Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Action Movie Scene


I was in a large, empty building or complex of some sort at night. I was vaguely aware that the place had been full of people at some point earlier in the dream. Suddenly, as I was creeping through one of the now-deserted rooms, the place shook violently, as from a bomb or an earthquake.

Rubble was falling all around me, and I ran and took cover under one of the dining tables. I consciously felt like I was in an action movie, and from that point on, I was in an action movie. The enemy was closing in on the building and I had to figure out what to do.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Reluctant Caterpillar


I was dating Zooey Deschanel, but I related to her as though she was my actual real-life girlfriend, so I guess she was sort of a mash-up character in the dream. I vaguely remember we were at someone's house where a party of some sort was being held.

We were ready to go, but before we could leave, I for some reason felt like I had to walk over to the fireplace in the room where we were and pick up a potted plant. There was a caterpillar on a leaf of the plant which I picked up and tried to shove into a small, circular hole in the side of the pot. The caterpillar struggled and did not want to go into the hole, and it was very tricky trying to force it to go in without squishing it. For some reason I just "knew" this worm was supposed to live in the soil and not on the surface, so I was trying to "help" it by forcing it to crawl through the hole into the dirt.

There was some other part of the dream where "Zooey" and I had a very mild argument, I think because I was ready to go home and she wanted to stay. She huffed out of the room and sulked somewhere.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tree Stump Scribble


In real life, one of the last things I did before going to bed last night was to send an e-mail to an artist I'm a fan of requesting a commission. The commission is intended to be of my original characters, Jennifer & Bueno. In my dream I had received the commission--but it was just a scrap of paper with a hastily scribbled tree stump on it. Nothing more! I was so disappointed that I'd paid for this!

Other things were going on in the dream, but my most coherent memory is just my overwhelming dismay over this expensive, crappy little doodle.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Michael Jackson Concert


I found a stash of family photos that were taken at a Michael Jackson concert sometime in the 80's. I never actually went to one. I would have been just a kid and my parents wouldn't have taken me in the first place. Even in the dream I was shocked to see them, because I "didn't remember" that my parents had taken me.

Judging by the not-very-good pictures, we had been way up in the nosebleed seats, because the stage was a faraway object with little specs of people on it. You could tell one of them apparently was wearing a bright red jacket, though.

Suddenly the dream changed to where I was actually sitting in the nosebleed seats at the actual concert! I only have vague memories of it, as it seemed to be over pretty soon. Filing through the lines of people after the show, I got word that Michael would be doing a meet-and-greet for a certain number of people. I decided to just follow the crowd over to the backstage area where this was supposed to happen.

As we waited in line for the meet-and-greet, it occurred to me that Michael Jackson was dead. This whole concert, and most certainly the meet-and-greet, were impossibilities. Then the line advanced and I could see the stage. There was a table spread with Micheal's former belongings. The table was surrounded by several large, bodyguard-type men wearing dark, hooded robes like monks.

These "monks" were using a special pen to sign items in MJ's name, then they'd hand them to a fan. It was very surreal.

The next thing I remember, I'm out of line and wandering around outside, though I can still see several lines formed in different areas. It all looked like a high school campus from the outside. I ran into my friend Julie from improv class and we spoke for a moment. then I think I got in another line and just stood there.

The weirdest thing about this dream is that at no point have I ever been any particular sort of Michael Jackson fan.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Seance and the Parade


Ashley and I were watching a new episode of the current (second) season of Game of Thrones. There was a very intense scene which does not actually take place in the show or in the books, though in the dream I "remembered" it from the books.

Some Maester was seated at a table with Queen Cersei, who was demanding he contact a dead spirit for here. He laid out some herbs and other items on the table and eventually managed to call up a spirit, which was depicted as a sort of wispy, translucent, vaguely human form.

Cersei began to forcefully ask the spirit questions and demand answers. Suddenly, without touching her, the spirit violently slammed her head against the table then shoved her so that she fell over backwards in her chair. The spirit then leapt on top of her (as much as a smokey, translucent being can to that) and began speaking to her in a gravelly whisper of a voice that was more or less unintelligible.

After this, the spirit disappeared into a dead body that was in a bed elsewhere in the room. It was an extremely intense and disturbing scene!

After this I had a dream in which I was at a place that I guess was more or less Disney World. I was walking around the "Main Street" area on my own, but I was aware that I was there with other people who were currently off doing their own activities.

Suddenly a parade came down the street--and this is where it gets very hard to explain. As I watched the parade pass by, a man was explaining to me about the history of silent film. All of the passersby in the parade were actually silent film footage--they were in black and white, and had that unnatural, speeded-up movement you see in old films. It was exactly like watching a silent film of a parade, except it was passing right in front of me.

Someone in the parade was riding a donkey. The donkey had some material draped across it that was in bright red. The man beside me went on to explain how sometimes in the early days of film, they would hand paint certain frames of the film so that elements would appear in color, and that is what I was seeing here.

Eventually the surreal parade ended and I was wandering around on my own again. I realized I didn't have my camera and hadn't been taking any pictures from this entire trip, including the weird parade. I was very disappointed.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Community Golf


I was watching an episode of Community that had something to do with Jeff Winger pretending he was an expert at golf. He was interacting with a supposed golf pro, cockily talking up his skill set. Of course the pro wanted to take him out for a round of golf, and Jeff was terrified of being found out for a fraud.

Then I remember trying to contact me friend Eric, whose arrival I was apparently anticipating. He wasn't answering, and I was getting antsy because we were supposed to go to Atlanta and were on a tight schedule. I think we were supposed to go see some kind of live Community-related show, maybe? My memory is hazy from this point.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Great Wall


The Great Wall of China separated North and South Korea (geography made no difference in the dream). For some reason I was there, trapped in North Korea with my friend Eric and several other people. The dream mostly centered around a fantastic attempt to escape over the wall into South Korea.

