Friday, March 27, 2009

Really Old Cake


I was taking a walk in a fictional neighborhood. I picked up a small rock or nut or something that was lying on the path in front of me and tossed it into a yard to my side. To my surprise, it bounced and bounced and bounced down the hill in a manner that would have been difficult for even a rubber ball to accomplish on grassy terrain.

I watched it until it bounced out of sight and resumed walking. Moments later, I was almost struck by the little bouncing rock as it bounded back onto the path in front of me and kept right on bouncing into the group of trees on the other side of the road and out of view again.

I then became aware of an elderly woman walking behind me. Given her apparently advanced age, I was surprised at how quickly she was catching up to me. She soon came close enough behind that she began to try to talk to me. I slowed down enough to speak to hear a little.

She was dressed in a little sweatsuit, eagerly eating a large chunk of cake covered in pink frosting which she unwrapped from clear cellophane as she went. She offered me a bite and I declined.

The lady began to explain to me how she'd been saving this cake in her freezer ever since World War II, and she'd finally decided to thaw it out and enjoy it today. It turns out, the cake was a favorite the Jews--like her--would make in the concentration camps as a kind of "comfort food", and this was the last piece she had from those days.

I was very impressed and amazed by her story, and also especially glad I'd not accepted a bit of the cake.

I somehow ended up at what was supposdly C.'s house, and B. was there as well. I cant' remember our interaction, though we did hang out for a while.

I do remember the TV was on and there was a newscast in which a strikingly pretty blonde meteorologist was giving the weather forecast. She looked very uncomfortable, and finally began complaining on the air about being unexpectedly pregnant. (I saw Revolutionary Road last night, which can likely explain the generalities of this).

My last clear memory is leaving the house were C. and B. were, only now it was actually (at least in appearance and location) the apartment where M.'s really is, and I just walked back over to my own place. It was now nighttime.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Picnic on the Porch


First I remember watching an episode of The Office. The story and dialogue was very detailed in my dream, but of course I can't remember it now. I do remember that Karen was back in this episode, and the story seemed to revolve a lot around Kevin. It was funny, and I was guffawing and laughing constantly.

I partially woke up at this point. I heard a little bit of noise from the apartment below me (or thought I perceived it in my semi-sleep state). I remember wondering if I'd been laughing out loud and she'd heard me? But then I was back asleep again.

There was another dream in which several of my friends were coming over to my house--yes, a house I lived in as opposed to my actual apartment. It was early evening after work, supposedly on a Friday. This house had a fairly large porch, and we had set up a table on it and were all going to eat there. There were some fictional people there beyond my group of normal friends.

As it grew gradually more dark outside and we all sat down to eat, I realized I was apparently supposed to go to Richard and Jessica's this evening, so I should probably call them and explain why I wasn't coming.

It seems I went back in the house and M. was in the kitchen getting some kind of food to take back out to the porch as I passed by. I got on the Internet and that's about all I remember.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stack O' Cinnamon Rolls


I had a pack of refrigerated instant cinnamon rolls that came in a tube. The rolls were smallish, maybe a little larger in diameter than a golf ball. Each roll came out of the tube fully prepared, including the icing, and all you had to do was heat them.

The odd thing was that the directions called for leaving the rolls stacked on top of each other as they cooked (which was fortunate, as the icing fairly glued the stack together). For some reason I owned a hot plate instead of a real oven, so I just placed the little tower of cinnamon rolls on that. It was unbalanced and kept threatening to fall on its side.

I checked the directions again and this time they said you were supposed to lay the stack on its side, just so they remained stacked. One has no idea how they were supposed to properly cook in this manner, but that's the beauty of a dream, I guess.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Going to the Chapel...


The first of two dreams (the second is posted after this)...

If context matters to you regarding this dream, I'm currently single and content, though fully open to otherwise should the right person come along.

I can't remember anything about how this happened--if it indeed was even part of the dream--but somehow I'd become hastily engaged to be married! I remember the girl had shortish blonde hair and was actually fairly beautiful, but not what would typically be my type (nor would I likely be hers). She seemed to be sort of the cheerleader/beauty queen/very high maintenance type.

