough that the average adult could walk standing upright, only occasionally having t duck.

I was the only person traveling through this subterranean wasteland, and it didn't take it long to begin to feel creepy, though I was too fascinated to care. I found the entrance to an old building barely exposed in one of the walls. There was a huge, floor-mounted plaque at the entrance. The inscription indicated it was to dedicate a bank in the early 1950s (I think 50 or 51 was the exact date inscribed).

As I read the plaque, I noticed it was in remarkably pristine condition to be 60 years old and lying in a dark underground ruin. And that's when I noticed that I was actually standing inside the aforementioned bank, fully restored and full of life! Somehow I had stepped through a portal that had actually transported me back to 1950s Anniston!

I mildly panicked, mostly because I was wearing my 21st century clothes and I assumed they'd make me quite suspect in this bygone era. A couple of attractive, retro-looking ladies came walking around a corner and I ducked into a restroom and locked myself in.

The room was incredibly small and claustrophobic. I just stood there, looking into the little mirror over the sink, trying to calm myself as I heard the conversation of the women outside. How did this happen? Was the entrance I walked through a portal? Was there some magic about reading the old plaque that transported you? Most importantly, could I get back to 2012?

This is about the last part of the dream I recall.

There was a different dream in which I was in a large bookstore, sort of like a Books-A-Million or a Barnes & Noble. I saw an acquaintance from high school whom I now only know as an acquaintance on Facebook. We spoke for a moment and he drew my attention to one of the merchandise displays in the center of an aisle.

One item featured on the display table was a basket with several deflated balloons attached to it. My friend inflated the balloons, placed some sort of plush toy into the basket, and then released it so that it floated away. My last memory of this scene is simply the slightly surreal experience of watching the balloon-basket floating across the crowded store.

Sketching An Interview


In the dream, I was thinking about the comics and characters that I used to draw back in high school. I started sketching some of the characters from memory. I drew one picture of myself interviewing one of the characters, The Cat. It was designed to look like a job interview, with The Cat looking to become "employed" in comics I would draw again. Instead of a regular desk, I had sketched myself seated at a school desk, which was supposed to be a nod to the high school-era creations I was pondering.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Costume Dilemma


In real life, my most recent Halloween costume was Doctor Who (the 11th Doctor). In my dream, I was supposed to attend a party somewhere in costume. For some reason I first decided to go as either Jon Stewart from The Daily Show or Stephen Colbert from The Colbert Report. I seldom ever even catch these shows, so I have no idea where this came from.

I ultimately decided those would be pretty boring costumes (what, just a suit, basically?), so I decided to re-use my 11th Doctor costume from Halloween.

The rest of the dream consists of vague memories of being at the party, which seemed to be held in some sort of empty gym, like at a high school or something. For some reason I wasn't wearing my costume when I arrived, so I put it on in the bathroom once I was there. I remember talking to various people, and my friend Eric was there specifically.

Toward the end of the evening, I realized that I was wearing my glasses. Doctor Who does not wear glasses, and I had meant to wear contacts with the costume. As the night was nearly over, I decided it was pointless to make the change now.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Disney World Mall


My friend Brandon and I supposedly worked together and were apparently planning a trip to Disney World with some other, fictional co-workers. I remember I got there first and was supposed to meet the others later. I kept walking around inside what looked like a big mall, though it was supposed to be Disney World.

In this mall there was a store that sold nothing but Disney-related watches and clocks. One of the clocks displayed on the wall had a picture on its face of the really old-school black and white Mickey Mouse looking very angry. The clock was circular with a silver frame. For some reason, I especially wanted this one.

Eventually I knew it was time to meet one of the fictional coworkers who were supposed to be joining me here. I went into an area of the mall that resembled an airport and found him. He was about my age and behaved very strangely. He was obsessed with martial arts and swords, and this seemed to be the main thing he wanted to talk about.

We then met up with Brandon and continued walking through the Disney-mall. One attraction we passed was designed to look like an old-timey movie theater. Guests would sit in the seats, which were attached to a rotating platform. The platform would move the seats under a spotlight, which somehow made all the people in the seats appear to be dressed in clothing that made them resemble people from the early 20th century. A souvenir picture was taken, and that seemed to be the sole point of it all.

After observing this for a little while, we moved on to other areas. I can't remember exactly what happened for the rest of the dream, except that it began to feel more and more like a movie, like we were part of some actual adventure. It seems we did something to stop a villain of some sort. The last scene in the dream actually was of a movie, which I was sitting in a theater watching. A character--a CG groundhog of some sort--announced that the main villain had not really been defeated, but was preparing a counter-attack. It ended with "to be continued" on the screen.

Annoying the Neighbor


Ashely and I were in her apartment on night when she said she wanted to show me something outside. We stepped out the door and around the corner where there was a large window which looked in on her neighbor's living room. You could clearly see a man sitting in a recliner watching TV. Ashley began tapping on the windows and making noises, then hiding out of view whenever the man would look out the window to see what said noises were. For some reason we found this greatly amusing.