Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Nintendo Attraction


I was visiting a large city. It looked fairly New York-ish. There was a huge building in the city that was dedicated to Nintendo games throughout the console's history. It claimed to be something like "Nintendo City"...basically a theme park and museum within a single skyscraper. I'm an extremely passive and sporadic video game player at best, so I'm not sure what in the world inspired this theme in a dream.

A couple of friends were with me inside. One of them I think was Richard, and the other I know was fictional. We were playing a real-time video game, where we actually had to physically compete against each other to win. At one point I locked the fictional friend in a room in order to keep him scoring more points and he was shouting about that being "unfair".

Then I went into this large atrium where the scores of everyone currently participating in games were kept on large screens. I saw my opponent's score rapidly drop and mine rapidly rise--but in the end he still won by a single point.

Then I rode an escalator to a lower floor. I was observing the myriad of Nintendo-themed attractions around me...I can't really see them specifically enough in the waking world to describe them all.

Eventually I came to a gift shop, and this is where the Nintendo-themed stuff sort of faded out of the dream. I saw a shelf with high-end, collectible action figures based on the Who Framed Roger Rabbit movie. Each depicted a scene supposedly from the movie, and they were magnificently sculpted.

One figure depicted the entirely fictional scene of Roger being strapped to an electric chair. He was obviously in a panic. Droopy, wearing his trademark sad-sack expression, was standing beside the chair, ready to pull the switch. The manacles which held Roger to the chair were much wider than his arms so that he could have easily slipped out.

(Even though this scene is not a real one, I can easily picture it. Droopy pulls the switch, Roger is getting wildly electrocuted, and Droopy turns to the camera to say, in his monotone delivery, "Shocking, isn't it?")

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Woman Who Loved Mr. Martin


Someone (I think was supposed to be my dad) and I were taking a little girl to the doctor. She was probably about 8 or 9, and said she'd never been to a doctor before in her life. Nothing was wrong with her that I know of; she simply needed to go to the doctor for a checkup or something of the sort.

When we arrived at the doctor's office, I was for some reason surprised to find the doctor was an attractive young woman. She had dark blonde hair, glasses, and while she was realistically attractive and not crazy-dream-attractive, she did wear an outfit that looked more like a sexy nurse costume than a real doctor's attire.

Then the scene changed to where I was in more of a school classroom setting, and the doctor was now a teacher (wearing normal clothes). She was writing something on the board when she suddenly got off on a tangent about how The Jerk with Steve Martin was her favorite movie of all time. She then told us how she had even met and worked with Steve Martin in the past.

She took some pictures (they were actually printed as postcards) out of her desk drawer and allowed us to pass them around the room and see them. When the first one came my way, I saw that it was a picture of Steve Martin dressed in a corny 50's style cowboy suit, and he was lassoing the teacher-lady, who bore a look of innocent surprise straight out of an Elvgren pin-up.

Taking a Medieval Walk


The only thing I remember is being at some place that was a sort of Disney World-like amusement park. Somewhat unexpectedly, there was one area of the park that was a very lush, green field with sparse trees, cobblestone paths, and a stream meandering through it. It looked more like an Irish countryside than an amusement park attraction.

While I can't remember the exact "plot" of the dream, it all revolved around this green area of the park. Some kind of parade or event was to take place there that evening. Eventually I showed up for this event. There was a large crowd already amassed. It was beginning to get dark out, and the area was lit by torches and other strictly medieval means.

I began walking along the torch-lit cobblestone paths and found they were populated with all sorts of crazy, medieval characters. Lots of peasants and hags and such attempting to engage you in talk, or otherwise confronting you, along your way. I knew them to be just actors playing parts, so it wasn't all that strange, but it still gave one an odd sense of having stepped back in time into some kind of fairy tale.

There was a bridge passing over a stream and as I crossed it some trolls came out from under it to confront me. That's really about all I remember.


I remember only a very small portion of another dream. I was among a large number of people who were living in a small community inside what looked like an empty airport hangar or similar type of structure.

