Sunday, April 25, 2010

Navi, Crazy Ladies, And Scary Vets


My dad decided he wanted to see the Avatar movie, and it was apparently still playing in a theater that we chose to go to. (For real life frame of reference, I think that movie was watchable, but ridiculously over-hyped. It offered some interesting aesthetics and little more.) When we got to the theater there was, for some reason, a long wait before the show would begin.

My mom eventually showed up to join us. This was doubly odd because not only does my mom NEVER go to a theater, but she would NEVER choose to watch a movie like Avatar under any circumstances that I can imagine.

While we were waiting for the movie to start, some woman, probably in her 40's or early 50's, approached us. She apparently was an old family friend we hadn't seen in several years. I didn't recognize her. The lady was astonished at "how I'd grown", because apparently I was still a kid or teenager the last time she'd seen me. Her reaction was more than a realistic reaction to such a thing--it's like she literally couldn't comprehend that I had grown up over the course of several years.

Then she asked me where I worked. I told her, and she just went silly. She was like, "No! Not there! That's crazy! Why there!!??" and began rolling around on the ground and kicking! There was a curtain or something on the wall, and she pulled it down and wrapped herself up in it as she rolled around in her fits. It's not as though she thought it was BAD that I worked where I did, she just, for some reason, couldn't conceive of it (believe me there's nothing hard to conceive about it). Somehow it all caused this violent reaction in her, which concerned everyone around.

At some point I noticed I had to go to the bathroom rather badly. The movie still hadn't started, so I excused myself. There was no bathroom in the theater, so I went down the street to another business. Only inside it didn't look like a business, but like a school or something. It was empty because it was supposedly the weekend. I kept trying to find the bathroom in this building and couldn't.

I ended up in a classroom that was obviously for young kids, judging by the decorations on the walls and the size of the desks and such. By this point I could no longer hold out. I had to go, and NOW. There was a sink in this empty classroom. Ashamed, I did what I had to do.

I went back to the theater. The movie still hadn't started, but now some of my friends were there, gathered around a table. They were having some kind of debate. I sat down and asked, "Aren't we supposed to be watching a movie?"

At that exact moment, the movie started playing, already in progress. The main female Navi character from Avatar (google reminds me the name was Neytiri) had a baby Navi she was carrying on her back in a sling. She was running at some sort of hyper-speed, as though being pursued. She moved so fast that she could even run across the surface of water when she came to it.

After a few moments, it became apparent that she was running across the entire surface of the earth, every ocean, every continent. It was just to show how awesome the Navi were supposed to be. Suddenly she was confronted by some supposedly evil Navi in a cloak. I woke up (not surprisingly, given earlier dream content, having to go).

There was some other dream in which my parents asked me to take our geriatric family dog, Einstein, to the local vet. I "remembered" that there was a girl (a fictional one) at this vet that I used to have a crush on, but never really had a chance to talk to.

Conveniently, I saw a TV commercial for the vet, and this girl starred in it, narrating the promotion of the clinic. It was so bright and cheery; a typical, cheesy local commercial. The girl was very pretty, though.

When I actually got to the vet with Einstein, it was a weird and scary place. It seemed to consist of narrow concrete halls painted sea green and lit by flickering fluorescent bulbs. The pretty girl from the commercial led Einey and I down one of the hallways to his room. She was very rude and stuck-up, and I couldn't believe I had thought she was so pretty. I also felt scared to leave Einey in this place.

Friday, April 23, 2010

My Dinner With Hellboy


Several friends and I attended a live theater production at a local college. The play starred students and unknowns, except for the fact that Ron Perlman was the lead actor.

The play had the classic feel of an amateur play. The odd thing was, there was a movie screen in the background playing a professionally produced movie of the same play starring the same actors. The movie was played silently in sync with the live performance. It's hard to describe it here, but it was really surreal to watch.

The final act of the play/movie/thing featured a bluegrass band. All the musicians appeared to have cerebral palsy, though they played with utmost skill. It was amazing.