Not only were we apparently quickly engaged, but the actual wedding date itself was fast approaching. There was some sort of conflict with the date we'd picked and my parents. I remember the four of us riding in my dad's car, my fiancee and I in the backseat, discussing the matter.

Apparently my parents were going to be out of town and needed someone at their house to dog-sit our elderly family dog, Einstein, while they were away. I obviously couldn't do this if I was on my honeymoon. So, since the bride-to-be and I were only just now planning this whole thing, why couldn't we just pick a more convenient date? (I know this is a ridiculous scenario to cause such a conflict, but it's a dream, after all.)

My fiancee was quite upset and dramatic about it. I was privately hoping we'd have to delay the wedding, because the more we talked about it the more it seemed wrong. Nonetheless, I came up with the compromise that we'd keep the wedding date, but we'd delay our honeymoon one week so Einstein could be taken care of. The girl was actually fine with this--getting married on said date was apparently her main concern.

My next memory is that the girl and I were actually already married. It was over and done with. And I was terrified. What had I done? I began to realize that I didn't really know the girl at all. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't remember how we met, or anything fun we'd done together--it's like we had literally no history as a couple (gee, I wonder why)! How could I have married a girl I didn't even know? But now it was too late! I was trapped!!

I worried myself quite awake with this. The last quarter moon was beautiful outside my window.

Instead Of The One We Were Going To Watch.


Second of two dreams I remembered this night...

I was with a large crowd of people gathered outside. We were sitting in a grassy area off the side of a remote road, as if waiting for something or someone. Most if not all of us were wearing white T-shirts with some kind of logo on them and pale blue gym shorts. One of the women in the group was annoying, and reminded me of Amy Poehler.

Next I recall our group entering the house of a middle-aged couple who'd invited us for dinner. Many of us sat in the living room as we waited for the food to be ready. As we sat, I was watching what was on the TV, and it was a commercial for some movie with Paul Rudd in it.

The lady then called us all to the table, but just as we began to be seated she announced some new, unforeseen delay in the food being ready. We all returned to our seats in various parts of the house.

This time I ended up in a side room, sort of a furnished, indoor patio. There was a small TV in this room as well. Adam Sandler sat in one of the chairs, watching what was supposedly his latest movie on said TV. I wasn't impressed by anything I saw of it, and he was starting to annoy me, so I went out for a walk.

I was walking through the neighborhood and suddenly realized I was missing one of my gloves. The weather was pleasant, and I was not bundled up, so I have no idea why I was wearing my gloves to begin with. I had just begun deliberating whether it was worth retracing all my steps to try to find where the lost one had dropped when I noticed it was conveniently lying in the dust right at my feet.

I returned the the house and now seemingly everyone was gathered around Adam Sandler, watching his movie. They told me he'd convinced them to watch this one "instead of the one we were going to watch."

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Exploits of the Fake Duo


I remember Eric and I were goofing off. We sang part of some song, just ad-libbing it, in the spontaneous characters of some bad country duo (sadly, this is not a far cry from something that might actually happen). But then we decided we should try to get the song on the radio as a prank of some sort?!

Eric called a fictional local DJ, an old man who played old 80's country on his fictional radio station. Thinking we were the fictional duo, the old man told us we should come perform at the so-and-so festival this weekend.

The festival was outdoors overlooking a large lake or possibly river. A lot of people were out on boats. Eric and I were anxious to perform our "prank", apparently Borat-style, except we hadn't dressed up to appear in character or anything.

Next I remember They Might Be Giants were performing on on a large riverboat. We got into a small motorboat and made our way out closer to their boat. I remember driving our vessel and dodging between many other boats like some sort of race (this is because in real life I've been playing a lot of Mario Kart Wii since receiving it for my birthday recently--even though you're not in boats in any part of that game).

They Might Be Giants ended their show and announced they'd be performing a number of shows during the week at some local venue. Suddenly I was with Richard instead of Eric, and asked if he wanted to go. I don't remember what he said, but I began trying to think of anyone else I know who might care, because I definitely wanted to catch one of those shows, as I didn't expect them to be back in the area again so (relatively) soon after the last time.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Movie That Never Played


The second of two dreams...

First, I was at a theater with C. and B. They were having a special showing of Back to the Future, and I was excited to get to see it on the big screen. I recall the three of us sitting around waiting for the show to start, but it seemed to be taking a long time.

