Friday, July 20, 2012

The Dream Full O' Anxiety


On the vague chance that anyone has read any of these dreams at all, let alone several from the past couple of months, you've probably ascertained that I recently took a level two improvisational comedy course with a local improv troupe. Now I'm an actual member of said troupe, and such is reflected in the first element of the following dream:

Pretty much every member of the troupe was in a classroom setting. It looked a lot like my high school. The troupe leader was addressing us and getting newer group members to participate in random exercises. He was tossing out words and having people do a bit centered around that word. He never got to me in the dream, but for some reason, as I sat there awaiting my inevitable turn, I was drawing a total blank, and that scared me. I felt so much pressure!

(I've had several similar anxiety-based dreams since joining the troupe, but most went no further than just that, so they haven't been chronicled.)

From the classroom, many of us entered into a grocery store. We were milling about, having taken our own separate paths through the store, making purchases. I vaguely remember having a conversation with someone while I browsed items on a shelf.

At this point the dream sort of morphed to a situation where, still inside a store, I was browsing on my laptop. I was trying to store away some files--I think by putting them on a flash drive--and something weird happened. A window popped up asking me if I was sure I wanted to execute so-and-so command. Mistakenly thinking it was pertaining to the activity at hand, I clicked "yes".

Not long after this I realized I'd just deleted most the files from my computer! I was so distraught. The loss of all my music was one of my biggest concerns, though it was all horrible. Fretting over this was my last memory.

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