Each person or family lived inside a square, metal pod that looked sort of like the empty trailer of a truck. In truth, it looked kind of like the little container WALL-E lived in on earth in the movie of the same name, so that's probably where this part came from.

I befriended an Asian-American girl and I remember her coming to my little living pod with me at one point.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Potentially Sweet Art Gig


I was in a store in a mall and I ran into Goobeetsa! We were talking about our respective art, and he told me about some place you could sign up online where you could automatically have a steady paying gig just drawing cartoon art that individuals would commission from you. He said he was doing it and he knew a lot of other people that had signed on. I thought this sounded like a pretty sweet deal, and I couldn't wait to check into it for myself.

Then I remember something about being on my computer. One would assume I was looking up the previously mentioned site, but I can't really remember. There was also something about watching something that was animated, but that's another blurry memory as well.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Big and Secret House


I arrived at some old house. It was two-story and looked like an early 20th century design. In the dream I knew the place, but it's actually fictional. There were a couple of cop cars on the curb in front of the house, and they'd pulled over a couple of cars that seemed to have all teenagers in them. Even though the cops weren't there for anything to do with me, I felt like I couldn't go in this house until they were gone. Like there was something secretive about this place. So I waited.

Eventually I was inside the house. It was packed with a menagerie of colorful people, absolutely bustling with life, like a city within a home. It's like everyone of us were actually staying at this house and not simply visiting it. (I didn't think of it in the dream, but in hindsight it was kind of like in the Harry Potter books, when the Order of the Phoenix were all hiding out together at Grimmauld Place.) I went up the stairs into the room I knew I was staying in. My dad was in that room as well and when I walked in he was talking to some little boy. I did something in the room and then left again.

I sat down at the top of the stairs because for the moment it was a solitary place in the otherwise crowded abode. I could hear a lot of conversations coming up from the floor below. Then a couple of cats ran up the stairs toward me. I recognized them in the dream, but I don't think they were like any real cats I actually know. One of them warily darted past me and away down the upstairs hall. The other cautiously came up to me as I called it.

Baby Elephant Walk


I rode with my aunt, uncle and cousin to my grandmother's house, but it was like when we were kids. I remember being alone in the living room...with a young elephant. It was bigger than a mere baby--big enough to take up a significant amount of the room--but very obviously not full size.

The elephant approached me and I cautiously tried to pet it. It was very enthusiastic, like a dog, and because of it's size I had to back away from it as it tried tried to sidle up next to me. I backed up onto the couch so that I was actually perched on the back of it with my feet on the arm as the elephant came up beside me. From this angle I could easily pat the top of it's head. I vividly remember the texture of the skin and hairs. The elephant was so friendly, and kept trying to "kiss" my face with its trunk like a dog trying to lick you. I thought it was so cool to be interacting with a real elephant that it never occurred to me to wonder what an elephant was doing here--and inside the house of all places.

Then I remember I was in a room and there were a pile of women's clothes on the floor. It's as though a woman wearing the outfit in question had just suddenly disappeared and the clothes had all dropped to the floor in a heap. There was a professional-looking business skirt and blouse combo, a pair of heels, a purse, and some glasses. I was searching the items with a purpose to find something. There was literally no sexual connotation to this dream--there was some far more serious reason why I had to search these items, as though I'd find some type of information that had to be found as soon as possible, or else. I was racing against the clock.

I was watching an animated Winnie the Pooh movie. It was supposed to be the actual Disney Pooh movie from the 70's, but it was totally fictional. In the scene I remember, Christopher Robin was having to wash Pooh and Rabbit off in a tub of water because they'd gotten into something. But since they're really just stuffed animals, they began to shrink and were calling for him to help them as they did. It was really kind of disturbing!

Finally, I remember being at my apartment in my "studio" room with the art stuff and computer, etc. It was a cloudy day outside. My light bulb shot, so I had to replace it. Then I got online and was typing an e-mail to one of my friends in Yahoo mail. As I typed the e-mail, I could actually see her animated in a banner ad at the top of the screen. We were "chatting" by means of animated banner ads...odd.