Finally, they began showing trailers. But instead of showing a cluster of trailers together leading right into the film, they would only show one trailer at a time. After the single trailer, the lights would come back up and we'd wait a while, then the lights dimmed for another trailer, and so on. It got very frustrating and annoying.

One of the trailers was for Enchanted 2, and it actually looked pretty good. Plus, Amy Adams was in it.

I almost never buy snacks when I go to the movies, but for some reason we all had them here as we waited. I must have been drinking a lot, because I had to go the bathroom several times during our wait! Every time I'd be in a huge hurry, assuming the show would surely start at any moment, only to return to find us still in limbo.

So-Called Sugar Gliders


The first of two remembred dreams from this night...

Yesterday in real life someone forwarded me a link about the exotic marsupials, Sugar Gliders, which some are taking on as pets. It reminded me of a family I actually saw in public some time back who had their two sugar gliders with them. Anyway, all of this obviously played into my dream...

I was in what looked like the back yard of the house I lived in as a teenager. I had several pet "sugar gliders", only they looked more like a cross between a lemur and a cat in my dream (and were about as big as a typical domestic cat as well).

I kept them in an enclosure in the back yard surrounding a tree trunk that stood the height of the enclosure (roughly 6 or 7 feet). I was showing them to someone (I don't remember who) for the first time. The "sugar gliders" playfully climbed up and down the trunk and branches. They were very tame and lovable, and I felt great affection for them.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Wicked Disappointment


In real life some friends and I will be seeing the Broadway musical, Wicked, in April when it comes to our area. In my dream it was the night of the play and we were on our way to attend. We learned, however, that the venue had changed. It was somewhere near my grandmother's house!

I didn't know where there was a place to stage a play in that area, and was concerned as to what the quality of the event would be after we'd paid so dearly to go.

So we arrived at my grandmother's house, and several other people were there, including my parents and other family members. Of course I had "forgotten about" this huge, beautiful garden area that was apparently in my grandmother's back yard. There was also a huge outdoor stage area with lots of nice stadium seating. It was a crystal clear night, perfect for a show.

While having read the novel a couple of times, I've never at any point seen the musical yet, so when it began in the dream, it was just a totally fictional play based loosely on the first scene in the book. I can vaguely remember a lot of increasingly weird things happening in the play that began to really confuse me. The overall quality was more like a good college production than a Broadway one (possibly because last weekend we saw a top-notch college production of Sweeney Todd).

Things suddenly became a blur, and the next I remember the play was ending, and my friends and I got up to leave. I was complaining that Elphaba was hardly ever in the play at all, and there had been no Galinda/Glinda whatsoever! And I thought the play supposedly focused mainly on their relationship! What about their years at Shiz? And Dorothy? The witches demise? Nothing even mentioned!

My friends explained to me that all of these things and more had been amply covered. Where had I been? I suddenly figured out that I had "fallen asleep" for the majority of the play without realizing it and missed almost the entire thing!

This frustrated me greatly, but then I suddenly remembered that we weren't supposed to see the play until April, and it was only March now, so I'd have a nother chance to see it next month.

There was some other dream I had last night regarding the characters from the Watchmen comic/movie (I saw the movie last night). I can't remember the exact specifics, except that they were on the news and were real people. I think I even saw one or more of them in person, but the memory is far too vague for me to try to write any more about it.

Monday, March 2, 2009



I was at work one morning and heard what seemed to be a hooting sound outside. Looking out the glass front entrance doors I indeed spotted a large owl perched very near the building. Naturally I thought it was very odd for an owl to be out in the daytime at all.

The owl spread its wings and I thought it was going to fly away, but instead it just glided down to the parking lot. It was so cool to watch it up close. Suddenly, a second owl flew in and landed on the pavement beside the first one. They greeted each other by lightly touching beaks, like the owl version of an "Eskimo kiss"!

I found it fascinating to observe this behavior. Then I noticed the mail truck was pulling into the other end of the parking lot. I was disappointed that this would no doubt scare the owls away, but the mailman just made a U-turn in the parking lot and drove off again without ever getting near the owls. It turns out that didn't even matter, because I woke up at this point anyway.