Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Doodles '96


Richard and I attended a "Weird Al" Yankovic concert. At one point I realized I didn't have my camera. I did have a bag with me that the camera, and other supplies, are often stored in when I'm on the go. But it wasn't in that bag, either.

My next memory is sitting alone at home looking through a pile of scrap paper filled with old doodles and sketches I had made. The art must have been dated, because I specifically remember associating it with 1996.

There was a separate dream in which I was watching "Lost" on TV and Jack and Kate and Sawyer had found an abandoned refrigerator that had some kind of power about it. I think they were taking turns stepping into it to gain some kind of power, or arguing about whether or not to do that, or something.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Neil Gaiman and Rescue Rangers


In real life, some friends and I went to see Neil Gaiman do a reading in person when he came to Alabama. In my dream, he had come back for another reading, and we were there. The odd thing was, the typically all-black-clad Gaiman was wearing a bright and multi-colored striped hoody (with the hood up) over his usual dark attire.

At the end of the reading I realized I hadn't taken any pictures and was upset with myself.

Next I remember being in a long line for something with Richard and Jessica. They had a hand-held Rescue Rangers (from the Disney Afternoon cartoon) video game, not unlike something you would really have found back in the 90's. You played as Gadget in the game. We were all very much consumed with playing this.

Then I found myself walking the streets of a huge city, not unlike New York. I once again saw Neil Gaiman, only this time he was wearing accessories from a bunny suit (the ears,fluffy tail, etc.). I followed him into a room and he asked if I could get any pictures while he had the bunny stuff on. My cell phone was all I had, and the pictures all turned out horrible because of the lighting.

We went to lunch together, and as we set there I felt mortified because I had no idea what to say to Neil Gaiman.

A Concert in Fake Germany


For some reason I was visiting Germany (I've never really been). I was surprised to find that everywhere you went, Nazi guards had to check your ID and papers before you would be allowed access. Sometimes checks would be performed on you at random.

Then I was walking through a public park (still in Germany) at night. An outdoor concert was taking place, and I was trying to find out where in the park it was. I could hear the music, but the area was so large and crowded I could not find it specifically.

Some young man, probably in his twenties crossed my path, and we supposedly had already met each other before during my time in Germany. He walked the paths with me and told me he could help me find the concert area. First I had to use the bathroom, so I excused myself to do just that.

The public restroom was very odd-looking. All the toilets were made in such a way that even males had to sit down to pee (I don't remember how one designs a toilet that requires that, but it was true in the dream).

When I left the bathroom, my guide was gone, and I was once again seeking the concert stage on my own. I could still hear it, and it was very frustrating never to be able to find the source of the music!

I did finally find the stage. When it was empty and the crowd had long dispersed, leaving being only empty cups, bottles, and other trash.

Next I was in some sort of mall. I realized I'd left my papers somewhere else, and was afraid one of the guards would ask for them. Sure enough, a beautiful-but-tough looking blonde female officer approached me. She was wearing a vaguely fetishistic leather Nazi uniform on. I am not even going to try to analyze that. But in the end, I somehow got away from her despite not having my papers.

I went into a book store, and there was a hardcover volume of old, vintage comics that I thought was very cool. The cover had a female character that looked a little like Betty Boop on it, dressed as the officer from before had been dressed. My dad was there and he thought it was "too sexy".

That Amazing Toy Story Art


I was visiting my parents' home. For some reason I was drawing a picture of Woody, Buzz and some other characters from Toy Story (specifically part 3). The art was coming along very well, and in fact looked better than I probably could actually manage in real life.

The next I remember, I was outside taking a walk near my own apartment. I realized I'd left the Toy Story art at my parents' and I was disappointed, because I had wanted to post it to my blog.

I walked into what at first was supposed to be my apartment, but it looked entirely different. It was a very shabby, run-down apartment, and John Flansburg and John Linnell from They Might Be Giants lived there together. I remember thinking it was odd that after all these years, they were "still just roommates in an apartment together."

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Burning Buildings


Thanks to my recent real-life trip to Disney World, I dreamed that my friends and I were in one of the Disney resort hotels. We were shopping in one of the stores. There was a creepy, dark corridor in one part of the store, and a small girl approached us and led us around (creepy corridors and children leading you around them is never a good sign, if you didn't know).

At some point it became clear the place was on fire and we had to escape. I have vague memories of running through a maze of hallways until I finally seemed to have found safety in a small kitchen. I sat down at the kitchen table and began eating something, and was soon joined by a married couple. They looked sort of like a couple I went to high school with (they were dating then and are, I believe, married now, though I was never really personal friends with them).

The couple at the table were talking, and soon they began arguing and throwing about racial slurs. I was offended and so left the table. In the adjoining living room I was now on the phone with someone. I was barefoot and pacing as I talked, and soon noticed that the floor was very hot. Then I saw smoke coming from under the door and the doorknob was also hot. The place was on fire again!

The last part of the dream I remember is escaping the burning building again, and then driving my car up and down a local highway.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Waiting For Goldfrapp


A vaguely remembered dream. I was with a class on some sort of field trip. At some point we entered a large, gothic-looking building. It was obvious that a stage was set up for a concert of production of some sort. My class was led up a flight of stairs to a sort of terrace above the main level, where we sat on the stone floor with our backs against the wall.

The whole place was very dimly lit. This is when we were informed there was a power outage and that "the Goldfrapp concert would be delayed." (Ah, so this is what the concert was going to be.)

The delay seemed to last a long time. At one point Alison Goldfrapp herself began to walk amongst the crowds, apologizing for the power outage/delay. She walked past our row of students and said, "This will pass the time! Shout out random creatures!" And people would shout out the name of a random animal, and she would immediately shout it back. And so on and so forth. I have no idea what the point of this activity was.

She passed me and I shouted, "Triceratops" and she said, "Triceratops!". It was just...weird.

About this time, the "teacher" of the "class" I was with handed out test papers and we started to take our exam, just sitting there on the floor.