After the play I was in the lobby at the entrance to the theater. For some reason I was putting on my shoes. Ron Perlman was sitting in the lobby as well, only now he was in the fully makeup and costume of the "Hellboy" character (who he obviously played in those movies).

I spoke to him and he suggested we go get a bite to eat because he was starving. So Ron Perlman and my group of friends went to a diner. Only it looked like my grandmother's living room with restaurant-style booths along the walls. In addition to my friends, my grandmother and my late grandfather were in the room.

Ron Perlman-as-Hellboy and I were sitting in a booth eating something. He was supposed to be Ron, but he was acting like Hellboy. He explained how he was a devout Catholic and his priest hated the fact that he played the character Hellboy, since he was a demon. He said no matter how hard he tried to explain that Hellboy was 1) fictional and 2) a GOOD guy, his priest didn't get it.

My friend Eric, sitting somewhere in the background, chimed in with something like, "That's stupid! He likes cats and he saved that boy and his dog one time! How can be be bad?"

My late grandfather, who was lying flat on his back on the floor on a towel this whole time, laughed at that and I woke up.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stolen Glasses and More


First I remember being with a group of friends and acquaintances (most of them probably fictional). We were in a room just hanging out, maybe watching TV, whatever. I fell asleep at one point. I had been wearing my glasses as opposed to my contacts this day, so when I woke up, I immediately put my glasses back on. My vision seemed different now, a little worse.

After what seemed like a few minutes, I finally figured out that my glasses were a different pair entirely! They looked really weird, with triangular lenses and stuff. The prescription was obviously not mine.

Then I was in a hallway at what looked like a school. The ex-wife of a friend of mine that I never see anymore approached me and pulled my real glasses out of her purse. She very maniacally explained to me that she had stolen my glasses because she knew I'd stolen something of hers (a shirt, I think she might have said). This was a ridiculous claim, because I'd never heard of the thing she was talking about, didn't care about it, and would never have taken it. Still, she wouldn't give my glasses back until I produced this item and gave it back to her.

I very angrily confronted her, but in this crowded hallway I didn't want to cause a scene, nor did I want to take back the glasses by violence, given she was a girl. She ended up walking away with the glasses still in her possession. I decided I'd have to report her to the authorities, in this case the principal, given we were in a school.

But I realized I couldn't remember her maiden name! What was her full name now that she was no longer married to my friend? I asked all of my friends and they couldn't remember either. I couldn't figure out how to report her without a full name. I think someone finally remembered it and told me, but really the dream sort of fades at this point.

Next, I was with someone, I think Lisa, and we were walking down a road in what was supposed to be Ireland. It was a pretty, country road with little cottages here and there. At one point there was a medium-sized dog trotting about and I followed it, trying to get it to come with us, because I was afraid one of the occasionally passing cars might hit it on the road. It never did come with us, concerned only with its own adventures.

Shortly after, a small, yip-yip dog of some sort approached us on the same road and kept nipping at my heels, annoying me greatly. "This is the dog that wants to follow me." I thought.

Finally, was another dream in which Richard and Jessica and I met together at another person's house (I can't remember the other person). They really wanted to go see some nature documentary that had just been released to theaters (my brain must be thinking of DisneyNature's upcoming Oceans). In the dream, I'd already seen it but didn't mind going with them to see it again, though I was surprised Richard wanted to see it more than Iron Man 2, which, in my dream, was also opening that weekend.

Also, Sheryl Crow was there and was planning on going to the movies with us. Go figure.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Big Ole Truck


I saw a commercial on TV for a new "Chevy truck". It was advertised, with the macho male announcer voice, as though it were a regular pickup truck or something of that nature, though it was actually a semi truck with not one, but several lengthy flatbed trailers hitched behind it. Seriously, we're talking at least four or five full length flatbed trailers. This thing would have been impossible to actually maneuver on the roads. And yet it was advertised as an awesome new general consumer vehicle!

The next thing I remember, I was with my parents. For whatever reason, we were having to pack up a lot of things in boxes as though someone was moving, or at least getting rid of a lot of stuff. Suddenly one of those mega-trucks from the commercial pulled up and my dad said we'd load all the stuff onto it so we only had to make one trip!

