Monday, April 25, 2011



This is by far one of the weirdest and most bizarre dreams I've ever experienced. I should mention that I've never seen the (no doubt) cheesy 90's Nic Cage movie, "Face/Off", but this dream had the same premise...

I was apparently part of some sort of "undercover operation", the motives of which are unclear to me now. Due to the "undercover" nature of the mission, it was necessary for this woman who was on my team and I to exchange faces, so we could be disguised when we went to gather information.

I vaguely remember lying on the operating table and numbly feeling the pressure of the doctor cutting around my face, and then the next thing I know, the procedure is finished. It felt like I was wearing a Halloween mask or something--sort of stuffy and my vision looked as though I were seeing things through a mask's eye-holes. There was no pain, but my face felt "tight", and there was a lot of pressure whenever I moved anything or made any expression.

There are more vague memories of our friends and associates freaking when they saw us with our switched faces. I never actually saw the woman while she wore my face. She was there in the dream, but I just don't remember ever actually laying eyes on her and seeing my face on her. I also never actually looked in a mirror and saw her face on mine, either. I only felt it.

Eventually some of my associates and I were seated in a beautiful, ornate theater waiting for a live show of some kind to begin. I knew this was the last night of our undercover mission, and I was supposed to rendezvous with the other woman so we could switch back to our proper faces. I kept scanning the crowd, looking for her. I started to get nervous because I didn't want anything to happen to her while she had my face! That's all I recall.

There was another, brief dream featuring a news report on TV showing helicopter footage of a police car chase in California. It was reminiscent of the infamous O.J. Simpson "white Bronco" footage. At some point it was revealed that the driver of the fleeing car was "Weird Al" Yankovic. The entire chase was completely staged as a promotional stunt for his upcoming new album, "Alpocalypse".

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cynical Statuette


I remember only one detail from this dream: Somewhere I had found a small statuette depicting a little boy dressed like a cowboy riding a stick horse. Text was engraved at the base of the figure, reading, "Who cares? People aren't good for anything except for just chilling out with sometimes, or making fun of them."

Monday, April 18, 2011

Al vs. Al


For some reason I was hanging out with "Weird Al" Yankovic. We were watching the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video and I was reminiscing about how it had been popular when I was in high school.

Somehow this led to Al and I deciding to film a comedy video to post on YouTube. In the video I played the younger, 80's version of Al, and he played the modern day version. My Al had time traveled from the past to confront the modern Al and they did battle. Filming the faux fight scene is my last memory.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Conan Contest and a Missing Girl


I, along with a small group of select other people, had won a contest which allowed us to spend a day at an amusement park with Conan O'Brien. I have vague memories of just hanging around the park with Conan as he cracked wise. At the end of the day, he gave each of us a T-shirt with a funny catch phrase printed on it. The phrase was supposedly one he'd coined that same day and that we'd all been using as an in-joke (I can't recall what it was). I remember realizing after I had already left the event that the shirt I'd received was the wrong size.

In another dream I was hanging out with my cousin. He and I were especially close when we were growing up, and in my dream he was still a kid (I assume I was my current age, though the ages were of no issue in the dream). We had heard on the news about a young girl who had been kidnapped in the area and everyone was searching for her. We decided to join the search teams.

Our search team was led by Leeza Gibbons! I have not heard or thought of this personality in literally years, so I have no idea where she came from, but there she was. We searched up and down a wooded trail that was similar to a real-life trail where I often walk. Leeza was the first to find a shallow grave just off the trail. The "grave" contained personal items that had belonged to the girl, but no actual remains. Leeza brought in a film crew and was reporting the find, vowing we wouldn't rest until the actual girl was found.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Japanese Restaurant


I was in a Japanese restaurant to pick up some take-out. A Japanese lady in full Kabuki attire stood at the front desk. When she told me the total for my order, I realized my debit card was not in my wallet. I began to panic, because I couldn't remember when I last used it and where I might have lost it. Even though it was not crowded in the restaurant at all, the lady quickly became very irritable with me for taking up her time.

Oddest of all is the fact that throughout this entire dream, there was music from the "Katamari Damacy" video game soundtrack playing in the restaurant.

Games in the Basement


My parents and I went to my grandmother's house, only the house was a fictional two-story home. Supposedly we were the first ones there and were expecting other family members for a big get-together, like perhaps a Christmas or Thanksgiving holiday.

While we waited on the others, I went into the furnished basement of the home, where there was a huge TV and various sorts of technology hooked up to it. I entertained myself playing a video game. I think it was based on the 80's He-Man cartoon, though it was on one of the modern day systems and looked very high-tech.

At one point my dad came in and was asking me about the game, and I think he even tried to play it. Then one of my cousins arrived, and he and I reminisced about some of our childhood experiences.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Pretty Girl, A Zombie Attack, and an Art Contest


In the first of three remembered dreams, I was a dating a really beautiful girl. She was petite and had really nice, long brunette hair and dark features. I was unbelievably happy that things between us seemed to be going well.