The dream mostly played out like an action movie, and I can only remember vague snippets of exactly what happened. My group infiltrated the inside of the Great Wall, which was a modern-looking, high security facility.
For some reason the guards along the wall were all German soldiers. We got stuck in one room with a German doctor who at first physically threatened me, but then was revealed to be a double-agent on our side.

One of the people on my team of escape artists was Arsenio Hall (probably because I'd been visiting my parents' this night, where part one of the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice had been watched). I remember him crawling under some equipment and rearranging some wires to make a door open.

The last part of the dream featured all of my group and the turncoat doctor running across the top of the Wall under a clear, moonlit sky. At this point Eric and I were aware that we were part of a movie made by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (probably because I can't think of North Korea without thinking of Kim Jong Il from their Team America movie).

There was a different dream later on in which I was having a very serious discussion with Ashley in her car. She was driving, but started to cry and asked if I could take the wheel for a while. We stopped the car and I got out and went around to the driver's side. Once I was seated, I saw that she was completely composed and free of tears. She explained that she just was tired of driving and had wanted me drive for a while.

Decorating the Set


I was attending a local play which starred several actual area actors as well as some fictional people. It was a murder mystery. Someone had killed a rich woman, and the main two suspects were a guy that looked and sounded a lot like Orson Welles, and an attractive young girl with a ton of tattoos.

After the show I remember being backstage for some reason. The tattooed girl and I were having a conversation. Ashley was there with us, though I don't remember if she'd been in the audience before.

Somehow Ashley and I got roped into helping a guy decorate the set for the next play they'd be having. A lot of the decorations were of a Christmas theme. I specifically remember a lot of the Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments, such as ones with Disney and Peanuts characters like I have in real life.

There was also a giant, inflatable elephant in Alabama Crimson Tide football colors. We named the elephant a really strange name that I could no longer recall upon waking. For some reason it seems like it rhymed with "Star Wars"?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Anime Doc


I vaguely remember watching an cartoon which featured some of the characters from the Back to the Future movies, though I don't think it was entirely based upon them. The interesting thing was that the animation was in the Japanese/Anime style. The scene I remember most clearly took place in a very futuristic world. Doc Brown, depicted in very much the "anime" style, was sitting in some kind of vehicle or contraption having an extremely hyper fit about something.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Original Art, Apparently?


I only vaguely recall anything abut this dream. It had something to do with the improv classes I've been taking, but there was original comic book art in the classroom. Some of it was my own, and some of it I had purchased from another artists? I think? I do remember holding framed, black and white art in my hands.

Clearly, this journal entry was worth my while!

Unexpectedly Quick Lunch Break


In real life, there is a Logan's Roadhouse restaurant within walking distance of where I work. For lunch, however, I always go for cheaper, "healthier" options from fast food restaurants than bigger meals from "sit-down" restaurants.

In my dream, I had decided to go to Logan's for my lunch break, only for some reason it was at night. There was a big crowd waiting to be seated and I put my name on the list and joined their ranks. I saw a group of fictional people that recognized me from somewhere. We greeted each other and then just sort of awkwardly fumbled around the way vague acquaintances will do when meeting each other in public.

Then I saw my dad there. He said he'd buy my lunch, and my next memory is that I had ordered my food, but I don't remember my dad still being there. I ate some kind of grilled chicken with vegetables and it was pretty good.

When I left the restaurant I noticed I still had the overwhelming majority of my lunch break left. I couldn't believe I'd gotten in and out of the restaurant so quickly--especially with the seemingly long wait to be seated.

In another part of the dream, or perhaps even a different on altogether, I was in a bookstore. I was reading an issue of a comic book and really enjoying it. I eventually decided to leave the store and just as I got out there door I realized I was still holding the comic book.

I went back inside to pay for it, but I asked them if they could just scan the comic and have it sent digitally to my Kindle. (In real life I only have a regular Kindle, and not an iPad or anything that would make reading digital comics very rewarding, yet I wanted it in the dream). I think the people in the store said they could definitely do this.

The memory of the last bit of the dream is very vague. I think I met some people on the side of the road an was able to answer their questions about something. Then I ran into the head of a local improv comedy troupe, who is teaching the beginner's improv 2 class that I've been taking. We talked about something, and this is about the time that I woke up.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An Awkard TMBG Show


I saw that my favorite band, They Might Be Giants, would be doing a previously unannounced show in Chattanooga, TN. In real life Chattanooga is a couple of hours or so away, but in my dream I was thinking of it as more like five hours away (closer the actual driving distance for Nashville). I initially couldn't justify driving quite that far for a band I've already seen live so many times, but somehow, at the very last minute, I decided to attend.

The show was being held as part of a music festival inside an airport-like facility. I vaguely remember them playing a song (I don't know which one), and then making some banter on the stage. Flansburgh began explaining how they originally didn't want to come to Chattanooga, listing all the reasons why they looked down on the town. Then he explained how actually visiting the town had won them over and changed their minds. I was kind of shocked to hear them handing out such a backhanded compliment to a city they were playing in (not really their style).

After this I have a memory of sleeping in my car in the parking lot of the airport-like venue where the concert had been. Early in the morning, I walked back inside. For some reason I had to hand my phone to some kind of official, uniformed woman. I sat in a waiting room until she eventually brought the phone back to me.

The lady explained that the phone "should be working" for now, but this brand of phone was known to have many problems, and I needed to buy a new phone as soon as possible. I was disconcerted, because I have no desire to drop money for a nice new phone right now.