Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The House of Tomorrow!


For some reason I my parents called me and told me they'd signed us all up to spend the night in some sort of strange house. The house was meant to be a trial of sorts for a "home of the future" that would mostly be self-keeping through the magic of robots and machines. It very much had the feel of some old 40's or 50's cartoon in which similar things are imagined.

I have vague memories of being in this house with my parents overnight, checking out some of the mechanics and inventions that kept the place running, etc. The main thing I remember is that there was a girl there about my age, and I found out my parents had invited her to come. I tried to explain to them that I had already had a girlfriend, so this was going to be terribly awkward. I can only faintly recall talking with this girl some. And I remember she was a brunette.

At the end of the dream there was something about the house malfunctioning and machines going haywire. we had to try to escape. We ultimately did, though it was scary.

My final memory is that I saw my maternal grandfather, who has been dead some years now, walking around in a bedroom in my grandparents' house. He said something to me about that robotic future house, warning that things were bound to go wrong with it. I debated whether to tell him that he was right, and that my parents and I had nearly been it's victim. This is about where the dream ended.

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