Later I showed up at some crowded public event and saw her sitting with another man. She didn't know I was there, but I overheard her talking to the guy about how she hated going out with me. She had started doing it under some pretense--I can't recall what she said it was--and couldn't wait until she could get out of it.

Of course I was devastated to hear this, but thought it was a believable outcome and couldn't believe I hadn't seen it coming.

In another dream, it was late at night and I was walking around the track I usually go walking at early on weekday mornings. The only difference was that a nearby grocery store was located right across the street from the track in the dream.

I overheard a girl talking on her cellphone and looked up to see her walking across the street from the grocery store parking lot onto the track. At this point I was finishing up my walk and was headed to my car in the track parking lot. It turns out the cell phone girl was parked beside my car, and we entered our respective vehicles at the same time and proceeded to leave.

Somehow both our cars ended up stuck in mud, or sunk into a ditch, or some similar obstacle. We couldn't move. I remember as I sat there spinning my wheels, I looked into my passenger seat and saw two birthday cards, one with Tinkebell, and one with Disney's Princess Tiana. I knew that both of them were meant to be given to my friends' daughter, Cailey, on her upcoming birthday.

Anyway, the girl and I got out of our cars and began discussing our predicament. Then we noticed a car nearby us that is filled with zombies! One guy in the car, who looked a little bit like Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter movies, was not a zombie, but he was too terrified of the zombies to actually flee the car. I remember the girl and I pleading with him to get out of the car and run with us! It was a very, very intense scene in the dream. I remember feeling just terrified.

We finally pulled the guy from the car, and the three of us piled into an SUV with a couple of other people in it, and began fleeing the zombies. As we drove, a middle aged man with an English accent began narrating our escape from the back seat. I wondered if this was the beginning of the final Harry Potter movie, and we were somehow in it.

As the man continued narrating, Eric, who was suddenly in the car with us, began asking me questions about some poster contest we had supposedly entered years ago. I was annoyed, because I couldn't hear the narrator when he was talking, and I was desperately trying to prove my theory that we were stuck in a movie. Somehow only hearing what the narrator said could help me with this.

There was one other dream in which it was a given fact that every April, I hosted a contest at my deviantART gallery online. Each week I'd give a theme and participants would turn in a drawing inspired by the theme, and there would be a winner each time. Only in this dream, I had forgotten to start the contest at the first of the month, and was rushing to start it late.

My first challenge for contestants was to draw something inspired by just the word "dinosaur". Fro some reason my dad, who is not an artist and in no way follows or cares about cartoon art, decided he wanted to join the contest. He practiced drawing and actually turned in a decent drawing on a dinosaur. There was some kind of actual process and "story" as he was talking to me about learning to draw the dinosaur, but it all gets lost in a blur of events in my memory.

I recall the second contest I posted was to draw something inspired by a specific Arnold Schwarzenegger 80's movie (one that doesn't exist in real life). My dad wouldn't join this contest, because he'd never seen the movie and didn't want to watch it because it was rated R. I explained to him that contestants only had to enter ONE of the challenges for the whole month anyway, so he didn't need to turn in another if he didn't want to.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Patton and Remy Do Improv


Some friends and I attended an improv comedy show and were surprised to learn that comedian/actor Patton Oswalt was doing a guest role in the performance. Patton did his whole improv segment on the stage by himself.

His only prop was a puppet of Remy the rat, the character he voiced in the Pixar film,
Ratatouille. It was very unique seeing him improv a whole scene against the puppet he was also voicing.

I vaguely remember standing in the lobby of the theater afterward, discussing the performance with friends. I'd taken a few pictures and we were looking at them on my camera.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

On the Run in the Secret Rooms


There were a couple of older adults, and two or three people around my own age. Most of them were fictional dream characters. One of them was a girl I apparently had a crush on. We were all on the run from something. I think supposedly some kind of Nazi-like government had taken control and we were trying to stay in hiding.

One of the older ladies knew of a secret room inside the building we were in. It led into several other secret rooms that obviously had not been visited in some time. The lady explained to us the function these secret rooms had served in the past, but I can't remember it now.

We spent some time in these rooms, just hiding silently, hoping to evade capture. During this time the fictional girl I was crushing on and I seemed to grow much closer. That was the one silver lining of our scary ordeal.

My final memory involves us deciding to sneak out of the secret passageway, leaving the building completely and going out into the woods. We were walking a long a huge dirt trail cut through a thick forest. I can't remember what else happened.

There is some snippet of a second dream I recall. I was talking to an ex-girlfriend and her sister, and in the dream they supposedly also had a brother. They were teasing the brother because he had "mom hair". I can't remember what supposedly constituted "mom hair" in the dream. They just called him "mom" sometimes.