My mom was the first to comment on the fact that it was too long to possibly drive on the roads. I remember looking down the driveway and the trailers went on farther than my eyes could see.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Saving the Dog


There was a burning house. My very geriatric dog, Einstein, was trapped inside. He's the family dog that lives with my parents (I have no dog all my own), though I'm pretty sure this wasn't supposed to be their house.

One of my friends, I think Eric, and I went into the house to save him. I remember walking around all the flames and smoke until we found him lying on his bed. He wasn't unconscious, he was just lying there looking up at us as though he were too weak and/or scared to move. We picked him up and carried him safely out.

My last memory is stepping back out onto the lawn and the firefighters and small crowd of onlookers were clapping and expressing their happiness. Then I realized just how foolhardy my actions had been and began to feel retroactively terrified!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Rock Star Woman


Lisa and I were at some kind of really crowded restaurant or other business. She found out an old friend who was a "rock star" was there and wanted me to briefly meet her. The friend was a short, plump woman of about forty. She had fiery red hear in a pixie cut, and was dressed indeed like a rock star. She had a very in-your-face personality, seeming friendly but quickly tiresome (which was fine, because our meeting was indeed fairly quick.)

My next memory is going into some dark club where a concert was taking place. This was where the rock-star-woman's band was about to play. Once they came on stage, the music was very loud. Sort of a mix of ska and heavy metal. Only that woman and one man were on stage, singing poorly, and they must have been using tracks because I could see no band.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Lost Whodunit


This was a much more complex dream than I can remember the details of. All I know is that I was with many of the characters from the TV show, "Lost", along with a few random other people. We were all staying within the crumbling remains of an ancient underground city of some sort.

The main point I recall is that many of us were gathered in a small, stone room lit by torches. Events were unfolding like one of those "Clue" style murder mysteries, where all the suspects are in the same room while someone paces to-and-fro trying to deduct who was the guilty party (what the crime was in this case, I cannot remember).

Whoever the person shouting out the deductions and accusations was pointed to each and every one of us
(including myself), ruling us out with a precise explanation before he finally pointed to Sawyer and Juliet. For some reason he was able to explain why they had committed the crime. Sawyer was angry and incredulous. I didn't really believe it either.

I think I woke up a little at this point and went back to sleep. there was another dream that took place in someone's house where a lot of people were staying. I think I may have reasoned in my dream that these were supposed to be the same group from the previous "Lost" dream.

The only part of this dream I remember is that a group of teenage girls had one of those large workout balls and they rolled it over to the doorway. The ball was pretty much as wide as the doorway was, and they stopped it there. Making sure they had the attention of at least some of us in the room, they began to climb up on top of the ball and jump off in various goofy ways. They thought it was so funny.

One of the girls stood precariously on top of the ball, preparing to leap off, when she lost her balance and fell straight forward. She landed face-first on the floor in a way that looked like it had to have broken her neck at the very least. After a gasp of terror from me and everyone else who saw, the girl leaped right up, unaffected (but a little embarrassed) and climbed back up on the ball to try it again.

Friday, April 2, 2010



This was actually a brief dream I had during the 10 minute "snooze" on my alarm this morning. I was in my apartment, which looked different than it really does, getting ready for work. I had two or three roommates who were all fictional people. We were talking about how late I was going to be if I didn't hurry, but I finally made it out the door in time.

Then I was in a beautiful forest. I seemed to be flying, or gliding just above the ground. I just remember all the scenery gently floating past me on the beautiful spring day. It was so gorgeous, relaxing and serene.

I knew I was passing through these woods to meet a girl I knew. She lived in a village deep within this woods. I thought I knew a shortcut to where she lived. I flew/glided/floated up a steep hill to a rock ledge. I had in mind that when I looked over the rock ledge I'd have a view of her village in the valley below, but when I looked down I only saw a steep cliff that dropped miles down. Even though I was apparently able to fly in the dream, the height here scared me and I backed off.

I wondered how I could have been wrong, that my girl wasn't just over that ledge...and where could she be if not there? Alarm.